Can Flex Seal Fix A Cracked Lamborghini Murcielago Transmission?

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Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche Prije 4 dana
A little quick to throw Maaco under the bus.
Sameh Abouez
Sameh Abouez Prije 8 dana
*warning* 5:52 don't EVER put in mouth any sort of non-food safe chemicals especially the industrial grade once because they are harmful and carcinogenic. even a small amount can be very carcinogenic
Jon D
Jon D Prije mjesec
This is fantastic, and super funny. Thanks guys
A Gator
A Gator Prije mjesec
Wizard is a high school chemistry teacher's worst nightmare.
Dally Singhson
Dally Singhson Prije 2 mjeseci
That little taster that Wizzard did was just his inner toddler coming out, you see, he spent most of his childhood building cars, grew up too fast.... Only to taste oils and weird stuff whenever...
SM Tactical
SM Tactical Prije 2 mjeseci
Needs a rear spoiler
SM Tactical
SM Tactical Prije 2 mjeseci
That flex seal is goddamned amazing
Riggin Thorniley
Riggin Thorniley Prije 2 mjeseci
"Some epoxy" lmao
Mass Project
Mass Project Prije 3 mjeseci
I have an oil leak on this Camaro Z 28 1978, original transmission and it just started leaking after 42 years.
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
50 shades of orange :-)
jowah Prije 3 mjeseci
Look in the reflection of the car... The Car Wizard magically materializes and disappears @1:21 lol
Sean Prije 3 mjeseci
That is the most miserable seal job by the Wizard. Looks like a 3 yr old did it.
Harry Dague
Harry Dague Prije 3 mjeseci
I would have fixed that right for him >I have a aluminium welder could of fixed that in 2 minutes
shane roberts
shane roberts Prije 3 mjeseci
I used flex seal and jb weld on my motor mounts... so now my engine is technically welded to the frame
Stefan Falldorf
Stefan Falldorf Prije 3 mjeseci
Don't you guys work with color codes in the US?
devisionhun Prije 3 mjeseci
Autoweld CX-80 would easily solve it too ;)
sct913 Prije 3 mjeseci
Is Hoovie somehow related to Red Green?
You Sad
You Sad Prije 3 mjeseci
You ate underrated my friend. Good clean content for all.
michael ryan
michael ryan Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovie you're gonna get a cease and desist 🤣🤣
paulg Prije 3 mjeseci
Why noy weld it properly so it does not grow. that crack will grow
LaDivinaLover Prije 3 mjeseci
I had a local bodyshop mechanic who was like the Jean-Marc Nattier of color matching. It’s so psycho good! I’m hyper-critical and have a good eye for color and I have NEVER been able to tell where he made repairs. He even distressed the paint job so it had the same overall “wear”of the rest of the car. Unfortunately he died this year at the ripe old age of 91. He was extremely skilled. Also, a non-sequitur but I thought I’d share. Here in North Carolina, about 8 years ago, there was a woman who put an ad in a small local circular for a blue 2011 Gallardo for $1,200. I think the actually colour name is Celeste Phoebe I forget but it was light blue, I digress. At this point I had no backstory just the picture and price. I showed up for fun expecting a wreck and discovered, much to my continued chagrin, that someone had Literally just snatched it up for the $1,200 FIVE minutes before I arrived. Whoever it was, they were pulling out as I started up her driveway. I started talking to this woman because I just had to know wtf was going on. This is when I discovered that this older, but very elegantly dressed, lady had found her “fiance” (boy toy) cheating with her 18 year old niece. 🙄 Needless to say she was PISSSSED!!!And in addition to kicking his ass to the curb, she forced him to watch her take everything that she had bought for him (clothes, watches, jewelry, cars, electronics, and music collectibles) be sold to strangers. Not only that but she was liquidating it for bargain basement prices just to spite him. As all the proceeds would be her “last check to the money obsessed gold digging sack of shit” her words exactly. I guess all that to say whoever bought it from her is record holder for worlds cheapest functioning Lambo. Yes I know this sounds like some far-fetched ridiculousness but I swear on my HRpost honor this actually happened.
