Here's Why You Should NEVER EVER Buy a Cheap BMW 7-Series: $3500 Alpina B7?

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Hoovies Garage

Prije 11 mjeseci

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 11 mjeseci
Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to to learn more and get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment
Maserati7200 Prije 5 mjeseci
​@Tyler Even if you're 16 and have a full head of hair, women can tell if you're going to go bald
Tony W
Tony W Prije 9 mjeseci
There's no such thing as a 'cheap' BMW Alpina. You'll pay one way or another, but make no mistake. You WILL pay.
Manuel Kougar Valderrama
Manuel Kougar Valderrama Prije 10 mjeseci
Ahahahaha... Hoovie, thank you for buying it..!!! 😁😁😁
EcBuddy123 Prije 10 mjeseci
Hey Hoovie, can you help me out and buy me out of two hoopties? They are mostly taking up space at this point but I think they can give you good content. Obviously heading what they are you'd probably be like how, but it's 01 Rav4 awd and 99 v6 Accord coupe. Great price for the set!
Mad Orc
Mad Orc Prije 10 mjeseci
@ninjabongtoker I actually bought this keeps product, after reading a little further, they dont tell you the side effect of possibly getting prostate cancer from this crap, ended up not using....
Ready72000 Prije dan
Three BMW owner here - 740i Sport, 740iL, and 325ci convertible. They depreciate so well. (Depreciation is a gift from the Car Gods to us car guys.). Most repairs on them only need to be done once. I bought mine, all very nice, rust-free 2001s, with moderate mileage (80,000 average) and near the bottom of their depreciation curve. I have personally put about 100,000 miles on the trio in 6 going on 7 years. Buy them for 90-95% off of the original sticker price, fix them, love them. I feel like a know a secret way to buying really nice cars that few people seem to understand. Next on my list: a 750iL or maybe an X5.
Alan Newsome
Alan Newsome Prije dan
But thanks for proving my point.
Alan Newsome
Alan Newsome Prije dan
The Car Wizard was right I am sorry. BMW stand for POJ! Piece Of Junk!
Dela Creme
Dela Creme Prije 6 dana
You can repair the fuel pump, replacing the seals All E60/E61/E65/E65 will give error/codes (Christmas tree) when you have a weak battery.
Valerian Pantsulia
Valerian Pantsulia Prije 14 dana
Goddammit BMW what are fun people, ashamed to say how much money they spend and lost on this goddamn BMW? this company should bankruptcy E39 BMW have a hundred more issues it's made it deliberately BAD quality just to suck the money from the customer, Goddammit BMW company & BMW engineers
dtizzy720 Prije 17 dana
I over paid for a 03 745li . I'm going to take the long route. I'm not letting go.
Capnmoench Prije 23 dana
Ugh. Easy $20 fix for those pumps. I'm doing valve stem seals on another V8 right now. Can be done in 2 days work. They lasted 160K miles. I have 2 of the previous generation 7 with the timing guides as well. They last to 200K with regular oil changes. It's just maintenance and Hoovie needs to learn to get his hands dirty if he wants a flagship.
Mr P
Mr P Prije mjesec
german & italian car engineering is bullshit. they sell u a maintenance package along with a crappy car. JDM for life!
OatesSteve Prije mjesec
Question, why can’t they be removed, there has to be somewhere that can Rebuild them. Did you look into that? Steve O
mwyatt222 Prije 2 mjeseci
They make these basically unrepairable costwise b/c those that can afford new ones will simply buy another. The older models parts are priced such they make the cars not worth repairing and this keeps the new ones selling as well. l think Mercedes figured out they werent selling big numbers b/c people were keeping their cars for decades b/c of reliabilty in the 50s,60s and 70s and decided to make them in the disposable business model after that. I think only Henry Ford wanted to build a car that would last and be repairable. Shortly after the 'T' planned obsolescense was the standard.
covid 19
covid 19 Prije 2 mjeseci
This cars would be great if swapped with 2jz twin turbo
Kevin Ford
Kevin Ford Prije 2 mjeseci
You can fix the fuel pumps for a few bucks. Only idiots buy new pumps.
Acediaamond Prije 2 mjeseci
“And it’s just like your murcialago”😂😂😂😂
Yilin Yang
Yilin Yang Prije 3 mjeseci
You do know there is a 20 dollars fix for the HPFP right
RickAP Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovie is some of the most entertaining video on HRpost
Nate Jones
Nate Jones Prije 3 mjeseci
Two really nice cars, two really nice garages and two guys who probably shouldn't own them. Own a bmw has two requirements *Really rich and careless with cash or *A very patient mechanic
alan marcos
alan marcos Prije 3 mjeseci
Buy a 05 5 series
A. M.
A. M. Prije 4 mjeseci
$5000 for 2 fuel pumps? &^%$£*&^"@ BMW!
