Installing a Drive-In Movie Theater In My Dream Garage (And Roasting other Car YouTubers)

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Hoovies Garage

Prije 9 mjeseci

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Toms Garage
Toms Garage Prije 3 mjeseci
great video x
Engineering Rebel
Engineering Rebel Prije 4 mjeseci
Who’s here after he sold his Lamborghini
Paul C
Paul C Prije 7 mjeseci
nice man cave but gotta say the audio is sadly a bit echo-y... shoulda splurged for the fm transmitter to play the audio through the car stereo or better yet some old school window hanger speakers... just don't forget and drive away with them on the window...
John Hawkins
John Hawkins Prije 7 mjeseci
Ironically, the Starlite Drive-In in Wichita where Hoovie lives got special permission be operate during the shutdown.
John Pick
John Pick Prije 8 mjeseci
Yes indeed that is what we do to Doug D. Videos Z! Lol
John Pick
John Pick Prije 8 mjeseci
Great Idea !!!
Jamie Steadman
Jamie Steadman Prije 8 mjeseci
This is great.
A.J. W.
A.J. W. Prije 8 mjeseci
Love the setup!!! Can't wait for some more arcade challenges!
stpaulbriar Prije 8 mjeseci
Anyone else wonder where Hoovie gets his money? (Trust fund comes to mind.)
Superlative CG
Superlative CG Prije 8 mjeseci
Outlandish behavior.
A Resident
A Resident Prije 8 mjeseci
and this is how you do your green screens
That SpellsMOON
That SpellsMOON Prije 8 mjeseci
Lots of ads bra
Aye Dee
Aye Dee Prije 8 mjeseci
next episode, Hoovie rolls his new screen up in the garage door!! LOL
sunny Prije 8 mjeseci
i was actually a bit annoyed at the installers who came to your house without wearing any face mask or glove given u have a family
constantin58 Prije 8 mjeseci
echo sucks
True Pc King
True Pc King Prije 9 mjeseci
hate to be that guy but isnt it a BackThrough movie theater unless you want to watch it in the rear view mirror
Eskamo Bob
Eskamo Bob Prije 9 mjeseci
You should get a legit sim. 100% cheaper than blowing up another porsche on track
Ahmad Zia
Ahmad Zia Prije 9 mjeseci
Jr is hoovies son hands down !
Joshua Blick
Joshua Blick Prije 9 mjeseci
Wizard , BoB Ross " Happy Motors"
lapamful Prije 9 mjeseci
What is this, a drive-in movie theater for ants??
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson Prije 9 mjeseci
You've got some mighty large nostrils especially at that angle
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson Prije 9 mjeseci
Is he related to the Red Bolian on Freecloud?
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson Prije 9 mjeseci
The role of Hoovie, normally portrayed by Tyler Hoover, for tonight's show will be performed by understudy Matthew Lillard
Ryan Patterson
Ryan Patterson Prije 9 mjeseci
New wife + new baby = new man cave
Robert Craven
Robert Craven Prije 9 mjeseci
Hey Hoovie, what are the dimensions and layout of your garage? I dig it
Emil Lulic
Emil Lulic Prije 9 mjeseci
Man I was watching this dude when he was 20k subs you've came a long way Tyler and you're still funny af
Web Prije 9 mjeseci
These guys are just hacking it out trying to survive the Rona while looking at Hoover's obscene use of wealth LMAO 😂
Max Wolf
Max Wolf Prije 9 mjeseci
Hoovie you NEED to hook up an FM transceiver so you can tune your car radio to it for the full experience!
walker 3612
walker 3612 Prije 9 mjeseci
Didn't the Burlacher but a Hummer from you?
john fleming
john fleming Prije 9 mjeseci
like that you kinda reviewed Car Trek in your indoor drive-in. Your Ferrari definitely the prettiest of the three
nate Prije 9 mjeseci
i love that outrun 2 setup.
