A Tour Of The Dumbest Car Collection Of Any YouTuber: Making More Bad Decisions

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Hoovies Garage

Prije godine

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije godine
I'm still sick, because not enough of you hit the subscribe button to heal me over the internet.
Happy Guy
Happy Guy Prije 2 mjeseci
Christian wilson
Christian wilson Prije 4 mjeseci
anonymous bosch is
computer build144
computer build144 Prije 6 mjeseci
Wow what a blue so effeminate
John Whitherspoon
John Whitherspoon Prije 7 mjeseci
I know a very old woman with a 1970 Mercury's Cougar xr7 thats 100% original here in LA, She wants $10k
deegan727 Prije 7 mjeseci
Send me a donation of 50.00 and I’ll heal you.
Markanthony B villanueva
Markanthony B villanueva Prije mjesec
FederalTracks Prije mjesec
you like saab so i like you!!
TLR Eclipse
TLR Eclipse Prije 2 mjeseci
Wonder if this was Covid before it was well known?
Cleo Smithhart
Cleo Smithhart Prije 2 mjeseci
When are you going to Bury a car agian
GabeMer Prije 2 mjeseci
I for one, found the orange more aPEELing than the blue
Justin Torres
Justin Torres Prije 2 mjeseci
Got any cars for scrap or a job bro i need a car
Forestranger4567 Prije 2 mjeseci
Love your channel I’m a passionate lover for cars and hope to start a collection after college! Also I find your humor and personality very similar to myself which makes you a great channel! I’ve only watched 2 videos of yours and that’s all I need to sub and watch more! Thank you for being a channel!!!!
Jack Mckibben
Jack Mckibben Prije 3 mjeseci
IGNORE The classic 740 wagon??!!
Isaac Beekman
Isaac Beekman Prije 3 mjeseci
It looks like Sally Carrera!
Landon C
Landon C Prije 3 mjeseci
Can you help me by my first car
Alex Palette
Alex Palette Prije 3 mjeseci
You all had Covid-19 early.
Assassin Force
Assassin Force Prije 3 mjeseci
He started corona!
Lmaooo Nick
Lmaooo Nick Prije 4 mjeseci
watching this in Sept 2020, and you probably had COVID19
Travis Prije 4 mjeseci
Keep those germs at home. - The world.
azhurelwarrior Prije 4 mjeseci
Glad it was the raptor, the Border Patrol livery is a bad look.
Son Estrera
Son Estrera Prije 4 mjeseci
Yooo! Man I really need a car😂😂 then I saw u having many cars 😂 yooo give some to mee hahha
ciawarhater Prije 4 mjeseci
how much fuckin money he spend on all that ? lol
A. Applewhite
A. Applewhite Prije 4 mjeseci
Covid 19???
Shoolmy Shloms
Shoolmy Shloms Prije 5 mjeseci
Lol he kinda sounds drunk or hungover i know I’m late but even though your better get well soon
Cathryn Mataga
Cathryn Mataga Prije 5 mjeseci
You confirm my fear, that if I ever put in lifts like this, I'd never get around to driving the cars on top.
Dmitry America
Dmitry America Prije 5 mjeseci
Enough bragging. Teach people how to get dealers license and make money with it better! God Bless!
james James
james James Prije 5 mjeseci
Powder Blue
polkadotpuss Prije 5 mjeseci
The dude somehow reminds me of Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan. Anyone else?
Auto Prije 6 mjeseci
0:01 u mean the *best* automotive channel in all of youtube
Mechelle F.
Mechelle F. Prije 6 mjeseci
Do you have auto insurance on all those cars??
That Guy
That Guy Prije 6 mjeseci
Nothing beats a square body
The Simple Fix Channel
The Simple Fix Channel Prije 6 mjeseci
Can you please buy my vw rabbit pickup , you’d like it
BAYSLAYER1234 Prije 7 mjeseci
Watching this from hospital nearly cut my finger off in a dirt bike chain so yay me
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva Prije 7 mjeseci
Like selling all brain tumor vehicles. Buying a brand new 2020 Supra, etc etc etc
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva Prije 7 mjeseci
Will you ever buy a great car. To clearly put your channel into the Hoopty Doo category?
Feral Evan
Feral Evan Prije 7 mjeseci
That interior is dope as hell!
Sly Thai
Sly Thai Prije 7 mjeseci
10:44 THICC
i Prije 7 mjeseci
Very creative car channel...
