Here's Why BMW V8 Engines Are JUNK! Cheapest Alpina B7 Teardown

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Hoovies Garage

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George Austers
George Austers Prije 5 dana
I6, V10 or V12 for BMW
ari rizaj
ari rizaj Prije 8 dana
That shop need the Albanian flag 🇦🇱! That’s all that it’s missing! Hajde oh Shqipe
Jeff Hartwig
Jeff Hartwig Prije 8 dana
Drove around in my buddy”s 2012 twin turboB7, we stopped at some point and as I exited this beautiful white Alpina... the waft of burnt oil hit my nostrils. The car has 54k miles, should I tell him to dump it before it grenades on him?
waito tong
waito tong Prije 10 dana
Car ninja: ya
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson Prije 15 dana
I guess if you coat everything in a thick layer of oil it atleast won’t rust
Jeffrey Cheng
Jeffrey Cheng Prije 17 dana
What a piece of junk!
Valerian Pantsulia
Valerian Pantsulia Prije 21 dan
Goddammit BMW what are fun people, ashamed to say how much money they spend and lost on this goddamn BMW? this company should bankruptcy E39 BMW have a hundred more issues it's made it deliberately BAD quality just to suck the money from the customer, Goddammit BMW company & BMW engineers
Mladen Bradač
Mladen Bradač Prije 24 dana
BMW's ... had 2, and both were a big disappointment. Not to mention all the money i had to spend on them, getting lil in return.
MrJimmy3459 Prije 25 dana
That mechanic does what 95% of mechanics WONT do..............
Phil Nox
Phil Nox Prije mjesec
So much for well built bmw cars that the motoring press rave about they are just crap as ever car makers crap but worse is it possible to buy any car with out faults
Film Cricket
Film Cricket Prije mjesec
That's why I stick to their I6 engines.
john edwards
john edwards Prije mjesec
Wealthy people don't buy this junk that's how they stay wealthy and that's how rich people go broke .
David George
David George Prije mjesec
The mechanic should send hoovie home and call when it's done or charge hoovie triple for talking while he's working
Mosa Sakö
Mosa Sakö Prije mjesec
So they always find the recked cars and blame bmw for being unreliable.
BIHPOTENT17 38 Prije mjesec
i payed 2,100 just to put a new starter on mine
David Mackenzie
David Mackenzie Prije 2 mjeseci
What you don't say is that your fuel in the US,is poor quality to much sulphur. Also you only go up to 93 Octane were the BMW needs 95 or higher,
THE BEST SOCCER Prije 2 mjeseci
This stupid valve seal the one my car have the same :/
bob avon
bob avon Prije 3 mjeseci
First off Hoovey, you don't know what your talking about. That 07 Alpina you say you bought cheap, the engine compartment looks a little used. The supercharger cover is missing from the initial camera shot in the video. Your car ninja is not a good mechanic, but he is a rip off artist. Any good mechanic would not remove that engine, tear it down, put it back in the car, and then have you experience the same problem. A good mechanic would have checked the supercharger for oil leaks first off. And yet you said you sold BMW's, I can't believe how dumb you are.
Aleyna Kucukoglan
Aleyna Kucukoglan Prije 3 mjeseci
HALON747 Prije 3 mjeseci
German quality 👎
Andre Walkony
Andre Walkony Prije 3 mjeseci
Where can I find / buy that transmission jack/cart????
Richard M
Richard M Prije 3 mjeseci
Don't know why people say BMWs break a lot. I had a E36 316i , E46 318i and E90 320D. None of which common in the USA but all were rock solid reliable.
Rich Jake
Rich Jake Prije 3 mjeseci
One more reason to keep my 1970 Torino 302, and 1966 Mustang 289. So easy to fix. Basic socket set can handle 90% of the work. I grew up with these old cars. They make fuel injection kits for them now. Tires are cheap. So is everything else.