Mr. Grey
Mr. Grey Prije 3 mjeseci
I have a question for you isn't that stuff flammable the boat was on water
Shawn MacLeod
Shawn MacLeod Prije 3 mjeseci
JB-Weld FTW lol
Kevin Cocking
Kevin Cocking Prije 3 mjeseci
Thats maco , they suck. They butchered my bumpers on my lincoln town car and refused to fix it. If it wasnt for this pandemic I would of sued them. I took it to a real shop and the look great
DangerDaveFreestyle Prije 3 mjeseci
ha! he must watch alot of wheeler dealers to be calling it a bonnet!
Steven Illges
Steven Illges Prije 3 mjeseci
Flex seal works great on an 05 Ford Taurus rusted to shit
Makizee 6.0
Makizee 6.0 Prije 3 mjeseci
Why does the wizard taste everything.. Is that some kind of wizardry thing???
clint Miller
clint Miller Prije 3 mjeseci
All that good talk about MAACO
Jon Blondell
Jon Blondell Prije 3 mjeseci
Epoxy! Good to know!
Deksam101 Prije 3 mjeseci
I tried adding flexSeal Tape to a slightly wet crack on the outside skin of my fiberglass canoe it stuck for a bit but was gone by the next morning... As the canoe sank overnight.
Damian Pasour
Damian Pasour Prije 3 mjeseci
You should try and find a nice Mercedes Benz 190e
IKhan Prije 3 mjeseci
Flex Seal and Maaco in one video. Winning combo at least for a Hoovie video.
AdamG1983 Prije 3 mjeseci
Holy Shit, FlexSeal actually responded. Where's JonTron?!
Chris Prije 3 mjeseci
Oh how simple it would've been to have someone weld that.
KG Prije 3 mjeseci
tbh the bumper color looks perfect on my screen...
GygaxE30 Prije 3 mjeseci
Should weld it.. looks bad now...
Johan Smith
Johan Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
How does teh wizard knows what mothballs taste like?
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams Prije 3 mjeseci
Love the channel but OMG, why wouldn't you alloy-weld that crack for a proper repair? It's accessible enough, no? 😳
Nokachi Prije 3 mjeseci
Wanted to see the insane amount of ads for myself
ZDubs Prije 3 mjeseci
Lamborghini be like 👁️👄👁️
Facundo Gonzalez
Facundo Gonzalez Prije 3 mjeseci
Facundo Gonzalez
Facundo Gonzalez Prije 3 mjeseci
If they do that they will ruin the whole car.
Len Peters
Len Peters Prije 3 mjeseci
I really enjoy the old cars like the W126 you had a while ago. Exotics are just boring. They don't mean anything to me. They are just ego toys anyway since we all have the same speed limit. They are under engineered money pits.
Aqua Green ORAganics
Aqua Green ORAganics Prije 3 mjeseci
Check this out you could permanently fix your transcase with this low temp solder. Watch the video at this link. I get nothing from this I don't know the person that made the video nor was I asked to share it but it is relevant. Transfluild is a solvent it is highly corrosive it will desolve the flex steal in short order. It will also remove paint and rust. Trans fluid will over time do the same to jb weld. Give 2 to 6 weeks before it starts leaking. Paint scheme gradient is referred to as a sun burst effect.
Samuel Woolwine IV
Samuel Woolwine IV Prije 3 mjeseci
"Like dissolves like" -10th grade chemistry class
bright eyes
bright eyes Prije 3 mjeseci
it's Italian that's way it has so many problems unreliable it's not worth the money
Sammy Prije 3 mjeseci
I fixed a leaky clay/cement bird bath, worked until the clay or cement completely deteriorated and fell apart. Lol
DJ Mech
DJ Mech Prije 3 mjeseci
Try and get the original Transmission back and use the case.
Carolina Cars
Carolina Cars Prije 3 mjeseci
CRACKED transmission housing?!? NOW THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE!
