Here's Why The GMT800 Chevrolet Silverado Truck Lasts Forever; Featuring The Weirdest Example Ever!

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Hoovies Garage

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 5 mjeseci
The ex-forest service truck is still for sale!
Big Gerb
Big Gerb Prije 6 dana
@Joshua Halford absolutely
Herb Rice
Herb Rice Prije mjesec
Hoovie does your friend still have it?
Konstantin Parkhomenko
Konstantin Parkhomenko Prije 2 mjeseci
I think this went to a buyer in Washington? I saw what looks like exactly this truck in the greater Seattle area...
Fletch Schubert
Fletch Schubert Prije 3 mjeseci
The 6.0L still doesn’t have AFM or cylinder deactivation.
Peter Cole
Peter Cole Prije 4 mjeseci
Gone on 9/4/20..your welcome
Cletus Cletus
Cletus Cletus Prije 18 sati
I have a 27 year old ford and a 22 year dodge
Berlinda Martinez
Berlinda Martinez Prije 2 dana
The scared planet astonishingly succeed because note inferiorly mate alongside a one acrylic. bawdy, quickest criminal
Matt DeWolfe
Matt DeWolfe Prije 2 dana
Car maker: upgrades seats *hoovie didn’t like that*
Jeffrey Plantz
Jeffrey Plantz Prije 11 dana
Wow. I kinda love it. I will never buy an automatic vehicle so this is cool to see lmao
MrHuckabst Prije 12 dana
Still driving my 99 Sierra with 130k so far. Runs great. My daily is a Civic for gas mileage but still love my truck and should still last a long time
B. Baldwin
B. Baldwin Prije 12 dana
Yeah, well, not anymore. I wouldn’t buy a Government Motors product at 80% off nowadays.
jochambe1 Prije 18 dana
Sometimes they would hook up a horse trailer (with horses in it) if they need to go in the backcountry, offroad.
SwordCymbal79 Prije 19 dana
Uh, they have aluminum heads hoovie
Brad Wardman
Brad Wardman Prije 20 dana
Worst truck I ever had lol. To each his own though.
Ready72000 Prije 27 dana
I used to see 4-door Blazers in Forest Service Green thirty years ago.
Venice Cox
Venice Cox Prije mjesec
The 5th wheel is for pulling horse trailers this color was also used by US park service & forest service combined was a fleet sale purchase by the tax payers (GOVT.) thanks for the video.
C L Prije mjesec
I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 work truck Long bed, color white, completely basic, crank roll up windows, vinyl flooring, Cost a couple dollars for a basic key, that's right no fob or key chip, just a good old fashioned metal key. The ignition is so worn out the key just comes out of the ignition even when it's on. Nowadays you couldn't do that with more modern trucks. 4.8 liter engine with almost 194,000 miles, bought it 3 years ago, used to be a motorcycle hauler at a dealership, then had 168,000 miles paid almost $2400, since then it's been a great truck. By next year it will be considered a Classic at 20 years. Good old Chevrolet !
Rodney Fisk
Rodney Fisk Prije mjesec
I have the '04 and it's amazing. Runs perfectly, quiet, cold A/C, good mileage (for a V8).
Wyatt Christie
Wyatt Christie Prije mjesec
7.3 is the king
Dantheman Prije mjesec
it will need front hub bearings every 40k miles
MusicConnoisseurian Prije mjesec
The brake lines all rusted out [even though he washed it often (under body wash as well) and they don't use salt in his city] and my dad sold his 2003 for nothing because all the shops told him it would cost a ton to fix. I was quite annoyed. I don't know why it's so so hard to find one good auto shop.
Asher’s Tribe
Asher’s Tribe Prije mjesec
Has to have been the cheapest configuration. A bunch of parts that would have normally gone unordered and unused.
Decay of Alberta
Decay of Alberta Prije mjesec
In northern Alberta. Those trucks always have one gears missing in the automatic or blown head gasket. The manual transmission is what save the truck for the automatic wrecker yards.
Rock River Outdoors
Rock River Outdoors Prije mjesec
The problem with these trucks, at least in the salt belt, is the trucks fall apart around the engine. The tbar mounts, frames, rear spring shackles all of them rot away in no time with hardly any winter use, the trucks that run around in the winter are so rusty the bed liner is the only thing for the “bed floor” the frames are rotted and broke. These trucks also ride terrible so not really what he’s talking about, my 99 half ton rides worse than my 85 1ton ford diesel. The electrical systems in these trucks are a dumpster fire and they leak more fluids than a Detroit.
