Everything That's Broken On The Cheapest Mercedes G55 AMG (CROOKED MOUNTED ENGINE???)

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Deivias Prije 4 sati
The greatest day of Wizard's life was when Hoovie first walked through his front door.
VESPA NUT Prije 6 sati
You can get the drive shaft joints rebuilt as I used to work on Mercedes mini coaches and had them reconditioned
money team
money team Prije 4 dana
Fuck the wizard mad prices
Kevon Rose
Kevon Rose Prije 5 dana
Hoovie and his infomercial soundtrack.
Mat Goodall
Mat Goodall Prije 6 dana
I wish I knew a mechanic like the wizard or even if he was my mechanic! And what’s the wizards real name Gandalf?
Azar Alamouri
Azar Alamouri Prije 7 dana
Keep the transparent blinkers on the Merc.
Mike M44
Mike M44 Prije 7 dana
shit the Wiz is cheap for the work done.. I had a mercedes, your grand total for four vehicles was less than one car visit to the Mercedes dealership.. you got a bargain. And all the Dealership did was replace the electronic harness that goes to the spark plugs! yah.. 8,700 for one visit. I sold that POS Merc car and recooped it.
Mike M44
Mike M44 Prije 7 dana
you paid what for that certifiable piece of garbage? 22 grand... oh man you got smoked.
flaagan Prije 10 dana
Seven grand for four cars to be gone through by a trusted mechanic, that's a damn steal.
Hungry Hamburger
Hungry Hamburger Prije 10 dana
poor Tyler...
Sam Dimas Nugraha
Sam Dimas Nugraha Prije 11 dana
Where’s the updateeeee
mie ayam hunter
mie ayam hunter Prije 12 dana
Aku punya Daihatsu xenia 2009, sudah jalan 120800km mesin belum bermasalah, satu-satunya yang diganti cuma shockbreaker belakang.... Tapi mercy g amg ini baru jalan 22.000 mile, power steering sudah bocor?
Right Fromleft
Right Fromleft Prije 13 dana
Wiz, if you only had a budget of 10K for a used car, what direction would start?
William Heald
William Heald Prije 13 dana
.....I didn’t know Van Gogh did ‘The Scream ‘....?
El Devoh
El Devoh Prije 14 dana
Boy, I would love this car. Hint hint @hoovie
Lost Heroes
Lost Heroes Prije 15 dana
Awesome to see the prices included with the projects
JERRY JOHNSON Prije 16 dana
If you need any vhs movies, I have hundreds of them!!
Vladimir Mishin
Vladimir Mishin Prije 17 dana
What's the wizard's labor price per hour?
Max Prije 17 dana
Did he sell this already? Kinda just dissapeared
amanda lu
amanda lu Prije 17 dana
222 for 22k and im watching this at 1222🤣
Capnmoench Prije 18 dana
Hoovie always acting surprised,. Also you people still buy the story of this rich kid with skinny arms that never lifted a brick in his life and acts like he can't afford the repair bill.
D Prije 18 dana
You way overpaid for it. So 22,000 + 8100 is 30,100. The price of a new car haha whoever sold it to you probably knew the price to fix it.
Adrian ABG
Adrian ABG Prije 19 dana
Poppers are fun
Tommy Baker
Tommy Baker Prije 21 dan
So much for Hoovie's non profit charitable organization.
Sanatan Dharma
Sanatan Dharma Prije 21 dan
This is great! Many thanks, you are both brilliant!
Get It Right Media
Get It Right Media Prije 21 dan
That is my ultimate dream truck. I don’t care if it had 250k on it. To me it’s one of the most beautiful trucks on the road. :) awesome pickup. Merry Christmas
Demeter Levente
Demeter Levente Prije 23 dana
you need to find some better music hahaha
jun homa
jun homa Prije 24 dana
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Chasity Haynes
Chasity Haynes Prije 25 dana
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J I Prije 25 dana
German Shat
L42 Nosnibor
L42 Nosnibor Prije 26 dana
That ain't van gogh
Exhul Prije 26 dana
oh man that porsche... no oil change in 3 years.... what a shame :( Dr. Ferdinand must be turning in his grave!
Rafterman Howard
Rafterman Howard Prije 27 dana
This guy is getting so rich, he's going to buy the only Van Gogh / Munch collaboration they ever did together.
Daniel James
Daniel James Prije 27 dana
That's a great price for all that labor and smarts that comes with it.
