I Bought the Greatest SUV Ever Made: Ford Excursion 7.3 Powerstroke 4x4

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Jugganuat Prije 5 dana
No apartment get an excursion
Long live India
Long live India Prije 6 dana
Excursion is an awesome suv
Carl Enger
Carl Enger Prije 7 dana
Test drove one and it was surprisingly easy to drive and maneuver. It looks absolutely ridiculous in person and to drive it was like driving a house. You don't need a mobile home, you have a Ford Excursion.
savagejesusj Prije 8 dana
What year is it?
Peter Valdez
Peter Valdez Prije 9 dana
I am considering purchasing a 2004V 10 excursion with 143,000 and would love to hear some feedback from you guys
Ed Jackson
Ed Jackson Prije 11 dana
It must be disturbing when your master is always talking to himself, and apparently looking for something that he never finds
Commentator541 Prije 13 dana
4:50 Ahahha Frank saying “ come again”?
ELMO WILSON Prije 14 dana
Before stop serial production, the Ford Excursion needed to be improved in mechanical aspect
superstar64 Prije 14 dana
I’ve never seen one in my area go for 40-60k, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
NewPhillyGirl Prije 17 dana
Who else is here more interested in seeing the garage 😀
Eric Kimmy
Eric Kimmy Prije 21 dan
My high school sweet heart , first gf, and first baby momma dad had one of these. It had the perfect 3rd row seat to “play with her” until I got home lol he really didn’t think that one through. Ah good memories
Rogue Powersports
Rogue Powersports Prije 25 dana
Thats funny he's acting the same way as then I drive my f250. Lol I'm the big boy on the road. I've always wanted an excursion but the prices around me are crazy for high mileage trucks. Last one I looked at was 9k for a 04 with 325k miles. In theory that ain't shit for the 7.3 its the mileage on the actual truck itself that had me say to the guy if he dropped the price by 4k I would buy it with 100 dollar bills right there. Needless to say I didn't get it and he still has it because no one will buy it for what he thinks its worth
bornrebel701 Prije 26 dana
No such thing as an H 1 lol
Tyler's Video Production
Tyler's Video Production Prije 27 dana
I’ve been hunting for exactly what you bought for the past 2 years. I have 3 7.3 pickups but really looking for an excursion
Geese Hoffa
Geese Hoffa Prije 28 dana
Intro is hilarious
Marco Elkes
Marco Elkes Prije mjesec
Sold it for 20k
Shawn Weekly
Shawn Weekly Prije mjesec
I miss my Excursion. :( My kids used to call it the Big Blue House.
Christopher S
Christopher S Prije mjesec
Colin Freeman
Colin Freeman Prije mjesec
My dad has a 2005 Ford Excursion with the triton V10 and with 181,000 miles it still runs great and has a great exhaust tone, we have had it for 7 years and no issues, we got new spark plugs at 150k miles but there has never been a check engine light on it.
Stephen Mattison
Stephen Mattison Prije mjesec
My 2003 Excursion just turned 300,000 miles on original V10! Almost no repairs needed in 17 years! LOVE it!
stevest1300 Prije mjesec
8:05 Frank could here Tyler cuz he's calling from a different time zone.
stevest1300 Prije mjesec
Got one...2000 XLT 4x4 V10 132,000 miles, bought new in August 2001. I've used it as the 4x4 that it is, churning through mud, pulled out at the end of it's winch cable and exploring backroads throughout British Columbia. That's where they belong. You're wasting them as ego puffing grocery getters or kiddy taxis. I'll keep it till I kack. The kids can sell it for $60,000 in 2050.
T-Roy C
T-Roy C Prije mjesec
I still want one with the 7.3 diesel
Nutella Promo
Nutella Promo Prije mjesec
Here's my last video before filming the new update: hrpost.info/history/eNWmiLKvka-BZn4/video In the meantime, this graphic IS from the new update (Beta 5) and looks better to me!
John Smith
John Smith Prije mjesec
4:40 LMAOO
P4ndora Prije 2 mjeseci
Can't export this thang to Europe cos' they don't have roads big enough to drive this car.
Cloudy Sky
Cloudy Sky Prije 2 mjeseci
My uncle let me borrow his Ford Bronco for a road trip and I felt that same feeling of everyone else being as small as ants. It was like I could run everything over without feeling it because it had crazy cushioned super comfy seats. It also had too much of a loose input with the steering wheel and it wasn’t aligned properly.
Kyle Hedges
Kyle Hedges Prije 2 mjeseci
How much did you get this for? With how many miles when you bought it. Just curious 🤔
branden8045 theultramangofighter
branden8045 theultramangofighter Prije 2 mjeseci
Me when I'm in any other car: WHY ARE WE GOING SO FAST Me when I'm in a Ford excursion: I slep😃
Leonel Ramirez
Leonel Ramirez Prije 2 mjeseci
Although this video is 9 months old l. You're still late to the game. BTW good luck finding one under 100k miles. Not cheap🤣 unless you get an excursion over 200k miles for $15000
Ian's Trains
Ian's Trains Prije 2 mjeseci
Ford should bring back the excursion but as a luxury suv
J. Serrano
J. Serrano Prije 2 mjeseci
Dude, your vids are great but I stopped watching cause of the annoying song,
Mic Rib
Mic Rib Prije 2 mjeseci
I know ive said this before, but you have totally redeemed yourself driving the best shag-in-wagin
The Mace
The Mace Prije 2 mjeseci
More Frank in your videos, please.
pro player
pro player Prije 2 mjeseci
The intro was fantastic 🔥👏
Steven Coffone
Steven Coffone Prije 2 mjeseci
Here’s Everything wrong...
