I Bought the Cheapest Porsche 911 In the USA ($6000)

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Jim Henry
Jim Henry Prije 10 dana
I figured out a formula for buying used cars.... Spend $25,000.00 to $35,000.00 on a nice example,and repairs cost a few thousand. Or, spend $10,000 on a POS ,and then spend $20,000.00 to $40,000.00 on repairs. My son bought a really nice white M3, for$40,000.00, and then spent another $40.000 on repairs.
David Jepson
David Jepson Prije mjesec
Car looks great, but it has a nearly 20% chance of a catastrophic engine failure (RMS bearing). Replacement engine will cost more than car is worth. This really was a "gamble" (code word for stupid purchase)...
klimtklavier Prije mjesec
So, you bought a convertible ? Well, why bother ? There goes your aerodynamics, downforce, etc. Sigh ...
SGT Tom Bailes
SGT Tom Bailes Prije 2 mjeseci
However it did have a LN IMS retrofit IMS BEARING and is good to go for the rest of my life~~ I'm Happy!!
SGT Tom Bailes
SGT Tom Bailes Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie. I love my 99 996 cabriolet with only 50K miles .. Sadly, I paid more..
Big L
Big L Prije 2 mjeseci
the beginning is hilarious tyler is caught cheating on his porsche with the NSX,him being naked in the blanket killed me,lol
Jonassnake Prije 2 mjeseci
"For people in Texas the air conditioning needs to work!" Also he is driving a convertible .
oscar fonseca
oscar fonseca Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovie - when are you gonna but the cheapest Audi RS4 in the country!?!?!
reviews with pappy
reviews with pappy Prije 3 mjeseci
You buzz on risk Tyler lol
Geronimo Junior
Geronimo Junior Prije 3 mjeseci
For the love of God , the cheapest 996 are still $30000 = aud 45000 in Australia,and these motherfuckers are all automatic ... WTF
Jlgonthebeat Prije 3 mjeseci
The fact that he payed less for a Porsche than my brother did for his 2005 Honda Accord makes me sad
neil stern
neil stern Prije 4 mjeseci
just use armor all on both sides of the back window.
Slxxpy Jan
Slxxpy Jan Prije 4 mjeseci
dam that's a good price!
Cool Katz
Cool Katz Prije 5 mjeseci
6k in the US ..5Ok Australia.
Miguel M
Miguel M Prije 5 mjeseci
Perry Eanes
Perry Eanes Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovie you inspired me to get a porche 996 bro🙏
Christopher Rosenbalm
Christopher Rosenbalm Prije 5 mjeseci
Where are you finding these deals? I would love to buy
Yo_isJoe Prije 6 mjeseci
I don’t care how dirty she is. I would give her love, if you haven’t sold her yet.
Joe Toe
Joe Toe Prije 6 mjeseci
Yo there’s a 2006 Maserati on eBay for $10,000 right now as we speak it has 50k miles on it
Topher M
Topher M Prije 6 mjeseci
The back of Hoovie’s Brain: TRACK IT. WRAP IT (ORANGE). LS SWAP IT. 😈
Andres Carrasco
Andres Carrasco Prije 7 mjeseci
Congrats, can you tell me where to find a deal like that ? Thanks and enjoy your 911!
MrLossFTW Prije 7 mjeseci
4:27 2nd to 4th, Who Needs 3rd 💪😎
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Prije 7 mjeseci
This Type 996 was the ugliest 911 Porsche ever designed. It doesn't have the classic pizzazz of its predecessor, the 993, or the subtle sophistication of the successor, the 997. At least the moonroof works though. Love the theme song Hoovie. So 80s and new wave synthesized.
dragger168 Prije 7 mjeseci
Which dealer auction website did you get the care from?
JonFarah Prije 7 mjeseci
Me: 6000 usd 911 996? Italy: how about a 1999 diesel fiat panda instead ?
mena seven
mena seven Prije 7 mjeseci
Beautiful Porshe 911 at a good price
SocksOnFeet Prije 7 mjeseci
I almost bought one for $4800, which was the lowest in the US at the time. I test drove it and it was pretty meh. At the time I was doing a lot of motorcycle riding so to be fair even a Lambo would have been meh lmao. Moto > cage any day of the week.......except on rainy days lol. Also the car had no history or records of any kind, who knows how much more it would have cost to fix all the little nick nacks and then if the motor ever failed, the repair costs are pretty ridiculous. So in the end I'm kind of glad I didn't buy it.
A.J. W.
A.J. W. Prije 8 mjeseci
What a find! Let me know if you need some help knocking the dust off the Merc or turbo brick in the barn!
Hans Botje
Hans Botje Prije 8 mjeseci
996K subscribers.. should buy another 996 just to celebrate :-)
Bob DeCardenas
Bob DeCardenas Prije 8 mjeseci
Beware of the monster that lurks within!😂🤔
L Garagem
L Garagem Prije 8 mjeseci
3:01 Ah!!! A true Water-tight convertible!