Pete Prizzi
Pete Prizzi Prije 3 mjeseci
Why doesn't BMW fix whats wrong????
billy bierbuik
billy bierbuik Prije 3 mjeseci
buy a mercedes v8 dude they are way beter, but im european why buy a bmw man youre american muscle cars are great
FlotationXx Djez
FlotationXx Djez Prije 4 mjeseci
Am a BMW owner for many models since the 80's till now.. you are trully WRONG.. BMW engines are the greatest and they lives for tens of years and exceed thw 400k miles. I assume your abusing your car and the engine
orestes720 Prije 4 mjeseci
This is a company that used to make aircraft engines???
Goran Miskovic
Goran Miskovic Prije 4 mjeseci
You need new supercharger or rebuild it...too much oil in air pipes...
David Prije 4 mjeseci
Dang Jonny is good. It's sad that is the truth for this car manufacturer.
killer0178 Prije 5 mjeseci
Well I don't see an issue with that BMW, it's in its natural habitat
Unidentified Flying object
Unidentified Flying object Prije 5 mjeseci
Ls swap every v8 bmw might be a good idea...
DET48210 michigan
DET48210 michigan Prije 5 mjeseci
That mechanic in one bad MF'er
Pablo R Hodgson
Pablo R Hodgson Prije 5 mjeseci
Money pit
Leander H.
Leander H. Prije 5 mjeseci
Had this car ever an oil change
Osiris The Kingsta
Osiris The Kingsta Prije 5 mjeseci
ALL CARS are not good cars to me. Especially late model cars. Nothing like old school cars.
msaga408 Prije 5 mjeseci
You guys did this the hard way!!! It could’ve been done much easier without tearing down the motor! All you need to do was buy the kit from All German Auto. I had shop that was repairing mine, purchase kit. They charged me 2500 to do it.
Kim Blåstein
Kim Blåstein Prije 5 mjeseci
Becuse that car Was sowe damm cheap i would rip the BMW engine and mabe the trans out and swap for something more fun like an LS,hellcat engine,or even a cummins
Space Wave
Space Wave Prije 5 mjeseci
Since when did BMW make cars that aren't numbers?
srvanddt1 Prije 5 mjeseci
This is why you stick with American V8's.
Arthur Daniyelyan
Arthur Daniyelyan Prije 4 mjeseci
Hard pass.
Larry Sliwa
Larry Sliwa Prije 5 mjeseci
Looks like my N62 with a giant turbo in the way.
Dany Chris
Dany Chris Prije 5 mjeseci
In europe it`s other type of bolshevism, so each industry can function.
Dany Chris
Dany Chris Prije 5 mjeseci
I think that mechanic guy is romanian, the smartest nation on earth, they do everything, they are good at everything, in Romania one man can fix everything, i mean they do all things by themselves,not 10 specialists or other shit.
Rook1e ANGEL
Rook1e ANGEL Prije 5 mjeseci
3:46 ninja smoking on the job my boi lmao
OG 6
OG 6 Prije 6 mjeseci
I need a shop full of techs like the one guy . He’s trained to go . I could get some money with a few guys like him
OG 6
OG 6 Prije 6 mjeseci
As bad as I want a 750-760 LI . I would be a fool to buy a used 7 series
Cooper Williams
Cooper Williams Prije 6 mjeseci
The V8 is a bad design to start with... The Germans just made it a very complicated bad design.
Potato Potato
Potato Potato Prije 6 mjeseci
Now how the hell do mechanics know how to put everything back together? So many little hoses and wires.
Nell Nell
Nell Nell Prije 6 mjeseci
How much would it cost for that repair?
Nell Nell
Nell Nell Prije 6 mjeseci
This is why scotty kilmer hates these things. Imagine scotty doing this video.
Nell Nell
Nell Nell Prije 6 mjeseci
Should've bought a lexus
Nell Nell
Nell Nell Prije 6 mjeseci
That bmw mechanic is a happy man. 💵 💵
Psilo Cap
Psilo Cap Prije 6 mjeseci
Bmw made by mechanics for mechanics
crsp76691 Prije 6 mjeseci
Wow im never buying a used bmw
I Like Watching Anime
I Like Watching Anime Prije 6 mjeseci
6:23 WOAH! That engine was falling apart in its ownership.
Richard Brenner
Richard Brenner Prije 6 mjeseci
My 1994 540i doesn't smoke or burn oil. 260000 miles
Steve Marshall
Steve Marshall Prije 6 mjeseci
What a pity you didn't let the mechanic talk us through it instead of your flippant comments !
