The Lamborghini Find Of A Lifetime (I Bought The Cheapest Countach & Diablo AT THE SAME TIME)

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Prije 27 dana

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Uber John
Uber John Prije 4 sati
I love your channel 🥰
abwjr426 Prije 17 sati
Congratulations, Tyler!!
juncho1977 Prije dan
Wait! What did you pay for 'em?
Fabmsro HFM
Fabmsro HFM Prije 3 dana
The meme image of the blonde woman thinking is from famous brazilian actress called Renata Sorrah. LOL. Cheers from Brazil. 🇧🇷🤘🏻👍🏻
Rusty H
Rusty H Prije 4 dana
You know you are getting screwed on healthcare costs when your doctors have a fleet of Lamborghini's!
WORRO01 Prije 4 dana
Truly, Congratulations my Friend. The 89 Countach has been my dream car since it was built. Today, she is by far still the best looking Lady at ANY dance. Amazing, Thumbs up!~John
ballpark45 Prije 4 dana
f40 over there??
Matthew Comfort
Matthew Comfort Prije 5 dana
I'd be more interested to see what that guy has in all those gun safes. Guessing some extremely expensive custom Italian shotguns
stev Prije 5 dana
I dream about your live 🇬🇧
D Brown
D Brown Prije 7 dana
The former Lamborghini owner seems like a dungeons and dragons dork who found a suitcase of unmarked bills and built his own nerd castle and bought all his childhood dream cars.
Anthony Lawson
Anthony Lawson Prije 8 dana
Never seen you so excited. It was like Christmas morning and you were 5! lol Amazing cars!
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
I want to be friends with the guy you got these cars from. Warhammer 40k baby
ArgentPure Prije 8 dana
Good for you Man!
Kevin Archer
Kevin Archer Prije 9 dana
congratulations!!!! This is so awesome.
oztiks1 Prije 9 dana
I know you don't know, but the guy who opened and greeted you at the door is Chris Watts brother...... o0
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
who the fuck is chris watts?
My New Life
My New Life Prije 9 dana
*How much did the 3 cars cost?*
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
about tree fity
user name
user name Prije 10 dana
Curious what this guy does for a living.
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 6 dana
@user name lol
user name
user name Prije 8 dana
@Guns r the answer They'd send Guido out to kneecap me.
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
@user name Should have made a youtube video about it. you would have millions of Honda civic better than Ferrari. They would pay you to take down the video.
user name
user name Prije 8 dana
@Guns r the answer Me too. But, it's sure a shame that a Honda Civic is a much better car then any 1/4 million dollar exotic. For that money you should get extreme quality and reliability. My Ferrari F108 was a piece of garbage that cornered fairly well. It was no fun to drive, and I sold it after a couple of months. Nevertheless, If I had FU money, I'd have them as expensive toys, too.
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
he is a franchisee of a restaurant chain. He's already a millionaire, and from a wealthy family. And can afford these cars without HRpost money . and yes, I am jealous.
Henrik RT
Henrik RT Prije 10 dana
Love your vids.
tim davis me
tim davis me Prije 10 dana
What did you pay for them???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
his soul to the devil
Peter Prije 10 dana
Hoovie sorry to ask but how much did you pay fir the two cars?
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
his soul to the devil
ita40200 Prije 10 dana
So what was the price?
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
his soul to satan
Free speech Free thought
Free speech Free thought Prije 11 dana
Best Hoovie video ever.
DJ Tulio Dourado
DJ Tulio Dourado Prije 11 dana
Brazilian meme into Hoovies Channel. How crazy is that? Can't believe it got this far
Tony Rial
Tony Rial Prije 11 dana
Keep them both, they'll be worth a fortune in the future.
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
there is no future, are you paying attention to whats happening in the world?
John MD
John MD Prije 11 dana
How much did you buy them for!?
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
his soul to satan
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Prije 11 dana
Wow that’s amazing 🤩 imagine having the dream poster car and then years later owning it
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker Prije 11 dana
Wait, go back and look at the lizard some more.
dntcd Prije 12 dana
I remember Jeremey clarkson said old lambo climate controls was like a person coughing on u
dntcd Prije 12 dana
👀4 safes infront of the countach my God I don't think he needed to sell them
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
The guy has a balcony in his ping pong table room, and those are gun safes. Yeah, i'm sure money is no problem for that guy.
Hamish Fullerton
Hamish Fullerton Prije 12 dana
Yum ,lucky beep beep,joking 😉😅hold on to those
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Prije 12 dana
I still remember when someone stole your Mercedes. Glad to see you've grown! Your grandmother is proud!!
taketimeout2 Prije 12 dana
He's English. He's legit. Very probably ex forces, not Marines. The other boat club.
