GM Was Brilliant to Bring Back Hummer, But Should Also Revive the GMC Typhoon

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mando 510
mando 510 Prije 7 dana
You said out of money under 500k
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson Prije 12 dana
Ford has a tt v6, so of they were to bring back the typhoon, I think gm should make a twin turbo v6 to put in it.
Commentator541 Prije 15 dana
Who is gonna buy these excessively expensive electric cars? I mean 50k for a base model car that you can’t drive anywhere to? Let’s face it, it’s an unrealistic lifestyle expectation that you are always to go on a trip to a luxury resort that will charge your car overnight. Never gonna happen. Electric cars are city cars, or home-work commuter vehicles but that is it. It will remain that way for 10 years to come until the batteries start charing quicker and charging stations become widely available.
Tam Kat
Tam Kat Prije 15 dana
Is the HUMMER sold yet??
James Mancuso
James Mancuso Prije mjesec
It makes me sick to call the h2 or h3 a hummer. They were crappy gm vehicles (suburban/h2, trailblazer/h3) with modified exterior and minor off road modifications.
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand Prije 2 mjeseci
What if instead of just the typhoon they also brought back the cyclone aswell.
Shane Harrison
Shane Harrison Prije 2 mjeseci
How ever I had a GMC Jimmie too and I love that little beasty and the vortec 4.3 v 6 and the brand became a total pos when the body style changed and the aluminum got replaced with plastic and not a fan of the chinezium crotchrockets their pushing now along with todays eurojunk
Shane Harrison
Shane Harrison Prije 2 mjeseci
Keep it I drove the first gen it was awesome made even better when they turned to to a diesel
B Jones
B Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
Can I buy that Typhoon??
Karl Johnson
Karl Johnson Prije 3 mjeseci
lol, had to laugh, "I am a big fan of hummers".
SYBERMATRIX 1 Prije 3 mjeseci
Found it GMC TYPHOON review...
Evan Townsend
Evan Townsend Prije 4 mjeseci
Sell me the Typhoon🤣
r7blue Prije 5 mjeseci
everything you said about it being lowered, crazy blue color reminds me of the e-tron... im an Audi tech we have some blue ones similar shade to that typhoon
Aaron Murphy
Aaron Murphy Prije 5 mjeseci
Hard choice....but it was the right one. Lol
Jakob Nordgarden
Jakob Nordgarden Prije 6 mjeseci
Send the Typhoon to EV West and have them drop a tesla drive train in it.... Price level..? The usual Hoovie ++$$$$.
Andrew Tracy
Andrew Tracy Prije 6 mjeseci
Db7 and typhoon are god mode
Joseph Buchanan
Joseph Buchanan Prije 6 mjeseci
Full electric hummer is gonna be horrible.
Stokesy's Diving4Treasures
Stokesy's Diving4Treasures Prije 6 mjeseci
I love hummers. One day ill get myself one since the H2 is my favorite.
Anthony C Simmons
Anthony C Simmons Prije 6 mjeseci
Great channel, so much fun to watch.
Morning Star
Morning Star Prije 7 mjeseci
U blow all that money on rarer cars but you don't do something like turn something into an EV. Personally I'd do it on a car no one would expect like a Taurus, or a funny level a 3 cylinder geo. Reved my old geo in front of a guy driving a mustang and he laughed. Just imagine the look on his face if i beat him.
Maurice A L Robson
Maurice A L Robson Prije 7 mjeseci
GM wants to know how you managed to get their tech on electrifying their Hummer
Mike Kind
Mike Kind Prije 7 mjeseci
I think it’s funny how people stopped buying car brands like Hummer and Pontiac, and then, when they disappeared, people all of the sudden want them again. That’s not how the world works. If people really enjoyed them that much, they would still be around. No company is going to get rid of a brand that generates a lot of money.
Shellshock Gaming and toys
Shellshock Gaming and toys Prije 7 mjeseci
the h2 and h3 are so ugly they have not aged well the ones that have aged well are still the h1's and military hummers. also your gmc typhon is gorgeus.
Andrew Kirk
Andrew Kirk Prije 7 mjeseci
I’m British so I’m biased. You can’t even find a manual Aston here.......the Porsche is lovely but easily replaceable. Additionally your Aston is hand robots!! I’d love one but not the running costs. I have the misery of driving past the dealer one my way to work every day too. Look them up as they do older astons too. Called Desmond.J.Smail of Olney Northamptonshire.
Marc Chirstopher
Marc Chirstopher Prije 8 mjeseci
Do you still have the Typhoon?
Eugene Cussen
Eugene Cussen Prije 8 mjeseci
where are our abs plastic and electric cars ??
Alan Norman
Alan Norman Prije 8 mjeseci
You need a jump battery so you won’t destroy electronics.
Ethan Tisdale
Ethan Tisdale Prije 8 mjeseci
The real question is, is the hummer sold yet? 🥵
Emil Kahler
Emil Kahler Prije 8 mjeseci
Why do i keep watching this guy? What not to do?