Makke Prije 9 mjeseci
hahah this was fun!
Jake Bonnici
Jake Bonnici Prije 9 mjeseci
Let's get hoovies garage to 1 million subs
darek4488 Prije 9 mjeseci
What happens if you are coming back to the house and you open the door when the screen is down?
Alberto Gonzalez
Alberto Gonzalez Prije 9 mjeseci
If you really want to Thx me, give the info on this drive in theater kit!!!! Im bored too with shelter IN place order...
B Harmon
B Harmon Prije 9 mjeseci
We get it.....daddy's rich.
Pendelton King
Pendelton King Prije 9 mjeseci
First and foremost, Congrats on the newest member to the Hoover family! Have you ever considered adding a Maybach 57/62 to your hooptie fleet?
Doug Obermann
Doug Obermann Prije 9 mjeseci
Tyler, Something is REALLY bothering me about this episode: What is it? This video was a SLAM FEST 1. You slammed JR (as a “copycat”) - WatchJRGo 2. You slammed the Car Wizard (really made a clean car video”) 3. You slammed “Daddy Doug” (Doug DeMuro I assume) - “skip to the end” 4. Others slammed? Advise: 1. NEVER NEVER NEVER slam a fellow HRpostrs... It makes you seem smaller, unhappy, and the desire to boost your views and discount the value of others... some you call your friends. 2. Please do have fun with other HRpostrs, but don’t slam them. 3. WatchJRGo - you helped him get many viewers... AND he actually does the repairs himself...please continue to mentor him and be a friend. He may pass your total number of subscribers someday...?! 4. The Car Wizard - he is one of your main mechanics... you helped him get started and gain many views... please continue to mentor him and be a friend. 4. For “Daddy Doug” (Doug DeMuro) - you must perceive him as a rival (?)... Get over it... There is plenty of room in this HRpost world for many, many car guys/gals. 5. I was very disappointed in your demeanor. Heartfelt regards, Doug O
Nobody else but me
Nobody else but me Prije 9 mjeseci
I have an apology to make. I thought you were a complete idiot when I watched you spend a ton of money on broken, useless and completely impractical cars until I finally realised that it was all 100% farce for entertainment purposes that brings you in a hell of a lot more money than I could ever dream of having and likely more than pays for all those useless cars. Guess I was the idiot after all, not you. Congratulations. I'm a fan.
Joseph Oberlander
Joseph Oberlander Prije 9 mjeseci
Nerdy fact: The original multiplayer racing game like this was actually San Francisco Rush back in 1996 - 24 years ago. The original Outrun came out at the same time, but it lacked multiplayer. By 1999, Rush 2049 came out, which had one of the cabinets serve as a dedicated server and could log thousands of different drivers and their setups/configurations. I still remember one arcade that had 4 of these chained together, making for incredible multiplayer with friends moments.
qxANGELxp Prije 9 mjeseci
I do the opposite. The Dougscore is trash. It means nothing to me unless I drive the car myself, because let's face it, it's still subjective. So the video ends there for me.
SpeakerFreak95 Prije 9 mjeseci
Before you do anything else, you REALLY need some acoustic treatment in that room.
The Forsaken One
The Forsaken One Prije 9 mjeseci
Everybody it talking about that tiger guy!
Eric T
Eric T Prije 9 mjeseci
Thanks for poking fun at Doug. That guy is kind of a joke. You could give him a car wrapped in poop and as long as the sponsors throw money at him he'll say the car is great.
bmh67wa Prije 9 mjeseci
I haven't been to or even seen a working drive-in for years.
Oak Hill House Australia Bridgetown
Oak Hill House Australia Bridgetown Prije 9 mjeseci
del trotts
del trotts Prije 9 mjeseci
Used to play Turbo outrun !
Gianmarco Rizzo
Gianmarco Rizzo Prije 9 mjeseci
Hey great video!! You should do a vid where you tell us some crazy stories that have happened to you in the past regarding your auto sales career!!