Johnathan Watsonson
Johnathan Watsonson Prije 12 dana
You know Hoovie I like your videos most of the time ,but the last few have just been you showing off . Please get back to why we come here to see you buy cars that most cannot afford and then find out what all is wrong with them and have the car wizard fix it. that is what we want. not this ..
Tyler Evans
Tyler Evans Prije 12 dana
The nostalgic manicure inexplicably retire because iran unquestionably discover along a hurried nickel. secret, awesome locust
Mack Hilleard
Mack Hilleard Prije 12 dana
Exit Wounds: I want this! Shake yo ass Mrs Johnson.
Ketil Bjørnebekk
Ketil Bjørnebekk Prije 13 dana
Santa came late to Wichita this year. But, he made one boy very very happy! Seeing this boy so excited and happy makes us smile big (and a bit jealous). Merry Christmas, Hoovie!
Kent Keller
Kent Keller Prije 13 dana
How much did he pay for these two?
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
His SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kent Keller
Kent Keller Prije 13 dana
I like a guy that has 4 gun safes. 6:00.
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
and he probably had a gun on him during the video.
Jesse LaPorte
Jesse LaPorte Prije 13 dana
One week since subscripting to your channel and only commenting to say, congratulations. Dreams coming true for anyone is pretty cool. 👍🏼
Chris Goepper
Chris Goepper Prije 13 dana
Glad to see the wizard becoming more of a main character.
75th Prije 13 dana
This is just so fucking amazing!!!😍👏🏾👏🏾🤤
Chandler R
Chandler R Prije 13 dana
I live in Wichita and am frequently on the east side of town...maybe JUST MAYBE you let me take it for a spin? 😁
Urmas568 Prije 13 dana
6spdkeg Prije 13 dana
The Countach will forever look like a remote control car to me bc I had replica RC car of one when I was little. It was fast and unreliable but cool AF.
cartofgiant Prije 13 dana
midnightcrayon Prije 13 dana
You got to get an aventador now, complete the set
Nord Mann
Nord Mann Prije 13 dana
Actually there are 2 cars sharing the same rear tyres in 345/35-15 size, the Countach and the DP3.
David Schmidt
David Schmidt Prije 13 dana
...nah..why bother?...if he actually cared what people thought, he'd have a different kind of channel. ... but I guess kids who have a ton of money given to them have to do SOMETHING to make their lives interesting, so they buy cars that others can't afford, and show them off...
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
yep, trust fund kid acting like he can barely afford a car when he has like 20.
politisi gagal
politisi gagal Prije 14 dana
Ohh man.. congratulations..
Wisam Alhamad
Wisam Alhamad Prije 14 dana
"Yeah, but it's cool to see it again" hahaha
Just Fun and Games
Just Fun and Games Prije 14 dana
Great castle find!
WYNNUM MANLY Prije 14 dana
Wizard is super mello, just a cool dude
Nick Gauthier
Nick Gauthier Prije 14 dana
In case anyone wonders what the definition of “making it” is.... this. this is the definition of making it
rome 81
rome 81 Prije 14 dana
Only the 2 dream cars from my childhood... no big deal
Nord Mann
Nord Mann Prije 14 dana
Don’t dare to sell either one of them! You should never sold the Gallardo either! Hold on to them as TSLA💰
F Burwell
F Burwell Prije 14 dana
Two lambos for less than my little fishing boat
Alejandro Guerrero
Alejandro Guerrero Prije 14 dana
First vid i saw of Hoovies was when someone took his Merc SUV and find it the woods... Now he has a White Countach and a Diablo, both cars were (are) the dream of anyone to drive!
Rony Talhouk
Rony Talhouk Prije 14 dana
How much did they cost him?
RichHomie Prije 15 dana
Explain to your wife it is like the sale at Macys
Nothing Productive
Nothing Productive Prije 15 dana
Are those wrinkles in the rug bothering anyone else?
Danny V
Danny V Prije 15 dana
I like that Hoovies beat Ed to those cars! 🤣
Michael Michaud
Michael Michaud Prije 15 dana
Great cars
Danilo Drakulic
Danilo Drakulic Prije 15 dana
How much did yoy pay for the beauties
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
his soul to satan
Tru Reinhart
Tru Reinhart Prije 15 dana
You should make a video of you taking your dad for a burn in the poster car
SavageBillahx2 Prije 15 dana
Congrats on the new cars my dude!
Vedad Hodzic
Vedad Hodzic Prije 15 dana
Sooo are you gonna tell us how much you paid for these?
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
It was his SOUL!!!!!!!!!
Matthew S
Matthew S Prije 15 dana
Can I rent your life? Just for a month?
