I Bought The Cheapest Bentley Azure In The USA-- Formerly Owned By Jean Claude Van Damme???

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Kyle Buudah
Kyle Buudah Prije 16 dana
Bentley, and Van Damme.. I would be driving that in the snow in Canada right now...
darek AJP
darek AJP Prije 21 dan
under the hood youre missing the releys cover
oakland autodetail
oakland autodetail Prije 25 dana
Can’t see one of these without thinking of the video for Limp Bizkit Rollin’.
TheDzarek1 Prije 26 dana
Komu wyświetliło po śledzeniu Patryka Mikiciuka?
Rob Mastro
Rob Mastro Prije 29 dana
Hoovie whats the big deal with dual door handles? Oldsmobile was doing that in the 60s with the Toronado
swiper1818 Prije mjesec
Lovely ‘motor’ as they say in the UK 👍
Harris Darby
Harris Darby Prije 2 mjeseci
geeks and gamers
Randy Akers
Randy Akers Prije 2 mjeseci
Although I don’t call myself an expert, I believe a “wide body” Bentley Azure is one that has the $20,000 option of flared fenders. Your car doesn’t have the wide flared fenders, but it’s a beautiful car that I’m mad about. I also have several friends that have Azures and there convertible top does not make that snapping noise going up or down. Someone spending $13,000 to keep fixing the top tells me it has not been fixed right. Also make sure the repair receipts show where the hydraulic lines that go through the top have been totally replaced or the beautiful interior could end up red.
SM Tactical
SM Tactical Prije 2 mjeseci
It's the working man's Rolls Royce
SM Tactical
SM Tactical Prije 2 mjeseci
The top is like an angry transformer
Trevor Lynn
Trevor Lynn Prije 2 mjeseci
The tail light is probably 25K to replace.
Brett Phillips
Brett Phillips Prije 3 mjeseci
Jead claude?
nazrul 7722
nazrul 7722 Prije 3 mjeseci
lofi hip hop radio 24/7
Keir Mclean
Keir Mclean Prije 3 mjeseci
Hello from the UK. Watch all your videos! I’m interested in buying the Bentley from you!? Are you open to selling the car?
Danny Casler
Danny Casler Prije 3 mjeseci
I thought the red button was for ordering food at Sonic!
Zacky Mohmand
Zacky Mohmand Prije 3 mjeseci
Take a breath my God. I feel like this guy's tasks with his lungs 100% full.
Dan Adams
Dan Adams Prije 3 mjeseci
11:18 I love how this pre-VW Azure is the *exact opposite car* of a Mitsubishi Eclipse with a fart can.
Lamp Pole
Lamp Pole Prije 3 mjeseci
He managed to get to 1 million subscribers with 720p quality
William Prije 4 mjeseci
All of the purchasers of those Beverly Hills RR's and Bentley's voted for the same democrats that destroyed the state with their socialist ideology today. Ironic.
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix Prije 4 mjeseci
@7:47 Did you just say cocked out? I am quite sure someone cocked out in this car at some point. :) @9:11 Yeah, slamming down is an option, too. :)
Martin Meare
Martin Meare Prije 4 mjeseci
999,999 SUBSCRIBERS Prije 4 mjeseci
Me: Every day looking for Azure under 50k, No Luck. Hoovie: I just bought one 25k (Celebrity owned)
setmedic Prije 4 mjeseci
Reminds me of when George Costanza bought Jon Voight’s LeBaron😆
James Blazes
James Blazes Prije 4 mjeseci
Hoovies persol sunglasses are boss
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Prije 4 mjeseci
65 year old super model !
zstar Prije 4 mjeseci
JCVD Bentley kicboxer,I want it.
