Here's Why You Should NEVER EVER Buy a Cheap Old Rolls-Royce/Bentley

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Anton Clark
Anton Clark Prije sat
People who allow Rolls Royce cars to get into such bad condition should be jailed. As bad as crimes against humanity!
40RTY 7EVEN Prije 3 dana
He forgot to change out of his pyjamas.
2 Steak Sandwiches
2 Steak Sandwiches Prije 6 dana
I think I’m still going to do this anyway
Jeff ROLEXX Prije 7 dana
I'll buy it...If , you dont know!... it's ,worth you shouldn't have it.!
Treviscoe Prije 8 dana
Jeez, how do you neglect a Rolls THAT badly?
Terence Field
Terence Field Prije 11 dana
What fun!!!
cell pat
cell pat Prije 11 dana
White lettered tires look cool on most sports cars. But they look awesomely cheap on the Roller. Yuck.
90s Buick guy
90s Buick guy Prije 13 dana
The Jaguar XJ6 is also a very expensive older laugh of luxury car land yacht not as expensive as a Rolls-Royce or Bentley by any means but it’s expensive to own and fix easy and cheap to buy so one day my cousin and her boyfriend came to town and they decided they wanted to move in the same town I was in so I decided let me give them a tour in my Jaguar XJ6 from 97 Aziz custom with that car every time I get it out and drive it something breaks and something did break this time while we were driving I went over a small bump on the road and the rearview inside mirror that was mounted on the windshield just came off and was dangling by the auto dimming the wire that was still connected to the car I tried putting it back on but it will always come off again and now the car has an electrical problem that has completely killed the car the car won’t even start anymore but I got the review mirror fixed by fixing it myself because I don’t trust anyone to fix that car that’s the thing about these old British land yacht they’re beautiful cars they drive wonderful when they work but they’re always in the shop for something something always breaks every time you drive the thing that Lucas wiring is awful
Scout Johnson
Scout Johnson Prije 18 dana
Don’t you yanks have certificates to certify that a automobile is safe to drive on the public roadways? Or is that the least of your worries in this time of Covid-19?
Al'Uzza Akbar
Al'Uzza Akbar Prije 18 dana
A cursory glance at the comments reveals a lack of Grey Poupon jokes 🤔
Harvey Levene
Harvey Levene Prije 18 dana
Good example of why Americans have the reputation of being thick.
Greg John Watchman
Greg John Watchman Prije 21 dan
Interesting dress code
Skeeter McSwagger
Skeeter McSwagger Prije 25 dana
That old rules has a license plate that says'231 MFP' as in Main Force Patrol(Australian Police)? Doubtful but that's kind of a cool plate #.👍
M L Prije 27 dana
My estranged dad in the UK used to buy these new in the '70s. One every two years. The trade-in value - even to a RR dealer - was abysmal, but it was still better than owing one out of warranty. They were junk, even then.
Jon Thomas
Jon Thomas Prije 27 dana
Such a shame.
jennifer86010 Prije mjesec
14:31 The "Beautiful Spirit of Ecstacy" is now the "Ugly Curse of Agony". ....A rolling junk yard.
Skeeter McSwagger
Skeeter McSwagger Prije 25 dana
"The penalty of ownership"🥴
Stas Krakov
Stas Krakov Prije mjesec
dude you look so cool actually!!!
MusicLover Prije mjesec
The Rolls looks perfect for an episode of "Mr Bean" I can just see Rohan Atkinson's face as he trys to drive it !
Kâzım ÇOKOĞULLU Prije mjesec
very fun to watch 👍🏻
Diesel Burner
Diesel Burner Prije mjesec
Easy. Buy cheap Rolce Royce , LS swap . Problem solved
shake jones
shake jones Prije mjesec
Dear Peasants: Nothing comes between me ascot and me trousers...well nothing except me Bentley! love them trousers mate - very stylish! You should be doing all your videos in them! Damn you walked home in them trousers - TRUE PLAYER! Great video guys!
Rhishab Dahal
Rhishab Dahal Prije 2 mjeseci
For the first time, I can agree with Scotty Kilmer on this “Endless money pit’
liljuicy.logic0202 Prije 2 mjeseci
A top suit and the DC universe pajama pants, can't flex more than that 😂
brandon reynolds
brandon reynolds Prije 2 mjeseci
akkad daily
fuqui035 Prije 2 mjeseci
This guy is such a nerd
fuqui035 Prije 2 mjeseci
He has seatbelt on
Ramiro Diaz
Ramiro Diaz Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought I was a pro Hooptie driver till I saw these two. I gladly accept third.
