Here's Why BMW Mechanics Are Richer Than Most BMW Owners

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bldsprt518 Prije 13 sati
Dont waste time with fluids..check if your vc is bad if is good luck
Mike Cronis
Mike Cronis Prije dan
I'd argue AC Delco would be of higher quality than BMW.
Eric Jay
Eric Jay Prije 2 dana
That E30 makes me harrrrd😜
ac0rpbg Prije 3 dana
Finally a true BMW on the channel, not a plastic crap. Just a tip for M20/M30 valve adjusments most of the time it is more reliable to shim it at the valve so when you adjust it it doesn't move the adjusment while tightening it. I'm sure Ninja has done it enough times to be able to do it from the first time everytime, but for us normal people it is very annoying to adjust the valve then assemble everything to have to adjust them again only because one of the valves moved while tightening.
Bradley Carrier
Bradley Carrier Prije 3 dana
None still richer than the Snap On guy.
John Pollard
John Pollard Prije 3 dana
Taco Tuesday, lol.
ronejr766 Prije 4 dana
2500 friggin dollars to do a valve cover gasket?! Help my fuck.
Scrapcash2 Prije 4 dana
It's way easier to take out the 4 bolts in the hood and remove it. Only takes a minute and gives yourself a lot more room to work.
New Tablet
New Tablet Prije 4 dana
When I saw the need of 2 specialized tools to take the radiator fan off i decided that the rest of my automotive interests will be bashing and convincing others to consider BMW a big fat full of propaganda POS who have done well in convincing the world that they're cars are not dumpsters on wheels with nice leather.
Termiic Prije 4 dana
Is it fair or even accurate to call that "evolution" instead of degradation?
HARRISON WOOD Prije 5 dana
Idk if you look more like Marty mcfly or the fonz with that god awful jacket
Nick Dargie
Nick Dargie Prije 10 dana
Imagine being one of Johnnie's customers and continuously seeing your vehicle stranded on one of his lifts while he is babysitting Hoovie while making these videos.
Jacob Falk
Jacob Falk Prije 12 dana
Yeah, but good luck actually getting the new valve cover gasket to actually seal. You need shiz loads of RTV.
Aye Dee
Aye Dee Prije 13 dana
OK Guys, I had a 1989 320i straight six, loved that car. I want first dibs on that baby .... pahleeze! ...
Jaroslaw P.
Jaroslaw P. Prije 13 dana
He buys the worst, abused, cheapest cars and formulates harmful opinions about BMW.
Derek Hightower
Derek Hightower Prije 13 dana
M20 engines are very reliable.
VIVANOFF Prije 15 dana
I was gonna say the same...but for Audi!
I am Fus
I am Fus Prije 15 dana
Tip from the shop :P Take off your rings if you care about your fingers.
ponczak Prije 16 dana
Last rational built BMW are E46 and E39, newer models are endlessly more complicated and not that much better in comfort etc.
Jim Henry
Jim Henry Prije 16 dana
My son's work for huge tech firms in Seattle. They owned BMW's for years. M-3's, M-4s, M-5's. They all had to dump them. The cost of repairs was prodigious. Every time a service light went on it cost thousands. One designer son earns $200,000.00 plus a year and after he spent $40,000.00 in repairs on his M-3 ,after he spent $40,000.00 on the purchase price. He now drives a restored 1999 Honda Prelude,and a 1982 Delorean. He is perfectly happy finally.
JuicyLemon Prije 17 dana
Holy crap AWD?
Attack Roflchopter
Attack Roflchopter Prije 17 dana
Timing belts every 30k? *looks over at 2010 Insight with 320K and factory belt*
James Brown
James Brown Prije 2 dana
Mine [1986, 325IS] went at about 45,000. It's like Priority Job #1 on these cars.
Ketil Lund Sørensen
Ketil Lund Sørensen Prije 17 dana
Didt a BMW DPF change some time ago, normally you can take out the airfilt box and get access to the clamp on the turbo, but somehow BMW had made the airfilter box and val cover as one unit. What a pain in the Anaheims garden it was to get that clamp of and even worse to get the new one in. BMW lost there way after the M52 engine.
Antiochia ad Taurum
Antiochia ad Taurum Prije 17 dana
The Car Wizard is Optimus Prime. Ninja is Shia La Bouef. Hoovey is Jeremy Clarkson . I'm possibly being unfair on ninja here
Caca Detoro
Caca Detoro Prije 17 dana
Gee i wonder why so many wholesale lots are full of BMWs? No one wants to have them fixed, instead they dump them.