Santiago Castillo
Santiago Castillo Prije 4 mjeseci
0:17 good for him smoking 🚬 is not good for you.🙆🏻‍♂️If you know what I mean 🚫BMW🚫 is like smoking.🚭🤦🏻Feel good but it f@#k you later.🤣🤣
vikram deshprabhu
vikram deshprabhu Prije 5 mjeseci
andrew yang
Blake Gibbons
Blake Gibbons Prije 5 mjeseci
6:49 If you really thought that about a v12 7 series.... I cry...
Abdul Ahsan
Abdul Ahsan Prije 5 mjeseci
Bought a b7 white. 2007. I abandoned it the next day
Michael Hasse
Michael Hasse Prije 5 mjeseci
Why do fools buy these cars new, incredible depreciation, way overpriced parts
Wesley Pipelayer
Wesley Pipelayer Prije 6 mjeseci
For that price for fuel pumps.... someone has got to be into rebuilding them for probably 1/4 of the price.
View of Uranus
View of Uranus Prije 6 mjeseci
You say DON'T DO IT TYLER, DON'T SHAKE THAT HAND!!!! But it was too late the first pull on that straight away...sheesh!
Don Moore
Don Moore Prije 6 mjeseci
These BMW nightmare stories are awesome! Keeps me from making the same mistake.
John Allen
John Allen Prije 6 mjeseci
That was some kind of shyamalan twist there at the end.
Duo Dua
Duo Dua Prije 6 mjeseci
Thanks. I was considering to buy one. Not anymore. BMW really is absolute JUNK.
Sid3300 Prije 6 mjeseci
So when you buying the NSX back?
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson Prije 6 mjeseci
Welp. Time for an LS swap.
J Mac
J Mac Prije 6 mjeseci
My SAME experience was with a “Deal” 07 Audi 4.2 Quattro A6...what a driver, especially in the rain. Then Water pump fail requiring pulling the front clip...timing belt, 1/2 dozen coils spread over 2 years ...vacuum leaks, throttle / vacuum linkages, failed sensors that kept the check engine light coming back (-$7k over 3 yrs) culminating in a dramatic transmission failure.... off to the auction it went. I lost it all. $800 sale.No More used German luxury cars... You are correct, the Tesla Effect is not why these cars (BMW, Audi...) deprecate. They are poorly engineered for lifecycle value. Way too much complexity and sensors. The Audi/VW parts 3X more cost than Lexus equiv... - made for the 1% who lease and write off their cars as business capital equip. Eliminate that tax loophole, and watch the rich drive Toyotas
dak kidin
dak kidin Prije 6 mjeseci
did bmw ever hear customer voice?? or they just ignored.
DeepWubbinz79 Prije 6 mjeseci
Can you find those pumps used?
MiG2107 Prije 7 mjeseci
BMW doesn’t know the word “recall”. Instead, we enthusiasts will default to calling it “common issues”.
Dussé McCussáy
Dussé McCussáy Prije 7 mjeseci
Hoovie you did not drive 400 miles with the bmw emergency mode active 😂 my bimmer used to do that when it had a bad misfire (humping down the road, no acceleration) and i couldnt even go a quarter mile like that! You got it towed tell the truth! Luckily for me, i could turn the car off and it would go back to normal.
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Prije 7 mjeseci
BMW - The ultimate driving machine - when it's working. Used Bimmers are always in the used car section of Japanese luxury car dealers.
Joel Lowery
Joel Lowery Prije 7 mjeseci
Need 2 one to drive, one for parts.... stop buying new parts and buy a doner car, ;)
Syht 2
Syht 2 Prije 8 mjeseci
As someone who owns a 2007 bmw 750i for about four years now I’m about 5600 dollars in the hole. Or about 1400 dollars a year on average and I drive about 4000 miles a year.
Michael Quintanilla
Michael Quintanilla Prije 8 mjeseci
I mentioned this exact issue would happen when you first posted about this car lol, good luck bud
Eskid6 Prije 8 mjeseci
Can you imagine hating BMW so much that you would pass on the money that could be made fixing it 😂👍🏻
Gordon Wishart
Gordon Wishart Prije 8 mjeseci
Any chance your wizard mechanic could service my lovely 1987 Citroen BX 19GTI? I’d love to see a DS 21 or 23 Pallas in your garage!
Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw Prije 8 mjeseci
Tyler, I’m going to sound like your and my father’s. You should buy American they are cheaper to repair!
Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw Prije 8 mjeseci
Tyler, Do they have keeps for cars? You might need to consider getting some if so!
Krystian Adryanczyk
Krystian Adryanczyk Prije 8 mjeseci
German cars are pice of s**t.
Tis'ur"Master'" Prije 8 mjeseci
At least the blinker fluid is still intact from non-use.
Tis'ur"Master'" Prije 8 mjeseci
did he buy another bmw? lol
Ravi Das
Ravi Das Prije 8 mjeseci
" this is Hoovies Bank going blank"😂
jesse taylor
jesse taylor Prije 8 mjeseci
Man this thin is awesome *things fall off while accelerating*
eksentrysyti Prije 8 mjeseci
I've never once thought I should copy anything Hoovie does. I'm watching for my entertainment that some poor fool thinks he's getting a bargain paying 5k for a used BMW. Because it's 5k for a reason.
Dacia Sandero guys
Dacia Sandero guys Prije 8 mjeseci
I got a BMW advert when I clicked this video
Matthew Warren
Matthew Warren Prije 9 mjeseci
i'd buy that engine swap it and enjoy it. but i am not a purist though.
Vintage_DC5 Prije 9 mjeseci
Traded into a Toyota dealer... oh yes!!! That owner finally opened his eyes...
Nescon Productions
Nescon Productions Prije 9 mjeseci
Sigh..! Easy to understand with Hoovies fleet why his mechanic the Car Wizard is seen looking at luxury boats & even islands for sale online while working on these projects :-P! Admittedly Hoovie owns a number of very attractive vehicles but almost universally are mechanical nightmares or dreams depending on if your the one who owns such or the one repairing them.
BMW Wizard
BMW Wizard Prije 9 mjeseci
Mikhail Kunneke
Mikhail Kunneke Prije 9 mjeseci
You can rebuild those pumps for a lot cheaper. Don't let the car die!
Joki Prije 9 mjeseci
Can someone tell me the Channel to Johnny? been searching for a while
GhettoMist Prije 9 mjeseci
Bmw fuel pumps are insanely expensive, mine gave out 190k so cant complain too much.
Zeeshan Ishaq
Zeeshan Ishaq Prije 9 mjeseci You can fix the 760 for under £500 in parts. The pump can be rebuilt.
Dalibor Joksimovic
Dalibor Joksimovic Prije 9 mjeseci
BMW doesn't care. They sold the car and took the money. You can scrap it after a month as far as they are concerned.
BMW Wizard
BMW Wizard Prije 9 mjeseci
This car is a steal of a deal and a lot of fans would give an arm or a leg to buy this car at parts money like $3500 or even double.... Hoovie knows this too....!
tury brewster
tury brewster Prije 9 mjeseci
Wassup Hoovie am a supporter and fan of your channel but am disappointed to inform you that one of your advertising about keeps hair loss has result into a scam and even doh they don’t represent you as a brand it makes you just as responsible by advertising them assuming you did not do the proper research on the companies you choose to advertise on your platform.
Alan Hilton
Alan Hilton Prije 9 mjeseci
Had two BMW's.... learnt my lesson bought a Toyota.... happy days😊.
Hamdi Tunisien
Hamdi Tunisien Prije 9 mjeseci
Deamn !!!!!!
Dan Watson
Dan Watson Prije 9 mjeseci
This is like married at first sight for guys
Loren Howard
Loren Howard Prije 9 mjeseci
Bought a 2000 740iL with really high miles about 5 years ago. I drove it to work everyday. Fixed any issues (there were many) myself and kept it on the road. The craftsmanship and luxury in that 20 year old car is amazing. My new car is a 2018 Challenger RT. I’d rather drive the BMW.
It’s me Guys
It’s me Guys Prije 9 mjeseci
Do you Almond?
infamous87ny Prije 9 mjeseci
Expect to spend alot of money when you buy the cheapest of anything..
Seve Goodhouse
Seve Goodhouse Prije 9 mjeseci
Hoovie I quite enjoy buying old bmw’s, it’s more effective to have them in a rotation of two.
Xaevi Prije 9 mjeseci
I think i've found the high preassure pumps for about half the price. Bosh pumps. From a large German site.
hum i just found the fuel pump for 300 bucks lmao
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne Prije 9 mjeseci
Okay Hoovie I love ya and I know you're just trying to make interesting content for us all but if you actually would try to look a little like open ebay and type in (I forget the year of you V12 but I'm sure it was between something like "BMW 2006 - 2011 V12 fuel Pump") you would see you can get rebuilt kits for $190 or if you don't want to do that you can purchase rebuilt pumps for between $270 to $360. Delivered (50 states). But I understand. That's not fun youtubes. LOL.