Carl Thornton
Carl Thornton Prije 7 mjeseci
Very Good!!!
ass goblin
ass goblin Prije 7 mjeseci
Bill G
Bill G Prije 7 mjeseci
Patient Zero
Wyatt Dahle
Wyatt Dahle Prije 7 mjeseci
Well it's a ford sooo
MegaFloyd100 Prije 8 mjeseci
i swear i only subscribed to hear the awful canned 'training video music'.It reminds me of my misspent youth & perfectly matches the self deprecating positioning of this addictive channel!Hoovie personifies the fallible idiot in all of us lol.
Mark Plenty
Mark Plenty Prije 8 mjeseci
Which video was the full selling video of the ford raptor hoop tie patrol?
Big Forehead Gang
Big Forehead Gang Prije 8 mjeseci
So many voice cracks 😂
Football Fanatic
Football Fanatic Prije 8 mjeseci
Love watching old hoovies vids during quarantine
Ric Brook
Ric Brook Prije 8 mjeseci
Can't believe I've been watching this idiot for 3 years n never subscribed till now....
Phil Dapain
Phil Dapain Prije 8 mjeseci
Has lots of nice cars and a nice jeep....drives a clapped out lincoln to the shop
Dumentcha Cat
Dumentcha Cat Prije 8 mjeseci
You know that you forgot about the most important vehicle is the power wheels pink barbie jeep
yiyoto Prije 8 mjeseci
lol i wish i was this dumb, you are the boss Hoovieeee!
Lee Price
Lee Price Prije 8 mjeseci
The Raptor is gone because of the seats? You can change those.
Admiral Croissant
Admiral Croissant Prije 8 mjeseci
This collection is so stupid I really like it though. I need moar.
Abdulkarim Affouni
Abdulkarim Affouni Prije 8 mjeseci
To much unnecessary cars
Em Jay
Em Jay Prije 8 mjeseci
Basically Hoovie and his family had COVID19 back in December like most of America and didn’t know it.
HigherGround TV
HigherGround TV Prije 8 mjeseci
Pretty sure you had the corona virus in this video
Tabernacle Of Salem
Tabernacle Of Salem Prije 8 mjeseci
My "2001 9-11..." 🤔🤔 Oh no
unique Prije 8 mjeseci
that blue is perfect.
Acexand Prije 8 mjeseci
Really surprised he doesn't own a I6 wrangler.. He's got the wagoneer so guess its all good.
shaneclipse97 Prije 9 mjeseci
soo the about section says he is a writer? what writer makes this kid of money other than screen writer maybe lol? oo and as someone who prefers ls engines to all others and is more of a jdm fan than anything (currently) getting rid of the raptor and keeping an h2 boggles the hell out of me to be honest man. I have driven MANY h2s for a combined total of over 15k miles at least and many 6+ hour trips and have yet to ever find an h2 that does not creek, squeek, and does not feel as if they didnt make the interior from melted down plastic barbie jeep power wheels. AN H2... SERIOUSLY????
Ben Trainer
Ben Trainer Prije 9 mjeseci
His garage is like in GTA when you steal and remove tracker on a ton of cars you don't need and are very sub par
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson Prije 9 mjeseci
Hoovie was patient 0 for carona virus 🦠😂😂
Sneakerfreaker88 Prije 9 mjeseci
Orange was wayyyy better
Kieron Jones Another Eden Band
Kieron Jones Another Eden Band Prije 9 mjeseci
Dude, sell a car & use the money to do some landscaping around the house, plant some trees & flowers man, the house looks shit boring
Jacob Denham
Jacob Denham Prije 9 mjeseci
Coronavirus hoovies
Life follows
Life follows Prije 9 mjeseci
Hoovie did covid19
Life follows
Life follows Prije 9 mjeseci
That Porsche looks so damn good in that color
Dj C
Dj C Prije 9 mjeseci
thefuckboss akj0ny
thefuckboss akj0ny Prije 9 mjeseci
Not bad, only set on fire this gmc and the hummer
Jame's Stuff
Jame's Stuff Prije 9 mjeseci
Gulf Blue Turbo is my favorite.
blue35tuesday Prije 9 mjeseci
you're not supposed to be on the track without those lines welded or pinned anyway..someone didn't do their job
Grant Gallagher
Grant Gallagher Prije 9 mjeseci
Rolls Royce has the most timeless car exteriors of all time
J's on my feet
J's on my feet Prije 9 mjeseci
His family probably had the novel cororavirus
sailing95 Prije 9 mjeseci
I trust that Porsche shot the guy that designed the fried egg headlights.
