Starting My Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster After An Engine Out Service Was a HUGE FAIL

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Hoovies Garage

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m gray
m gray Prije mjesec
I'm so glad to have found your site, cause I was thinking about buying an older RR! Thank you so much for making my choice!!
shake jones
shake jones Prije mjesec
I use to watch Wheeler Dealers now I watch Hoovies Garage! Great job guys - enjoy watching this team! So much knowledge from Tyler and Wizard! Keep it going...DISCOVERY CHANNEL OFFER THESE GUYS A SHOW!
John Doe
John Doe Prije 3 mjeseci
You need to start selling cars to pay for all the cars coming in for repair .
Blake Gibbons
Blake Gibbons Prije 4 mjeseci
3:37 I 100% thought that was Tyler's random sense of humor putting that sound at first hahahah
Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez Prije 4 mjeseci
The Wizard is my fuckin role model🙏
Blokka Nokka
Blokka Nokka Prije 5 mjeseci
Thumbs up on the raging bull dookie alone, respec to you and da wizard :)
keneblana Prije 5 mjeseci
The ads were getting to be a bit much, now the cheesey wallet infomercial. See Ya!
B A Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovie: Should I call AAA for a jump start? Wizard: No, you go home and play with your own nipples. I'll fix the car.
Bob Rainy
Bob Rainy Prije 5 mjeseci
C'mon Wizard. You can get it to start! We believe in you!
Bengali Boi
Bengali Boi Prije 5 mjeseci
He needs a new mechanic 🤦‍♂️
AA1010101010 Prije 5 mjeseci
looks like you are the only one customer in wizards garage
michael palermo
michael palermo Prije 5 mjeseci
This video is great, but not as much engine on transmission action as the last one.
whyisthisnottyping Prije 5 mjeseci
You are making that man rich
Sophie Hawthorne
Sophie Hawthorne Prije 6 mjeseci
Lamborghini in it's natural habitat.... Broken down, in a workshop. The only thing worse than a Lamborghini is usually the owner 😂
Les The Great
Les The Great Prije 6 mjeseci
Pay the wizard or he'll turn you into methane
James Prije 6 mjeseci
The key is just a regular VW key isn't it?
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Prije 6 mjeseci
I was hoping it would start.
E. M. Torres
E. M. Torres Prije 6 mjeseci
Get a different mechanic, actually I have a Mechanic for you. in Virginia Beach.
автоигорёк местный
автоигорёк местный Prije 6 mjeseci
Where Hovie gets money to pay? Does he sell his ass for black people?
jon doe
jon doe Prije 6 mjeseci
That sound when he turned the key was cringe worthy. It means either zero spark, or broken timing.
Tom Ingebrigtsen
Tom Ingebrigtsen Prije 6 mjeseci
When you bought your new coil packs from Ebay...
Trenton Cairns
Trenton Cairns Prije 6 mjeseci
0:46 Why did i laugh so much as Wizard just saying "Yes"
Brian Sharp
Brian Sharp Prije 6 mjeseci
Doug DeMuro masterclass student
GORE illa
GORE illa Prije 6 mjeseci
I NEVER expected Hoovie to quote Eazy-E! That's epic.
Luiz Ramos
Luiz Ramos Prije 6 mjeseci
Basically every car on this garage belongs to the same person.
Tom Aiger
Tom Aiger Prije 6 mjeseci
advertising crap in a carvid ??! 👎👎👎⬇⬇⬇
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze Prije 6 mjeseci
$7000 for a Panasonic CF52 ($100 on eBay) with a few hundred bucks worth of Albanian-pirated Lambo softwarre... Wizard's retirement fund is looking good!
Evlengr Prije 6 mjeseci
Is it me, or does Hoovie sound like Jeff Goldblum at times?
Adam Skinner
Adam Skinner Prije 6 mjeseci
I know u have to pay for all your automotive goodness and keep the Wizard dreaming of getting the luxury yacht but double adds every 2 minutes is really pushing my pleasure vs cost buttons and I don't think I'd want to be suffering this amount of adds frustration for every Hoovies vid, it's just to bloody excessive. I'd also suggest you recoup some of the excessive cost of the old Lambo service pc by selling copies of the software or a complete drive image on USB sticks to others who find themselves in the same boat, even at $500 a copy it would be a more reasonable solution to a ridiculous situation.
Monte Gonzales
Monte Gonzales Prije 6 mjeseci
The wizard has lost his magic touch, this restart is a huge fail.
James Mackintosh
James Mackintosh Prije 6 mjeseci
I normally just roll my eyes and fast forward through HRpost/Podcast ads, they're all so dumb, but as an EDC (everyday carry) nerd and gear reviewer, that Ridge wallet actually seems SUPER dope.
