Can This $300 Porsche Cayenne S Be Saved? Hooptie Rescue Mission!

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Hoovies Garage

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Thanks again J&J auto wrecking and take a look at their CRAZY salvage inventory:
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Miguel Quiles
Miguel Quiles Prije 7 sati
Any SUV you want sell ??????
Frank White
Frank White Prije 20 dana
Engine for free. Well now..
jldude84 Prije 26 dana
Dude that thing's worth well over $300 even with NO engine. Or wheels. Or transmission. You could get $300 for the wheels and tires alone.
Austin R
Austin R Prije mjesec
3:43 close your eyes
Hortor Prije mjesec
Only in USA you can buy a Cayenne 300$ ... how lucky !
KGTHREAT Prije 2 mjeseci
3:40 when you started to moan. Got a lil heated in my pants ain't gonna lie
Alessandro Rona
Alessandro Rona Prije 2 mjeseci
Let's just appreciate the fact that Hoovies could have earn back 300 bucks and much more just by selling that car in parts. Porsche parts bought from Porsche themselfs are pretty expensive so imagine how helpfull would be find someone that sells doors, mirrors, windows, dashes, wheels, fenders, trim pieces, switches, mechanical parts and so on for cheap compared to the hefty amount of money you would have to pay to source everything from an official Porsche workshop/dealership.
R Poston
R Poston Prije 2 mjeseci
That is NOT how one changes a Pepper Car battery. Simply tilt the seat rearward. Done in about 45 minutes.
Darnell Prije 2 mjeseci
A wise man once said "The most expensive car in the world is a cheap Porsche".
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas Prije 2 mjeseci
╔════╗──────────────╔╗╔╗╔╗ ╚═╗╔═╝──────────────║║║║║║ ──║║╔══╦╗╔╦════╦══╗─║║║║║║ ──║║║╔═╣║║║╔╗╔╗║╔╗║─╚╝╚╝╚╝ ──║║║║─║╚╝║║║║║║╚╝║─╔╗╔╗╔╗ ──╚╝╚╝─╚══╩╝╚╝╚╣╔═╝─╚╝╚╝╚╝ ───────────────║║ ───────────────╚╝
Drone Flight
Drone Flight Prije 2 mjeseci
sound like low compression
chad3122ctb249 Prije 2 mjeseci
The wheels are worth $300. How do people find deals like this?
Al Bore
Al Bore Prije 2 mjeseci
LS For Sanity ! Or Next Stop LKQ Pull Your Part !
Julio Gonzo
Julio Gonzo Prije 2 mjeseci
The car ninja is probably on first name basis with the folks at the liquor store if he works on German vehicles every day
Stink Wink
Stink Wink Prije 2 mjeseci
Shit box, guaranteed it needs a new engine. Scored cylinders.
Commentator541 Prije 2 mjeseci
180k is not a lot for Cayenne, you can see them all over Europe with 500k plus and running
Commentator541 Prije 2 mjeseci
HRpost stopped recommending your content for some reason. Hell no
bedoy34 Prije 2 mjeseci
i thought it had to be a cool hooptie... your changing Hoovie
Ronnie Gillaspy
Ronnie Gillaspy Prije 2 mjeseci
Sorry Hoovie- the cayenne is by far the UGLIEST Porsche ever made. 🤮
Mike Mahoney Gaming
Mike Mahoney Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
This video is a lesson in how to stop Americans from suing your company.. put a warning beep in for every single fucking operation
If Hoovie says YES one more time im going to lose my mind YES?
Brandon roberts
Brandon roberts Prije 2 mjeseci
Well you can’t beat free🤷🏻
John Winningham
John Winningham Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow Pontiac can design a better in cabin battery mounting point in a Bonneville than a $50K Porsche of the same vintage? I can pop the back seat out of my 03 with one hand to get to the battery.
Tyron Megawatts
Tyron Megawatts Prije 2 mjeseci
Parts car
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
a porsche big brake kit for $300 is badass. then part the rest for $$
You have to take the seat out to replace the battery??? Who was the dumkoff that came up with that??
zeniey Prije 3 mjeseci
Why the fuck. They really have the battery under the seat?
308328928 Prije 3 mjeseci
parts car
Don Larry
Don Larry Prije 3 mjeseci
3000 my ass he got a "free" engine yea right
Kenzy Husky
Kenzy Husky Prije 3 mjeseci
I’d totally swap the engine for an eco inline 4 just for the lols.
Felix Mounsey
Felix Mounsey Prije 3 mjeseci
This is an absolute bargain, even if you can't get it running, you will easily profit from parting it out. Hell, if the stock catalytic converter is on there you have made at least 100% profit on the car in one part, at least. Also as if they sent you an engine for free, as if that ever happens in he real world. I think you could potentially make a decent amount from this one.
