I Bought 2 Cheap American Land Yachts Because I’ve Lost All Self Control. THIS IS A CRY FOR HELP!

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AK32 Prije 2 sati
The problem with these cars is that they weigh too much and aren't aerodynamic at all. This means that it's really hard for car manufacturers to make a care that meets modern gas mileage standards. It's also just a lot of material, so it's going to be more money than a tiny little sedan. See the cost of a new Chevy Impala as an example of a big sedan for price.
BornIn1500 Prije dan
This is why everything needs to open back up completely. American small businesses are going under QUICKLY. Stop the paranoia and mass hysteria. Open everything back up.
Andy & Amys Arizona Adventures
Andy & Amys Arizona Adventures Prije 4 dana
All I could think when I saw the Chrysler was Mike from breaking bad😂
r0c_it films
r0c_it films Prije 4 dana
Good Job 👏
MarchHare59 Prije 8 dana
The 5th Avenue was originally the 1970s-era Chrysler LeBaron (Dodge Diplomat / Plymouth Fury) with the trim altered and a super-plush interior added. The trend in U.S. auto manufacturing by necessity at the time was cutting away excess weight or downsizing the previous years' model to a smaller platform, but Chrysler at the time was hanging by a thread financially, so instead of building a new car they ditched the huge 1970s New Yorker entirely and put that luxury into the smaller LeBaron body as the re-badged New Yorker / 5th Avenue, while the LeBaron moved to front-wheel drive and the K-Car chassis. The result was startlingly attractive and popular as the 5th Avenue remained in production for most of the next decade.
bigrr64 Prije 4 dana
Very interesting thanks
family man
family man Prije 8 dana
I am loving the deep buttoning pattern seats. 😍😍😍😍
Mat Goodall
Mat Goodall Prije 10 dana
I really like the road master
Henry Bucki
Henry Bucki Prije 12 dana
very nice
blessindia1 Prije 15 dana
The days of the land yatch are a thing of the past. Reminds me of my school days. Hope they can resurrect them with Plug in Hybrid or EV technology. They stopped poducing rear wheel drive cars due to the fuel efficiency problem.
Josh Jenkins
Josh Jenkins Prije 16 dana
Dude pretty sure I SAW YOUR ROADMASTER IN MUNICH, **if it was white**
lee s
lee s Prije 19 dana
I'm 52 and still drive these old school gems.
lee s
lee s Prije 19 dana
700 for a beauty
Paul Markel
Paul Markel Prije 19 dana
Good man.
Chase Bishop
Chase Bishop Prije 20 dana
I would love to see an electric car brand focus on affordability and extreme comfort instead of technology. I would love to have an old school luxurious feeling electric vehicle. It could even be cheaper just because it is cheaper to have an extra layer of foam in a seat than an extra inch of touchscreen. I'll take a luxurious, low tech, comfortable electric vehicle over a Tesla.
Northern Love
Northern Love Prije 20 dana
I love it sooooo much when he gifts ppl cars! Yes!!! I watched the end 3 times...
Pablo Bronsun
Pablo Bronsun Prije 21 dan
You're an assh*le for burying that lebaron Mark Cross woody convertible. You say it was too rusty underneath and was dangerous. I say that was a copout bullsh*t story and it could have been repaired or the parts could have been used to restore other cars. A true car guy would have realised that and acted appropriately. You're no better than the bureaucrats that are daily destroying our national old car stock under the guise of pollution, blight, and other such bullshit excuses.
Simon bittersweet89
Simon bittersweet89 Prije 21 dan
Nice camera job 🎥👍👍👍
acid3129 Prije 22 dana
Was that a dig at freddy at the end about gifting BMW
ian pocketboo
ian pocketboo Prije 23 dana
wheres the late 80\s new yorker?
T747 Prije 24 dana
I love those kind of cars 😍
J.W. Griggs III
J.W. Griggs III Prije 25 dana
The Grand Marquis back then was SOLID AS A ROCK! My grandfather had a head on collision in one, and he drove away!
Edward Halpin
Edward Halpin Prije 29 dana
Hoovie, you're the man!