Trevor Lynn
Trevor Lynn Prije 2 mjeseci
the 79 is the first Roller I'd describe as a junker
Jeff Carver
Jeff Carver Prije 3 mjeseci
"Fixed" Bentley Turbo R lol🤣
Malik Reese
Malik Reese Prije 3 mjeseci
I think trying to drive that Rolls is worse than trying to figure out a Model T
Will Bockoven
Will Bockoven Prije 3 mjeseci
One of the more entertaining episodes, thanks for the laughs!
Faded_ Paradice
Faded_ Paradice Prije 3 mjeseci
What if we engine swap ot
E Gold
E Gold Prije 3 mjeseci
I know someone who bought a used 1971 Silver Shadow in 1989. 24,000.00 but suspension needed another 20k in rebuild. Luckily did not have a vinyl roof. It still drives nice.
Desi Bants
Desi Bants Prije 3 mjeseci
V8Adam Prije 4 mjeseci
Omg that Rolls is an absolute death trap!
Pepe Shadow
Pepe Shadow Prije 4 mjeseci
Are you in your pajamas?🤣
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace Prije 4 mjeseci
Is there a follow up on what happened to the old rolls royce ? Does your friend have a channel ?
kurt v
kurt v Prije 4 mjeseci
He talks about "build quality"- look at that cheap plastic stearing wheel! The build quality of this car will give your mechanic Bill Quality.
Aleah McGrath
Aleah McGrath Prije 5 mjeseci
I like to imagine this was the Rolls Royce Alex Lifeson sleeps in when he roams the streets of New Orleans
Jerry Love
Jerry Love Prije 5 mjeseci
If I had the skill, and patience, and tools; I think RR is being overlooked as the perfect BEV conversion oppportunity. The vehicle interior is premium to a level unmatched. The vehicle is already large and heavy and expected to be so. The cost of maintaining the ICE is extreme. I don't fully understand why people will put the money into making a BEV version of a VW bug or Honda Civic, but not a Rolls. It would be about as easy/hard to do (likely a little easier with the extra space) and you'd end up with an electric Rolls rather than an electric VW.
scott mcbride
scott mcbride Prije 5 mjeseci
Because there ugly.
Hristo Hristov
Hristo Hristov Prije 5 mjeseci
Really can’t decide which is uglier, your pants or that old Bentley that you compared with new Mercedes 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
wholeNwon Prije 5 mjeseci
It's amazing how many deluded people there are out there who will actually buy these things. They were poorly designed, poorly constructed cars with unnecessarily complex systems containing many weak parts. Many series were antiques the day they were made.
wholeNwon Prije 5 mjeseci
My neighbor would have given you his and it was in much better physical condition than that piece of....
mohamed mohamed
mohamed mohamed Prije 5 mjeseci
I love old school
Toms Freibergs
Toms Freibergs Prije 5 mjeseci
And then he goes and buys one again now :D classic
Unoriginal Name
Unoriginal Name Prije 5 mjeseci
well look what youve done now. smh
hendo337 Prije 5 mjeseci
Just swap a LS, SBC or BBC into that has a TH400 already, ditch the frog juice system for normal brakes. Clean out the interior. Sort of a budget Icon vibe build.
ImmortalInflames Prije 6 mjeseci
Love the Rolls, sounds amazing, love the rear tyres and the patina!
Jacob Aberle
Jacob Aberle Prije 6 mjeseci
Way too many ads
Nico Nesta
Nico Nesta Prije 6 mjeseci
Most iconic RR to me but this is one only bought to show off in a sense.
George Muller
George Muller Prije 6 mjeseci
I find a rolls for 2 grand and idc what anyone says, it's coming home with me.
