Here's Everything That's Broken On The Cheapest Bentley Azure In The USA

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humbledb4jesus Prije mjesec
jcvd's azure? well, i have john voight's lebaren....
Dally Singhson
Dally Singhson Prije mjesec
Every time the wizard sits at his desk, browsing for his next purchase, I'm whispering to myself "I shoulda bought a Toyota! I shoulda bought a Toyota!".
Craig Prije 2 mjeseci
If memory serves me correctly, the twin calliper setup on rollers and Bentleys is the same brake calliper and pad as a 1980s ford CORTINA, and they're about a quarter of the price!👍
yung samy
yung samy Prije 2 mjeseci
Im pretty sure this is twistas old bentley
Lordson Allonce
Lordson Allonce Prije 2 mjeseci
Elijah W
Elijah W Prije 3 mjeseci
Man that paint is nice to look at
Adiodoy Prije 3 mjeseci
La beast song
speedbuggy16v Prije 3 mjeseci
I think its time for a rolex! Seriously need to tip your mechanic, he is working far to cheap.
Andrew Norris
Andrew Norris Prije 3 mjeseci
A wizard compression test is like a blood pressure test, "it's a healthy engine".
quack man
quack man Prije 3 mjeseci
lol "Jean Claude Van Damaged"
fin1964 Prije 4 mjeseci
LOL you guys are so funny thanks for posting
Dan Carthen
Dan Carthen Prije 4 mjeseci
Midi Man
Midi Man Prije 4 mjeseci
Grand Marquis LOL. What a boat for sure. No offense Wizard but those Mercury's are junk. 8 cylinder that had less horse power than a Japanese v6.
Perez Pepito
Perez Pepito Prije 4 mjeseci
25K! Worth it just to look at.
Jay Mallea
Jay Mallea Prije 4 mjeseci
I know you guys prolly know this but If the fader on your stereo is in the rear that will make your radio do that
Mikey Mo
Mikey Mo Prije 4 mjeseci
That Grand Marquis looks like it's been garaged since 1987, check out that Landau roof
daniel gradinaru
daniel gradinaru Prije 4 mjeseci
That color blue is beautiful
Edward Sainvelus
Edward Sainvelus Prije 4 mjeseci
Did he just say the color is like the ocean still thinking about that ⛵🤣
mariofan99 Prije 4 mjeseci
"dark sapphire" totally missed the possibility of saying dark azure. which is actually pretty much the color that's in either way...
JohnnyB Prije 4 mjeseci
Nice Bentley! Tyler we never heard ANYTHING on the BMW Z3 M Coupe “clown shoe” you pulled into your garage Jan 20’??
Shazam_J16 Prije 4 mjeseci
Ive had a Grand Marquise my entire life in some form or another, I love those cars so much.
Highway Star
Highway Star Prije 4 mjeseci
Not many of us care for European cars like you are know for and they get boring after awhile. You should focus on some American muscle luke when you scored the Typhoon I think you should start into the more affordable Vettes like the gen 3, 4, and 5, get a Buick Grand National, Ford Lightening truck, Chevy 454 SS truck etc.
Mister Nobody
Mister Nobody Prije 4 mjeseci
Easier to just find the nearest garage and give them a wedge of cash.
Automobile Detail
Automobile Detail Prije 4 mjeseci
12 grand for the convertable top
Chuck Whitson
Chuck Whitson Prije 5 mjeseci
91? Bosch fuel injection super sucks
SuperMMCK Prije 5 mjeseci
If your mechanic is shopping for gold watches, you know you're in trouble xD
ford nut
ford nut Prije 5 mjeseci
This is why no car is worth what they ask for them new. He paid 400k new and depreciated that much. In just few years.
Terrence Morris
Terrence Morris Prije 5 mjeseci
The brakes and oil change in call a day
James R.
James R. Prije 5 mjeseci
I bought a 1989 Crown Victoria LTD LX for $2750 around 4 years ago. Low miles (~26,000, I think) like the Wizard's, and everything worked. Ended up selling it because the transmission was not a fan of the steep grades in rural Vermont. But man was it comfortable. Good find Wizard!
Kittyjesus Prije 5 mjeseci
CIS was fine and easy to work with actually.
Shipfus Are Laifu
Shipfus Are Laifu Prije 5 mjeseci
Next episode the Wizard will be shopping for private islands in the Caribbean when Hoovie shows up.