R J Prije 3 mjeseci
So why not just drill out the end of the cracks to keep the cracks from running farther and soldering the housing? I mean from my experience solder sticks to aluminum as well as copper. And it's easy to test on that particular aluminum transmission case in a spot no one would see. Actually seems cheaper than flex seal.
FamilyFirstJ Prije 3 mjeseci
A Ja
A Ja Prije 3 mjeseci
Sigh. Looks like the bumper is now tangerine 🍊 sunny hot orange. Just find a really good shop that just does high end cars. Prob solved
Kyle Marsh
Kyle Marsh Prije 3 mjeseci
you cant get $ back from scrapyard since the transmission wasnt as described??
A Ja
A Ja Prije 3 mjeseci
I mean if you ever eeevvvver decide to be generous again by giving away another car I would love the lambo after you patch it up. It would be my daily. Just a weekend cruiser and show car go park next to my 1999 4runner (yes I'm pratical) lol. I ll take it
Erik Prije 3 mjeseci
If there ever was an "oof" to be made, this car would be the one to deserve it.
Ole Martin Hoel
Ole Martin Hoel Prije 3 mjeseci
Sell. It. Now.
Shane Black Lord
Shane Black Lord Prije 3 mjeseci
Why don't you just weld the crack? You do truly have the dumbest channel on all of youtube! LOL! Just jking I love your channel, but really just weld the transmission. And for gods sake, you have a ever expanding family so whatever you do , do not sell the camper van, you can make great family memories like you have of growing up in a camper van your children will be very happy.
Mitchell Hogg
Mitchell Hogg Prije 3 mjeseci
To show you the power of flex seal *I SAWED THIS TRANSMISSION IN HALF*
Sven Tobergte
Sven Tobergte Prije 3 mjeseci
i sawed my Lamborghini in half! But why, why would you do that?
Shawn l
Shawn l Prije 3 mjeseci
Let her away
mightbegenius Prije 3 mjeseci
Flex seal on a lambo? This really is the stupidest car channel on youtube..
Patriot Loyal to the crown
Patriot Loyal to the crown Prije 3 mjeseci
Like I say in the U.K. it’s an uncle Rafferty paint job
Danny Taylor
Danny Taylor Prije 3 mjeseci
Bet you're glad you kept that Lambo and got rid of the other one.....
dan garcia
dan garcia Prije 3 mjeseci
So a sorted out Gallardo gets booted from the fleet, but the murcielago soldiers on with maaco and flex tape? “You b&$&@@d, I’m in!” 👍
Eliot Mansfield
Eliot Mansfield Prije 3 mjeseci
clean the area up (give it a key) and use devcon aluminium putty
RRocr Prije 3 mjeseci
Edd China could match that color with a rattle can.
Nick's DIY
Nick's DIY Prije 3 mjeseci
Wouldn't JB weld be a better attempt?
SWVA SKATE Prije 3 mjeseci
Buy an e30
Argenis Perez
Argenis Perez Prije 3 mjeseci
I understand everyone else in the audience is here to watch you make poor decisions, but some stuff drives me nuts. That blue gallardo was beautiful
SYBERMATRIX 1 Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovie is like to buy you gmc typhoon ...
bestgirlsdad Prije 3 mjeseci
Nice video. On the power steering rack might try some Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak. My daughter's 2003 Honda Civic developed a slight drip like yours. We changed the power steering fluid and at same time added 12 ounces of Lucas. That was about 11 months ago. The leak stopped and haven't had to add any power steering fluid since.
Coffmedicine Prije 3 mjeseci
I'll be honest, I had more faith in the Flex Seal than I did Maaco.
Mr. Tech
Mr. Tech Prije 3 mjeseci
Oh Tyler, make video on a real vehicle like a 80s Toyota 70 Series Land Cruiser instead. Those are going up in value and more rare to find than that Lambo.
CS Hazard
CS Hazard Prije 3 mjeseci
The good news is I'm colorblind so the bumper matches perfectly for me.
bestgirlsdad Prije 3 mjeseci
I thought the same thing. That bumper looks great.