ImmortL Reacts
ImmortL Reacts Prije 9 dana
@borg Bro do you have snapchat? I’d love to see it
borg Prije mjesec
I bought one for 1,500, 73’ silver shadow I’m also 21 and a student so wish me luck on this extreme debt, I will return to this comment in the coming months to update you
AndroidSunner Prije 2 mjeseci
Looking at a $1.9k Range Rover rn, cya at the bankruptcy court y’all
ThomasHRMN Prije 3 mjeseci
Im looking at a 4,5 grand barnfind bentley turbo r right now 😂😭 rip my wallet
1963 TOMB
1963 TOMB Prije 7 mjeseci
Is it just me or does Tyler look a bit like Mr Bean at one point whist trying to do a rolling start?
Michael Hope
Michael Hope Prije 7 mjeseci
You could have made this video in 2 minutes by telling us what was right with the car, not what's wrong. Are we done?.....I think we're done. Funny as shit, love it.
David Kittle
David Kittle Prije 7 mjeseci
A friend of mine has the same's siting in the back of his garage waiting on the $25K brake rotors and calipers x8 brake lines etc..
Der Parsifal
Der Parsifal Prije 7 mjeseci
Those old Rolls Royce cars aren't even built as well as a Chevy!
Dana Maxwell
Dana Maxwell Prije 7 mjeseci
geoffk777 Prije 7 mjeseci
You can buy a fully sorted old Rolls or Bentley from a specialist dealer with a full service history for remarkably little money. And the running costs will be substantial, but you'll get a usable and enjoyable luxury car. On the other hand, if you buy a rolling wreck, than the cost to fix it will be prohibitive. Both of these guys went for a cheaper and nastier car than they should have. I definitely don't recommend doing what they did, but that doesn't mean that every old Rolls and Bentley is a disaster. In fact, you can buy a Rolls or Bentley in nearly perfect condition any model year from the 1910's up to the present day and drive it enjoyably.
landocommando8 Prije 7 mjeseci
These guys think they are on top gear. Lol
Arrant2294 Prije 7 mjeseci
Ls swap that rolls and make a badasd rat rod
Howard Harkins
Howard Harkins Prije 7 mjeseci
Haha hilarious 😂 i winder if he kept his word and did the Roller up? Or is going to? I didn't check the date.
Danyil Underwood
Danyil Underwood Prije 7 mjeseci
That looks like Jamie Farr's Rolls from "Cannonball Run" That old Rolls would make a good "Icon Derelict" All it needs is the running gear from a corvette lol, like that 1958 Silver Cloud dude brought to Jay's garage a couple years ago.
thomas mcginnis
thomas mcginnis Prije 7 mjeseci
Wtf is he wearing
Aymeric Schell
Aymeric Schell Prije 7 mjeseci
I bought a Silver Shadow for 5000 euros 6 years ago ! It is a fantastic car after 100 euros for hydraulic material and few hours !!!!
fladave99 Mills
fladave99 Mills Prije 7 mjeseci
Samuel Woolwine IV
Samuel Woolwine IV Prije 7 mjeseci
Anyone who would buy a car like that and allow it to fall into such disrepair doesn't deserve that car.
Cuthbert Bracegirdle
Cuthbert Bracegirdle Prije 7 mjeseci
You probably shouldn't buy a new one either. Just as unreliable.
Allan Fifield
Allan Fifield Prije 8 mjeseci
6:-05 on for 10 seconds LOL!
Linus Dersjö 2
Linus Dersjö 2 Prije 8 mjeseci
Wtf are those trousers?
Keith Ward
Keith Ward Prije 8 mjeseci
Perhaps you could have done a bit of work on the engine before thraping it around, did you even check the oil?
Andrew Gruffudd
Andrew Gruffudd Prije 8 mjeseci
A good going over with T-cut, a quart or twelve of oil and a kick up the arse with a wrecking ball for all previous owners and it should be fine. Seriously, I've seen worse - there was a bloke in Pembroke Dock, Wales, who ran a Shad, and when it past you going down the street it brought to mind a Keith Moon drum solo, with a bag of spanners in the bass. Mind you, the owner looked like he was one supermarket trip away from destitution...
LudVan 77
LudVan 77 Prije 8 mjeseci
With trousers like those, he should not be allowed to be near a Rolls or a Bentley. Only in America.
Geoffrey Ballard
Geoffrey Ballard Prije 8 mjeseci
I have owned a 1990 R for 15 years. If you put a boost controller on these things you can do what you did in the gravel on the tarmac.