Mark Jennings
Mark Jennings Prije 6 mjeseci
Jeez so many ads (too many) plus the sponsor waffle. Sorry but the ads ruin the vid so I’m unsubscribing. I’ll come back and take a peek in the future in case you drop all the ads and earn a Re-subscription.
K Mc
K Mc Prije 6 mjeseci
I dont even know how you can browse the web without ad-block extension
Edward Spaccarelli
Edward Spaccarelli Prije 6 mjeseci
Sounds like no compression?
bigmarkdarula Prije 6 mjeseci
This is garbage
Yue Fan
Yue Fan Prije 6 mjeseci
6:45 might want to image that hard disk if a $50 Centrino computer is worth $7,000 when it has the right software.
Yue Fan
Yue Fan Prije 6 mjeseci
5:08 bypass type oil filter? Looks really similar to my 1969 Porsche 912 (with the 356 / type 616 engine) oil filter housing, which is a bypass instead of full filtration design.
Classic Jags
Classic Jags Prije 6 mjeseci
Top mechanic,I would have checked it started before Hoovie arrived.
Hoodoo Texas
Hoodoo Texas Prije 6 mjeseci
Is it plugged in? Try turning it off and on again.
Aurimas Šostakas
Aurimas Šostakas Prije 6 mjeseci
who wants same wallet for rest of his life? put your hand up
mazdaman Prije 6 mjeseci
Too many ads on this channel now,very hard to watch on my tv such a shame its now ruining what was one of the best you tube channels
wow-hunter Prije 6 mjeseci
You have to shut the car door alarm on and alarm off then it starts.It's from Italy
Zil Co
Zil Co Prije 6 mjeseci
The “wizard” is a wizard at taking your money.
Dan Newton
Dan Newton Prije 6 mjeseci
Shoulda done a manual conversion🤷
K Mc
K Mc Prije 6 mjeseci
He's not exactly Driftworks channel. On there Phil has put ITBs and a manual into his LP640
lucas brusseau
lucas brusseau Prije 6 mjeseci
sounds like the starter is just spinning and not turning the engine over.
Better Call Gatto
Better Call Gatto Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoovies : *buys a car... Also hoovie"˙ʞuıɥʇ I ɓuoɹʍ ɓuıɥʇǝɯos pıp I"
Mike khoh
Mike khoh Prije 6 mjeseci
Please put in a Toyota engine and be happy with it
B. P.
B. P. Prije 6 mjeseci
Distant Light
Distant Light Prije 6 mjeseci
Too many ads.
Thor Mcgee
Thor Mcgee Prije 6 mjeseci
If the Wizard got less Hollywood and more into fix some stuff mode the entire garage wouldn't have Tyler's cars being held hostage.
John McIntosh
John McIntosh Prije 6 mjeseci
Less Lambo, more Imperial!
nexus0038 Prije 6 mjeseci
Hey Tyler you'll be buying this when the car hits 60,000 miles. Id like to see the look on the Wizards face when this thing is dropped of in his garage.
Stuart Sanderson
Stuart Sanderson Prije 6 mjeseci
how about a contrasting hammer finish on the filter housing? you've got enough chrome already!
ninja Prije 6 mjeseci
windows 95
Moments Prije 6 mjeseci
Are tyler and doug related
Lee Ludtke
Lee Ludtke Prije 6 mjeseci
lol u can tell this was staged...a purposefully unplugged fuel pump or something
hightower005 Prije 6 mjeseci
7k isn't that bad 🤣🤣 look at leonardo Diag system 🤣🤣
Doug Johnstone
Doug Johnstone Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoovie love your videos! Highlight of my week is watching them!
Steven Noblin
Steven Noblin Prije 6 mjeseci
"You want me to turn the screw" I had to laugh!
Jenny Jammer
Jenny Jammer Prije 6 mjeseci
You're so materialistic. 3 generations of homeless families could live comfortably in your garage. You should rent it out for cheap.
K Mc
K Mc Prije 6 mjeseci
Sounds judgemental to me and a tad communistic
JohnnyB Prije 6 mjeseci
Aww come awn Tyler, you couldn’t add 6 mins to this video of Wizard returning next day firing🔥 the Bull 🐂 up 😔
Nervotica !
Nervotica ! Prije 6 mjeseci
Said no female EVER: Let me go for this Guy - he's got a Ridge Wallet...
james robinson
james robinson Prije 6 mjeseci
Great shop update video. Where's the lambo? Halfway thru and no lambo!
Arch Angel
Arch Angel Prije 6 mjeseci
Working on a lambo with a US General toolbox. I hope to be that great someday
ktm640lc4BGD Prije 6 mjeseci
Hehe wizard faked up again... we can expect soon a technical video with explanation how it was not his fault...
wgallen1 Prije 6 mjeseci
If I were you and were forced to keep only one car from your collection, it’d be the Bentley, hands down, all day, everyday.