Scott Eddy
Scott Eddy Prije mjesec
Love that truck. I want it
Snapchat Snacks
Snapchat Snacks Prije mjesec
This truck isn't reliable at all. It isn't Japanese. Find me a Japanese car that was unreliable. Oh wait you can't. This car is bad. America cars are unreliable and bad.
FrankieJames7 Prije mjesec
bullshit. squarebody chevy will always be the master. that being said, the kingpin dana60 fords after getting a chevy engine swap are also good
Jondkgemini Prije mjesec
Believe it or not there is immense psychology behind the truck design and I'm speaking of why did they put that huge bed and The Four Doors like that on it? It was a government work truck by design for transporting more than one park ranger. so four doors made sense. Then you might ask, what about the long bed and their real reason behind it believe it or not is because they wanted the truck to be unique to the park service and they didn't want the community to buy them up afterwards they literally designed something that nobody else would want later thus helping to help keep it unique to the park service ( not to mention guys in those days wouldn't be caught dead in one of those stupid looking trucks unless it was up in the woods somewhere because that was the era when the short bed Stepside was real sexy I had a GMC Scottsdale that had a wooden bed in that era and all the girls went skiing with me I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have happened if I was driving that dumpy looking truck ) it's the stupidest thing but believe it or not the real reason they did it
bowez9 Prije mjesec
My 90 F150 300 has 600k miles is a truck that won't die. The one in this video is just a truck that wasn't used with less than 10k miles a year.
CPS CPS Prije mjesec
That is for hauling horse trailers and equipment trailers.
TRCRacing Prije mjesec
The 07+ 6.0s didn't have mds only vvt. The ly6 is superior to the lq4 the rest of the gmt900 isn't.
Hunter Covington
Hunter Covington Prije mjesec
Beautiful truck id love to have it. The only thing about those trucks I know some of the 5.3 motors from like 03-06 had valve cover and head failures but they were awesome trucks
Joel Prije mjesec
This hits close to home for me. Years ago, my friend's dad had a 2003-2005 era chevy 2500 HD duramax. I remember the thing that surprised me the most about it was how well it rode for being a 3/4 ton. Thick cushioned seats combined with nice tall sidewall tires equated to a ride that was shockingly smooth and surpasses that of modern cars. Also that pre-emissions duramax was reliable, and powerful, without any unnecessary garbage on it. By contrast, I had a 2008 sierra 1500 with a 5.3 vortec with cylinder deactivation. That thing had a nasty lifter tick that would come and go and was embarrassing. Also, the seats were certainly stiffer and less comfortable. Further complicating this was a leveling kit and some wheels and tires from a 2014+ era SLT / Denali. End result was a very rough riding and uncomfortable vehicle that was plagued with mechanical issues. One of the biggest generational downgrades in truck history.
Give it to whistlen Diesel
bumsmodified98xj Prije mjesec
Wrong! All wrong! That ls engine is doomed to fail! The engine oil pick up tube has a O-ring that shrink and fail I believe i own the most indestructible truck chevy has produced 1990 c1500! 2wd 5.7 tbi engine 5spnv4500 transmission! 30 years old and im confident ill outlast anything on this road today!
Toño M
Toño M Prije mjesec
Just for that amazing color (and the double bench) I would keep that forever. I wish we had that in Europe and not our absurd Euro cars.
Toño M
Toño M Prije mjesec
Steve McQueen is asking for his sunglasses back, nice Persol dude ;-)
B. Prije mjesec
Did he mention that he sold chevys? I can't remember.
gunsplaining Prije mjesec
That would absolutely be my dream truck. I would daily the wheels off of it!!!
Justin Cutler
Justin Cutler Prije mjesec
My old boss had a chevy box truck with a million miles on it surprised that it still is running
Tom Mack
Tom Mack Prije mjesec
I agree and gave it a thumbs up because I have always had a Chevy and they are truly the best vehicle on the road and planet 🌎 I had bought a 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 and got it for $14000 because the guy I got it from had the motor and transmission rebuilt and he was going to trade it in and the Chevy dealership was only going to give him only $500 for trade in so he sold it to me for that price yes he is a friend of mine and he is a plumber and had to have it in top shape to be ready to go at all hours of the day and night he had new brake lines put in, I had put new rotors and drum rotors on and brake pads and new all terrain tires and I put new upper and lower control arm and inner and Outter tie rods now I am putting in torsion bar mount on drivers side and I am having trouble getting the ones on the bottom out
Johnny Knoxville
Johnny Knoxville Prije mjesec
What color is that?
koenigmoo Prije mjesec
It's called "The Mint Dream".