Grey Jay
Grey Jay Prije 8 mjeseci
$5000. a year just in upkeep? No thanks. Just buy a used Mercury Grand Marquis, and save yourself all that expense and grief that goes with a Rolls or a Bentley.
KJs581 Prije 8 mjeseci
Soooo - buy an old car that hasn't been looked after /is pretty stuffed; and then be amazed that "it is pretty stuffed because it hasn't been looked after?" Some people would think that is just pretty obvious.
BenCNS Prije 8 mjeseci
Bro you live in a very ugly area
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly Prije 8 mjeseci
I like this thing lol. Peice of shit cars can be good value
GereDJ2 Prije 8 mjeseci
Yo Hoov, what year is this turbo R? You never said. Either way, it appears to be a large pile and gas sucking headache
califdad4 Prije 8 mjeseci
there was a article a few years ago in the old now defunct "Automobile Magazine" about old Rolls, and guess a nice looking older Rolls from the late 60's thru the 80s, can need more work than the car is worth and to be very careful buying one
reverend moonie
reverend moonie Prije 8 mjeseci
noooo..dont start doing old rolls royces.....your just gona get a ton of idiots to buy them and jack the price up on me.....forget getting a rolls..bad idea...dont do it..
Renny1953 Prije 8 mjeseci
Icon Icon
Icon Icon Prije 8 mjeseci
Terrible shoes but kudos for Elgar
omniversling Prije 8 mjeseci
Yes, done that in quotes then threw it away. This is how to do up an old Roller:
Max Rudolph
Max Rudolph Prije 8 mjeseci
There's a sucker born every second
Patrick Chubey
Patrick Chubey Prije 8 mjeseci
That's funny, a jacket, white shirt and tie ,,,,,, and clown pants.
Wolfgang Kaminski
Wolfgang Kaminski Prije 8 mjeseci
Why do you have to dress like a clown?
routmaster38 Prije 8 mjeseci
I owned 2 seventies Silver Shadows and they were rot boxes just like most others at that time.A glorified kit car made up of loads of different parts from other makes and only 8MPG.
Tim Cargile
Tim Cargile Prije 8 mjeseci
Hi: I've watched a few of your disaster-purchase videos and am impressed. But it seems to me that you have more money than good sense. Don't take it to heart. I don't either. I bought several disastrous Mk III Toyota Supras. Spent thousands on blown head gaskets. The Mk IV Supra was a fine machine. I even lived in one for a while.
738polarbear Prije 8 mjeseci
This video is rather pathetic.As are the majority of these comments . of course this car has been badly abused and neglected,so its beyond nromal people.This does not make a Rolls Royce or bentley a bad car . ANYTHING can be driven into the ground.
Guillaume Slama
Guillaume Slama Prije 8 mjeseci
I went through the same pains. It's obvious someone changed the fuel pump for something not OEM. That's why it dies. The original one is actually a double fuel pump (yep, they like gas a lot). I'd like to see what happens next. I have a few good resources for cheaper parts if you need it. Good luck.
brian wheway
brian wheway Prije 8 mjeseci
If I owned this RR I would break it for spares, it worth a lot more as spares!
Atago Prije 8 mjeseci
is the car or the keychain worth more lol
Brian Clasby
Brian Clasby Prije 8 mjeseci
Engine swap candidate.
paul edenbrow
paul edenbrow Prije 8 mjeseci
does your wife know that you stole her curtains
Jerome Prije 8 mjeseci
It's a rolls canhardly, park it next to my hasbenz.....
Rob G
Rob G Prije 8 mjeseci
Q: Why is there no British computer industry? A: They haven't yet figured out how to make them drip oil on the floor.
Joshua Harrison
Joshua Harrison Prije 8 mjeseci
Inventor of internet = British. Inventor of first programmable computer (Colossus) = British. Invention of worlds first tank = British. Best of both.
James Davis
James Davis Prije 8 mjeseci
but where is the part where we discovered your pregnant? the suspense of finding out how much it cost to fix this shit is part of the show you should focus more on that it's would be as popular as Maury povich if your pregnant
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Prije 8 mjeseci
twin skin floors
Bill Boad
Bill Boad Prije 8 mjeseci
Can't afford the gas anyway!
Ung Grabb
Ung Grabb Prije 8 mjeseci
Buy british, walk with pride. Narrator has the silliest outfit yet seen. Clown
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