Grant Simpson
Grant Simpson Prije 6 mjeseci
6:09 holy shit... an american said jaguar properly instead of jagwar, just need them to say nissan properly now instead of neeson
Rob Woodring
Rob Woodring Prije 6 mjeseci
Even with infinite disposable income......why would you ever own one of these exotic "engineering marvels" that spend more time being diagnosed than driven? And if you hit the lottery and buy one that actually runs whenever you turn the key, it'll be impounded when you inevitably drive 6mph over the limit. You could wipe yourself with $50 bills for the rest of your life and actually save money compared to this.
Halo epic
Halo epic Prije 6 mjeseci
I need o pay for this ? Yes
Charles Lockhart
Charles Lockhart Prije 6 mjeseci
What year an model is that 2 door Benz in the background I think it’s blue...@Hooviesgarage
hobojoe Prije 6 mjeseci
See if you can find the cheapest srt6 crossfire!
B Harmon
B Harmon Prije 6 mjeseci
I bet this doofus is glad daddy's rich. Quit with the cheesy infomercials.
Starchie Poverty
Starchie Poverty Prije 6 mjeseci
Latest sponsor = skip for five mins
Ben Renner
Ben Renner Prije 6 mjeseci
Dude use the ridge in a front pocket your back will thank you.
Bobby v 916
Bobby v 916 Prije 6 mjeseci
Stewart Shriver
Stewart Shriver Prije 6 mjeseci
Well luckily you had your Lambo for 4 months, this guy had his new one for 20 minutes, he should have had the Wizard check it out before he took off:
Tr8Bear Prije 6 mjeseci
I'd never drive that Rapide if i had the DB7 ugh!
Jim S
Jim S Prije 6 mjeseci
What colour is that juice? Looks dodgy to me 🤨
3800scgp Prije 6 mjeseci
Orange car, orange drink, orange toolcart... blue lugnuts 😥
François Laverdure
François Laverdure Prije 6 mjeseci
I just hope the Wizard did a backup of the drive on that laptop. It would be such a waste if it went bad.
Michael Prije 6 mjeseci
America, the most advanced country in the world. But most of you people still put your wallets in your back pocket?
provalettrash7 Prije 6 mjeseci
Since it had compression before, it's either missing spark or fuel somewhere along the line. On the fuel side since it was stated it was heard in the rail, computer controlling injectors could say no for 1000 reasons, on the spark side, I'm not sure why that wasn't quickly checked, not hard. Good chance the driver door sensor tripped a no-go-after-4-months safety cutoff on either injectors or (more likely) spark. Either that or one of many transmission sensors telling the car not to start.
Pearce Yaussy
Pearce Yaussy Prije 6 mjeseci
Sounds like no compression on any cylinder
komahoby Prije 6 mjeseci
2:19 for those that don't need a wallet.
30 Feet UP
30 Feet UP Prije 6 mjeseci
Sounds like timing is off. Turning over to fast. Hopefully pistons didn’t smash valves
James Packer
James Packer Prije 6 mjeseci
Ohh well, that'll be another car you'll have to auction off
J Coley
J Coley Prije 6 mjeseci
Charles Stancampiano
Charles Stancampiano Prije 6 mjeseci
Sounds like the engine has no compression...
tom wilson
tom wilson Prije 6 mjeseci
anyone else sick of these for profit insincere comercials
Olivier Roy
Olivier Roy Prije 6 mjeseci
At the end there was a Volkswagen ad that begins with a starting car. Lol
Chris Freer
Chris Freer Prije 6 mjeseci
did you guys think about rebuilding the fuel distributor on the Bentley Turbo R? if the injectors were that bad then it would be too..... just saying
Fee Prije 6 mjeseci
12 Cards? I’ve got 12 health insurance cards
MiniFreak Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoovie I think I need to take that Rapide off your hands :)
Fee Prije 6 mjeseci
Y’all kissed?
Carl Rencer
Carl Rencer Prije 6 mjeseci
skip the wallet ad:
Don Desnoo
Don Desnoo Prije 6 mjeseci
That flathead good idea alternator if you went 100mi .need 2 generators had a 47 woodie an52🤗
Robert Accorsini
Robert Accorsini Prije 6 mjeseci
Too many damn commercials!
Terrall Putnam
Terrall Putnam Prije 6 mjeseci
Love the Old School Hot Rod Flathead V-8 Look. Reminds me of Hot Rods when I was a little kid. Very Cool!!!
Braden Ward
Braden Ward Prije 6 mjeseci
10:40 ahhh, Hoovie making dick jokes, gotta love it
Eyeetu Prije 6 mjeseci
The Ridge wallet is literally the same you can buy from Aliexpress for 5€. Some even let you print your own logo to it.
Urs Malo
Urs Malo Prije 6 mjeseci
Sounds like the spark plugs are missing... Thank you for keeping it real after that big operation
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