GEE'S Drive
GEE'S Drive Prije 4 mjeseci
Beautiful cars, a real presence even today. I'm not sure the queen would approve of chrome wheels though
Matthew Salomone
Matthew Salomone Prije 4 mjeseci
When is the TV series coming
Cochran Lansing
Cochran Lansing Prije 4 mjeseci
I bet he loves his life
Mohamed Almehairbi
Mohamed Almehairbi Prije 4 mjeseci
Hoovies garage is Scotty kilmer disowned son
miguel amaya
miguel amaya Prije 4 mjeseci
Rob Done
Rob Done Prije 5 mjeseci
Only image i could find on the web... could be the same car but no proof. www.gettyimages.no/detail/news-photo/actor-jean-claude-van-damme-with-an-unidentified-companion-news-photo/760676
Hamel Patel
Hamel Patel Prije 5 mjeseci
I think I found the proof you wanted : www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/actor-jean-claude-van-damme-with-an-unidentified-companion-news-photo/760674
Hamel Patel
Hamel Patel Prije 5 mjeseci
And another : www.patrickmcmullan.com/events/5b3ef4fb9f9290667644c188/
CombingTheBeach Prije 5 mjeseci
Are you by chance in FL..? Cause I just saw a guy with a blue Bentley Azure convertible on I-275 Northbound who looked like he was broke down..Sorry I couldn't stop..I was going Southbound and was in an uber..
Richard Marrotte
Richard Marrotte Prije 5 mjeseci
I found a photo of JCVD driving the blue Azure with his dog. Looks like the same car. Here's the link www.patrickmcmullan.com/events/5b3ef4fb9f9290667644c188/
therealCamoron Prije 5 mjeseci
Didn't realize HRpostrs made so much money
noth606 Prije 5 mjeseci
This looks like Van Damme in this car: d3m2o2bzrl719s.cloudfront.net/photos/2003/03_March03/20/Lunch_at_Morton's_for_Red_Carpet_Magazine/Selected/gallery_634400338778088750137268_57_JeanClaudeVanDam_032003.JPG
GhettoMist Prije 5 mjeseci
The e38 in the back is stunning
That blue lb7 Duramax
That blue lb7 Duramax Prije 5 mjeseci
Can we get a mustang update? That car was the reason I subbed
st1300 Prije 5 mjeseci
11:55 Hoovie squeals the tires but the pickup behind stays with him.
st1300 Prije 5 mjeseci
If that front end was on a Kia, people would howl at how cornball it looks. It's dog butt ugly. Admit it. It's better suited to a tractor plowing turnips. Just cuz it's a Bentley doesn't mean it all has to be pretty,
UpTheAnte1987 Prije 5 mjeseci
13:13 Jeff Goldblum posses Hoovie for a second
BAARIZ Prije 5 mjeseci
There is a pic allegedly of Van Damme, but it is British plate RHD car on the page below: www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/features/great-british-drives-gentlemanly-bentley-west-sussex-dorsets/
V S Prije 5 mjeseci
It's not a Mulliner, just has some mulliner features like the chrome grill and the red start button, but I think that's it. The arches are not extended, the seats also normal Azure seats. Mulliner had aluminium dash and 18 inch alloys (yours look like 17). There was "Mulliner" badge on the boot instead of "Azure" on Mulliners. They're also had special twin exhaust. Maybe the "RR of Beverly Hills special edition" means that the car has some Mulliner features but it's definitely not a Mulliner edition. :) The most important Mulliner feature was the extra 35 horsepower (420 hp Continental T engine instead of 385 Conti R) but as far as I know it was not possible to order that engine to a normal Azure. I'm 99% sure that this one has the basic 385 hp engine. It's still a nice car though, enjoy! :) You can find here how an original Mulliner looks like: www.rrsilverspirit.com/models/1999AzureMulliner.htm
Luciano Michel
Luciano Michel Prije 5 mjeseci
mazon rodriguez
mazon rodriguez Prije 5 mjeseci
What an absolutely unbearable human being you are hoovie. Your whole life is flexing and getting attention with clickbait, and you cant even smile once to show true happyness. I drive an old a3 and have a small house with a big garden. Thats all i ever wanted from life apart from a reliable old jeep cherokee. What exactly am i supposed to be jealous about? all the new german cars made from plastic? With plastic turbos and water pumps and fake wood and fake leather? The only thing you could have made me jealous is an old bentley made from real wood and metal. Your existence is pathethic. You dont see me making a video every week "planting a tree in my cheap house with a huge lawn" "installing a water pump in my cheap house with a huge lawn". literally kill yourself.
Donnie Minter Jr
Donnie Minter Jr Prije 5 mjeseci
I sold it for sixty nine thousand six hundred and ninety six dollars......nice! - Hoovie
basadake Prije 5 mjeseci
1 american,6 europeans. a reasonable garage.
