Everything That's Broken On My Wrecked Maybach 57: WAY WORSE THAN I THOUGHT

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Milos.r Prije 2 dana
Got my airbag and nav stolen from my BMW in Sweden, bought new spare parts from Latvia and unbelievably it was the same chassis numbers on them as on my car. Apparently his brother had been in Sweden a couple of weeks before.
JO H Prije 2 dana
you are sitting way to far from your steering wheel; in case of an accident the impact goes straight to your shoulder joint and it will pop out, not nice, even worse if its going to brake
VinylToVideo Prije 2 dana
Nuttz And Boltz Garage
Nuttz And Boltz Garage Prije 3 dana
Police must HATE the rear screen. Easiest way to get pulled over for suspicious behavior...
Darren Prest
Darren Prest Prije 4 dana
Watching Hoovie's videos is like watching a car accident, you just can't look away.
taketimeout2 Prije 5 dana
You don't want can I have?
Roc A
Roc A Prije 6 dana
The scripted reactions are a lil disappointing. Guess there is no such thing as reality TV anymore 🥺
Al Rivera
Al Rivera Prije 6 dana
Maybach is an old German word that means "hoopty."
Jack Martin
Jack Martin Prije 6 dana
Just realized, where you playing Bach throughout the video..
4wrestling Prije 6 dana
No facemasks. Thumbs down on the video
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Prije 7 dana
Hoovie: what's happened to this project??? You hop around like a rabbit and if you don't start completing any of your projects you are going to get nuked. Your life matters little but the stories are interesting, nothing more
Eez Best Bro
Eez Best Bro Prije 8 dana
that is an amazing car with about 1000 pounds of electronics in it. if the 2nd battery is low or bad it will cause all kinds of codes.
Kent Nilsson
Kent Nilsson Prije 10 dana
Hmm... buying parts from Latvia!! A lot of the parts is from stolen cars that they sell the parts from. We have big problem in Sweden with many organized thefts from that shit country.
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez Prije 10 dana
How much does he charge to put on a hubcap,. $3000???
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez Prije 10 dana
Dammm this dude is crazy expensive,. Wizard,,,,,you mean theif
testicular oxide
testicular oxide Prije 10 dana
I like turtles!🦞🐸👌
andy brant
andy brant Prije 10 dana
Its a Merc....out of warranty money pit
Hotte Dachief
Hotte Dachief Prije 10 dana
You should place the camera somewhere else when you're driving because the rear mirror takes a quarter of the screen 😉
scifiknut Prije 11 dana
Always more than meets the eye, these "gems". But fun to watch when fixed, nonetheless, if the cars are actually worth repairing.
ALFRED OBETEN Prije 11 dana
Huge fan bro watch a lot of your videos wish I could afford a car as a daily commuter when school is back
duklinbob Prije 11 dana
What is the title of that classical masterpiece at the beginning of the video?
andrew bintang
andrew bintang Prije 11 dana
how come this did not surprise me? lol exactly the reason why i watch this channel
Sergey Matytsyn
Sergey Matytsyn Prije 13 dana
Man, I love those cars. Wish it was possible to drive Maybach daily. But it's an old Mercedes with a ton of computers inside it. So, really depends on the condition. Gearbox and engine should be more or less bulletproof.
kon b
kon b Prije 13 dana
what a waste of my time watching it
Austin Benesh
Austin Benesh Prije 14 dana
Smart man...playing J.S. Bach's "Air on a G String" in the background. Clever.
Benjamin Matte
Benjamin Matte Prije 16 dana
Has anyone noticed he hasn’t showed his wife that car, damn smart man lmao
The car guy
The car guy Prije 16 dana
Damn, nice car.
Nick Stockton
Nick Stockton Prije 16 dana
Started to watch your channel so far I like the mix of older veichles
Nicole Love
Nicole Love Prije 17 dana
He can get that island if he goes in with friends and purchase it.
Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown Prije 17 dana
LOL latvia one of the known destinations for stolen cars from all over Europe.
Ben Brown
Ben Brown Prije 17 dana
Adaptive cruise and collision alert... really impressive technology for 2008 but available in a Kia now. No way I would take on that project for only $20K less than a clean title one.
robby milligan
robby milligan Prije 17 dana
Wish I had money like that to piss away
Morten Superlite
Morten Superlite Prije 17 dana
Parts from Latvia LOL. Almost all stolen premium cars in Scandinavia and rest of Europe ends up in Latvia
Renars Prije 18 dana
That moment, when I'm a latvian, and was extatic to hear Latvia being mentioned for 800k people 😅
Anthony Young
Anthony Young Prije 18 dana
Hoovie never gets tired of draining his bank account, or accounts. I love watching these videos, (the Bentley Turbo R stands out) as they are cautionary tales for those who dream of getting a "cheap" fixer upper exotic or luxury car. He ends up paying alarming sums of money to make them drivable. Has his wife divorced him yet?
