My Bentley Azure Is Finally Finished, And It's a Great Lamborghini Parts Hauler

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CPS CPS Prije 6 dana
The light at the end of the Turbo-R tunnel is a really big train.
cleven dennis
cleven dennis Prije 6 dana
I lived in Santa Monica California and I remember seeing Jean Claude driving that car several times and one day I was talking with him at the local coffee shop while the Bentley was parked in front of us and he was a nice guy, but a bit strange. I didn't pay any attention to what kind of car it was it was just beautiful he had the top down and all I saw was "him with a beautiful lady.
D G Prije 24 dana
Like for the mechanic wizard
D G Prije 24 dana
the average Roll Royce owner won't care about the cost of the parts... to be honest... If you have enough money to buy a car like that (new) you only own it right before the warranty expired and then you get a new one ...
Skeeter McSwagger
Skeeter McSwagger Prije 29 dana
Having the bumper from any car getting near the interior of that rolls Royce is very anxiety inspiring!!!!!
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly Prije mjesec
That intro dance was ministry of silly walks funny
Flying Monkey
Flying Monkey Prije 2 mjeseci
Love the Azure
Vincent Gallagher
Vincent Gallagher Prije 2 mjeseci
Was waiting for a beep beep as he drove out of wizards garage (like a reverse Jay Leno outro)
Coordinator61 Prije 2 mjeseci
I like this car.
Coordinator61 Prije 2 mjeseci
What do you do with all these cars? Who buys them?
Tony Wellington
Tony Wellington Prije 2 mjeseci
THATS not van damme’s car (as if it mattered even if it was)
justen ramirez Lackey
justen ramirez Lackey Prije 2 mjeseci
I jump out the Azure.. Lil Kim Aura.. Girls making faces like Ace Ventura -Lil Kim
1st gen dodge ram
1st gen dodge ram Prije 2 mjeseci
I azure you this car isnt that unreliable
wholeNwon Prije 2 mjeseci
I wonder what any other customer would have been charged for the same work.
James Jotes
James Jotes Prije 2 mjeseci
I've watched Wizard on his own. He's a bit awkward there, and I've seen an early clip of him and Hoovie. All I gotta say is they have a GREAT dynamic. Hoovie really brings out the best in Wizard and I appreciate that.
Nick Brodeur
Nick Brodeur Prije 2 mjeseci
That’s dope
salsabil44 Prije 2 mjeseci
THAT is a dream car! One of the most beautiful looking cars ever. I´m jealous.
Giuseppe Vaccaro
Giuseppe Vaccaro Prije 3 mjeseci
You should stop dancing around at your introduction and be like you used to be .
Robin Häggqvist
Robin Häggqvist Prije 3 mjeseci
Took me 5 min to see that it was an old clip. It is so entertaining
speedbuggy16v Prije 3 mjeseci
we need content on that ivory W113, nevermind found it!
speedbuggy16v Prije 3 mjeseci
yep, definitely need to tip your mechanic. That was cheap!
floorprawn Prije 3 mjeseci
That 928...
Off_mah_lawn Prije 3 mjeseci
Backup those laptops with the factory service manual on them!!! And also that laptop from the Lambo.
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes Prije 3 mjeseci
Taking your Lamborghini bumper to the body shop in your Bentley convertible, as you do!
KevoZebo Prije 3 mjeseci
My grandpa had a small car lot in Tampa and he use to have nice nice rolls royces he’d drive us around in. Older ones from the 80s but still nice. This was back in the early 2000s and late 90s.
Kit Carson
Kit Carson Prije 3 mjeseci
Ride quality & handling quality are not mutually exclusive… you can very easily have both…
Bob Martens
Bob Martens Prije 3 mjeseci
The car is sordid.
Connar Comstock
Connar Comstock Prije 3 mjeseci
It's not a "six point seven-five litre v8" It's a *SIX AND THREE-QUARTER LITRE* Seriously. That's how they like, said it. back in the day it literally had 6 3/4 L on the intake manifold.
kevin fannon
kevin fannon Prije 3 mjeseci
Work on the spyder !
Debra Starke
Debra Starke Prije 3 mjeseci
Is that a Triumph TR-7 next to the boat?
MassiveTrackHunter Prije 3 mjeseci two crack me up. Like a couple of big kids.