TheBeingReal Prije 17 dana
BMW’s are 💩
Andre Muller
Andre Muller Prije 18 dana
Takes me back to the days of the Opel VS BMW wars of the 80's in South Africa. The BMW 325 IS VS the Opel Kadett Superboss. I was a HUGE Tony Viana fan who drove the Winfield BMW and even cheered him when we were VIP guests with an Opel dealership. That was after BMW built the 325IS (2,7) engine to compete with the C20XE engined Opel. The BMW's sounded so sweet, but the Opel triumphed in the end. I later had an Opel with a C20XE motor and that thing was Uber fast, 270km/h (168mph) flat out, stock standard normally aspirated. The BMW was governed to 245km/h (152mph).
Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav Prije 18 dana
You need 3 friends in life - Mr. Hoovie, Mr. Wheezard and Mr. Ninja!!! :D
d1strappazon Prije 19 dana
To bad that ridge wallet is a $125
Awkward Seal
Awkward Seal Prije 15 dana
For a piece of machined aluminum too. Such a joke, I bet there's a cheaper knockoff that's just as good somewhere.
brent dillard
brent dillard Prije 19 dana
Absolutely nothing wrong with the ac delco belt. BMW uses parts from Valero for god sakes
Danny Mitchell
Danny Mitchell Prije 19 dana
The Ridge Wallets are awesome!! I have used one for the last year and a half. Before I just carried a couple of loose cards in my front pocket. I hated the typical wallet size and shape. The Ridge Wallet is great and kinda fun to use especially when popping a card back into place.
Mike the Mechanic
Mike the Mechanic Prije 19 dana
Ran a side BMW shop on my days off on Nextdoor. I made a killing on BMW 5 years old plus. My scanner paid off many times over. Most parts I replaced had to be coded. I would update I drive with iPhone for 100. Easy 5 mins. Brake jobs were gravy work....
Thechristopherryan Prije 20 dana
Ninja charges $1,000 for a n54 valve cover gasket? Fuck him and the horse he rode in on. It’s a 2hr job and the valve covers are plastic.
StacheCam Prije 20 dana
My e30 killed its self cause it wanted a newer engine
adamv242 Prije 20 dana
Why I'll never own a BMW newer than my E39.. Wish I still had my E28.
German engineering
Rick K
Rick K Prije 21 dan
Ok people, I have a 1986 325e BMW, runs great, but needs to be refurbished. Looking to sell, and I’d Love to refurbish it myself, but I was hurt 8yrs ago at work. So I can’t do what I really wanted to do, refurbish it. So I’m looking for a great home, and I know there’s hope for finding someone on this channel. Let me know if ya know of someone who will refurbish it, please! Let me know, thanks Rick
Christian McCollum
Christian McCollum Prije 21 dan
"BMW has to be backwards. .Mother Fxcker!" Better words couldn't be said, Ninja.
john moser
john moser Prije 22 dana
This is funny... reminds me of working on my own cars at my mechanics shop friend's a VW ninja and easily runs circles around me lol
Stag2997 Prije 23 dana
I've had one well known UK BMW garage try to con me out of a Turbo on an E61 535d. The issue? Cracked exhaust manifold. Sorry, mechanics not are rich because owners are morons. It's because they are cheating liars who'd sell their wives and children to get further in life. Was I pissed? You bet! A £1500 potential repair was £300 labour via a trusted mechanic + £100 in parts to repair. I will show a view to show what the issue was. The owner of the garage looked me in the eye and said 'your manifold' is fine. Thank God I checked it myself to expose that cheat. Garage for anyone wondering was Autobahn Halesowen. A BMW Car Club UK Sponsor for those wondering.
Enis Sejda
Enis Sejda Prije 23 dana
13:20 Car ninja is Albanian!!!!
ROOGIES Prije 24 dana
The spelling mistake in his T-Shirt is bugging me off!
Pete Laframboise
Pete Laframboise Prije 25 dana
i've done valve cover gaskets on modern bmws. just like the one shown at 3:16 they aren't terrible took maybe 3.5 hours max .
ThePuliUkko Prije 25 dana
I think it's better you not to touch those tools..
Henry G
Henry G Prije 25 dana
Ah, Albanian! I've been wondering about his accent for a while.
Mr Porsche
Mr Porsche Prije 25 dana
Ive had afew bmws.There is a large mechanical shop in my area that only work on bmws and mercs.The mechanics always tell their customers to sell their cars because they are crap.This no joke.No i own a porsche same shit!
SomeguywithaRover Prije 25 dana
Does the ninja have a HRpost channel? I’d love to follow
D Can
D Can Prije 26 dana
Did anyone see the price of Ridge Wallets, youd have to be a BMW mechanic to afford one!