SGT Tom Bailes
SGT Tom Bailes Prije 8 mjeseci
OH! you would love my OCT 31 built in"98, 09 year model; No IMS issue. However , it has been replaced w\ a LN IMS bearing.. It actually had a 2 row IMS bearing from the the start. Just to be safe I
Bradley Kurtz
Bradley Kurtz Prije 8 mjeseci
Anyone else wonder wtf was happening at 0:57? 😂😂
Claude Hayden
Claude Hayden Prije 8 mjeseci
Quit faking it and get the Wizards inspection done lol.
Geoffrey Ballard
Geoffrey Ballard Prije 8 mjeseci
The black wheels definitely need to go ASAP.
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith Prije 8 mjeseci
Go away lok
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith Prije 8 mjeseci
maxxon99 Prije 8 mjeseci
Once I bought the cheapest 944 Turbo I could find... big mistake as you could guess. Ended up spending as much fixing it as I paid for it initially.
charles howlett
charles howlett Prije 8 mjeseci
Hey Tyler, I got a sweet ride for you. 2000 Lexus LX470 with 100k always garaged and like new in and out . 10 grand is fair because this is grade A merch. I can send you my cell if you want to see how damn nice this rig is. Chuck
E L Prije 8 mjeseci
Looks wank but sure
Marco Prije 8 mjeseci
What is the year of this car
Juergun Magerkinsquirter
Juergun Magerkinsquirter Prije 8 mjeseci
The last affordable 911? yep the 996. This headlights are the reason why many dont like it. BUT you can get it replaced with a new hood and light housing, and presto you have a car that the masses love more. by the by, those black cup wheels are aweful. Never put black wheels on a black car.
Erik _
Erik _ Prije 8 mjeseci
Was this Magnus Walkers 996?
Clearanceman2 Prije 8 mjeseci
Hoovie, I feel like you deserved a win after all you've been through. But you know it will break down in the future.
Clearanceman2 Prije 8 mjeseci
Hoovie knows what he's getting into. If you buy these cars, do YOU know what you're getting into? LOL
rover215 Prije 8 mjeseci
Is the Previa gone gone gone?
Milhaus Prije 8 mjeseci
Rolling 7 is bad :)
Dan Hard
Dan Hard Prije 8 mjeseci
you know you have made it when you park your Porsche on a Persian style rug in your garage
sunny Prije 8 mjeseci
it's interesting that between the 90s n 00, European cars were actually pretty crappy when it came to reliable and long lived 'luxo' cars. we normally would rag on the Brits or Italians for sketchy quality, but Germany also suffered an entire continent worth of sketch quality.
Fear6No7Evil Prije 8 mjeseci
Does anyone really care at this point? Most of our lives are being destroyed and the world is being turned into 1984 and these videos are looking really meaningless and stupid.
changw Prije 8 mjeseci
"Its gone translucent! like i got cataracts!" *Camera zooms in on opaque blurry white back screen*
bob dylan
bob dylan Prije 8 mjeseci
When are you gonna reveal that black BMW on the lift
Nøderak Prije 8 mjeseci
untwist the seatbelt in the camaro
roger buss III
roger buss III Prije 8 mjeseci
The Porsche 911 will always be the best looking currently made car until they stop making it. They're maybe not as gorgeous as a chevelle or nova imo but I will always want one. I loved seeing the smile across your face as you grew accustomed to your latest purchase. Were all jealous, and will probably remain so until you share how much these repairs cost on future vids. Either way its probably worth more than you paid and we couldn't be happier for you.
Refus Prije 8 mjeseci
Take it to the track and see what she will do
King Asphalt
King Asphalt Prije 8 mjeseci
911 haha get it? Appropriately named those cars are a disaster.
Scott Blackwell
Scott Blackwell Prije 8 mjeseci
I’d sure like to purchase your Z28 from you if you’re willing to sell. Name your price within reason, and I’ll pick it up. Scott@gulftel.com
Eggert LS
Eggert LS Prije 8 mjeseci
glad you are buying cars that are within reach for the rest of us. Got tired of all these lamborghini, ferrari etc. stuff. ....dont watch those channels anymore and thought you were going that same route.
W19 ELY Prije 8 mjeseci
He will get it fixed and then it will go bang
Alvin Wijono
Alvin Wijono Prije 8 mjeseci
did you put a carpet in your garage?
Adnan Kaan Şakar
Adnan Kaan Şakar Prije 8 mjeseci
How on earth did you get it that cheap? From where?
Joe G
Joe G Prije 8 mjeseci
@10:55 Tyler, please don’t take it to the Porsche dealer. I’ve heard they’re not throughout enough.
Geoffo O
Geoffo O Prije 8 mjeseci
Yawn so scripted so gotcha , so yawn
Dan Downey
Dan Downey Prije 8 mjeseci
What’s up with the z3 Tyler I need to know man so clean
Matt Brautigam
Matt Brautigam Prije 8 mjeseci
Can the average Joe get access to these wholesale auctions or do you have to be a dealer?