Gary Gang!
Gary Gang! Prije mjesec
It will last forever until you use it as a work truck and haul shit with it. This is what I call a sissy truck because it has no wear and tear, and it looks as if it was locked in the garage. Trust me I see a lot of these all over and their rusted to shit and have engine problems.
Lowered Legend
Lowered Legend Prije mjesec
This video explains why I own two of them myself. 2 3/4 ton gmt800 Yukon’s. One is getting a 12 valve swap but man I love my 6.0 as my daily. Well explained video Hoovie!
Noah V.
Noah V. Prije mjesec
Haha me and my dad both have long bed 2wd duramaxs, haha both with check engines on aswell lmao for Glow plugs for the diesel tho
The Lorax
The Lorax Prije mjesec
Don’t forget about the 80’s Toyota pick ups...
Reckless entertainment
Reckless entertainment Prije mjesec
There’s a guy in my town who has one of these trucks in that same color and it’s hideous lol. But now at least I know why it’s such a weird color.
Brandon Closson
Brandon Closson Prije mjesec
The 2500/3500HDs are good trucks, but the half tons from 99-07 are rot boxes here in maine. The frames always rot and break. GMT400s are better imo.
Jason Holland
Jason Holland Prije mjesec
I have a 2007 2500hd classic crew cab long bed but it’s auto, 235k running strong 6.0
Joseph Dunkle
Joseph Dunkle Prije mjesec
Does the truck play "Like a Rock" when you start it? That is a super reliable combination, I like it!
Frost Cate
Frost Cate Prije 2 mjeseci
Not as Indestructible As A Toyota Pickup Though Lol
Colin Hamilton
Colin Hamilton Prije 2 mjeseci
maybe your color calibration is off because on my calibrated monitor it looks turquoise not green, was the forest service a different shade of green than I have seen in Michigan?
Elijah Stapleton
Elijah Stapleton Prije 2 mjeseci
I absolutely love that generation!!! I wish I could get another I actually have the base model but I'm at a loss on what to do because the ONLY real problematic thing with mine is RUST, RUST is causing everything to go down with it, even my steering column is needing replaced because of it, SO STUPID!!!
Trevor De La Rosa
Trevor De La Rosa Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie:"This truck won't die" Practically ANY Toyota truck:"Hold my beer"
bruffmeister1 Prije 2 mjeseci
Longer lasting than the infamous Toyota? Doubtful.
DYLAN DURANT Prije 2 mjeseci
Ah the manual Transmission truck with a 6.0l v8. I dig it.
Ruthless Gaming
Ruthless Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
What the hell is that color
Ruthless Gaming
Ruthless Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
What the hell is that colo4
Hunter Postelmans
Hunter Postelmans Prije 2 mjeseci
You lost me when you said the vortec was a good engine
Kane Rohrer
Kane Rohrer Prije 2 mjeseci
I have a 2003 manual 3/4 ton just like this I love it
Julian Yale
Julian Yale Prije 2 mjeseci
Pulling hours trailer?
Julian Yale
Julian Yale Prije 2 mjeseci
I see more ford a d dodge truck then Chevrolet.
David Knappert
David Knappert Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't know didn't a couple tundras hit a million miles nearly stock?
Nick Weiss
Nick Weiss Prije 2 mjeseci
I can confirm the old 16 inch wheels are a better fit than modern wheels. I recently bought a 2005, and the previous owner had swapped the wheels out with 2018 20 inch wheels. It does look good, but after rebuilding the steering and front suspension, and shocks all around, it’s a lot bumpier and noisier than stock around town. Still floats like a dream on the freeway though,
Thomas Prije 2 mjeseci
Too bad they gave it such a ugly front end, headlight and grille
Andrew Prije 2 mjeseci
USFS has these for towing pack animals.