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson Prije 27 dana
I laugh out loud every time he's shopping for an Island, Yacht or Van Gogh
Martin Tovar
Martin Tovar Prije 28 dana
i just love it that Hoovie thinks that 20Gs is cheap... God bless you Hoovie
TheMattc999 Prije 29 dana
How big of an idiot can you be, screw changing, dude didn't even CHECK the oil for 3 YEARS IN A 930 TURBO?!?!? How stupid can you be? Judging by that fact alone he sounds like the kind of moron who will kill somebody with that car, and we're probably all better off without that guys driving it....
Antonio Uzzle
Antonio Uzzle Prije 29 dana
can i have the CL 😭😭 i want one sooooo damn bad
vinnymarchegiano Prije 29 dana
I would have such a blast hanging with this guy...His sarcasm, and dry humor would have me giggling constantly.
abdelmoneim abdelmoneim
abdelmoneim abdelmoneim Prije mjesec
The Wizard is the real profiteer from this youtube channel
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit Prije mjesec
Everything is beefy except for the drive train. That thing looks like the underside of my 3/4 ton truck.
Monica S
Monica S Prije mjesec
Tyler Hoover, when are we going to get the update on the G55 AMG?
Anoni.mouse same
Anoni.mouse same Prije mjesec
3100 (delete the motor mounts 700) to replace all that on G wagen, labor incl. He is a Wizard, I wish he was near me.
1337penguinman Prije mjesec
Now THAT'S a ball joint.
WoodstaS Prije mjesec
Your engine isn’t crooked, it just has “swag”.
danny stacy
danny stacy Prije mjesec
ha ha best video yet ..
Too much advertisement.. 😭
Jeffery Hsu
Jeffery Hsu Prije mjesec
$ solves everything
kevin scalzo
kevin scalzo Prije mjesec
Anyone know what bulbs he’s using in those headlights? Mine are like candles.
Glenn Braddhaw
Glenn Braddhaw Prije mjesec
I wouldn't pay you $22,000 for any vehicle with 220,000 miles on it
Simon Baj
Simon Baj Prije mjesec
17:20 says it all
Jamie Reid
Jamie Reid Prije mjesec
I need this guy's income
Richard cranium
Richard cranium Prije mjesec
B.o.a.t ! they say boat stands for B:reak O:ut A:nother T:housand. no problem for the wizard whilst hoovie keeps on buying these dodgy Mercedes 💸💸💸🕳 (Not that I've got anything against the wizard, I think he's great)
Toño M
Toño M Prije mjesec
Who the hell is Van Goo?
Evan Wilson
Evan Wilson Prije mjesec
Not the painter who painted The Scream.
RR Showtime
RR Showtime Prije mjesec
CE 33
Rick d
Rick d Prije mjesec
One of dream cars since my divorce. I went from sheikh status to no status. Can't wait to see more G videos.
B A Prije mjesec
Just park the passenger wheels on a curb, and the engine will be level. Nice shopping for a Van GOO to put in the yacht.
JohnFaribaYasmin Pebblebrook
JohnFaribaYasmin Pebblebrook Prije mjesec
seriously, you guys need to compare these garage prices to the uk!! your prices are not bad!
FlyBaby Prije mjesec
I wish I had Car Wizard as my mechanic. Honest and reasonable costs. I was just at the Toyota dealership. A new 4 Runner and there was a front end shimmy that started. I said it could need air. Dude comes back wanting $260 for a front end alignment on a truck with 10,000 miles that has never been off road. I said forget it. The tire place can do it for under $90. It needed air as I suspected. It was there for its tire rotation and oil change. Thieves. The service manager was working on a commission and though I fell out of a tree..
Bob Rooney
Bob Rooney Prije mjesec
Hoovie looks like a mini Rob Gronkowski
HW2800 Prije mjesec
Mechanically, you get what you pay for! Pay upfront or pay for repairs later. Your choice! I would buy a brand new G550 for $140K with sales tax included.
kean foo
kean foo Prije mjesec
the engine really sits that way. obviously they dont know how the G profiles.
Chachi's Adventures
Chachi's Adventures Prije mjesec
Wizard just ordered a yacht for his yacht
joedmac78 Prije mjesec
Car Weezard looks like a car gnome..I mean that in a good way
Joban Brar
Joban Brar Prije mjesec
Tbh its not that much money for 5 cars that needed whole lot of work done
Kaila Lannan
Kaila Lannan Prije mjesec
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James Medina
James Medina Prije mjesec
that 500$ to remove the transmission is stupid. Just torque the bolts and go!