Dr. Prije 2 mjeseci
7:35 i see a GMC DeLorean and a GMC Typhoon????
Dr. Prije 2 mjeseci
I Love FRank
Y LEE Prije 2 mjeseci
Scotty Kilmer said that these American SUVs are endless money pits
Le San
Le San Prije 3 mjeseci
Poor dog lock in the car
Big Eddy
Big Eddy Prije 3 mjeseci
You gotta get yourself a MB Unimog.
Chris_the_Numismatic Prije 3 mjeseci
I remember having one as a kid. Great SUV.
shawn's vlogs
shawn's vlogs Prije 3 mjeseci
I take a ford or gmc honda toyota anyday
David Murray
David Murray Prije 3 mjeseci
He sold this for $20k on Cars and Bids. Not that dumb!
Kosan Rio
Kosan Rio Prije 3 mjeseci
Frank is adorable
Shannon Price
Shannon Price Prije 3 mjeseci
"Check engine soon"...or never.
Shannon Price
Shannon Price Prije 3 mjeseci
That vehicle has everything but brakes. I was in an accident in one of these. Driver had his foot to the floor, from hundreds of feet back. We smashed into a parked semi (due to fog.) We did survive but the hunting cargo in the back almost snapped my neck. Radiator busted. Vehicle finally caught on fire while parked and was scrapped. Good luck!
Ramon Schliszka
Ramon Schliszka Prije 3 mjeseci
40 GLN of diesel for 100 bucks... cheap AF!
Hi Goodbye
Hi Goodbye Prije 3 mjeseci
My dad has a buddy with one of these, he got the v10 because he always wanted a viper but couldn’t get one bc of his wife 😂
Mark Conde
Mark Conde Prije 3 mjeseci
Funny how he said feels like an OTR trucker. When I get into mine after driving a semi the ex feels small
Jerome Burrasca
Jerome Burrasca Prije 3 mjeseci
Cool rig. Lifted Suburbans and Excursions are SMOKIN hot right now especially the 2011 to 2013 4x4 Suburban Flex Fuel being that E85 is only $2.30 per gallon in Southern California. :)
your moms spaghetti
your moms spaghetti Prije 3 mjeseci
Saw the bmw from the new vehicle
your moms spaghetti
your moms spaghetti Prije 3 mjeseci
Michał Miszaxxx
Michał Miszaxxx Prije 3 mjeseci
Co za bałwan!!!poland
Pufferfish ÆÜGH
Pufferfish ÆÜGH Prije 3 mjeseci
Me watching this in a Ford excursion👁👄👁
Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice
Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice Prije 3 mjeseci
A F350 with this motor just showed up on my local CL for 9k. 171k miles... makes me think it would make a good beater truck.
shut yo ass up
shut yo ass up Prije 3 mjeseci
The exhaust sounds perfect 😀
Colin Moreillon
Colin Moreillon Prije 3 mjeseci
My neighbors used to have 2 of these
Rich Prije 3 mjeseci
hoovie's whole "teeny tiny thing" bit is entirely how I feel in my truck. *i can see all the small peasants from up here on my throne*
Brandyn Burton
Brandyn Burton Prije 3 mjeseci
I love my 2003 Excursion limited.
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius Prije 3 mjeseci
You should attach your dog in the back. My dog was in the back of my RAV4 and I got rear ended and my dog end up between me and my wife on the front seat.
CrypticBlade Prije 3 mjeseci
My mom had one exactly like that while I was growing up. I love hearing that 7.3 it reminds me of hauling hay bales and going to auctions.
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts Prije 4 mjeseci
Too many morons don't understand that ford had *TWO* 7.3L diesels, *neither* of which were made for "decades". They were *completely different* engines, with nothing what so ever in common except they use the same fuel. The first one is dead solid reliable, it also never had any power in stock form. The Powerstroke 7.3, which is *MUCH* more complicated is not nearly as good. It has many, many more moving parts and lots of computer/emissions BS. It's good in comparison to the 6.0L disaster, but if that never happened, the later model 7.3L Powerstroke wouldn't have much of a reputation. It's not that special, people just love to think that because people yell "SEVEN THREE!!!!" even though they don't even know there were two...