Bilgehan Demir
Bilgehan Demir Prije 8 mjeseci
i love this car
Drop a Gear and Disappear
Drop a Gear and Disappear Prije 8 mjeseci
Never thought about this till now but who films your rolling shots? The wizard?
DuhFbordzPlus Prije 8 mjeseci
buy aftermarket headlights like you did on the Cayenne
Dave J
Dave J Prije 8 mjeseci
The first mid roll add was for PCA. HRpost got it right for once.
Daniel Dahlinger
Daniel Dahlinger Prije 8 mjeseci
I'll take it!
TsiG Prije 8 mjeseci
would even buy a 911 996 spyder with tan or that weird blue color crashed with salvage title with some bodywork damage with front end collision with half of the interior with the worst specs but with a running motor Edit: so for me this is a really good deal also it is manual right? I would buy the worst 911 if it was the cheapest
QiaojiaHighway Prije 8 mjeseci
I must have missed when Tyler bought a BMW Z3 Coupé (top left in the garage). I remember him driving two of them in silver but when has he bought a black one?
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Prije 8 mjeseci
What happened to this car?
nikola Marjanovic
nikola Marjanovic Prije 8 mjeseci
I really want to see that Z3 coupe...
Machiavelli VIP
Machiavelli VIP Prije 8 mjeseci
Tyler's next TV show! Showing Chinese tourists around America buying up cheap cars from out of work Americans !
Machiavelli VIP
Machiavelli VIP Prije 8 mjeseci
Tyler if anything goes wrong with the engine, don't replace it with another engine ! Replace it with an electric motor ! Do something different for a change and future proof the car !
bumzua69 Prije 8 mjeseci
Great episode
STAY TUNED Prije 8 mjeseci
Man you are the goat on HRpost. Frfr. Bro you have inspired me to jump out of my comfort zone and start my own channel. I just uploaded my first video of my project. I would actually love some feedback and support. Thanks in advance
Review Brah
Review Brah Prije 8 mjeseci
Did you take another credit on the house again
La Crosse WI EAS
La Crosse WI EAS Prije 8 mjeseci
Did you check the vitals before starting it or driving it
Michael &shelby Hagle
Michael &shelby Hagle Prije 8 mjeseci
Make a great decision give me the 911 for my equinox with 200k miles you’ll love it
playsinmud Prije 8 mjeseci
Hey Hoovie, what's the story on that piece of eye candy in the back of the garage.... I'm lookin' at you, Dodge Diplomat cop car.
Max Malloy
Max Malloy Prije 8 mjeseci
Tyler I think you should buy a Hudson because they are rare and cool
Daniel Lemus
Daniel Lemus Prije 8 mjeseci
Takes it to the track before inspection, waiting for the big kaboom :-)
Roman Prije 8 mjeseci
Scotty, I got a GREAT deal on a used 911!
Race Bannon
Race Bannon Prije 8 mjeseci
Has anyone else noticed how Tyler looks like Rob Gronkowski. You know, the way pre-military, scrawny Stever Rogers and then the post serum Avenger Steve Rogers?
The King
The King Prije 8 mjeseci
Hi Hoovies. Can you please tell me the website that you use to search for cars. Thanks
Charl Cilliers
Charl Cilliers Prije 8 mjeseci
I’ll take it? Wanna sell it?
whusky Prije 8 mjeseci
5:13 lol I can tell that your head is gonna get banged a lot on da roof of the car
nihl hinz
nihl hinz Prije 8 mjeseci
I'd buy that for a doller! Robocop
DESERT ALIEN d[ *_* ]b
DESERT ALIEN d[ *_* ]b Prije 8 mjeseci
Hoovie upload already. It’s been 5 days I need my drug 😵💨
Zainodien Mohamed
Zainodien Mohamed Prije 8 mjeseci
What is happening with the BMW Z3 we see in the background
01AceAlpha Prije 9 mjeseci
I wonder, how often he has to shampoo that carpet in the garage from oil leaks?
Red RightHand
Red RightHand Prije 9 mjeseci
when are you going to get a BMW 850?
Mister Doctor
Mister Doctor Prije 9 mjeseci
risky lol
Igor Freitas
Igor Freitas Prije 9 mjeseci
Do a remake of the inside 😂😂❤
Andy C
Andy C Prije 9 mjeseci
"Check engine light isn't on".... you need to check the check engine light, probably broken.
jason200912 Prije 9 mjeseci
anyone know what website he bid on it on?
Matt Earl
Matt Earl Prije 9 mjeseci
is it just me or does it look like hes actually lost it
Lane L
Lane L Prije 9 mjeseci
We need a fleet update
Daryl Griffin
Daryl Griffin Prije 9 mjeseci
Hoovie, how before you blow up that engine? Looks like you got a bargain. "Porsche dealer"? Thought you used the Wizard.
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