Hunter G
Hunter G Prije 9 mjeseci
What happened to the Excursion?
keith hemnes
keith hemnes Prije 9 mjeseci
Definitely not corona
Ignacio Roldan
Ignacio Roldan Prije 9 mjeseci
moths later we can confirm, it was the fucking corona
Julian Reubens
Julian Reubens Prije 9 mjeseci
You must get most of your cars from dealerships wholesale, as I try looking elsewhere for deals like this unless you buy from the dealership auctions. Of course lots of cars are being auctioned off for lots of reasons mainly mechanical problems and that's why you're keeping the Wizard in business..! I enjoy your clips keep them coming and if you can try buying an early 2003 Jaguar xjr with the same brake horsepower as a Ferrari 355 !
JeremysRants Prije 9 mjeseci
Isn't it interesting he got sick in January.
Jeremy Sellers
Jeremy Sellers Prije 9 mjeseci
I'm still waiting for the "Hooptie" rides? Is it a "hooptie garage" because amongst the Bentley's, Lambo's, and Ferrari's he has super a super clean Delorean, Typhoon and Miata? Those three cars would be the centre pieces of most garages!!
Super Speed
Super Speed Prije 9 mjeseci
so how can you possibly afford insurance on such a large fleet of cars?
Nathaniel Simon
Nathaniel Simon Prije 9 mjeseci
Hmmm....sick with a contagious pathogen that also got his daughter sick and gave him that dry cough in December 2019... Hoovie I think you had coronavirus before it became mainstream
Mike Mercado
Mike Mercado Prije 9 mjeseci
Do you pay insurance for all the cars? Even if you don’t use it much?
Kyle Vakil
Kyle Vakil Prije 9 mjeseci
IF u coughed now ohhhh my god u have corona virus plead no one think iam making fun every one please stay safe and don’t leave your house
Joe Ott Soulbikes
Joe Ott Soulbikes Prije 9 mjeseci
Ummmm...dude! How many cars do you have? This is my first time on your show. O found you from your car trip with VinWiki and Tavarish. It's pretty cool. Your channel is taking me a while to get the deal with it. I think Car Wizard actually has a giant garage just to take care of your cars. Hahahah!
Luckless Prije 9 mjeseci
Why even bother with a garage tour if it changes every 2weeks
Clarke Smith
Clarke Smith Prije 9 mjeseci
Where do you get all your cash from?
Ken Beckler
Ken Beckler Prije 9 mjeseci
interested in an 86 944 350hp 955 turbo, cheap cheap cheap and fast
GameCorner Prije 9 mjeseci
Hoovie, maybe you had covid-19?
Reek Z
Reek Z Prije 9 mjeseci
Like how he has an Asian carpet on the garage floor
Thicc Seagull
Thicc Seagull Prije 9 mjeseci
Jesus, it sounded like you were dying
Philip Wise
Philip Wise Prije 9 mjeseci
You should get a Lagonda
Emil Ostberg
Emil Ostberg Prije 9 mjeseci
Maybe one of the first Covid-19 cases?
Jim Garrison
Jim Garrison Prije 9 mjeseci
The Raptor and Gladiator are the only two vehicles in that collection that aren't pointless, waste of space headaches.
Darren D
Darren D Prije 10 mjeseci
Omg add a e46 M3 to your collection!
Aɯʂυɱ Aυƈƚισɳȥ LLC
Aɯʂυɱ Aυƈƚισɳȥ LLC Prije 10 mjeseci
Nice pretty powder blue color.
Disciple The Poet
Disciple The Poet Prije 10 mjeseci
Hoovies Hoopties should be the channel name
trummdum Prije 10 mjeseci
@3:57 is that a bmw z3 m coupe? :o
WackoJuMey Prije 10 mjeseci
What is bigger? The garage or the house?
marn200 Prije 11 mjeseci
how does he pay for all those cars?
Hamzeh Maher Shafiq Al-Hawamleh
Hamzeh Maher Shafiq Al-Hawamleh Prije 11 mjeseci
Bro, this is every gearhead dream collection.
D’Angelo Chapo
D’Angelo Chapo Prije 11 mjeseci
Do you be trolling Doug with the way you be talking ?😂
Ashley Whiteman
Ashley Whiteman Prije 11 mjeseci
bus seats in a ferrari lol
Josh Peterson
Josh Peterson Prije 11 mjeseci
I'm on my way to having a hooptie collection like this haha! I only have three right now, but I know that won't last.
Ryan Mundt
Ryan Mundt Prije 11 mjeseci
There’s an 80% chance that if you open up the photos on Hoovie’s iPhone there would be an album named “horse vaginas”. Seems like the type of thing he’d be into.
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