Kevin Basso
Kevin Basso Prije 27 dana
do you have any more videos on mechanics talking about the newer engines?
No Spare
No Spare Prije 27 dana
I've done this same job on my E30...Thank you for the entertainment, so much easier to work on than a newer car.
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Prije 27 dana
I was wondering when I would see an N63 on this channel
SuperKolven Prije 27 dana
I feel verry good after watching your videos. You are so positive fixing these vehecles with help from good mechanics.
Jb little
Jb little Prije 27 dana
I love the scream sound effects when you work on stuff, sounds exactly like me when I work on my car🤣🤣🤣. You should have put them in this video, I was disappointed you didnt.
stanvbi Prije 27 dana
I've been trying to place Johnny's accent since his first appearance, and all I had to see was his phones home screen...
Wesley Wong
Wesley Wong Prije 27 dana
In my country, BMW stands for break my wallet
Michael Broski
Michael Broski Prije 27 dana
Owned a e30 and I wish I never sold it. Was a 1990 325iS coupe. This was before you had to be rich to own one. Car was mint too.
Dolby Fox
Dolby Fox Prije 28 dana
13:21 24h clock! My man!
Dark Silhouette
Dark Silhouette Prije 28 dana
Hah want a modern engine that is easy to work on buy a Toyota or Honda
Nickword One
Nickword One Prije 28 dana
In other words never buy a newer used BMW!!! lol
keef 24
keef 24 Prije 28 dana
a box of those wallets fell infront of me at work , i know have 1 lol
Michael Carr
Michael Carr Prije 28 dana
The constant complaining has a point, but the increased complexity is present in most modern cars. So it sounds like he's targeting a specific brand. But I might just be triggered. LoL.
Awkward Seal
Awkward Seal Prije 15 dana
From what I know, BMWs are particularly bad for this.
Two Knightfall
Two Knightfall Prije 29 dana
For someone as clueless as you sure you have a lot of opinions . Your poor millionaire mechanic .
L B Prije 29 dana
Was curious if the transfer case had to be repaired? If so, can you share some details on the fix?
Alouicious Deverdander
Alouicious Deverdander Prije 29 dana
What’s the difference between a BMW and a porcupine? A porcupine has pricks on the outside...
KLAUS MAARTENS Prije 29 dana
We like to see a real automotive video. We don't care about the brand history. My first BMW was a 1995 model 2002. Thank goodness for fast forward!
Francisco Colon-Baez
Francisco Colon-Baez Prije 29 dana
does ninja have a channel??
Eric Wing
Eric Wing Prije 29 dana
I wouldn't own a BMW if you gave me one.
Dennis Keena
Dennis Keena Prije mjesec
Hoovie did a thing.
Rodd Johnson
Rodd Johnson Prije mjesec
Electric cars.... yeah that's the ticket. Sarc off
Alperen Erol
Alperen Erol Prije mjesec
I just go to mechanic to see if he diagnoses the problem and then I fix it myself. Been to 10 different mechanics
Tyrone Ross
Tyrone Ross Prije mjesec
Please clean that intake of grease before it bakes on, ASAP!, I have never seen one so clean in my life.
Andy Ambafrance
Andy Ambafrance Prije mjesec
86/89 M20 engines were prone to the cylinder head bolts snapping off - not very common but BMW changed to Torx stretch bolts in late '89 for a reason and it is worth fitting them. You can replace the existing hex bolts one by one with Torx in a diagonal pattern, takes about an hour or so all in. I had two cars that did it, a 1987 E28 520i (no damage) and a 1989 325i when the camshaft lobe punched the bolt head through the centre coolant gallery. That made a mess.
Sangoten Prije mjesec
Ninja is so cool!
gazon moto headz
gazon moto headz Prije mjesec
It's amazing brah these A holes think that they have the best car in the world they watch u like what u have is garbage but can't afford simple maintenance
Max Markowitz
Max Markowitz Prije mjesec
the way Ninja looks up when he says millionaire
Levi's Wranglers
Levi's Wranglers Prije mjesec
Reminds me of a joke my dad used to tell on job sites, that I borrowed for the shop. My hourly rate is $50.. If you help it's $100.
reaperiz Prije mjesec
so the ninjas favorite word is "yes"
Austin Farrell
Austin Farrell Prije mjesec
I love the use of the fender cover on that beater.
103eaglecrest Prije mjesec
I'm sure the mechanic was thrilled to hear him recommend that we all go to electric vehicles since there is so little to go wrong with them.