Reuven Lloyd
Reuven Lloyd Prije 2 mjeseci
Have an 05 escalade esv with 80k miles..other than shitty gm plastic bits runs like new
Groo from the UP
Groo from the UP Prije 2 mjeseci
My GMT800 has been removed from the road thanks to a rust related frame failure that broke some brake lines.
MakingTechSense Prije 2 mjeseci
Mid-2000 Chevys were notorious... and not in a good way. Same for Fords. Same for Dodge. Just not a good time for American trucks.
Jarod Lorenson
Jarod Lorenson Prije 2 mjeseci
lq4 has aluminum heads on an iron block. not both iron
CodeRed Prije 2 mjeseci
That's so true, I also see a lot more older GM trucks still running strong on the road today. Compared to Ford or Dodge on early 2000s there are noticeably a lot more Chevy and GMC trucks still being used and abused for work or personal driving. Even at that go back a few more years there are still lots of early 90s up to late 90s trucks still on the road today, that is impressive and says a lot.
Panther Martin77
Panther Martin77 Prije 2 mjeseci
2wd forest service truck? Someone check the wrong box?
yungstunna541 Prije 2 mjeseci
the hilux is better
Gumball Watterson
Gumball Watterson Prije 2 mjeseci
The 03-07's where the perfected Chevy and GMC truck years. Before GM started putting all this emission crap in their trucks.
Letsrock Prije 2 mjeseci
Currently own a 2004 Silverado 2500 Quadrasteer with a LQ4 and a 2004 Escalade with the LQ9. Glad I didnt buy the next gen truck lol VVT and multi displacement, GMT 800 has a good mix of old school and new school goodness. Btw I believe the heads on both of these engines are aluminum with iron blocks, 2001 or 2002 were the last of the all cast iron engines I believe (both heads and block).
Albinopidgeon Prije 2 mjeseci
You should have seen my dads 1996 bronco forest service truck it had 450,000 miles with 0 rebuilds and it never broke down
George Lerma
George Lerma Prije 2 mjeseci
I had to watch this because I have a 2002 2500HD 4x4 crew. It has been great for me and I do not see myself ever selling it. 112k miles with minimal issues.
Daniel Avila
Daniel Avila Prije 2 mjeseci
Are we going to ignore that it’s a Chevrolet on gmc rims/tires/wheels idk how what is specifically
anthonyd18 Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m not a Chevy guy. But this is around the time that I was into Chevys. I wanted the Avalanche in a stick shift. Impossible to find! Great video!
tom ching cheng hanji
tom ching cheng hanji Prije 2 mjeseci
That so true I live in Wichita Kansas
MOOSE ! Prije 2 mjeseci
Nope Dodge Ram is best!
adam johnson
adam johnson Prije 2 mjeseci
"still has roller windows in 2003" my 2008 base model cobalt has them
Letsrock Prije 2 mjeseci
Key word Cobalt
Laurie Ann Rodriguez
Laurie Ann Rodriguez Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie lives in Kansas. 2003 Silverado 2500 long wheel base, 5 speed manual, green US Forest Service
ManyPoints Prije 2 mjeseci
The original LS motors were the best thing GM has ever done. Variable valve timing? NOPE don't need it. Cylinder deactivation? Nope. Fancy pants dual overhead cams? NO. Keep it simple and use the same pushrod design with it's roots dating to 1955 for reliability but with modern fuel injection and coil system for a little more efficiency. This was the perfect culmination of old school and new school, snatch one of this up while you can!!
Nate Allan
Nate Allan Prije 2 mjeseci
I got an '06. I have nearly 150k miles on it. That truck still runs and drives like new. Yes the check engine light is on, I have no idea why. Doesn't seem to cause any issue. My truck also doesn't leak any fluid after 14 years and 150k miles that is good.
