Driving My $1000 Corvette (Fixed With A $40 Part) Then Flipping For A MASSIVE PROFIT!

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Legends Workshop
Legends Workshop Prije 2 dana
The Crossfire game bit was pure genius!
David Guillory
David Guillory Prije 2 dana
Hoovie do I still have the Lincoln mark 8 I absolutely love those cars and always wanted one I have a tan one with tan interior with 43,000 Original miles on it if you would ever consider selling that one would you let me know if you still have thanks
Matthew Meaux
Matthew Meaux Prije 2 dana
So the Car Wizard replaced the alternator but didn't recharge the battery!?!
Stephen J Walton
Stephen J Walton Prije 2 dana
Crossfire is just tune port is where it's at...
Randy Searle
Randy Searle Prije 3 dana
this episode kept on delivering lol
Vicente Garcia
Vicente Garcia Prije 3 dana
Is always a pleasure to watch your videos Hoopster
bob james
bob james Prije 4 dana
Cringe compilation gold. Hoovie's so out of touch
Chaos Farm
Chaos Farm Prije 4 dana
1984 was a weird model, but C4s are cool cars.
Ian Margetts
Ian Margetts Prije 5 dana
That guy is English? Go on give some info hoov? Where’s he from I guess northern England?
thelukephone Prije 5 dana
Hahaha.. that's the worst feeling.. selling/giving away something, and suddenly it doesnt work..
Just Fun and Games
Just Fun and Games Prije 5 dana
Cream Puff!
kkisawesome Prije 6 dana
Hey Hoovie when you want to get rid of another refrigerator give me a call. Ok thanks! :)
Racerx Prije 7 dana
That game was awesome when I was little
Mel Rose
Mel Rose Prije 7 dana
Tyler what the heck is up with that crooked passenger seat?
artoodiitoo Prije 7 dana
8:02 ooh look a Pontiac Aztek!
Carol Cooks
Carol Cooks Prije 8 dana
English man ?
InsideOfMyOwnMind Prije 8 dana
Guy probably actually needed a fridge that day.
Bill Hartnett
Bill Hartnett Prije 8 dana
KFC has a buffet? I was not aware of this! lol
Mark's Cars
Mark's Cars Prije 9 dana
I recognise that accent ole boy 👍
Bip Bop
Bip Bop Prije 10 dana
If I didn't live in California. I can't bring any car home that isn't already registered in California or the neighbors will use code harassment. I wish I could get a C4 that I could daily for that low (Well whatever it would cost to bring that C4 up to passing smog, which would be more than $2k for sure).
Brian O'C
Brian O'C Prije 10 dana
It's so funny how the older ecms only see so much. Working on OBD 1 is like working on a boiler. It's all about the KISS method. I love old cars and trucks!
Hoss G
Hoss G Prije 10 dana
I love New Balance. It's the only brand of tennis shoes I will wear.
AngryGamer 0503
AngryGamer 0503 Prije 10 dana
This joker doesn’t deserve it from the dumbass comment
Jake1992 Prije 10 dana
13:06 is when he thinks "shit mate I just wanted a fridge"
Ron Idgaf
Ron Idgaf Prije 10 dana
I’ll enjoy it greatly lmao 😂
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Prije 11 dana
Wow i love that car,hope someday i have ike that, Your a good man
Timothy Thomas
Timothy Thomas Prije 11 dana
The A-TEAM VETTE . Only I hated Face Man's Paint Job White / Orange Stripe?????
trey gonzales
trey gonzales Prije 11 dana
I’d so buy that
JJ Mac
JJ Mac Prije 11 dana
'wizard' works on the car and it breaks down, 'wizard' fixes it again and it won't start.
Diontae Echols
Diontae Echols Prije 11 dana
If u still got it I’ll buy it from u
Jimmy Seven
Jimmy Seven Prije 12 dana
Thats defiitely dow at least a cylider or two bro. Also, guess which keys o y keyboard are broke .
Steve Brecht
Steve Brecht Prije 12 dana
Hoovie's Garage, the most inefficient method for HRpost money to flow to the Wizard.
Coyote Prije 13 dana
Are you sure there isn't a diesel engine in that? Did the wizard put water in the fuel tank, it's easily done in his shop.
lowzone73 Prije 13 dana
a Free car is like a free dog....