Oliver Lowe
Oliver Lowe Prije 19 dana
10:36 ‘it’s the dirty bubble!’
Kris Carmelo
Kris Carmelo Prije 20 dana
"What does this tire say-FORESKIN?" BAHAHAHA!
Steven Hill
Steven Hill Prije 21 dan
Hooptie you constantly try to steer the Wizzard into making him look likie a sheister. Problem is the Wizzard is smarter than you are.
J Wilson
J Wilson Prije 21 dan
SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!Just burn it and walk away while you still have SOME dignity and self-respect left !!!!!
Normsweb.com Prije 21 dan
This may be a noob question, but if Hoovie has his own garage, why does he take his cars to Wizard's Garage?
grnsgottaM Prije 21 dan
Pretty sure that dual caliper setup was for redundancy. Lots of high rollers sitting in the back of these, when they were new.
Trending Videos Daily
Trending Videos Daily Prije 22 dana
That camera is crisp must be a Sony 5k
O E Prije 23 dana
20k for this ??? R u for real?
River Sharp
River Sharp Prije 23 dana
I do belive wizard out to get you a 1000 bucks to put a door on no matter the car he is crazy find a new wizard
Walter de Lorrell
Walter de Lorrell Prije 24 dana
Just curious. How much money could be saved by not doing burn-outs. Old cars can't take the punishment new one's can.
Robert Seed
Robert Seed Prije 24 dana
Here he goes again He buys a high mileage wrecked car and proceeds to tell us that has bought a Lemon ! What’s new! His whole philosophy is to buy crap cars and as long as it has enough damage to give him a thirty minute U Tube slot, he is a happy Bunny What a crock of shit.
MontanaManagment Prije 24 dana
Bests Regards
Bests Regards Prije 24 dana
Greetings from Latvia, keep up the good work
n30a Prije 24 dana
1k, if you help 2k
Lcorcoran Prije 24 dana
-Unknown User-
-Unknown User- Prije 24 dana
"what does it say? foreskin?" lmao
Sawmiller Smith
Sawmiller Smith Prije 24 dana
Value cover leak keeps the under body from rusting
Sawmiller Smith
Sawmiller Smith Prije 24 dana
If you can buy one for $40,000 with a clean title and you'll have $30,000 with a rebuilt title. When you want to sale it you will probably lose money.
MajorOutage Prije 25 dana
Wait wut? Did I just see Mass plates on that F150 you passed?
Quinten Arnaldy
Quinten Arnaldy Prije 25 dana
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Prije 25 dana
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Martin Høines
Martin Høines Prije 25 dana
You do understand that thouse parts came off stolen cars yes?
Sam Sonn
Sam Sonn Prije 25 dana
Of course Mercedes Airmatic
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller Prije 25 dana
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robert woodliff
robert woodliff Prije 26 dana
Why not get the angle grinder out & build the first Maybach pick up truck.
robert woodliff
robert woodliff Prije 26 dana
Why would you go the extra mile in a Maybach....go the extra kilometre 😜
Carpet Factory 99
Carpet Factory 99 Prije 26 dana
Victor Odin
Victor Odin Prije 26 dana
We had to listen to this boring ass for half of the clip before he got to the point.
Ральф Шнайдер
Ральф Шнайдер Prije 26 dana
Driving your daughter in a damaged, salvage car is definitive a DAD idea. Don´t tell mom!
Victor Dalecarlia
Victor Dalecarlia Prije 26 dana
HAHA hes literally buying stolen parts from latvian chop shop!
Eskohl Prije 26 dana
When these were for sale new we used to call them “Buybachs” lol. Such a absolute money pit & always in the shop for repair. Parts cost is insane as well. Alternator is $6k, Comand last time I checked is like $45k lol. This isn’t going to end well.
crash6674 Prije 26 dana
all the dealerships when you pull up the carfax: "its just a little scratch"
Jose Duran Jr
Jose Duran Jr Prije 26 dana
It is the dumbest you tube video
Moncton Headstart
Moncton Headstart Prije 27 dana
Replace the battery (batteries?) first. Low voltage can set a lot of codes.
Zheka K
Zheka K Prije 27 dana
If the new door comes with wiring, it's just put and play right?