Dm Details
Dm Details Prije 9 mjeseci
Daddy dougs gonna be the final judge of Cartrek
Dm Details
Dm Details Prije 9 mjeseci
What a cool idea
stripymccatpuss Prije 9 mjeseci
For your next vid, get a few thousand dollars in cash, set it on fire while wearing a "I don't give a fuck you lost your job T-shirt ".....Wanker.
SkyVR Prije 9 mjeseci
You no longer get to call yourself the "dumbest automotive channel in all of HRpost" because THAT, sir, is GENIUS!
kevin conroy
kevin conroy Prije 9 mjeseci
Hoovie, Doug is great for his informative style, but you have far and away the most entertaining car channel on HRpost. Thanks for the laughs
Cool Cars For Sale
Cool Cars For Sale Prije 9 mjeseci
Not a bad idea Hoovie! I would do that so I could watch HRpost videos on how to fix my car so when I work on it in the garage I do t have to look at a small phone screen lmfao
Noah Ramos
Noah Ramos Prije 9 mjeseci
Well that ain't a real drive in if ur not listening on ur radio
Nate Jones
Nate Jones Prije 9 mjeseci
A 120 inch screen... for a living room, that'd be big. But for a drive-in theater, that's small.
Fresh Towels
Fresh Towels Prije 9 mjeseci
Tyler I love you. You’re the best HRpostr out there. I really enjoy your videos and your personality and the crazy things you do. Would love to hang out in your garage one day and play that Ferrari game. You should do like a HRpost sweepstake for one lucky viewer to come down and visit you.
L S Prije 9 mjeseci
Screen size seems kind of small for the space you have. You didn't cover the sound system, but you should get at least a 5.1 surround system and a couple of quality subwoofers (I prefer SVS, but there are lots out there).
John Stuart
John Stuart Prije 9 mjeseci
Hey Hoovs, get FM transmitter for your drive-in. I bet your cars have pretty sweet sound systems!
Govvy Prije 9 mjeseci
Would love to see a video tour of your house!
Colby Paul
Colby Paul Prije 9 mjeseci
what kind of cassette tape would you listen to in a Gallardo lmao
shanehb Prije 9 mjeseci
I like watching you watch other tubers. Nice drive in theater.
Blake Buckwald
Blake Buckwald Prije 9 mjeseci
Your merch link doesn't seem to be working!? I like the shirt you have on in this video, are they for sale?
Justin Bridgemohan
Justin Bridgemohan Prije 9 mjeseci
Need to see that Camaro parked in front of that theater
SkweekyMagee Prije 9 mjeseci
Now he needs the F355 Challenge arcade game. I remember playing that every time I I saw it. I always picked I sucked at that.
Chthonian121 Prije 9 mjeseci
Drive-in movie theater? Looks more like a drive-in community college course xD
Shawn Schroeder
Shawn Schroeder Prije 9 mjeseci
Man. To have just HALF of your money....I'd be set for life.
DueVolvi Prije 9 mjeseci
Screen is hanging way too high man, my neck is hurting by just lookin' at you!
amadan34 Prije 9 mjeseci
Essential work putting in projectors?
Travis Fike
Travis Fike Prije 9 mjeseci
Your a savage haha
jdgrettner Prije 9 mjeseci
Ok, I have to know, is door disabled when screen is down and screen disabled when door is up??
Jakub Balog
Jakub Balog Prije 9 mjeseci
9:45 true that hahaha
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne Prije 9 mjeseci
Sorry but I un Subbed from Wizard a while back. I find there's a lot better content out there for me to enjoy than his. Johnny has much better rates and no BS about personal Feelings on what he will or won't work on because he "Doesn't like a brand". What ever brand it might be. I found that very rude to Tyler who basically made him. IMHO.