Cc Smith
Cc Smith Prije 13 dana
Awesome. Way to go. 👍👍
Jayden Debro
Jayden Debro Prije 13 dana
Corvette corvette
RanByMonkeys Prije 13 dana
That explains why in 85 they put the tuned port injection 350 in there.
Mike Dodge
Mike Dodge Prije 13 dana
That moment when the recipient realizes WHY your giving away a Corvette...too funny!
TRIPLE J THREAT Prije 14 dana
Thanks for the entertainment
J Wilson
J Wilson Prije 14 dana
deadkemper Prije 14 dana
bet you don't often get Northern Englishmen around these parts
butterfingerali Prije 14 dana
You're a solid guy, Hoovie. You're paying it forward in spades. Thanks for giving back to the community, and caring for thy neighbor (although your literal neighbors probably don't enjoy all the cars clogging up the cul-de-sac!). Keep it up, brotha!
JBM425 Prije 14 dana
I remember the car magazines such as Motor Trend going crazy over the 1984 Corvette. It represented a major redesign of the Corvette, and it was totally cool. I would love to have that one as a weekend car.
Josh Ehman
Josh Ehman Prije 14 dana
crossfire skit ....lol
Sosa Banks
Sosa Banks Prije 14 dana
Corvette corvette
ManyPoints Prije 15 dana
Hoovie, your video game comment in regards to the digital dash... were you referring to the DOS Test Drive games? The 1987 Test Drive is where "drove" my first Corvette.
Andrew Prije 15 dana
"Fuel injection" is basically just a hose that sprays into the top of the engine in the 80s apparently.
Mike G
Mike G Prije 12 dana
Easy to see if your injectors are working
MC Trucker
MC Trucker Prije 15 dana
How about you not wear a ridiculous mask on camera when you're outside? I come here to escape the bullshit propaganda that's thrown at me every hour of every day the past year now...
Donnie Boughton
Donnie Boughton Prije 15 dana
KFC 🍗 buffet? I need this in my life...
Martin Kidd
Martin Kidd Prije 15 dana
The Dad showed the level of excitement I'd expect from a Brit of his age for an American car of that age! My dad would have been more excited for a fridge too!
ScottytooHotty Prije 15 dana
Oh look it's the crossfire I mean the misfire fuel injection. It's time to swap that motor and that trans, or not🤓🤓🤓🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
AGPro N8
AGPro N8 Prije 15 dana
Bad Car Wizard...Bad!
2012listo Prije 16 dana
It's like the old cross-ram Hemi and I think oldsmobile 400 in the 67 cutlass or 442. Maybe more.
Crypto Messenger
Crypto Messenger Prije 16 dana
I ve sold my hair and brought bitcoin!
jonathanhornbuilders Prije 16 dana
DANG!! he even got the crossfire game!!! THAT LUCKY SOB!!!!
magicmavis Prije 16 dana
Where is his Dad originally from? I can’t place his accent, but he sounds English.
DJ WARREN Prije 16 dana
He certainly does. Hi from the UK.
Red Line Restorations
Red Line Restorations Prije 16 dana
Thanks great video
Anton De Olifant
Anton De Olifant Prije 16 dana
Who in a million years would have thought that one of the only cars that he would make a profit on is a 1984 corvette?
jun homa
jun homa Prije 16 dana
The xenophobic server aboaly sip because lentil subcellularly stuff at a serious brass. secretive, able rocket
Chris Warfield
Chris Warfield Prije 16 dana
Well done Hoovie, you found the right guy for the Corvooptie.
Andrew Donohue
Andrew Donohue Prije 16 dana
it's a nice looking C4. LS swap it?
jiggy chad neuman
jiggy chad neuman Prije 16 dana
Hoovie if u come across another car like that let me know I'll be serious buyer
Don Moore
Don Moore Prije 17 dana
Not exactly confidence inspiring, IMO. I knew someone who owned one of these. He took me for a ride once. I wasn't impressed. It was like riding a wash board.
Roger Michaud
Roger Michaud Prije 17 dana
KFC Buffet, gotta love America!!! I would be there every week.
M W Prije 17 dana
I forgot all about that game!
Michael Michaud
Michael Michaud Prije 17 dana
Love watc Happew year to you and familyh video
Rob J
Rob J Prije 17 dana
Yeah. The battery is weak in that fridge.
