How Much $$$ Can I Make as a Volvo Mechanic For a Day?

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Schatzjaeger2 Prije 4 dana
Ah, yes. Good old red block's water pump leakage. You don't need to change the pump. Just use new gaskets.
Travis Terrell
Travis Terrell Prije 7 dana
8:43 Hoovie looks up at Wizard like a toddler who just broke something. Lmaooo
brandozer lee
brandozer lee Prije 22 dana
God this is giving me flashbacks to my first day in the service bay
Scootintiki Prije 23 dana
You're paying full rate for each belt even though the first 2 belts have to come off to get to the third? Sweet! I'm going to work for you Wizard!
maltique Prije mjesec
This was posted a very long time ago but that might be my mothers old car Hoovie if you read this do you still have it or do you know where it went
Timothy Coyne
Timothy Coyne Prije mjesec
You’re not alone, Hoovie. I do most basic maintenance on my motorcycle, but not my car. I just don’t enjoy wrenching that much, plus I don’t usually have the time and tools needed.
Christopher S
Christopher S Prije mjesec
*"Swedish Syringes & Me" by Tyler Hoover*
Evan Mayone
Evan Mayone Prije mjesec
We have a 1999 S70 and the person we bought it from lied and a radiator hose exploded and had the engine go insane but now it runs perfect after $1300 of work
Henry Grundström
Henry Grundström Prije mjesec
All parts for that car can be found in my grandads back yard...
dhruvp119 Prije 2 mjeseci
prolly the funniest video on his channel
918 Soldier
918 Soldier Prije 2 mjeseci
chipper442 Prije 2 mjeseci
“Legos for adults” LOL. Try changing the upper Medusa (coolant hose) on an S40
J.J. Tranquilla
J.J. Tranquilla Prije 3 mjeseci
When are you going to buy a SAAB turbo?!
junkmail Prije 3 mjeseci
I worked 4 years at a Honda dealership. Anytime some kid says they want to be a mechanic, I always respond like the CW.
chris ball
chris ball Prije 3 mjeseci
4 sure NO wizard, but fun perhaps a clown (but you got that covered)
Bec busman
Bec busman Prije 3 mjeseci
I would keep that car ,
jaysper Prije 3 mjeseci
Good fun episode, but honestly no brick Volvo is worth saving.
peter gouldbourn
peter gouldbourn Prije 3 mjeseci
You and your channel are great. You always entertain me. Pete 🇬🇧
Tuqn Prije 3 mjeseci
I also love hoovie, been watching since late 2018!
Ulf K
Ulf K Prije 4 mjeseci
what wheelsare those?
Street Dreams
Street Dreams Prije 4 mjeseci
Please wear gloves hoovie
sally goon gotz
sally goon gotz Prije 5 mjeseci
Always been shocked how lil car mechanics make glade i became a plumber i can changed most stuff on my car being good with tools but its always a pain in ass busted knuckles greese every where. My suggestion is switcg to plumbing youll make twice as much and yes its a shitty job no pun intended but no where as bad ass car mechanic.
Jordan Prije 5 mjeseci
I am not gonna lie, it is so hoovy and beautiful that the very first thing he wrenches on something that shouldnt happen, does.
Nothing with Out Love
Nothing with Out Love Prije 5 mjeseci
We all need a friend like Wizard!!
James French
James French Prije 5 mjeseci
A good choice of European car for a beginner to work on.
David Anderson
David Anderson Prije 5 mjeseci
wizard Jr, lol
Paul G
Paul G Prije 5 mjeseci
You really need to mic the wizard.
John Niemiec
John Niemiec Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovie, in relation to your "That's a lot of work for $13/hr" line. That is probably how every line employee at a Freddy's Frozen Custard store you opened feels. But I'm betting it is way less than $13/hr cooking there.
Lowest in the room
Lowest in the room Prije 5 mjeseci
Thats a pretty easy car to fix. Volvo 2.3litre 4 bangers were made with the intention of its owner doing most of the repairs. I read somewhere that in most parts of Sweden there aren't many mechanics.