DoomLordDeekus Prije 9 mjeseci
I want that Typhoon lol
Dede Raditya
Dede Raditya Prije 9 mjeseci
You have a HUMMER? Lets scroll for the vid!! Im your new subscriber
Sandile Walter
Sandile Walter Prije 10 mjeseci
Why did you sell such a beauty. No Tyler No
Falcon Prije 10 mjeseci
Hey In Hoovie Fashion I just bought a 07 Hummer H3. I saw your video on the H3 and well I really like this one with the I5 motor not bad on gas and is the Luxury trim with leather and all. black on black. Hoovie what do you think of the I5 Colorado Engine and drivetrain?
John Plate
John Plate Prije 11 mjeseci
You and Doug should talk about EV. Because typhoon would be amazing! And I just want to hear you and Doug talk about it more.
chris cab
chris cab Prije 11 mjeseci
Hummer still for sale?
shadowdragon007 Prije 11 mjeseci
ummm model y?
P Tourne
P Tourne Prije 11 mjeseci
What!!!! No portable battery booster?
Chris Prije 11 mjeseci
Yes bring the syclone and typhoon back as EV'S!
Benjamin Middaugh
Benjamin Middaugh Prije 11 mjeseci
Tyler: talks about how much he loves the 911 and how much his DB7 is not perfect. Me: He's selling the 911, isn't he? Later: Yep.
The Ronn Family
The Ronn Family Prije 11 mjeseci
I loved how you just pulled away from that Nissan after you made a right turn! Love the show!
Marcus Cook
Marcus Cook Prije 11 mjeseci
Now bring back an absolutely absurd version of the Camaro as a Pontiac and sell in Chevrolet dealers.
Carstuff111 Prije 11 mjeseci
Also, keeping the Aston over the 911? Yeah, not going to lie... I would do the same thing. Keep the terrible car over the objectively better car.... but the Aston is just so pretty, and that old school interior, and the manual transmission with that silky smooth supercharged inline 6...... Yep, I love it even though I know it would be a terrible car normally.
Carstuff111 Prije 11 mjeseci
Electric trucks make more sense, when you realize that most people that own trucks, will NEVER tow a trailer with the truck, because it is just a cowboy Cadillac to them. Most trucks never see anything more than dirt roads, even ones jacked to the sky. Leave trucks that are actually used for towing gas or diesel fueled, and let the posers have their electric trucks. This being said, the vehicle manufacturers are going to HAVE to figure out how to get good range out of electric trucks sooner rather than later. People that use their trucks to make money can not afford to stop every 200 ish miles and wait an hour or so for a battery pack to charge.
Stephen Malley
Stephen Malley Prije 11 mjeseci
I'd love to buy that Ty!
P83 944NA
P83 944NA Prije 11 mjeseci
That ammaaazzzing. You never see those! Hate the color though.
Grazz Prije 11 mjeseci
I always love when you go in depth on just how stupid the decision is that you're making.... and then go ahead and do it anyway. It's like watching someone tell you why you shouldn't touch an electric fence and then proceed to turn around and piss on it. Never change!
1091Alcatraz Prije 11 mjeseci
Noooo Hoovie why did you sell it,shouldve sold the delorean turd instead.
william newman
william newman Prije 11 mjeseci
Did you sell the hummer yet? If not please reply to this and I can get you my email. Very interested in your hummer
David Cecil
David Cecil Prije 11 mjeseci
As soon as I saw the Porsche and the Aston Martin I said to myself..."Hoovie is an automotive masochist ALWAYS! I guarantee it's the 911!" You did not disappoint, yet you sorta did. But honestly, I wouldn't done the same. The interior and the color of the Aston Martin are too damn beautiful! 👍
Eric Brenner
Eric Brenner Prije 11 mjeseci
I love that color scheme on that Typhoon. Always wanted one but I'd hate having to consistently work on it.
If love to have your hummer or typhoons.. hummer probably first
Brakeman 80
Brakeman 80 Prije 11 mjeseci
What’s the mileage on the hummer
Nick Orlando
Nick Orlando Prije 11 mjeseci
If you wouldn’t pick that Aston, you don’t have a soul
146sst Prije 11 mjeseci
how tall is tyler?
Jake The Snake Productions
Jake The Snake Productions Prije 11 mjeseci
No point of bringing back any classic of anything, because it's just gonna be another stupid crossover blop. Knock of off, auto makers. Just stop it....
John. L
John. L Prije 11 mjeseci
Probably to late, but Hoovie have you gotten rid of that Typhoon yet? I have a 07 Pontiac G6 to trade ya, I'd even throw in a 98 accord with 100k miles
TruthyToo Prije 11 mjeseci
Should have dumped the Aston..."Drop the gun, take the cannolis"
Wil Ketchin
Wil Ketchin Prije 11 mjeseci
If you ever need someone to normalize the audio on your videos let me know. The consistency between videos is not as engaging as it could be.