TDF PFC Prije 2 mjeseci
Damn I wish I didn't get a Ford with the 5.4l
J R Prije 2 mjeseci
For the record, I have always preferred the smaller rims and larger size tire look as opposed to the larger rims with tires that have next to no side wall. I currently have a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Z71 4x4 crew cab short bed with the 5.3 liter V-8 and 6 speed automatic transmission. I just put a leveling kit on it last month along with 17” Fuel “Assault” wheels, with 285 BF Goodrich TKO II All Terrain tires on it. I also agree with what the guy in the video said. When I lived back home in San Diego, I worked for my Uncles drywall company. We would all put on anywhere between 60k to 80k miles a year on our trucks. My Uncle had a 1988 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4x4 single cab, long bed with a 350 V-8 and a 4 speed automatic transmission. That truck lasted a very long time and I think had 369k on it when he finally got another truck. The only thing ever done to it was general maintenance. The batteries, alternator and starter would always go out around the same time, at every 100k miles or so. In fact, every GM vehicle I have ever owned or known someone to own has always had those same issues around that time too. On my Uncles truck, the transmission did go out at I think around 250k but those were hard miles. That truck essentially hauled drywall, drywall mud, steel studs, other construction materials and demo material almost on a daily basis too so my Uncle got his monies worth out of that truck. My cousin had either a 1991 or a 1992 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4x4 extra cab long bed. It had a 454 V-8 and a 4 speed automatic transmission in it. That truck was indestructible! My cousin finally traded it in at I think 450k miles on it. And other than general maintenance, the batteries, alternators and starters going out around every 100k on it, nothing on that truck ever broke and like my Uncles truck, it too was worked very hard, on a daily basis. It never broke down. Both my Uncle and cousin finally got new trucks in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and had those trucks for a really long time too but never had any issues to my knowledge? I moved out of State in 2003 and then my Uncle retired in 2005 so he stopped using his truck after then for construction. My cousin then went to work for his brother in law, who was married to his sister. Since 2005, he has had at least 1 or 2 other Chevrolet or GMC trucks and has never had any issues with them in spite of the hard miles and use of them. After moving to Colorado in 2003, in 2004, I bought a 1 owner, used 1997 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 extra cab regular bed. It had a 350 V-8 and 4 speed automatic transmission in it. When I bought it the truck had I think 85k in miles on it. The truck had been babied all of its life too. My only issue with that truck was the oil cooler lines constantly leaked. It was a manufacturing defect and was very common with that model year of truck. After replacing them for the 3rd or 4th time and having the oil leaks keep coming back every 6 months to a year later, I finally gave up on them and stopped replacing them. Instead, I just checked my oil more frequently but the oil leak was always very minimal so it never caused me to have to add any oil in between oil changes. I kept that truck from 2004, until I think 2012. I sold it to a family friend of my wife’s because my wife had just recovered from having breast cancer but we were struggling financially due to all of the medical bills that were piling up. The same person still owns the truck to this day, and lives just down the street from us. When he bought the truck from me, it had around 150k to 160k in miles on it. The truck also had the battery, alternator and starter go out at around 100k to 115k in miles on it and when I sold it, the A/C compressor had also just gone out on it too. The guy that still owns it now has around 300k in miles on it. He has had a few minor things go out on it but nothing major. He tried selling it back to me a few years ago but wanted the same amount of money that I sold it to him for. He bought it for less than KBB value and somewhat low balled us on the purchase price because he knew that we were desperate for money due to our situation. When he tried selling the truck back to me, it was well above and over KBB value. I loved the truck and wanted it back but wasn’t going to let him screw us over again, for a second time. In 2015, I bought another 1 owner, used, 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Z71 4x4 crew cab short bed. That truck had a 5.3 liter V-8 with a 6 speed automatic transmission. That truck had very low miles on it when I bought it, and never game me a single issue. I think it only had around 38k to 40k in miles on it when I bought it. I only had it for 2 years though and went by our local Chevrolet dealer to simply look at the newer generation of Silverado trucks. The dealership had my current truck very competitively priced. The GM of the dealership had used the truck as his personal vehicle for a few months and it had right around 5k in miles on it. The truck had an MSRP of right around $51k. The new 2018’s were just starting to come in and GM had such pretty big discounts and rebates. I ended up buying