Kenneth Burton
Kenneth Burton Prije 5 mjeseci
That is one of my favorite cars, which i don't have one yet. Sold my 940 sedan last year in hopes of finding a 1994 960 wagon. I'm sure you've already sold that one.
Russell S
Russell S Prije 5 mjeseci
I can't be the only one that noticed he installed the belts inside out. I think the Wizard noticed too with the "but there's also a flip side to that" comment, but it was never mentioned aside from that.
Allan Eddings
Allan Eddings Prije 5 mjeseci
Lol , keep up the great job,
Hussein Adib
Hussein Adib Prije 5 mjeseci
I don't think it's a good idea to wear long sleeve when working under the hood!🤔
Harry Dague
Harry Dague Prije 5 mjeseci
should have traced that one out and made a few of them
Ade2Bee Prije 5 mjeseci
Just in the pre-title sequences I have to watch it all again because I was laughing so much.… Thank you
Makan Tahi
Makan Tahi Prije 5 mjeseci
9:05 stay away from repairing, you will hurt yourself
LFC markeb
LFC markeb Prije 5 mjeseci
watched hoping for it to be an informed video not contrived nonsense! sigh
Michael Dorman
Michael Dorman Prije 6 mjeseci
master mechanic on wheeler dealers lol
Silwer Agentum
Silwer Agentum Prije 6 mjeseci
Waterpump, Body skuld not chance THE timingbelt ok this, its an unknown car, typical American worked in sitt THE really bad colors etc, THE timingbelt could be changed being blind. SAAB was THE furst people's car sitt turbo in THE 99 Turbo, Volvo 240 Turbo cane 1981 some years later. It has verk turbocharged cars before, first from USA really, Covair was first bur seriouslu Simple done, and after that BMW and Porsche, but as an ordinary car SAAB 99 was first. And THE Lego talk, think absolut American ordinary cars in THE 80s, jises. THE syringe is hos you till transmission fluids an tvinga like that from THE undersidor, nothing special att all. And test being THE man working in cars is useless, this magic Guy öns this shop, THE söners is not getting Lucy, but it Aldo depends in THE cars, he games exotic cars, THE owners can pay for thenselves.
family man
family man Prije 6 mjeseci
9:00 😂😂😂😂
showusurkipper Prije 6 mjeseci
now its a 960???
Alejandro Gruszka
Alejandro Gruszka Prije 6 mjeseci
It's the first time I hear The Wizard laugh!
david perkins
david perkins Prije 7 mjeseci
Luv these guys
Street Glide Pete
Street Glide Pete Prije 7 mjeseci
Hands down one of the strangest speaking man i have ever seen.
S M Prije 7 mjeseci
5:53 workings ac in a 1987 Volvo 765 turbo? Can't be real. Working ac is really fucking hard to find in volvo 940is and he got a working ac in a 760 nah. I own a volvo 940 classic and the ac doesn't work at all
Brian O'C
Brian O'C Prije 7 mjeseci
I have the best mechanic, this video reminds me of the antics of the after hours vip treatment. Most times I help, he regrets it!
MakeSh00t Prije 7 mjeseci
1 hour cost where i live where is payment 800 euros repeair service minimum 36 euros.
sheddski Prije 7 mjeseci
Wizard run like the wind from this guy
Anime Starlord
Anime Starlord Prije 7 mjeseci
Hoovie is funny. I fix all my own stuff and never look like a goof ball with a wrench.
William Rankin
William Rankin Prije 7 mjeseci
Excellent car. My pregnant wife was cut out of an 87 “Brick” when she mistakenly pulled right into the path of a full sized Chevy pick up. The front passenger door was roughly midway into the passenger seat. She got a concussion and a small battle scar for the effort. The spawn is living his dream flying around Korea in a Blackhawk. I’ll be forever grateful to Swedish engineering.