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovie, ain't nothing wrong that bumper. Stop being picky.
Michael Zernie
Michael Zernie Prije 3 mjeseci
Oh my God! If you actually put that cheap shit into a work of art, you don't deserve to have that car. Or any other car other than a damn chevette. I'm losing faith in your channel dude.
junior12790 Prije 3 mjeseci
The wizard needs to stop eating chemicals
Goltzhar Prije 3 mjeseci
Is it just me or is this channel becoming more and more focused at the 11-13 year old group? Not a fan...
Nochance10024 Prije 3 mjeseci
Your bumper matches as good as my tesla model 3 bumper does!
Amir Lalami
Amir Lalami Prije 3 mjeseci
Lol what is Jr Mint doing? 3:02
J Prije 3 mjeseci
Mr. H I enjoy your Channel but I'm sad to hear that you treat your Lamborghini like a regular car it is not you work hard for your things show the car the respect it deserves please
Josh Leyva
Josh Leyva Prije 3 mjeseci
Should've kept the Gallardo.
Geoff Marsh
Geoff Marsh Prije 3 mjeseci
The car appears to be a pile of crap. Unlikely the paint can be matched, vile anyway, so best to scrap it
terry m
terry m Prije 3 mjeseci
i love whats your doing with this. give maco a chance. even if they srew it up its totally worth the youtube hits
Eric Severn
Eric Severn Prije 3 mjeseci
Put masking tape on the bonnet and write on it "Do NOT paint." Do this in several places.
Vincent Witjes
Vincent Witjes Prije 3 mjeseci
50 shades of orange i guess
Ahmad Alfarasani
Ahmad Alfarasani Prije 3 mjeseci
You should buy a reliable car and turn it into a hooptee 😅
Peter Coppolino
Peter Coppolino Prije 3 mjeseci
you should buy the cheapest m760i in the country.
Casey Stolzman
Casey Stolzman Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovie your Phil Swift impersonation was spot on.
Tim Hancock
Tim Hancock Prije 3 mjeseci
I was going to say epoxy..........and wondered why that wasn't first choice repair anyway
Blakslee Woody
Blakslee Woody Prije 3 mjeseci
Ammo NYC: pressure washer with variable water temperature used to detail a Subaru Forester Hoovie: Will an “as seen in TV” product fix a $300,000 super car?
defilor Prije 3 mjeseci
Should've turned the shop lights off to see the orange in darkness... :D
Wayde Wynn
Wayde Wynn Prije 3 mjeseci
I tried this on a honda accord Transmission and it did not work, but it is great on my roof. It stopped a leak into a window of my house.
Glen Quagmire
Glen Quagmire Prije 3 mjeseci
would have cost less that $200 to have a professional welder come out and fix it, but no, lets ruin an expensive car.
Trap Johnson
Trap Johnson Prije 3 mjeseci
Flex Seal or JB Weld: how's it gonna be taking those nuts off in the future??
Robert Beirne
Robert Beirne Prije 3 mjeseci
Impact wrench
Justin Couch
Justin Couch Prije 3 mjeseci
The more I see these Italian supercars on youtube channels the more I realize the build quality is crap. It looks like they just fall apart and don't hold up well over time. Plus the repairs are ridiculously expensive. I used to want a Ferrari when I was a kid but now if I actually had the money to buy one I wouldn't. I want a car I can actually drive. I would rather have a Hellcat over an Italian car. I don't even like Dodge's either but it would still be a better choice.
Dudeacus Maximus
Dudeacus Maximus Prije 3 mjeseci
Saw you on History Channel tv commercial. Im really impresssd!!
Luke Stocks
Luke Stocks Prije 3 mjeseci
Baby wipes for the seats PLEASE TRUST ME
Ray Lan
Ray Lan Prije 3 mjeseci
Chicken coops only
Pedro Mata Jr
Pedro Mata Jr Prije 3 mjeseci
At least we got to see magic Mike!!
K MW Prije 3 mjeseci
JB Weld.... Works miracles
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