William Winn
William Winn Prije mjesec
This reminds me of the sign in many garages: Labor $100/hr, $150/hr if you watch, $200/hr if you help.
Ernie Menard
Ernie Menard Prije mjesec
When I was a young man, up at a garage in North Carolina, outside Jacksonville, the sign was $15, $25, and something like $40.
Stefan Maksic
Stefan Maksic Prije mjesec
Johnie is Albanian 😳
pida siouy
pida siouy Prije mjesec
I agree tyler 😂, did a valve cover gasket on my f10 n57, This e30 is way easier 😇
TGOG Prije mjesec
Did You say You live in.. Kansas? Kansas Gang!?!?
dalitis dalitis
dalitis dalitis Prije mjesec
It's not the European car manufacturers that are to blame for their cars lack of reliability. It's the fucking EU's emissions regulations.
pida siouy
pida siouy Prije mjesec
take a serious hit. honda is learning that first hand as they bump up hp to catch up.... as a result they are 12th in reliability falling behind kia(consumer.reports2019)
Kiwizz 21
Kiwizz 21 Prije mjesec
Hoovie , fuck off with that dam wallet. Nearly every “ car “ youtuber has been promoting the bloody thing. I’m sick of it.
pida siouy
pida siouy Prije mjesec
I’m gonna find out where you live and come and put in the part you cut out at 18:30... lol
Brian VanderMey
Brian VanderMey Prije mjesec
I religiously change my E90 oil every 15,000 miles weather it needs it or not. Current mileage 250,000 miles
pida siouy
pida siouy Prije mjesec
to be desired. I honestly think hybrids are really the way forward for right now.
Kelly Barthel
Kelly Barthel Prije mjesec
Try the audio. Volkswagen has always been notorious for no room to work.
doire aintu
doire aintu Prije mjesec
This is why I love E30's, They're actually fun to work on!
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller Prije mjesec
Ninja is sharp, my Supercar Mechanic hates BMWs and always say only Mercedes
R N Prije mjesec
Personally, I find the older M20 and M30 engines to be fun. They have tighter tolerances which makes older higher mileage engines run rougher, but I've never had a lot of trouble with them. Anything before 1995 is fun to work on.
pity220171 Prije mjesec
Car Ninja must start his own youtube channel.
doire aintu
doire aintu Prije mjesec
This intro reminds me of Dark S2x1 intro looollll
cicicok Prije mjesec
Does anybody knows where to get those super long wrenches for the fan? I cannot find anything longer than 270 mm.
leo tam
leo tam Prije mjesec
Ninja is to Tyler, what Bruce is to Regular Car Reviews
DAVID PERRY Prije mjesec
Bmw owner , how much oil does it leak? Mechanic- all of it
concerned citizen Will
concerned citizen Will Prije mjesec
15 years later BMW is reaping what their lifetime fluids & 15K oil changes have sowed in the attempt to save on warranty maintainence costs. an entire generation of car fanatics that's sworn off anything adorned with a roundel. chris bungle didn't do any favors for bmw either lmao
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Prije mjesec
dumb rich ad? thumb down ...
TDC flyer
TDC flyer Prije mjesec
I'm german, and I'm in the business of government-mandatory car roadworthyness inspections. Without even having seen this video I can relate to the title. It's just what you get when german petrolheads (BMW engineers) create ridiculously overengineered driving machines compliant with the "Freude am Fahren" slogan without considering what those vehicles might look like after 5 years, 120k miles in the hands of drivers who don't understand the complexity of the whole system. I get to see the abyss every time one of those ageing BMWs show up...
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Prije mjesec
wouldn't be a bad Idea to give the car the "jack test" to make sure the viscous coupling in the transfer case is still working. Good luck!
concerned citizen Will
concerned citizen Will Prije mjesec
bmw owners think their cars fall under the rolls royce sealed hood fallacy in that they don't break down. truth is pushing the limits of current technology will cause reliability to take a serious hit. honda is learning that first hand as they bump up hp to catch up.... as a result they are 12th in reliability falling behind kia(consumer.reports2019)
That Beamer Guy
That Beamer Guy Prije mjesec
I agree tyler 😂, did a valve cover gasket on my f10 n57, This e30 is way easier 😇
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Prije mjesec
13:21. Jonny is a proud Albanian.
1337penguinman Prije mjesec
Electric cars are simple because you can't fix anything on them. If a motor goes out you replace the whole unit. I don't mind the idea of them, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. I honestly think hybrids are really the way forward for right now.
Jason Passofaro
Jason Passofaro Prije mjesec
I’m gonna find out where you live and come and put in the part you cut out at 18:30... lol
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