Elijah Rietz
Elijah Rietz Prije 9 mjeseci
Should put the audio on an FM radio broadcaster so you can listen to the movie through the speakers of whatever car(s) you’re in
Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw Prije 9 mjeseci
Tyler you might be interested in MICK BETH’s Channel! She is a young lady that is learning and doing her own car Repair! Im like you i know how to do the basics. I can make more money at my day job than I could save doing repairs myself!
Mike thompson
Mike thompson Prije 9 mjeseci
more *ermagerdacarr* pls
s c
s c Prije 9 mjeseci
Hoovies Movies ... next episode, "i lose my shirt buying another car"
52 Dislikes
52 Dislikes Prije 9 mjeseci
……. You need starlight like a Rolls Royce
enigmaPL Prije 9 mjeseci
Everyone: The economy is crashing!! Insider trading scandals!! Hoovie: Installing a Drive-In Movie Theater In My Dream Garage!! Q('o'Q)
larry Zeldin
larry Zeldin Prije 9 mjeseci
Hoovies repair invoices will jump a hefty percentage for that roast.
j ryan
j ryan Prije 9 mjeseci
Hey, Hoovie. Love the channel. Sometimes you remind me of Danny the Caddy from Caddyshack. That's a compliment, midwestern innocence, and all
X K Prije 9 mjeseci
Sorry you come off as an entitled Dbag, Millions are out of work. How's about auctioning off some of your cars to help people 🙄
Kay EM
Kay EM Prije 9 mjeseci
6:53 me whenever trump speaks
Rick Collins
Rick Collins Prije 9 mjeseci
I know who stole your Mercedes from detailer when it was drying.%%%%%%%%%%%%
Mason s
Mason s Prije 9 mjeseci
The most responsible un-responsible man on youtube
far out
far out Prije 9 mjeseci
Hi Hoovie! How about you get Chrysler TC by Maserati for my viewing pleasure and vicarious kicks, thanks!
Scott Blackwell
Scott Blackwell Prije 9 mjeseci
I don't know about looking over your windshield to watch it. Maybe you need to run the car up on ramps to get the angle right. Most drive-ins you were probably 100' in front of the screen and not 10'. I'm guessing this is probably more of just a garage big-screen though...sure wish you would have spent 15 seconds showing how they tied the power in for the screen or where they mounted the speakers, etc. and are they all bluetooth or wired?
Daemonarch2k6 Prije 9 mjeseci
Even if i'm jealous like a little bitch, this makes me love your channel even more. A guy with an home car cinema in his garage can't be a bad person
cleanalldatyme Prije 9 mjeseci
Love hoovie for dis one Lmaoo 😂
Ben Renner
Ben Renner Prije 9 mjeseci
I'd watch joe exotic in my exotic car!
Nick M
Nick M Prije 9 mjeseci
Gotta be my favorite automotive channel on youtube, I get so sick and tired of all the showoff cartubers. “Buying my mclaren p1 at 16”, “10 things I hate about my ferrari”, “just bought a 100,000 truck!!” shit gets so old. Your channel is a great mix of content delivered with a genuine personality, thanks for the hours of solid entertainment!
Ismael Marrero
Ismael Marrero Prije 9 mjeseci
Love the idea of the drive in theater a great way of thinking outside the box love your Ferrari voice a big tums UP to you and your team for making me laugh.
Roo The conqueror
Roo The conqueror Prije 9 mjeseci
one of the local car shops had an Initial D arcade like that.
shayne brown
shayne brown Prije 9 mjeseci
Must be nice hoovie
WMS_Jacob Prije 9 mjeseci
TTsScorpio26 Prije 9 mjeseci
How much you want for that Mazda Miata
jeremy Barton
jeremy Barton Prije 9 mjeseci
Carol Baskin that bitc*
Johnny Nimble
Johnny Nimble Prije 9 mjeseci
*wife opens garage door with screen in the down position"
Modular Disciple
Modular Disciple Prije 9 mjeseci
You should add a short range FM transmitter to the setup so you can hear the movie audio thru the car stereo.
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