David Tillung
David Tillung Prije 7 mjeseci
Flag your hours using the techtimeapp
Elestro Air-soft
Elestro Air-soft Prije 7 mjeseci
Where's my Swedes at? 😄
Anthony C Simmons
Anthony C Simmons Prije 7 mjeseci
You are like a sideshow act, this was one of the best videos yet to date. Thank God that the Wizard was there to save your inept sorry ass. Did you also factor in the cost of the clothing that you ruined. Please stick to buying cars.
Tim Ray
Tim Ray Prije 7 mjeseci
Snort! hilariously
Graeme Oxley
Graeme Oxley Prije 7 mjeseci
So he didn't disconnect the battery first? Oh boy, this is going to be fun......
Matthew Angle
Matthew Angle Prije 7 mjeseci
As a flat rate tech this was a good time
Stold Prije 7 mjeseci
Btw $4000 for a 760! Here in Sweden we can get one in better shape for $1100
O G Prije 5 mjeseci
For obvious reasons
Stold Prije 7 mjeseci
Did he say 960 turbo brick 😂 Nämen sa han 960 turbo tegelsten va?
Bec busman
Bec busman Prije 7 mjeseci
How much you want for it ?
Rex Holes
Rex Holes Prije 7 mjeseci
LOL we have a swedish penis pump like that my work too
I'm a fan of the channel, but the backround music at begining, anoying the crap out of me, please change it, who else also hate the damn music!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Qasim Khan
Qasim Khan Prije 7 mjeseci
U costed wizards atleast 2000 dollar for the ac fix
James Chavez
James Chavez Prije 7 mjeseci
I can replace the water pump in less than 15 minutes and take off the alternator
Jason Day
Jason Day Prije 7 mjeseci
the car jizzard, covered in all sorts of fluids.
Brian Weir
Brian Weir Prije 7 mjeseci
Now we know why he's (David, not Hoovie) called The Car Wizard!
Damian Montero
Damian Montero Prije 7 mjeseci
You are an amazing "car guy" and 1 million + people agree!
Marcus Edin
Marcus Edin Prije 7 mjeseci
So about 3 minutes in to the video your trying to electrocut yourself, mhmmmm o.O
markus byström
markus byström Prije 7 mjeseci
I am swedish and that car is worth alot of money in sweden!!! So if you whant it to come home, you can ad it in sweden!!
Linus Hjälm
Linus Hjälm Prije 7 mjeseci
940? its a 740 bruh
Daniel Jordan
Daniel Jordan Prije 7 mjeseci
My First car was a '96 Volvo 850 with a stick. Still the my favorite car I have ever owned, made me a volvo owner for life.
johan eriksson
johan eriksson Prije 7 mjeseci
It's a 740 you don't need oil! Let it leak ;)
Hans M
Hans M Prije 8 mjeseci
Where can i buy that Cali dash carpet!? :D
Gulrotsaft Prije 8 mjeseci
You say 960 but the branding obviously says 760
Plzz Prije 8 mjeseci
As a 16 year old with little mechanical experience I changed the head gasket and timing belt on our family's 940 turbo brick to save it from the scrapper.
0e32 Prije 8 mjeseci
Every 16 year old kid could do that i Sweden in notime.
Clearanceman2 Prije 8 mjeseci
Every old car I have leaks oil. I just check them once a week. Can't imagine someone fixing every fluid leak on an old car. LOL
Clearanceman2 Prije 8 mjeseci
Around here old Volvos are almost free. No one wants to work on them.
Tobias Leininger
Tobias Leininger Prije 8 mjeseci
I want the VOLVO.