Alberto Becerra
Alberto Becerra Prije 5 mjeseci
There’s a picture online of JCVD driving this car around Beverly Hills in 2002.
anthony garner
anthony garner Prije 5 mjeseci
a few years ago i bought a subaru impretza from jean claude van damme it had the kick boxer engine!
bern1228 Prije 5 mjeseci
Nestor Frias
Nestor Frias Prije 5 mjeseci
I thought is manny khoshbin 😅
Archie kaslov
Archie kaslov Prije 5 mjeseci
I wouldn’t say you bought the cheapest one I bought a 1996 for 20k with 40k miles certified own by Don King that’s my father and I bought my self a 2006 Bentley flying spur 89k miles for 15k but love your video would love to have a Conversation with about you cars archiekaslov@yahoo.com if you see thing email please
marc stedman
marc stedman Prije 5 mjeseci
Looking forward to the next episode on this. I was expecting another Europe car bashing but pleasantly surprised... although there is the car wizard inspection to come.... remember this is an old girl... love the music by they way. 👍
MarksoPogi22 forsure
MarksoPogi22 forsure Prije 5 mjeseci
I like that green mustang. Since your very generous can I buy it for $1000? Lol I always wanted a mustang but I have a family of my own so money is tough. Wishful thinking over here.
pbarach1 Prije 5 mjeseci
C'mon, at least learn to pronounce "azure."
Paul Sheppy
Paul Sheppy Prije 5 mjeseci
Stop talking about yourself; I am interested (or was) in the car.
Daniel Guzman
Daniel Guzman Prije 5 mjeseci
Lol I see what u did there hoovie selling the phantom for $69,696 👀
Charles van der Hoog
Charles van der Hoog Prije 5 mjeseci
Of all the advantages of this Azure, you also got the best colours! Just the colours would make it worth $50000. You are in profit already.
IoI wut
IoI wut Prije 5 mjeseci
Okay HRpost... I have said "not interested" to several of these videos... I have said "not interested" in this SPECIFIC video three times in two days. I have now said "do not recommend this channel" three times TODAY. W.T.F. is going on?! I do not like these videos (sorry guys, sorry hoovie - nothing personal) but it keeps getting recommended... I don't even get many car videos recommended anymore. But Hoovies is always there. What the actual fuck? am I the only one? to be clear, i am not talking shit, just not my cup of tea. im pissed at youtube, not the channel.
xadam2dudex Prije 5 mjeseci
That car is really kinda ugly inside and the Azure name plate is cheap looking kinda tacky
Ken Dorsey
Ken Dorsey Prije 5 mjeseci
I love the violent top. I feel like it’s letting you know to it’s locked down tight😁
Rubr1k Prije 5 mjeseci
wow i never heared before of bentley kazoo toot toot
Jason Harry
Jason Harry Prije 5 mjeseci
Nice car, good buy 🇬🇧
Gregory Gant
Gregory Gant Prije 5 mjeseci
Great buy man . Love that deep blue color and beige interior. A simply beautiful car , super !!!
Just Fun and Games
Just Fun and Games Prije 5 mjeseci
Oh, Yeah? I bet MY car has MORE cup holders!
mohammad Fadavvi
mohammad Fadavvi Prije 5 mjeseci
jossesphere Prije 5 mjeseci
That top latch opening totally sounds like popping a champagne bottle. Maybe it was a design feature. :_D
Quinten Robinson
Quinten Robinson Prije 5 mjeseci
New drinking game: take a shot every time Tyler says "ahzooer" 😂😂
Donnie Minter Jr
Donnie Minter Jr Prije 5 mjeseci
You even got the spelling right *slow claps* because I even read that in his voice! Ahzooer!
Justin Wise
Justin Wise Prije 5 mjeseci
aaaaand I'm dead
D R Prije 5 mjeseci
Cheapest bought the USA in the Lamborghini MOST the CHEAP! Heres WRONG what THE CHEAPEST!?