Robert LaBarca
Robert LaBarca Prije 6 mjeseci
Dude, you need to be careful making sweeping statements about BMW engines. Seems like you're constantly buying cars that have had proper maintenance deferred - so what do you expect? The S65 in my 08 M3 has over 60K on it without a hitch. Try changing the oil every 5,000 miles, do an oil analysis every now and then and you should be good to go.
Nick Lubbe
Nick Lubbe Prije 6 mjeseci
You can’t say BMW V8 is junk just because of valve stem seals!! My 545i has got 190000 km with the oreganal seals and no smoke!! Depends how you look after the car! Regular oil change and correct type of oil
james James
james James Prije 6 mjeseci
BMW 's lovely when they work, money pits when they don't. Plus nearly impossible to repair.
Blueberry Prije 6 mjeseci
Well that's some that famous German precision engineering for ya.
will d
will d Prije 6 mjeseci
ajhatti2011 Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoovie you are such a dummie. You have a million followers and buy cars every single day. What a poor businessman. Dumbest car channel or utter genius?
C Deprima
C Deprima Prije 6 mjeseci
Too much technology here! :(
C Deprima
C Deprima Prije 6 mjeseci
All engines have valve seal issues! :(
Tom The Plummer
Tom The Plummer Prije 6 mjeseci
Johnny: “Yeah”.....
David Penlington
David Penlington Prije 6 mjeseci
almost every car in the world has valve stem seals but bmw cannot make one that doesn't regularly fail maybe they should phone Toyota or Mazda and find out how to make them
truman show
truman show Prije 6 mjeseci
TheBeingReal Prije 6 mjeseci
Friend of mine had one of these. Got a settlement from a class action lawsuit. Still cost him $20k.
André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'
André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory' Prije 6 mjeseci
This guy reminds me a bit of Jeff Goldblum.
Padwan Mogme
Padwan Mogme Prije 6 mjeseci
Watching him lower the engine reminds me of when they show the glamorous movie star without her make-up. Now you see what she really looks like. Ugh!
aneesh89 Prije 6 mjeseci
if you want honest car buying advice always ask a mechanic
alex silver
alex silver Prije 6 mjeseci
This guy is so annoying. I do these engines and yes there ridiculous that bmw and alpina would do this but the m62 and s62 in my e38 e39 are good engines except the chain problem because of the climate here and lack of maintenance
davidkosa Prije 6 mjeseci
Me thinks this mechanic be knowing his shit.
dsmproject90 Prije 6 mjeseci
Why do the heads have to come off to change the valve seals? Why do you have to drop the motor to take the heads off? I have seen many kits that's can replace the valve seals with head on and motor in place.
AvSat7 Prije 6 mjeseci
Can't comment on a B7, a car that has (I assume) been modified by Alpina, but I have had extensive experience with pre vanos 4.4 litre V8's and have found them to be extremely reliable. I currently drive (amongst other cars) an E39 540i and have owned it since new (1997). In just over 23 years the engine has had a couple of minor oil leaks which were easily fixed, a new water pump and time chain replacement. I wouldn't call the last item a fault as it is a normal part of the engine maintenance to have these replaced at some point. By the way, it is also NOT an oil guzzler. Having watched a number of your videos, which I do enjoy, I can only come to the conclusion that you are just buying cheap crap that has been poorly maintained and thrashed to near death.
Jan Gazon
Jan Gazon Prije 6 mjeseci
He needs logopedic help
Dynamic Solution
Dynamic Solution Prije 6 mjeseci
Like NASA's O-ring saga.
Xiaotong Li
Xiaotong Li Prije 6 mjeseci
you know you can fix the valve seals with special tool at $800 right?
Ken Davis
Ken Davis Prije 6 mjeseci
I toured the BMW Zetrum in Greer South Carolina.It was on a Saturday so they weren't doing the plant tour but they had a virtual tour from the cars perspective. If you are a BMW or a car fanatic it's worth the time.