LetTheWookieWin Prije 15 dana
Does The Wizard get a finder's fee????
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson Prije 15 dana
Find of a lifetime!!
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Prije 15 dana
What does he do for a living. I need a garage like that.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Prije 15 dana
House out in the woods likely with tons of land. Multiple Lambos and 4 or 5 massive gun safes. This guy is living the dream.
Interior Design
Interior Design Prije 15 dana
Wow dreams come true Ben watching your Chanel for a few years in so happy ro see you happy
Kelvin Bullock
Kelvin Bullock Prije 15 dana
This guy is such a douche bag. He is so,, " Look at me" , its sickening.
M T Prije 15 dana
Not gonna lie.. the owner of that house is likely rich from off shore money, drug dealing or arms dealing. thats not a normal set up with all the gun safes, random things around. ping pong in the front room.
jerusdc Prije 16 dana
Ooooh Bandit Trans Am too.
CRAPO2011 Prije 16 dana
Diablo, Hoovie hit the big leagues. Sorry but the Diablo blows the huracan and aventador out of the water its just nuts.
Ryan Ostmann
Ryan Ostmann Prije 16 dana
hoovie you have peaked.
John Prije 16 dana
What do you do for a living besides youtube to afford your life style?
Marc Augustine
Marc Augustine Prije 16 dana
how much dd they cost?
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique Prije 16 dana
Antwan Prije 16 dana
When Hoovie sounds like MattPat you know it’s gonna be good!!
HightLink Prije 16 dana
Love this cars and it makes sense from a business perspective in the long run but realistically... I would buy a modern sports car for $40k and it would be just ask quick and more fun to drive.
Eric Purvis
Eric Purvis Prije 16 dana
The way he treats the car, he doesn't deserve them.
Chris Shimer
Chris Shimer Prije 16 dana
newer viewer here, but i’m so happy for you man. i can tell just how much joy these cars bring you. congrats!
Wes Graham
Wes Graham Prije 16 dana
Great video man! hope I get to drive one of these bad boys one day!
Oscar Cabrera
Oscar Cabrera Prije 16 dana
Amazing! Congratulations!!
Aero Scout
Aero Scout Prije 16 dana
Dang, you're on to my scheme of offering my Countach. Part of the deal would have been you had to drive one of yours down for the viewing. Wink, wink..... You are silly kool brother. Then there's the Miami Vice sound track. To funny.....
Trev Kowski
Trev Kowski Prije 16 dana
Hearing Hoovie's joy gave me my daily dose of seratonin.
Kai Hartmann
Kai Hartmann Prije 16 dana
Incredible! Congrats man!
SCUBA Steve Prije 16 dana
is he buying those cars from jeff lowe ?? lmao
Octane Swagg
Octane Swagg Prije 16 dana
10:04 that song smacks what song is that from ???
Super Trix
Super Trix Prije 16 dana
you stole my countach and picture of one lol, i had the same exact picture with the alpine stereo photo, the car i always wanted to have, but alas, i have no picture any more and never the car. you my friend are lucky guy, in the days when those just came out, it was a whole other car world, and having it then would made anyone in one a instant god on any road in the world ! even had that as my desktop back ground photo on my widows 95 pc for few years the countach.
mike lyons
mike lyons Prije 16 dana
How the hell do you make this happen. I know your part owner on a franchise that's where the JEEP JT came from. There has got to be more to the story to explain some of the rare models of cars you own.
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
He's probably already a millionaire from the franchise, comes from a wealthy family, now likely makes 6 figures a month off youtube....and the acts like he can barely afford a car....whatever I don't believe that BS. My grandma didn't give me a Mercedes-Benz. Not even the rich one.
Anonymous Prije 16 dana
That really-good-car-find excitement is so relatable.
MrTilbin Prije 16 dana
The best part of your channel, in my opinion, is recognizing there's no such thing as instant gratification. You can buy these cars, save, and repair them to enjoy.
L Neville
L Neville Prije 16 dana
Am I the only one who really wanted to see that Trans Am under the car cover? Possible Bandit Edition? But kinda looks like a 1973-1976 with a ram air hood.
Asish Madeti
Asish Madeti Prije 16 dana
How much did he buy them for?
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 8 dana
His soul to the devil
Louisiana Helicam
Louisiana Helicam Prije 16 dana
The actual Alpine poster Countach is owned by John Houghtaling in New Orleans, LA. He didn’t find out that it was the actual Alpine car until after purchasing it.
Harald Prije 16 dana
“Cocaine-white”🤣🤣 that’s my boy
Amos Cardoza
Amos Cardoza Prije 7 dana
Faster Than A Supercar
Faster Than A Supercar Prije 16 dana
Save it till I make enough off HRpost to buy the Diablo off you.
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