Black Sheep EV
Black Sheep EV Prije 5 mjeseci
The interior in the azure is so soooooo gorgeous 😍
Black Sheep EV
Black Sheep EV Prije 5 mjeseci
Wouldn’t it be a good idea to ditch all of the CIS injection and the old ignition system to replace it with a modern Haltec system with electronic injection and even maybe coil pack ignition? I know wizard is not a fan of modifications but that’d be the end of the CIS misery (in theory)
Dennis Brill
Dennis Brill Prije 5 mjeseci
You could’ve bought it is it a new come out for the price you paid for that boat
Dg 27
Dg 27 Prije 5 mjeseci
do you have to put them in jack mode to put em on a ramp please
speshul Prije 5 mjeseci
All I can see my wife and Bentley, riding to donut shop in a Bentley
speshul Prije 5 mjeseci
My wife named our latest dog, a newbie doodle. You should stick these lemons with me
st1300 Prije 5 mjeseci
Why do people think these cars are sooo good and spend a fortune on them? They are garbage. Especially when $2800 can buy you a car you can fall asleep behind the wheel.
Tiax Prije 5 mjeseci
Someone turned the fader to the rear speakers.
Chris Peoples
Chris Peoples Prije 5 mjeseci
Holly shit they wizard is rich 😂 I thought you know he definitely has good money but he's seriously looking at purchasing a 33k watch
justahappyfellow Prije 5 mjeseci
Anyone have the color code for the blue sapphire? Considering repainting my Jaguar and fell in love with the color..
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Prije 5 mjeseci
0:25 is now my computers wallpaper
Fct 8306 On Two Wheels
Fct 8306 On Two Wheels Prije 5 mjeseci
we used to have a 300ce with a fuel distributor valve thingy on top just like the one in this car. Unfortunately gave it away to salvage yard because we couldnt fix it beyond that issue. Didnt even know if it was a relay or what, just gave up on it.
RADIUM CLOCK Prije 5 mjeseci
Wizard's comebacks lol
sebastien charette
sebastien charette Prije 5 mjeseci
The wizard buying Rolex watches with hoovies money
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovies wife must love him lol. Darling i bought another 4 cars today for 130,000 dollars, oh thats fine sweetheart.
Sean O'Mahony
Sean O'Mahony Prije 5 mjeseci
I really enjoy your videos and your friendship with 'The Wizard'. It really comes thru on your videos Tyler. Great video, once again!
Michael Talbot
Michael Talbot Prije 5 mjeseci
I love that Bentley it's so cool, best car you ever bought
Arlando AMB67
Arlando AMB67 Prije 5 mjeseci
That Thumbnail 😂😂😂👏
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije 5 mjeseci
Now THAT was a fu*king funny thumbnail...
Jay Morrison
Jay Morrison Prije 5 mjeseci
130k on that Mercury? That sucker is just broken in.
Carter Heavy Industries
Carter Heavy Industries Prije 5 mjeseci
I like the lotus
aceadman Prije 5 mjeseci
“This is a really good quality car for the let’s get back to the Bentley...”. Lol.
Carter Heavy Industries
Carter Heavy Industries Prije 5 mjeseci
Wax on, whacks off
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije 5 mjeseci
This has got to be the dumbest channel.
Cesar Toledo
Cesar Toledo Prije 5 mjeseci
You go Wizard, get the Yacht Master...
Jaap Aap
Jaap Aap Prije 5 mjeseci
That Lotus S4 rocks!
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 5 mjeseci
that thumbnail is SO good
Cliff Smith
Cliff Smith Prije 5 mjeseci
Looking back, I'll never understand why Ford put those side-view mirrors so far down along the top of the doors. 🤷‍♂️
andrewnduati Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovies’ fleet is the definition of “the grass looks greener...” he doesn’t even get to that “other side” business
Joanna Prije 5 mjeseci
Now THAT was a fu*king funny thumbnail...
Andi Sadler
Andi Sadler Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovies wife must love him lol. Darling i bought another 4 cars today for 130,000 dollars, oh thats fine sweetheart.
Adam Simmons
Adam Simmons Prije 5 mjeseci
Hunting electrical gremlins... **Looks at cheap aftermarket stereo suspiciously** Some stereo monkey done fuckered up the land yacht.
Andrew Garstang
Andrew Garstang Prije 5 mjeseci
I can’t believe there is an aftermarket stereo in the damn thing.
Joanna Prije 5 mjeseci
1:11 Already planning for a second, bigger, ocean going yacht. :)
Bentley Nut
Bentley Nut Prije 5 mjeseci
I have a 97 Azure. Yes all the roofs drop that hard. It's absolutely crazy. I think the problem was Pininfarina (who built the roof for Bentley) actually modelled the roof off a Mercedes R129 500SL. Even 10 of the actuators that control pushing hydraulic fluid in the Bentley are actually Mercedes R129 actuators. But my guess is that the extra weight of the Bentley roof has meant the mercedes design was somewhat overwhelmed.....which is why it crashed down. Its terrible for a car that was probably one of the most expensive production cars of the time. Symptomatic of thin R&D and testing budgets of low volume manufacturers. Sometimes they get it wrong.....and this top is wrong. Mind you, I owned a R129 Mercedes and I always felt that roof was a bit loud, but nowhere near as loud as the Bentley when it crashes down. I always use my hand to break its fall and reduce the speed it comes down. Aaaah the joys of rare cars
Diggy Prije 5 mjeseci
I like the thumbnail
Joan Mezzacappa
Joan Mezzacappa Prije 5 mjeseci
buy an w220 S65 already!!!!