Darren D
Darren D Prije 9 mjeseci
You shit bird I wanted that car !
Darren D
Darren D Prije 9 mjeseci
It’s still looks awesome Fix it ! 🤩
FYIsaac Prije 9 mjeseci
I hate you man you talk to much about unnecessary things stfu
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Prije 10 mjeseci
Mercs are just as expensive if not more to keep fixing as u well know. i will not own another of either unless brand new & on lease so its not my problem when they do go wrong. i wont buy any german car built after 2006 after that they weren't built to do 300k plus now they are build to last the 2/3years of warranty and it shows we see thousands weekly on the back of recovery trucks. my firend 2019 bmw 330 has been for 6 major repairs with sensors included under warranty already, his brothers E class amg super saloon has been back to his dealer 4 times for sensors and 3 for major repairs. the main recovery companies in the UK the RAC and the AA say if u want trouble free motoring only buy toyota and nissan. thats it the rest all have lots of unreliable sensor and mechanical issues
linc2356 Prije 10 mjeseci
I my friend are torn between a bmw and Mercedes. Any insight would help
Sam Sonn
Sam Sonn Prije 10 mjeseci
Dont know why the owner is so sad, these cars can be parted out and they make twice what they paid for it
Sam Sonn
Sam Sonn Prije 10 mjeseci
2 fuel pumps cost more than the car LOL
Philipp Vest
Philipp Vest Prije 10 mjeseci
Who in their right Mind will a 3500€ Alpina B7 not expect to fail soon after purchase.. Come on, this Car , with reasonable mileage, no or just Minor accidents, good mantainance is at least worth 9-10000€.
paulg Prije 10 mjeseci
Keep running it like that and you will need o2 sensor , and Cat's.
RC M Prije 10 mjeseci
I had a co worker who bought a bargain Cadillac that was always breaking down. He constantly complained about how much it was costing him to keep it. One day, one of his buddies made the astute assessment, "You have to have Cadillac money to own a Cadillac car".
Nemanja Draca
Nemanja Draca Prije 10 mjeseci
Cary Whatzizname
Cary Whatzizname Prije 10 mjeseci
Just FYI: AutoZone has a fuel pump for a BMW 760i for %565.99.
J Borg
J Borg Prije 10 mjeseci
BMWs haven't been designed to last for decades. They're meant to be leased.
Mitchell Crane
Mitchell Crane Prije 10 mjeseci
There is no such thing as a BMW that does not cost a fortune to keep going once they get some mileage on them
david Hodgson
david Hodgson Prije 10 mjeseci
I love hoovie... Tyler” how many miles ....?” Driver”...175,000” Tyler”yeah that’s a lot of miles” ......***silence*** 🤣🤣🤣
smoozzums Prije 10 mjeseci
i'd lay under ur cars enstead of those fancy rugs
oRI6inAL-gaM3r Prije 10 mjeseci
"My new mechanic...." What!! What!! 40 seconds later Phewww the Wizard lives!
Shengping Wang
Shengping Wang Prije 10 mjeseci
Chevrolet Scottsdale 👎👎👎👎👎
Shengping Wang
Shengping Wang Prije 10 mjeseci
I like this engine
Tom Yoder
Tom Yoder Prije 10 mjeseci
Best video ever!!
Aaron Snowden
Aaron Snowden Prije 10 mjeseci
Quit with the in video ads. Trust me you make enough on the youtube ads and most people like me just skip them and then give you a thumbs down.
sergio ratz
sergio ratz Prije 10 mjeseci
keeps deez nuts
Andre Fecteau
Andre Fecteau Prije 10 mjeseci
Electric cars will sure make life easier....
Anon Prije 10 mjeseci
At a certain point, the answer is just LS swap.
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers Prije 10 mjeseci
LS Swap!
Sam Denisse
Sam Denisse Prije 10 mjeseci
Engines need gaskets? They commonly fail on BMWs. Engines need coolant expansion tanks and radiators? They commonly fail on BMWs. New direct injection fuel pumps? They commonly fail on BMWs. Air bag sensors? They commonly fail on BMWs. Maybe BMW should stop making vehicles and start selling horses.
Superior’s Garage Of Dreams
Superior’s Garage Of Dreams Prije 10 mjeseci
I love BMW but I do know they could need tons of maintenance but keep in mind that 760 has almost 160,000 miles so it’s gonna have issues
John Williams
John Williams Prije 10 mjeseci
Those fuel pumps are 300.00 apiece on ebay
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