Tim the Lindroos
Tim the Lindroos Prije 8 mjeseci
And were is the Saab? Not good car at all! And where is the Audi Quatro 1980?Wrooom!
throwback19841 Prije 8 mjeseci
I love when the wizard does double entendres because he is completely and totally deadpan
Kuemmerling Enthusiast
Kuemmerling Enthusiast Prije 8 mjeseci
Surprised? It’s a Volvo!
matty bowler
matty bowler Prije 8 mjeseci
Tyler is a dummy bless him but he bought the right make for once keep away from the bmw brand or beemers as we call them in the 🇬🇧 Tyler they are the devil's car bro
james James
james James Prije 8 mjeseci
The magic of good design, without quality compromise. Does not happen anymore. Put the part anywhere as long it makes it cheaper. Can you hear us V W?????😣😣😣😣😣😣
twdarcy Prije 8 mjeseci
I think I've found my brother. "I don't like it, I hurt myself..." And, what gods did you piss off man!? lol
Brass 'n Barrels Firearms Channel
Brass 'n Barrels Firearms Channel Prije 8 mjeseci
this is why i stopped working on cars. I liked working on cars, and i know how to do things like brakes and suspension and so on. I can SHOW someone how to do what i know to do...but if grab the tool and try to do it, EVERYTHING goes wrong. Bolts snap, parts break, tools stop working. I'm like the king midas of fail on cars
albert Lees
albert Lees Prije 8 mjeseci
Water pump on a 3.8, gouged the housing, broke a stud in the head, tore the gasket and it still leaked Yeah i.. i did that. Let me shutup
Feisty Flagpole
Feisty Flagpole Prije 8 mjeseci
The best thing with a volvo redblock engine is that changing the timing belt is not very important, it's non interference so when it brakes you just put it back again. mark the timings when you get it and then you never have to worry about it :D
John Becay
John Becay Prije 8 mjeseci
go.... Hoovie...go...!!!!
andyhello23 Prije 8 mjeseci
That geezer should buy himself, a vw beetle, and fix it up in the corner of that garage. Its a very simple car, and he would learn alot from working on a simple car. It would be an interesting set of vids to see him fixing up his own car. We know its doubtful he will do it, but if he wanted to do such vids, he should start on a vw beetle, its a very simplistic car. Just accept that everyone learning would make mistakes, and you would have your buddy the wizard to help you out, when needed.
kaljuhyypio Prije 8 mjeseci
960? How about 760?
RC M Prije 8 mjeseci
Wizard teaches the right way. Throw in a few tech tips, then stand back and let Hoovie make his mistakes. He was also kind enough to keep his laughing to an acceptable limit! You're not having fun until you have warm lubricant run down your arm to your arm pit!!
magoo drummer
magoo drummer Prije 8 mjeseci
we have a name for guys like you in the trades. buddafingas ! That's a chicago term by da way . lol
Peter Cantremember
Peter Cantremember Prije 8 mjeseci
Classic..that was good comedy relief HG and Wizardso score is..HG 0 v Brick 1
João Loureiro Martins
João Loureiro Martins Prije 8 mjeseci
One of the first cars I ever owned was a Volvo 960 brick wagon almost just like that. That same plate under the transmission overdrive also needed to be resealed. I miss that car! It was a 2l 4 cylinder with DOHC type which only sold in Portugal and Italy because of engine size tax there. Awesome car, 200cv and 100km/h in 2nd gear!!! Cool channel, keep it up!!!
Stahodad Prije 8 mjeseci
I was just wondering today about working with The Car Wizard. ..for a day...sounds like fun.
tectorama Prije 8 mjeseci
A friend of mine used to work for a Volvo dealership in the UK. He seemed to spend a lot of time going away on courses.
Tyrannical Typo Michael Tester
Tyrannical Typo Michael Tester Prije 8 mjeseci
Most mechanic today are thieves Trust only your buddies or a long time family mechanic
Jim Blalock
Jim Blalock Prije 8 mjeseci
i only watch these videos. so i can listen to that great music..
DJ Nate
DJ Nate Prije 8 mjeseci
It looks like you're bending wizard over the engine bay right around 11:25.
HuskyLover518 Prije 8 mjeseci
11:54 I was literally taking a dink of my coffee and I heard “well we ran out time here” almost choked on my coffee from laughing so hard!!!😂
Swedes Auto
Swedes Auto Prije 8 mjeseci
hope ya'll pried up on the water pump when setting the bolts to get that dang top seal to set in, I'm sure Wizard knew that however. Glad you had the pleasure of wrenching on a brick.
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