Skeeter McSwagger
Skeeter McSwagger Prije mjesec
Oh this is just great!!! I'm watching a car video about 2 ton V8 RWD lead sleds and land yachts and then at the end I get dirt and both my eyes!!! Crap!!!🙄😬😉
brian janis
brian janis Prije mjesec
Man Hoovie that was awesome of you keep up the great work I’m a diehard Hoovie Fan!!
Mark Dailey
Mark Dailey Prije mjesec
Dude I just started watching Hoovie, but you can tell he is genuinely a good guy with a great heart. Much Love Hoovie!
Lorenzo Moore
Lorenzo Moore Prije mjesec
And that 5th Avenue has an airbag.
Chad Damron
Chad Damron Prije mjesec
👏 👏 👏 killer vid
Kevin C
Kevin C Prije mjesec
I miss comfortable cars...love boxy bodies too....
Gaymer Plays & Animations
Gaymer Plays & Animations Prije mjesec
That Fifth Avenue is gorgeous 🤩😍🤩😍 that's always been my dream car, and when I found out my dad owned a 80s model back in the early 90s, I loved it even more
Josh Maust
Josh Maust Prije mjesec
Great video and a great act of kindness!
life sucks
life sucks Prije mjesec
My grandma had a roadmaster for a while New England winters rusted it out.
Christopher Parker
Christopher Parker Prije mjesec
Great channel! This video was a nostalgic road trip. I remember those luxury cruisers and I lived in Newton and Wichita years ago.
Santiago Vasquez
Santiago Vasquez Prije mjesec
I should have bought a roadmaster
Jordan Nash
Jordan Nash Prije mjesec
Your fifth avenue has nothing on my '79 Chrysler New Yorker 🤣
Doug Holt
Doug Holt Prije mjesec
It was a new technology fad that came out in the 80s, and I was hoping to see in the 5th Ave and that was voice alert (EVA)
Douie Jordan
Douie Jordan Prije mjesec
The Chrysler lol we called the 5th ave The "Jive Five"
adel lover
adel lover Prije mjesec
What about bringing back the buick lesabre
Davey Givens
Davey Givens Prije mjesec
Hoov, you need an intervention. An interYACHTion if you will.
Eric Pippen
Eric Pippen Prije mjesec
Tyler, thank you for that. I literally cried. We do not get to see kind, generous souls like you too often and that was amazing
Dailydriver Prije mjesec
I LOVE WHEN HOOVIE DOES THIS! From buying peoples cars then not taking it , to giving away the navigator, to this. One of the reasons I love this channel and Tyler
Shane House
Shane House Prije mjesec
The title made me laugh
Ground Pounder
Ground Pounder Prije mjesec
Man I want that road master !
Lamont Young
Lamont Young Prije mjesec
Can I have a car? Mines broke down and its winter in Michigan. I like what u do on HRpost u are a good person.
OZZY A Prije mjesec
Great gesture to give a car away, but why not stick with the roadmaster and do a few vids about it before getting rid of it! 😑😔
Al Bundy
Al Bundy Prije mjesec
Just as there is a AA You must join AAA. And say I am a car junkie
Jason Debski
Jason Debski Prije mjesec
As it should be. Pay it forward!
The James Show
The James Show Prije mjesec
hehe, I got the Murdoch reference, cause I study Titanic, not the movie the actual ship and history :>
Lord Publius
Lord Publius Prije mjesec
I would have kept the Buick.
keef 24
keef 24 Prije mjesec
Marv Prije mjesec
I'd MAYBE call the Roadmaster a land yacht. Not the other two. Maybe I'm just old-school.
Don Madick
Don Madick Prije mjesec
I loved my 89 Chevy Caprice Classic but Wisconsin's rough winters and road salts ate it right out from under me. However much wealth Hoovie enjoys, I hope he doubles it in 2021! Seems like a great guy.
Kerry Macleod
Kerry Macleod Prije mjesec
Nice job!
Lucy bell
Lucy bell Prije mjesec
That was awesome!!!
Owen Terry
Owen Terry Prije mjesec
I drive a 98 Grand Marquis, I love these old boat cars. I remember watching a video of the last crown Victoria ever made rolling off the assembly when I was younger and ever since then I’ve always liked them. I really want an Ltd.