Stefan Puffer
Stefan Puffer Prije 5 mjeseci
This has got to be the dumbest channel.
Gym Wars
Gym Wars Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovie, I’ll buy that car from you any time. Keep me I mind if you would..😉
Jimmyblues59 m
Jimmyblues59 m Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovie Hopper live long and prosper.
Edward Van.
Edward Van. Prije 5 mjeseci
Is that Sequin blue or is this a bit darker? Certainly looks similar!
unstablebobgable Prije 5 mjeseci
If I could cruise in the Bentley Azure with Hoovies I would puff on the Cannabis Cigars and get all schmoked up.
ZoruaZorroark Prije 5 mjeseci
thats a very nice yacht, but im going to go with a crown victoria or a park avenue, maybe even a grand marque
Depreciating Daily
Depreciating Daily Prije 5 mjeseci
Can we have a shirt with that thumbnail on it? Haha
Jordan S
Jordan S Prije 5 mjeseci
Cadillac allante, S4 Esprit, Bentley Azure...I want this garage
Christopher Aragon
Christopher Aragon Prije 5 mjeseci
The wizard is a patient man... lol seriously, hoov keeps cracking the questions!!
Segafishy Prije 5 mjeseci
It's all fun and games doing those splits until one of your Mates are bored and have a tennis ball.
Mark Wright
Mark Wright Prije 5 mjeseci
1:11 Already planning for a second, bigger, ocean going yacht. :)
Gerry Freeman
Gerry Freeman Prije 5 mjeseci
send that back to Europe ' big premium squire '
Joe Momma
Joe Momma Prije 5 mjeseci
Seats smell like Jean Clauds balls after an hour of RoundHouse kick training
rave1921 Prije 5 mjeseci
It was painful to see that aftermarket radio, I'd rather have the old factory radio.
John Coleman
John Coleman Prije 5 mjeseci
Intro character 'The Hoovienator'.
jan Baer
jan Baer Prije 5 mjeseci
A vintage Seamaster watch costs a lot less than what he was looking at.
Teacher Tony Cars
Teacher Tony Cars Prije 5 mjeseci Thank you
Victor Villasana
Victor Villasana Prije 5 mjeseci
Is there a raffle or something, where we can win a trip on the wizard’s YACHT? That would be nice.
Jan-Petter Knotten
Jan-Petter Knotten Prije 5 mjeseci
Get a Boat
Viking Prije 5 mjeseci
i knew thumbnail was a lie lol
McHidiver Prije 5 mjeseci
Looks like alpine #f1 hu. Love to know what the rest of the system is.
TacticalOwl7 Prije 5 mjeseci
Same music LA beast used when he crapped himself after eating 5 lbs of sugarless gummy bears.
Crossed Rifles
Crossed Rifles Prije 5 mjeseci
I didn’t hear Wizard say “about $200 bucks”, kinda disappointed.
johncowTV Prije 5 mjeseci
isnt it Ashh-sure ?
MOHAN LAL Prije 5 mjeseci
EJ Jennings
EJ Jennings Prije 5 mjeseci
Picture of JCVD and Lara Flynn Boyle in a Bentley Azure in 2002
Tomservoca Prije 5 mjeseci
Love the steel toed socks in the intro...
MrDaHawk Prije 5 mjeseci
“Don’t use that finger Wizard!”...........too many jokes, I think I am having a stroke!
Phil Prije 5 mjeseci
Nice throwback to the Volvo ad
Mountain-Adventures Prije 5 mjeseci
Sorry, but that 87 Grand Marquis demonstrates that not everything that's old is "classic". The Fords of that era did have super comfy interiors though, I can see the appeal of using it as a DD.
Isaias Gonzalez
Isaias Gonzalez Prije 5 mjeseci
At 5:08 you can hear hoovies yachtgasum
Steve A
Steve A Prije 5 mjeseci
Only problem is you will only be able to open the top about 10-20 times and drive it 1000 miles before something else breaks..
Mike Normandy
Mike Normandy Prije 5 mjeseci
I have been without power from Isaiah for 4 days...Now time to catch up on Hoovie and Wiz vids!
Greg Dankert
Greg Dankert Prije 5 mjeseci
Yacht- Master was on Sale - pull the trigger!
VL123 Prije 5 mjeseci
Save yourself on parts. Go to
Ozbiljne Teme
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Ozbiljne Teme
Pregleda 145 tis.
Vozimo FRONTERU po SNEGU i BLATU !! *prvi sneg*