Nathen Fredrick
Nathen Fredrick Prije 11 mjeseci
I see you have snuck an arcade machine back there, what are they?
sell the Miata... seriously...
potatochobit Prije 11 mjeseci
well, I don't like porsche but I would have bought that one off you now that it is all fixed if I had not just bought another car. :o
fanatic nomadic adventures
fanatic nomadic adventures Prije 11 mjeseci
Hoovie how do I get in contact with you about the hummer
fanatic nomadic adventures
fanatic nomadic adventures Prije 11 mjeseci
Is the hummer still available I'm interested
Sandra Carter
Sandra Carter Prije 11 mjeseci
That blue
80spodcastchannel ( : FACEBOOK DUDEJERKY ☆☆☆☆☆
80spodcastchannel ( : FACEBOOK DUDEJERKY ☆☆☆☆☆ Prije 11 mjeseci
porsche is easy to replace the aston is kinda unusual
simon Spencer
simon Spencer Prije 11 mjeseci
Thanks for keeping the British car Tyler, not enough of them on HRpost.
yambo59 Prije 11 mjeseci
Forgive me while I shake my head in continued disbelief, you buy the cheapest most broken expensive to fix vehicles and spend $$$$ fixing them, but thats not the worst of it. When you DO find a car thats reliable, collectible and so fun it makes you smile like this Typhoon does, YOU DONT SELL IT --- YOU KEEP IT-!!
Henry Wheeler
Henry Wheeler Prije 11 mjeseci
It sounds like he is describing the mach-e
Pancho's Speed Shop
Pancho's Speed Shop Prije 11 mjeseci
I sold my 996tt for an Aston too, i get it.
Matt561 Prije 11 mjeseci
How does this man not have a jump box
Matt561 Prije 11 mjeseci
I'm a big van of Hummers also........Oh the truck
SimonTek Prije 11 mjeseci
I have 2 jump boxes, why don't you have 1?
Mr. DyRT
Mr. DyRT Prije 11 mjeseci
An all electric hummer is quite insulting actually.
Daniel Noel
Daniel Noel Prije 11 mjeseci
Dumb choice. Sorry but it is .!!
RAY ROOT Prije 11 mjeseci
I don''t think LBJ will be working with them sadly
GeneralZapta213 Prije 11 mjeseci
Should make it a hybrid diesel
SpencerTB Prije 11 mjeseci
Should have sold the Miata instead
Jeff Yglesias
Jeff Yglesias Prije 11 mjeseci
the new hummer should just use the 2.8 duramax if its on the smaller side imo.
Michael 87
Michael 87 Prije 11 mjeseci
Good luck man!
theTECHYnewb282 Prije 11 mjeseci
Gonna miss the 911 for sure. I need a 996 now
Pocket Pliers
Pocket Pliers Prije 11 mjeseci
Hummer: I am the ultimate military inspired off-road machine. Town and Country powered Rubicon: Awesome. Let me jump you off first...
mike everett
mike everett Prije 11 mjeseci
Would you take 5500 for the Hummer H2
1ManManyCars Prije 11 mjeseci
Ok, hoovie STOP. You have to have a jump pack at this point. Youve had how many cars in how many years and your still jumping off of other cars. Common man, battery jump pack, cost you a couple hundred bucks.
deloreanfan81 Prije 11 mjeseci
Am I the only one that sees a face in the mirror?
djclown7pb Prije 11 mjeseci
I wish I had the money for the Porsche
jaws978 Prije 11 mjeseci
I'm getting a hummer right now and UOENO IT
Timothy Sookhai
Timothy Sookhai Prije 11 mjeseci
I sent you a Instagram dm
Casey Efting
Casey Efting Prije 11 mjeseci
Did you sell it?
formula73 Prije 11 mjeseci
Hoovie, H2 is NOT a HMMWV.
Maciek G
Maciek G Prije 11 mjeseci
Selling hummer was smart, selling porsche... not so much...
wraitheful Prije 11 mjeseci
Sell ‘em all! New season - new exciting lineup!
Kendall Smith
Kendall Smith Prije 11 mjeseci
"Tie FFFoooun"
milp Prije 11 mjeseci
in 2:05 there is an angry face on the drivers side mirror
Joey Proffitt
Joey Proffitt Prije 11 mjeseci
What's his email ?
Hummer X Club
Hummer X Club Prije 11 mjeseci
I wouldn’t mind giving the H2 a home!
CVPIPPV Family Prije 11 mjeseci
I’m so surprised that Jump N Carry hasn’t sent you a jump box for as many cars you have. You definitely need a jump box. Hey I have four cars and I have a jump box (not sponsored.)
Jonas Engelhardt
Jonas Engelhardt Prije 11 mjeseci
in 5 years the jags price is going to prove: that was a good decision
Melanie16040 Prije 11 mjeseci
That's an Aston Martin, not a jag... also you're assuming he keeps it for 5 years, he's got a LONG history of selling JUST before the price rise.
Wayne Wright
Wayne Wright Prije 11 mjeseci
Sitting in the cold preserves batteries from dying better than sitting in the hot
A Y Prije 11 mjeseci
I don't get you, after heaving so many views and sponsors, you still are not a profitable channel, as much that you dig your self in such a depth, as much as you need to sell cars to get new one instead ? compared to your parents, as a business man, you are not such a success. go learn your self more and stop waste money above your level. its one thing to be a good youtuber, and another one to be a good business man.
Jigsaw Prije 11 mjeseci
I think it’s brilliant for the typhoon
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