Charley Wade
Charley Wade Prije mjesec
Instead of buying a new car and making payments I just bought a land yact. 1993 Cadillac sedan deville with the 4.9 for five hundred dollars. I love it.
Shawn Vanden
Shawn Vanden Prije mjesec
Love to see one "Pay it Forward" ... especially to such a wonderful young man ! Congrats & that 318 V8 is what I learned to drive on, a 1966 Dodge Coronet !
JD Slagill
JD Slagill Prije mjesec
Roadmastor--best car ever made
JohnnyGadgets81 Prije mjesec
Shouldn't have sold SRK that Caddy!!
Justin Lowder
Justin Lowder Prije mjesec
You know you can make the horse power higher with simple a judgment
Anthony’s Automotive
Anthony’s Automotive Prije mjesec
It looks so comfortable
George Brass
George Brass Prije 2 mjeseci
youre a good man
luminazkidd21 Prije 2 mjeseci
Damn...thats so awesome of Tyler. Sometimes i forget with all the exotics that Hoovie can be a good guy!
luminazkidd21 Prije 2 mjeseci
I want that 5th Ave. Shes beautiful
Wontrickpony Prije 2 mjeseci
Damn Tyler. You got a lotta stuff kid.
Jason Adrian
Jason Adrian Prije 2 mjeseci
i want to see a real hot rod version of that old school roadmaster. that think looked bad ass in the departed .. perfect gangster's car
Sean Workman
Sean Workman Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovies Humanitarian Adventures. That is not just a car it is big enough to live in.
Rr Bb
Rr Bb Prije 2 mjeseci
I wouldn't mind taking them off your hands
Justus Americans
Justus Americans Prije 2 mjeseci
Good job helping someone out in these tough times.
Brad R.
Brad R. Prije 2 mjeseci
My first car was an 84 crown vic ltd. It had 2 lazy boys in the front and a sofa sleeper in the back. With a 351w. dark brown on brown. Bought for 300. Damn I miss that car. Floated like a feather and hit shit like a tank. I hit a light pole once. Backed away and rolled out like nothing happened. That thing was a beat
Matthew Bryant
Matthew Bryant Prije 2 mjeseci
Those 5th Avenues are shaped beautifully! I had one of those Grand Marquis during high school and loved it! Seemed like it had plenty of power too. Nothing like the lighter cars that came after but more than enough for a teen.
bbodinefan11 Prije 2 mjeseci
700? Wanna make your money back?
bbodinefan11 Prije 2 mjeseci
Far as my taste Mercury Mopar Buick.
NoEye Deer
NoEye Deer Prije 2 mjeseci
out of those three in the thumbnail i‘m pretty sure i‘d take the mercury. that chrysler‘s gotta be kiddin with it‘s ancient tech and the roadmaster‘s quality is likely not as good as the mercury‘s (i had a 95 caprice 9c1 & a 90 town car).
Alan Wilmoth
Alan Wilmoth Prije 2 mjeseci
Very cool of you.
James Mancuso
James Mancuso Prije 2 mjeseci
You need help? HECK NO!!! These are great cars that ride nice and cheap to own a repair. Loads of room and little mods can make them powerful and better fuel economy. Had a 89 town car sure the wood was fake as hell and the plastics were crap. Granted my 5.0 165hp dual exhaust was bad because wife drove it without coolant for weeks killing the engine. So I swapped a mustang 5.0 HO long block with a few go fast goodies (forged crank, forged rods, and forged pistons) and a low 8.0/1 compression ratio along with rings designed for pressurized intake. Also hi flow head and high flow injectors. Before forced induction it produced 300hp and 425 torque at the wheels. Transmission was built to handle 800hp and 900 lb/ft of torque. Had factory 3.55 rear with limited slip. Sadly I never got to the dual turbo/roots supercharger setup before a divorce killed the project. Still before forced injection it was a stock/mildly modified mustang/camero killer. Also average highway milage with normal driving was 25mpg or 6mpg when full out.
Mary Lynn don't change name
Mary Lynn don't change name Prije 2 mjeseci
Check the freeze plug on the Roadmaster.
Mary Lynn don't change name
Mary Lynn don't change name Prije 2 mjeseci
I like the one on the left.