Christopher Prije 27 dana
it’s gonna be $20k after everything is said and done (i think)
Official iGamer
Official iGamer Prije 27 dana
that was totally done by baby yoda
Aminu Yazid
Aminu Yazid Prije 27 dana
Congratulations for buying endless money pit machine.
davidkosa Prije 27 dana
Isn't it always way worse than you thought? But then, knowing that, you would think the worst. Even then it would still be worse than that thought.
TheJ602 Prije 27 dana
It’s always way worse than you thought
Senshi Bat
Senshi Bat Prije 27 dana
should be a list of wants not broken well ok ?did you rotate your summer air int hem tyres man?"get the hi test gas and blinker fluid?
AJ Androo
AJ Androo Prije 27 dana
Whoa. You had to fill in some EU customs export forms? That MUST be Boris Johnson's fault! /sarcasm
gav com
gav com Prije 27 dana
I mean the Mercedes parts from Latvia makes sense mostly due to the fact that you can see a Mercedes every twist and turn there
Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail Prije 27 dana
Surprised the wizard hasn't brought the island if that's the prices he quotes jeez.
# 1stunna
# 1stunna Prije 27 dana
It not your bach it's mybach thank u wizard for saying that joke because im about 3 second running over my phone with this video playing screaming out hoovie y the f#!% did u buy this
Michael Aurelius
Michael Aurelius Prije 27 dana
WEE-ZERD! LOL! I love how he calls him that in that high pitched voice of his! And I love how they're good friends...:) The Maybach 62S has always been my ultimate DREAM car from the moment I heard about it in 2004-2005. I would NEVER pay $200K+ for a NEW Mercedes-Maybach without the Maybach emblem in the front and on the steering wheel! Hopefully that's changed for 2020 and 2021! I REALLY miss these cars! They had an opulence and luxuriousness truly in a class of its own. Between the Maybach, RR and the Bentley's it was always Maybach for me. I really wish they would update this car with a slightly more modern and updated exterior that doesn't take away from the original 57/62 and with today's tech and innovations. The current S-Class, even in the Maybach variant just doesn't have the same vibe, sadly. NOTHING compared to what this car offered in terms of its opulence and luxury and that honestly couldn't be more true today, for me.
Rux Oneto
Rux Oneto Prije 27 dana
Hey hoovie you bought it at Copart , did you really think you were getting a deal from Copart ??? WRONG!!!
obsolete professor
obsolete professor Prije 27 dana
It'll buff out...
Harrison Sutton
Harrison Sutton Prije 27 dana
12:07 What a great tire name
911ep500 Prije 27 dana
Needs to go to Vehcor in Chicago for a HRpost collab! Hes an awesome body work guy!
Bobby Prije 27 dana
Nah shes good just put some body filler in it
Uncle Donny 110
Uncle Donny 110 Prije 28 dana
my dad buys mercedes parts from latvia too!!!!
jd just driveways ltd no.1
jd just driveways ltd no.1 Prije 28 dana
Rip off
the Prije 28 dana
I think that’s Jeff Epstein second island
bill reed
bill reed Prije 28 dana
$35k... with a salvaged title.... nah Ill pass. Parting it out was the only option... or HRpost views or course.
SortItOotMan Prije 28 dana
Get over it. It's the equivalent Rover 75 Vanden Plas, truth be told. Oh and that replacement door ordered from, Latvia. Sounds well, legit, not....
Alexander D.
Alexander D. Prije 28 dana
Should have been cheeper to bring it to Latvia and fix it there for 5K instead of ordering salvaged parts from there.
Systems Realty Team
Systems Realty Team Prije 28 dana
Ayyyy! I'm from Latvia!
Chasity Haynes
Chasity Haynes Prije 28 dana
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Chasity Haynes
Chasity Haynes Prije 28 dana
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Chasity Haynes Prije 28 dana
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Jesper Tc
Jesper Tc Prije 28 dana
Lol a guy in latvia has the parts... sure they pick up the parts in germany, directly from different driveways...
Henk Samsung
Henk Samsung Prije 28 dana
For the panel damage, there is no better than Arthur Tussik. Exceptional artisan skills; he repairs cars that hardly look like cars anymore and brings them back to 'new'. hrpost.info/history/ZsR8pKWoqZmOZ5g/video
Magaleh79 Prije 28 dana
You should start looking for a different mechanic. Darn that is expensive
Magaleh79 Prije 28 dana
Erase all codes and see what still active. Mercedeses are known to have alot of codes due to low voltage. Basically when the battery goes low it throws all thoses codes.
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