MassiveTrackHunter Prije 5 mjeseci
That top hits harder than Jean Claude! BAM!
candelazul Prije 5 mjeseci
I’m trying to understand how purchasing a $400k car could benefit any of the owners at any moment during ownership if 18 years later it’s worth $20,000.
candelazul Prije 5 mjeseci
Emanuel L That’s true, but the other problem is the crazy costs of ownership. Maintenance, parts and repairs from experienced mechanics. That’s the problem. Unless people themselves learn some basic stuff or get lucky with a common sense mechanic. Although you have to admit sometimes repairs are so difficult due to engineers designing weird engines and mechanisms that make the car unreliable long term.
Emanuel L
Emanuel L Prije 5 mjeseci
That is not the problem of the car, but it’s perception by the people who do not cherish these kind of beautiful vehicles
Zoid71 Pickle2007
Zoid71 Pickle2007 Prije 5 mjeseci
Another bentley ? Jesus tyler, its the most Boring car in history lol Classic crap
Crap Ass Videos
Crap Ass Videos Prije 5 mjeseci
I don’t know what to say besides you’re insane love the content though
The Alcohologist
The Alcohologist Prije 5 mjeseci
Gotta say, am a huge fan of the Azure, great choice, this is how I would have spec it
Tim Bynum
Tim Bynum Prije 5 mjeseci
Check the glove box for a pencil with bite marks!
Mike Prije 5 mjeseci
This car needs some of those big DISH wheels from the newer Brooklands.
poopsmcgee2k6 Prije 5 mjeseci
Damn that interior looks brand new
NoFaithNoPain Prije 5 mjeseci
Not often I comment, but THAT is beautiful!
nick alexopoulos
nick alexopoulos Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovie, that rug really ties your garage together !!
Hannes Hietsalo
Hannes Hietsalo Prije 5 mjeseci
I would have chosen the Arnage T. But you can still change that older Bentley turd to it.
We Shall Feast
We Shall Feast Prije 5 mjeseci
Lovely car, lovely interior
coolman72891 Prije 5 mjeseci
Man this car didnt age well
mjkulikow Prije 5 mjeseci
I miss hoopties :(
D Palmer
D Palmer Prije 5 mjeseci
Van Damme wrote a lifestyle piece for the Wall Street Journal in 2017 where he says "Right now I drive a Bentley Azure convertible. It’s fast, but also athletic. And inside, it’s like a living room. When you close the roof it’s completely silent. Believe it or not, my dogs love cars. Imagine on the freeway you see those two dogs sitting in the back. It looks like I’m a driver for dogs."
p1R4tm1k3 Prije 5 mjeseci
Definitely same one as JCVD wood grain passenger rear matches up.
kevin Prije 5 mjeseci
If I do some home work. And I end up learning that this car was van dams with proof. What’s in it for me. And I’m not playing games
kodrich1204 Prije 5 mjeseci
Every video I just keep looking over at the e38 😛
James Bambury
James Bambury Prije 5 mjeseci
Tyler did you buy the Silver SLS from CNC motors? 2011 with 33,000 miles and a mileage discrepancy in the car fax?
Space Wave
Space Wave Prije 5 mjeseci
I am Jean Claude Van Damme, and yes I have owned that car. Want to meet up for coconut milk tasting sometime?
Mike Mullay
Mike Mullay Prije 5 mjeseci
I have a feeling that by the time The Wizard is done with this Bentley it will no longer be the cheapest Bentley Azure in the United States.
7ViewerLogic Prije 5 mjeseci
The interior looks great!
Randy Noble
Randy Noble Prije 5 mjeseci
Too many ads on channel
terminal3 Prije 5 mjeseci
You are a glutton for punishment, why do you keep buying convertibles?
Sandro Sultana
Sandro Sultana Prije 5 mjeseci
Isn't that John Voight's car ?
NU MOO Prije 5 mjeseci
LifeStyles of the Rich and Hoovies!🤣 Robin Leach, you ain't.
Paul BIT
Paul BIT Prije 5 mjeseci
Good old Claude
WilddaggerTv Prije 5 mjeseci
Let's see more on the prowler please ..
Jaap Aap
Jaap Aap Prije 5 mjeseci
Hahah, oh WHY OH WHY?! How's the other Bentley going? :D
AshS Prije 5 mjeseci
That is not how you pronounce Azure 😂
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