Lee Sheridan
Lee Sheridan Prije 3 mjeseci
Wow you no a wizard and a ninja.
tomcio1208 Prije 3 mjeseci
300$ cayene? pathetic bait
EmptySergeant Prije 3 mjeseci
can i buy it for 300 please?
William Duhamel
William Duhamel Prije 3 mjeseci
Wheeler Dealers just did an episode this season on one.
Rich Hubert
Rich Hubert Prije 3 mjeseci
ok found my new favorite youtube channel!!
Nemesis12345 Prije 3 mjeseci
I bought my ´04 Cayenne Turbo ... for $4900 with 95600 miles. Driven it 4 years and it only got a small issue with one of four cats. The problem was solved by flooring it in 30 mins. Otherwise, no issues... except when I switched tyres, and forgot to lock the active air suspension. Whole rear suspension needed to be taken apart 🤣
andras szita
andras szita Prije 3 mjeseci
I am waiting for part 2 please post
Edmund Jones
Edmund Jones Prije 3 mjeseci
Update please!!!
Clarence Jacobs
Clarence Jacobs Prije 3 mjeseci
I'll give you 1200$ for it rn
weRoneself Prije 3 mjeseci
I thought it was Hoop-D
Luke Wojcik
Luke Wojcik Prije 3 mjeseci
Haha he was so trying to egg ninja on to drop the 1600 dollar service.. but sounds like a good price to begin with
Matthew McCord
Matthew McCord Prije 3 mjeseci
What happened to the $300 Porsche?did it fall off the flat Earth? Lol
spic0li Prije 3 mjeseci
Liam Breslin
Liam Breslin Prije 3 mjeseci
Rachel Black
Rachel Black Prije 3 mjeseci
"I normally faint *after* I get the bill..." Hilarious! Love this channel
SonnyGTA Prije 3 mjeseci
Fuck Amy Kennedy!!!
SERVITE888 Prije 3 mjeseci
Thanks Hoovie, I love videos with attainable special cars like the dsyenbe snd 911 and discuss potfalls and cost. I watch all your work, but these are the most valuable, I just bought a 2010 cayenne for $4000 did my homework and got a ppi and having fun and headaches making it the way i want! really look forward to this and other stories! These type of rescue missions are the most informative and are the best. As my finances improve , i hope to upgrade to another super cheap "deal"!
Vikturus22 Prije 3 mjeseci
Any updates to this?
Mitsos Tech
Mitsos Tech Prije 3 mjeseci
Vikturus22 I was about to say this, lol
Julian’s Unboxing’s
Julian’s Unboxing’s Prije 3 mjeseci
juice box
juice box Prije 3 mjeseci
It needs a fuel pump
DutchManticore Prije 3 mjeseci
Who would sell this for 300? The spare parts, tires, and scrap metal value is easy double or triple that?!
Cait Crowley
Cait Crowley Prije 3 mjeseci
Does he know he has a deviated nasal septum
virgil rytaar
virgil rytaar Prije 3 mjeseci
What about the 924 in the background!!??
fatboybutch Prije 3 mjeseci
Front drivers seat is on rear hinges to tilt back for Battery Access, replacement.
fatboybutch Prije 3 mjeseci
Both Fuel pump housings under both back seats are cracked, RECALL.
fatboybutch Prije 3 mjeseci
Coils are know to all crack.
fatboybutch Prije 3 mjeseci
Amazing that it has 180,000 miles with original plastic coolant pipes.
fatboybutch Prije 3 mjeseci
Turbo Red Break Calipers with 2006 Titanium Edition wheels. Headliner has to be falling down and front seatback broken off. If it gets running, strip it and make it a ranch or beach toy.
Mega Man
Mega Man Prije 3 mjeseci
Wondering why you would get a non-running Cayenne S especially with that ugly color and ugly interior after getting rid of your beautiful black Cayenne Turbo?
Macaroni Prije 3 mjeseci
Watching this channel always makes me feel better about the used BMW I just bought.. Thanks!
herrbrahms Prije 3 mjeseci
Can it be saved? Sure. Should it be saved? Ummm... it's a clapped out realtor's car with no engine, a bad paint job, and a decroded interior. F this car.
666dynomax Prije 3 mjeseci
that car is not a cool cat either.
energy flow
energy flow Prije 3 mjeseci
Safe to say this man is never again taking this can into his shop again even if it would be his last resort XD
dragonfli069 Prije 3 mjeseci
take old engine out, have converted to coffee table, recoup funds when sold, ;-)
Edbert' gaming
Edbert' gaming Prije 3 mjeseci
please do meme
Dean Duggan
Dean Duggan Prije 3 mjeseci
Put a battery and change the natural switch
Danny J. Rumbles
Danny J. Rumbles Prije 3 mjeseci
One man on a mission to save as many sick, unwanted German cars as possible. I just have to respect that. I’m a car guy too and I understand!