PK C Prije 4 mjeseci
When you have a small peepee go Excursion
Christopher Dawson
Christopher Dawson Prije 4 mjeseci
Rust on Wheels
Rust on Wheels Prije 4 mjeseci
In my country everything above 7700 lb (3500 kg) is considered an actual truck / commercial vehicle which would need a different drivers license (truck driver or bus driver). If it’s lighter than that the total weight with people and stuff may not exceed 7700 lb. So driving this would make you illegal fast (if this wasn’t registered as a truck). :D
Point G. Escxbar
Point G. Escxbar Prije 4 mjeseci
From the front to the back in the inside looks like a long corridor lmao
Kevin Johannes
Kevin Johannes Prije 4 mjeseci
Holy Jesus, as an Indonesian the biggest cubication for an SUV here is 4.6 Liter Diesel V8 engine which used by Toyota Land Cruiser VXR, and it makes my 2.4 Liter Diesel Innova feels like a small ants And this thing? 7.3 Liter? Daym bro, even the bigest engine for Ford in Indonesia is only 2.5 Liter (Ford Everest)
Collin Spencer
Collin Spencer Prije 4 mjeseci
Wish I could see the moment a guy pitched this excursion model with the diesel 🤣 and the looks on the faces of the executives
The Shield
The Shield Prije 4 mjeseci
Ford should bring back the excursion since Ford discontinued the sedans
Aaron Dsouza
Aaron Dsouza Prije 4 mjeseci
If you live in Europe like i do ( I live in the UK) then the weight of this vehicle is 3.4 tons
MidLifeChrisis Prije 4 mjeseci
We have an F250 super duty with the 7.3 and almost 300k miles now. Phenomenal engines, but I swear the steering wheel isn’t even connected to the front wheels
martin sinclair
martin sinclair Prije 4 mjeseci
What about the 6.8L V-10? Thanks looking at this and Expedition now
Master Productions
Master Productions Prije 4 mjeseci
Dude this thing is amazing though it’s perfect in every way and American as hell
Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy Prije 4 mjeseci
lol my stepmon had a black one with leather seats, she would pick me up in this in elementary school and all the kids would be jealous af :)
Roger Goetz
Roger Goetz Prije 4 mjeseci
Those are awesome!! Enjoy!!
YeeYee Diesel
YeeYee Diesel Prije 4 mjeseci
200k miles for a 7.3 is nothing provided it was maintained half decently.
ArduinoBen Prije 4 mjeseci
Rip Frank
pimpinfrog69 Prije 4 mjeseci
my grandpa has one of these
Luis Raul Fontanez Garcia
Luis Raul Fontanez Garcia Prije 4 mjeseci
What??...no leather seats??...oh no!!...
Nina Szmansky
Nina Szmansky Prije 4 mjeseci
lol dumb ass said meow
Stephen Epley
Stephen Epley Prije 4 mjeseci
Where I live in n.c. these still go for 20k even with those miles
HondaGamerXI Prije 4 mjeseci
I felt like it was a limo and then I remembered I saw an Excursion limo.
Cameron Mattingly
Cameron Mattingly Prije 5 mjeseci
If they brought it back it’d have a v6 eco boost.
Demetreus Asberry
Demetreus Asberry Prije 5 mjeseci
Is the 6.8l a bad version? Just curious lmao
Boss Tweed
Boss Tweed Prije 5 mjeseci
Seats 38 and it smells like a steak.... The Canyonero
अरुण विजयी
अरुण विजयी Prije 5 mjeseci
0:36 slav spotted
Pace Suter
Pace Suter Prije 5 mjeseci
Me: I finally power washed that oil stain on my driveway, I want to class up the place since it’s where I park my baby. This guy: I bought a Persian rug to park my SUV on to make my multi-car garage more warm and inviting.
Branson Becker
Branson Becker Prije 5 mjeseci
My family had an 05 Excursion with the 6.0 and only 70k miles. It was completely black, with limo tinted windows and a big black grille guard. It looked like a presidential vehicle. Then my mom wrecked it and bent the frame
JH5076 Prije 5 mjeseci
The 6.7 is way better than the 7.3.
Pebble the Testicle
Pebble the Testicle Prije 5 mjeseci
I really want a modern version of the excursion 😔😔. It would look so nice with the modern F-250 front end.
Dabbing Jeff
Dabbing Jeff Prije 5 mjeseci
0:40 I’m eying the delorian in the background
Goahead Prije 5 mjeseci
What an unfriendly polluting fuel sucking barge made for obese hillbilly family! 👍
Aidan Prije 5 mjeseci
They had a V10 version, 1/10 not biggest 😝
Hal Hudler
Hal Hudler Prije 5 mjeseci
It was named the "Fordasaurus" by the press for its size
Chris Mayes
Chris Mayes Prije 5 mjeseci
GM should have put the LB7 in a suburban.
Matt Walker
Matt Walker Prije 5 mjeseci
So much room for activities.
vendediesel Prije 5 mjeseci
It sounds like it has a tune.
Mikey Patchy
Mikey Patchy Prije 5 mjeseci
My family used to travel in one of these. Really great memories in that truck.
camilo Pichardo
camilo Pichardo Prije 5 mjeseci
What a beast!! Nice truck
Bruce Bannerman
Bruce Bannerman Prije 5 mjeseci
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