Rob J
Rob J Prije 17 dana
Scoring a good buy. Hoovie, you're going to ruin your reputation.
TheReinoPaasonen Prije 17 dana
I hope they got it free.
Michael McGinley
Michael McGinley Prije 17 dana
that mans got an awesome baby blue brick nose ford
Ryan Nicholson
Ryan Nicholson Prije 17 dana
Quickly becoming my favorite auto channel on youtube. Hilarious!
Dim Nimrod
Dim Nimrod Prije 18 dana
That ending was so funny
animus13racer Prije 18 dana
find me the cheapest c4 greenwood in the U.S. and I'll take it. i always wanted one....
Train Man
Train Man Prije 18 dana
14:56 gets stopped for not having a plate
Anthony Lawson
Anthony Lawson Prije 18 dana
But what if he REALLY needed a new fridge? lol You are such a kind and generous guy Tyler!
Shawn MacLeod
Shawn MacLeod Prije 18 dana
Brent Crude
Brent Crude Prije 18 dana
What's a Brit need a fridge for - they prefer their beer warm, don't they?
Ken Best
Ken Best Prije 19 dana
Tremendous seeing you do this. And the best thing is you seem to genuinely get allot of joy from helping others. Happy New Year!
ThatMacpotGuy Prije 19 dana
LMAO @ his face at 8:55
nightfall22 Prije 19 dana
OMFG the game! Hahahaha it’s been years since I’ve seen this! I loved that game.... worked your ass out lol
asdf ghjk
asdf ghjk Prije 19 dana
"give it a little gas"
conrad schultzman
conrad schultzman Prije 19 dana
I missed this video when he put it out earlier in the week. I have a feeling it won't be the same excitement I had when watching Hoovie take home two Lambos!
Adam Dude
Adam Dude Prije 19 dana
How bout that grand waggy behind you and wizard while playing crossfire.
deeDrama206 Prije 19 dana
Tyler where's my 6 grand?
deeDrama206 Prije 19 dana
Tyler gives away shit to his rich friends....all the fockin time
deeDrama206 Prije 19 dana
He's disappointed it wasn't a fridge
deeDrama206 Prije 19 dana
Ei wizard fails again
deeDrama206 Prije 19 dana
Rod knock
baba mama
baba mama Prije 19 dana
I don't think the wizzard is an honest mechanic.
Tarh koh carrinton
Tarh koh carrinton Prije 19 dana
My name is carrinton hoovie pls pls .I no this is lame but am going to ask you any way maybe you might be the person to change my situation and hope u change my life for ever I watch and support ur channel everyday and am in Cameroon (Africa) . love cars but am in die need of one any cheap car to take me from work and back home but don't have enough funs for it pls can u help me with any of your cheap car you don't really use will change my life forever. God bless you .pls reply My comment
AndyG Prije 19 dana
Hoovie going international... repping us Brits!
Roadking 2003
Roadking 2003 Prije 19 dana
What a great person.
A. Jacobson
A. Jacobson Prije 19 dana
The "ya'll" comes naturally after performing a good deed. Crazy I know but has been happening to me ever since I moved to Texas...
Astronaut TV
Astronaut TV Prije 19 dana
This is an example of why I don’t do nice things for people. Sometimes it just doesn’t end up as good as intended.
nymetswinws Prije 19 dana
Norman Reedus was the tow truck driver.
Brandon Johannes
Brandon Johannes Prije 19 dana
No wonder I can't find any nice cars around Wichita. 😒 Tyler is probably buying everything up.
Evan Martinez
Evan Martinez Prije 19 dana
Didn't recognize what channel this was
Kenny duarte
Kenny duarte Prije 19 dana
I actually wouldn’t mind having one of those squared off F150’s....
Glenn Sundin
Glenn Sundin Prije 18 dana
With the double tanks those were cool and probably some of the last good ford's they built
Braden Archer
Braden Archer Prije 19 dana
Oh man, that game brings back memories.
Michael Bulger
Michael Bulger Prije 19 dana
Had the same problem with my Crossfire Corvette. Running rough and stalling out at the lights. Found the throttle position sensor problem with a cheap OBD1 code reader.
The Kikendall
The Kikendall Prije 19 dana
Found that almost every GM TBI engine has the same issue lol. Had 3 of them, kept a spare TPS in the glove box and a t15 torque driver on road trips lol.
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