Danfuerth Gillis
Danfuerth Gillis Prije 6 mjeseci
LMFAO all GM 3.6 L engines all the way to 2007 have this problem, it got even worse with the Direction injection versions lol. North Americans switch out their vehicles more often than Europeans, that is why you don't see too many of these issues in the manual versions of the European BMW's as the way they drive there BMW would be bankrupt.
John B
John B Prije 6 mjeseci
OK, firstly how many kilometres/ miles has the car done. It could have done 300k we wouldn't know. You complain about an Alpina B7 !! that only cost you what $3.5k and then costs you a partial engine build- Really !. For such an awesome car you complain- it was cheap for a reason, be it high mileage or poor condition. Also its a B7 which means the addition of a Turbocharger, If the car has relatively average mileage then i would think it is Alpina's fault not BMW as they should have upgraded the valve seals for the added pressure in the combustion chambers. If it is a high mileage car then what do you expect. I haven't heard of too many issues with their six or eight cylinder engines (I have with their 4 cylinder engines though). The only problems i have heard are with their M car V8s and V10s with bearings (and that's if you treat them harshly and don't keep up their maintenance schedule). Also not sure why i would listen to someone calling BMW V8s as junk when you obviously know very little about engines. The mechanic knows his stuff and he's probably just going along with whatever you say. Yes, i have two high end BMWs and never had any problems with them with their drivetrains.
Patrick Morris
Patrick Morris Prije 6 mjeseci
All BMWs are junk mechanically... styling is the only reason they sell!
Potato Potato
Potato Potato Prije 6 mjeseci
They're fun to drive.
Gary Winfield
Gary Winfield Prije 7 mjeseci
How much was this repair??
Seb G
Seb G Prije 7 mjeseci
I actually expected the robot table to cost way more
Seb G
Seb G Prije 7 mjeseci
I like how the car ninja was stealthily standing behind the lifts. Ready to watch the b7 perform seppuku
richard faraone
richard faraone Prije 7 mjeseci
God that music lol please stop it!!
Cam23 Prije 7 mjeseci
Those V8 engines are junk... I was thinking about my old bmw x5 v8 and I was missing it but after I remember all the stuff I fixed... It's not worth it... I did all diy but no... Never again... That's a V8 with a turbo.. wow
Tom Sparks
Tom Sparks Prije 7 mjeseci
There's nothing like that German Engineering.® Thank God.
CommanderTaco Prije 7 mjeseci
Give that man a sandvich
Lydor Colson
Lydor Colson Prije 7 mjeseci
car ninja seems like an awesome guy, really insightful and knows his stuff
Roger Trapz
Roger Trapz Prije 7 mjeseci
Gawd damn you gotta lift the car to drop the engine....never seen that before. Ima steer clear of beamers now hahahaha
Alistair B
Alistair B Prije 7 mjeseci
Supercharger seals...
Barry Cox
Barry Cox Prije 7 mjeseci
Excellent work
plunder1956 Prije 7 mjeseci
The complexity of these high power BMW V8s is why the EV will utterly replace them. This decade will be the last generation of big, complex IC cars; except for entertainment.
Bill Core
Bill Core Prije 7 mjeseci
I know a BMC certified and trained mechanic who worked over 20 years for the company and after 2006 the vehicles are simply not made to last hundreds of thousands of miles. The company purposely doesn't make them with the quality to aim for longevity as older motors
Dan The Bullet Dodger
Dan The Bullet Dodger Prije 7 mjeseci
Hey Hoovie, that's a mighty big Alpina your BMW is sporting there.
Jeremy Mullins
Jeremy Mullins Prije 7 mjeseci
Is this the same car John Ross drove to be salvaged?
Øyvind Digranes
Øyvind Digranes Prije 7 mjeseci
My 1972 2000 touring had the same issue :-)
soulslaveone Prije 7 mjeseci
Look at the car-Ninjas garage guys: Its cleaner than a Swiss hospital. Wow.
HunterDevastator Prije 7 mjeseci
His shop is absolutely gorgeous.
Paul Last Name
Paul Last Name Prije 7 mjeseci
Diy people Take Note; Use a large Additional Oil Cooler out front/down low. Way too hot under that hood as is, never mind the supercharger! Kills all the seals Fast.. Clever 100k failure engineering.
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