the truck for $1k under invoice due to the miles. Traded in my 2012 and got an additional $2k or $3k in loyalty rebates. As a result of everything, I was able to buy the truck for $38.5k out the door. So even though I had no intentions of buying another truck that day, the deal was simply way to good to pass on. I’ve now had the truck for exactly 3 years, almost to the day. And in spite of the 5k in miles that were on the truck when I originally bought it, the truck only has 21k in miles on it now. The place that I go to work too, is only 3 to 3 1/2 miles away from my house. Since my job is so close to home, I only put anywhere from 5k to 6k in miles a year on that truck. Back home in California, I used to do that at least once a month or every 3 to 4 weeks. Now that my 3 year/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty expired a few weeks ago, I went to my bank and bought an extended warranty offered through a company that they work with. We bank at a Credit Union and the extended warranty was only $2k, but it is a $0.00 deductible, 8 years/120,000 miles bumper to bumper extended warranty that is also fully refundable at the end should the warranty never be used. Or it will prorate any amount paid out during that time. So if I spent $500.00 in warranty repair work within that 8 years/120,000 miles, then I would be reimbursed $1,500.00 back. My family has always been a Chevrolet truck family. I couldn’t tell you how many GM trucks that we have all owned over the decades but, they have always worked very well for us. In fact, I cannot recall a single 1 from myself or any other family member ever having a lemon 1. My only dislike for my current 1 and my last 1 is the rear differential locker. That thing was no doubt, designed by some idiot hipster that thought his idea on paper was fantastic and everyone would love that the rear locker automatically engages at low speeds if it detects rear wheel slippage. While maybe a great idea on paper, it is a horrible idea in practically. I love going off roading and have done so throughout my entire life. There are times and in many places, where I need a minimum of at least a rear locker. However, I cannot have a rear locker engaging and disengaging on its own when I am on an off road trail and need at least 1 axle/differential permanently locked. I need to engage the locker and keep it locked the entire time or disengage it at my choosing. The way the current rear locker on my Silverado is set up, would get me in a lot of trouble on some very technical trails that I go on, or would like to go on but can’t, because of GM’s idiotic design. Hopefully, they change that and go back to a manually selectable rear locker (and front locker as well, considering they are also needed too!). If GM does not do that, then this Silverado will be my last Silverado even though full size GM trucks have always treated us well!
Auto Curioso
Auto Curioso Prije 3 mjeseci
but the interior dude
George M
George M Prije 3 mjeseci
I have a 2003 GMC Sierra SLT 2500HD 4X4 extended cab 6.5ft bed with 137K miles. No rust. I keep it washed and waxed. Normal repairs and maintenance. Towed trailers hundreds of miles. Not a daily driver anymore. 4L80E xmission. Runs great! 11 city 14 hw mpg. full syn fluids throughout. Rust proofed frame twice. Stainless Steel brush guard and step ups. Added amp and 12" downfiring woofer to stereo. I love it and will never sell or trade it.
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson Prije 3 mjeseci
My mom had a gmc that era, she rolled it and it still ran. 6.0 vortex’s are the best gm gasser v8 ever made
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Prije 3 mjeseci
I don’t want to impede but there is an Oil Field service company called FESCO that uses this same color.
Bryan G
Bryan G Prije 3 mjeseci
Funny how many people don’t talk about tires. You’re spot on about the tires, they matter so much.
Ancalagon Prije 3 mjeseci
I love my old f-150 5- speed thing is still running
Dutty Diesel
Dutty Diesel Prije 3 mjeseci
Mmm this screams cat diesel swap 😍
Taylor Robles
Taylor Robles Prije 3 mjeseci
*This truck won’t die* Ford 7.3 diesel has entered the chat
Mark Miller
Mark Miller Prije 3 mjeseci
And is now dead
Elisha Hassell
Elisha Hassell Prije 3 mjeseci
2nd gen Toyota pickup and first gen 4Runner are the best trucks ever made
Jurgen Raven
Jurgen Raven Prije 3 mjeseci
0:13 Wait wait wait stop That's true the fords you see are years older
Bulvine Scatologist
Bulvine Scatologist Prije 3 mjeseci
This is just pure " BullSh*t ".
Charlie Prije 3 mjeseci
Really a Chevy is more realible then a tundra?
Mic Rib
Mic Rib Prije 3 mjeseci
I like how your showing BLM pride by driving a truck that was used exclusively for BLM support
brainwashing detergent
brainwashing detergent Prije 3 mjeseci
GM best trucks on earth!
Bill Barnes
Bill Barnes Prije 3 mjeseci
I have an 07 Classic, 3500 single rear wheel, crew cab, long bed, two wheel drive work truck. The only difference is mine has the LBZ Duramax/Allison. At nearly 400,000 miles and runs and rides like new. These truly great trucks!
Marshall Buss
Marshall Buss Prije 3 mjeseci
Could I buy this truck? 😂
Scott B
Scott B Prije 3 mjeseci
forest service trucks are always manual. the long bed I'd because of the gooseneck keeps them from needing sliding hitch.
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