Kaila Lannan
Kaila Lannan Prije mjesec
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kitafer Prije mjesec
wow wizard is cheap compared to Merc dealers.
chrisathomas1 Prije mjesec
Dude, 4 vehicles repaired for less then $8,000 you got a deal.
BraleJunior Prije 2 mjeseci
Ive noticed that CL65 AMG havent got any video on hoovies yet?
vesleengen Prije 2 mjeseci
I actually find Wizards prices quite reasonable.
Baker Dow
Baker Dow Prije 2 mjeseci
"Superyacht financing for Mr C.Wizard accepted"
Derick Shalo
Derick Shalo Prije 2 mjeseci
Let's just stay in the shop, and not go into the office.
blaser51 Prije 2 mjeseci
I really cried harder than that !!!!!
C Gomez
C Gomez Prije 2 mjeseci
With a vehicle this costly to maintain, and the 200,000+ miles, it just isn’t worth all that money to fix
V Larumbe
V Larumbe Prije 2 mjeseci
14:00 Nothing like those bad 'torque convertibles' on those damn g-wagons.
Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav Prije 2 mjeseci
Leave everything, I need a friend like the Wizard, not just for the tech help but in general like catching up and meeting over for a cup of coffee or a nice glass of watermelon or mango juice.
forgecro Prije 2 mjeseci
shaft can be fixed in some machine shop who knows what are they doing , from my experience
axor22 Prije 2 mjeseci
wizzard needs a new yacht
Robo Wolf
Robo Wolf Prije 2 mjeseci
12:40 “ I tighten it” *nervous laughter insinuates*
As it Should Be
As it Should Be Prije 2 mjeseci
I got a toyota land cruiser, same year, same kilometres.. is like new!!! I just changed the oil on my channel.. is perfect!
upaiaq Prije 2 mjeseci
The Scream is by Edvard Munch.
David Smith
David Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
You'd think this guy would learn but the cheapest car in america spend ten grand on fixing it just buy a good one to start with
Johnny Deutschemark
Johnny Deutschemark Prije 2 mjeseci
I SAW one sell for 17,000. The engines are all crooked like that i'ts not out of the ordinary.
Trucker 4life
Trucker 4life Prije 2 mjeseci
I work on bmw and I really think this guy prices are OK ....he ain’t cheap but ain’t expensive And those Mercedes are pain to deal with I wouldn’t even touch it , it will take a whole day That’s why , buy Camry and never see the wizards 🧙‍♂️ garage for the next 3 years ....
Rob Bush
Rob Bush Prije 2 mjeseci
Idiots... That engine is exactly where it should be not a collapsed motor mount.
Adam Mizell
Adam Mizell Prije 2 mjeseci
I think at this point the G wagon has earned the name of weeble. It wobbles but won't fall dowm.
Kaila Lannan
Kaila Lannan Prije mjesec
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pinchealberto Prije 2 mjeseci
Well I remember back in the late 90s one of the guys in the used car lot lost one of the 4runners keys and it was 2k since we had to change the computer to get a new key , and that was just one car out of 50 we sent to the mechanic a month, so 7k in now time , cheap
R1CH130 Prije 2 mjeseci
Just to cheer you up, I have a number of old cars, one of which is 34 years old and I’ve owned it for 10 years and in all that time, I’ve not even spent £1500 on it, including buying it in the first place 😁 Yes, less than $2000 in ten years!
paulg Prije 2 mjeseci
paulg Prije 2 mjeseci
Callandor Prije 2 mjeseci
You overpaid for that trash, should have bought a Toyota.
4.9cop blank
4.9cop blank Prije 2 mjeseci
Zac. Prije 2 mjeseci
Maybe Wizard can fix his leaky office roof with that money
McKinnan Mojdeh
McKinnan Mojdeh Prije 2 mjeseci
VCR works! Can’t go wrong with poppers!
wcmayborn Prije 2 mjeseci
The Wizard is fantastic!!
ManCove Prije 2 mjeseci
Into the Bentley, Yes? Pretty much done, Yes? Needs motor mounts, Yes? Getting annoying hearing this, Yes?
Your channel
Your channel Prije 2 mjeseci
my god, someone slap this redditor with an open mouth
Ryan Way
Ryan Way Prije 2 mjeseci
If Wizard is not just doing the G-Wagen estimate for theatrics, he hella milking you on the lift kit, dude. 4 grand should easily get you tires as well.
Caleb Niederhofer
Caleb Niederhofer Prije 2 mjeseci
Let's start a contest , How much money has he given to the Wizard lol.
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