Shawn Cammon
Shawn Cammon Prije 2 mjeseci
good job!
Early Thomas Music Official
Early Thomas Music Official Prije 2 mjeseci
Bad ass! And you sould like Jeff Goldblum
Highest IQ
Highest IQ Prije 2 mjeseci
Time to go on Dr. Phil
Housecat Prije 2 mjeseci
"here's a car and $500" damn, what a man
Andrew Prije 2 mjeseci
Please do another holiday show where you go around buying people's hoopties for a test drive and then gift it back to them. That's my favorite episode of the show you've ever done and possibly how I discovered the channel.
B von A
B von A Prije 2 mjeseci
I came to Massachusetts in 1999 for a one and a half year stay. In the first week i bought a used black 85 Mercury Grand Marquis to be my daily driver. I did many road trips, down to Florida, up to Canada and all along the east coast. I so loved the comfort of the Grand Marquis. Never a problem with the car. Being from Europe, it was simply wonderful to experience "american luxury". Seeing the Marquis in this video, brought back so many wonderful memories. And for that, i want to thank you!
Anthony Mancini
Anthony Mancini Prije 2 mjeseci
11:35 did anyone else see how fast that drivers window goes down? Damn! Never seen any that fast on a modern car lol
Marlene Sanchez
Marlene Sanchez Prije 2 mjeseci
This time 😢. Wow
Leon Kuenzler
Leon Kuenzler Prije 2 mjeseci
It might be the dumbest automotive car channel on HRpost, but its by far the best too ❤️🤩
Marlene Sanchez
Marlene Sanchez Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah. Land yachts are the best comfy rides. Those seats are smooth.
thomas pavelko
thomas pavelko Prije 2 mjeseci
Had 2 of the 3...only the dodge was from a police dept with a 440 in it,always figured it was some dept LT or Capt car.
moosecat Prije 2 mjeseci
My parents bought an '83 5th Avenue, and it was a great car They didn't get the top of the line audio system, but the one right below it; it had a button labelled "Rear Amp"; when you pressed, it doubled the volume of the rear speakers. It also had the "rich, Corinthian leather" that Ricardo Moltanban talked about in the TV ads. My first car was an '81 Plymouth Gran Fury (ex-police car). She was a 10 mpg tank; she took everything I threw at her. God, how I miss those cars.
David Harnadek
David Harnadek Prije 2 mjeseci
That’s the best video I’ve seen since you didn’t buy 5 cars earlier this year.
Anna Whitis
Anna Whitis Prije 2 mjeseci
The older rear drive automobiles, were built stronger and better, full bolt on body to full steel frame construction, versus ??? Cheap constructed light weight subframe or half frame contruction. Also front wheel drive requires way more maintenance, than simple rear wheel drive. Also the older rear wheel drive automobiles have the lower priced regular shocks, unlike the over priced Mc Pherson struts which wear out prematurely, which are found on every vehicle today. The maintenance on new vechicles, are pricing car ownership out and away from the working masses of people, just like home ownership, cost of college, dental care, and medical care for mortality of the people in the United States and elsewhere in other countries. I think not only this practice is shameful, but is the corruption destroying our country today. Kevin Phoenix
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor Prije 2 mjeseci
My parents inherited a 93 Dynasty and it was the best car we ever had. I might even try to find one soon for my first car, lol. Chryslers used to be so overbuilt and simple back in those days
Jan Bloem
Jan Bloem Prije 2 mjeseci
That's why you are só blessed Hoovie : GOD'S speed! 🙌🙏🙌
Jason Prije 2 mjeseci
THΣΘΠLYJΔꝄƩ Prije 2 mjeseci
very wholesome
The Startaris
The Startaris Prije 2 mjeseci
What about a Lexus ES as the modern day affordable land yacht
javasoccernut Prije 2 mjeseci
I subscribe just because of this video
javasoccernut Prije 2 mjeseci
That Chrysler reminds me of the old New Yorker commercial. " what a beautiful New Yorker. It's the best in the town. "
cano cano
cano cano Prije 2 mjeseci
K this made me subscribe
TD Morgenthaler
TD Morgenthaler Prije 2 mjeseci
Forgot the Buick Park Ave and Cadillac
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