Mercedes Benz G-Class
Mercedes Benz G-Class Prije 3 mjeseci
VW Chime
Christian Zurbruegg
Christian Zurbruegg Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovies Garage, nice video. When are you doing an update video for the Porsche ?
Kuntal Ghosh
Kuntal Ghosh Prije 3 mjeseci
He could have atleast removed the oil pan and check why its locked. I think u can repair it and looks like something fallen into the cylinder while he was trying to remove all the plugs and that may have jamed it 🤔
joe beastyg
joe beastyg Prije 3 mjeseci
It takes money to make money. It's not what you know, it's who you know. You scratch my back, I'll scratch your's.... So many good one-liners to learn here :)
Jonathon Duran
Jonathon Duran Prije 3 mjeseci
You should do a video on the BMW clown car
cudadog11 Prije 3 mjeseci
How is the engine locked when it was turning over? Head gaskets leaking coolant and locked with all the cranking?
Josh Bennis
Josh Bennis Prije 3 mjeseci
Hurry up and do the second video. Thanks. Maad.
AdamG1983 Prije 3 mjeseci
That deep fake of Tyler as Jimmy Barnes is everything to me
foxpon105 Prije 3 mjeseci
That's a really good price for the car even if you sold it for parts and scrap metal. You yanked somebodys part sale dream from under their mittens.
Ozi Yılmaz
Ozi Yılmaz Prije 3 mjeseci
How a locked engine cranks over ? Engine dead he is sayin, but what part is dead ?
The Tech From Heaven
The Tech From Heaven Prije 3 mjeseci
$300? My bianchi Road Bike costs almost 3x that! But at least mine runs and drives 😝
Michael Mullen
Michael Mullen Prije 3 mjeseci
Ninja looked at that engine and thought how much he’s NOT looking forward to that engine swap.
Valters Vingolds
Valters Vingolds Prije 3 mjeseci
about 1600 reasons why
Crazy New Gamer
Crazy New Gamer Prije 3 mjeseci
Ls swap it
Shazada Sultan Ghazi AWAN
Shazada Sultan Ghazi AWAN Prije 3 mjeseci
Where is part 2
Adrian Prije 3 mjeseci
Christ on a stick....
Biscupidhat O309
Biscupidhat O309 Prije 3 mjeseci
So I found this channel because I bought an 06 BMW 750li and saw that you bought a 745 then I seen your reviews and instantly regretted buying it but I haven’t given up on it yet so I’m deciding to try and LS swap it 😳😳
Ole Martin Hoel
Ole Martin Hoel Prije 3 mjeseci
You gotta start working out, Hooves. 🤸🏼‍♂️
rjs8585 Prije 3 mjeseci
So why did the motor lock up? Coolant in the cylinders? Should of pulled the plugs and spun her over. Head gaskets probably gone.
JustMe9 Prije 3 mjeseci
I wonder why they auctioned it off. There's a lot more than $300 worth of parts on it.......
Arnold Clarke
Arnold Clarke Prije 3 mjeseci
Cheap Porsche or expensive Skoda?
SuperCookieGaming Prije 3 mjeseci
I want to see hoovie try and rebuild the engine. not for the car but to learn about engine buiulding
ro shif1974
ro shif1974 Prije 3 mjeseci
Im a recent subscriber and love your videos! I've been binge watching off and on all day. Great and entertaining way to spend on a day off! Keep em coming!
Brent Collins
Brent Collins Prije 3 mjeseci
Great video! Keep up the good work Tyler!
Garage Moneypit
Garage Moneypit Prije 3 mjeseci
Isn't "ten times what you paid for it" the standard budget for any project car?
SoftMusik Prije 3 mjeseci
100000000 fkn commercials
JR CARR Prije 3 mjeseci
😄. Starter gives out. Shop mechanic : " engine locked up🤑"
JR CARR Prije 3 mjeseci
Have you done a video of how to shave weight off these SUV s? Or a list of parts and the weight savings? That would be useful to some. How heavy are the seats, for example?
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown Prije 3 mjeseci
J & J parts cool
Matt Strong
Matt Strong Prije 3 mjeseci
You should buy a 650i convertible
CarsofGlasgow Prije 3 mjeseci
great video Tyler, please save it haha
Harold Haynes III
Harold Haynes III Prije 3 mjeseci
So you CANT steal the seats :P.........
Jeremy King
Jeremy King Prije 3 mjeseci
Stop, the rims are worth more than $300. They could have parted it out and made $3k.
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