John Wagner
John Wagner Prije 3 mjeseci
Send it.
John Wagner
John Wagner Prije 3 mjeseci
Nice Prelude with Euro/Japan spec Civic Type R wheels
Lewis Gaines
Lewis Gaines Prije 3 mjeseci
Love your videos..the way you take us with you and explain with so much detail is why I have been watching you for years I also love watching the wizard he is a very smart man..
James Staples
James Staples Prije 3 mjeseci
11:42 TR8?
fbtippmann Prije 3 mjeseci
I got it, I got it.
Jorge Chiu
Jorge Chiu Prije 3 mjeseci
Why do you pronunce murciélago so wierd?????? Its bat in spanish, the accent is in the e
M C Prije 3 mjeseci
Loving the banter between Hoovie and the Wizard
BB King was the greatest
BB King was the greatest Prije 3 mjeseci
Now just look at it, don't risk driving it please
Leslie Yao
Leslie Yao Prije 3 mjeseci
wish there’s a place like this in my neighborhood, so I can buy vintage cars more bravely
Joe Frank
Joe Frank Prije 3 mjeseci
I luv it
juilliardreject Prije 4 mjeseci
Do you still contribute to the James Madison University Alumni Association? Sounds like you've done well. Do you miss Harrisonburg ?
German Titov
German Titov Prije 4 mjeseci
How do you buy these cars for so cheap?
Andrew Thorpe
Andrew Thorpe Prije 4 mjeseci
Seeing him put the bumper on the azure reminds me of the time I put a 57 chevy front fender in my new nissan at the time 😂
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 4 mjeseci
You two should do a podcast on awful cars, The Hooptiecast. There are so many awful designs, engines, car brands and part failures spanning decades that you guys could discuss for an hour a week over Zoom. You guys could bring notes, run ad reads for revenue, and its so much less physical than moving cars around, fixing them, driving across town, doing car paperwork, editing the video. Heck, we could do weekly updates to the fleet, loan cars to guests for them to critique like John Ross, Johnny the Car Ninja, etc. The automotive stock market is soaring, Carvana and other online dealers are up like 40% YTD and brands really need more than legacy media to get their point across so I'm sure you would have no problem finding partners to work with you for the YT channel and the podcast.
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 4 mjeseci
I worked for 3 years as a service advisor and just in that experience alone I have so many interesting tidbits about cars, service, the types of customers each model produces, parts compatibility between different cars/makes, terrible wiring harness fixes, etc.
dave dyer
dave dyer Prije 4 mjeseci
Tell us about the TR7 in the background please 😀
Bryan B
Bryan B Prije 4 mjeseci
With the bumper if you only had an Excursion. Oh wait...
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Prije 4 mjeseci
Is it confirmed by anything else? Like numbers? The colors are different than the pics. But, this is in a garage, pics are outside or at night and have been uploaded, downloaded, baited to, cursed, printed, scanned, uploaded, downloaded then posted. So it’s hard to confirm just by color on the net. Are there any shots of this outside Hoovies team?!
Race Bannon
Race Bannon Prije 4 mjeseci
Hoovie/Wizard, go back to the Mercedes Pagoda. Tell us about that car!
DoubleDeckerAnton Prije 4 mjeseci
Enjoy it...good ol' Bentley.
James Weaver
James Weaver Prije 4 mjeseci
JohnnyB Prije 4 mjeseci
??? Tyler so you’re not gonna show us that RARE black Z3 M Coupe you had since January 20’ in top left of your car rack ???😕
Reinier Prije 4 mjeseci
The money being spend on these old cars 😂 Great vids Hoovie. Been here from almost the start and still like them!
kennygorrie Prije 4 mjeseci
Holy crap is that a Triumph TR7 in the background at the beginning of the video
Tommy Siro
Tommy Siro Prije 4 mjeseci
The Doug DeMuro way of saying it is “ASH-YOURRRR” 😂😂😂 🤦🏻‍♂️
Camilo Henao González
Camilo Henao González Prije 4 mjeseci
Find a VW Phaeton W12 to buy!
Alfredo Robles
Alfredo Robles Prije 4 mjeseci
1800 to just change some God damn valve cover gaskets. Hell no ahaha.
Jake B
Jake B Prije 4 mjeseci
I used to really admire modern rolls Royce but now a days I think I’d go for a Bentley.
Mikes Tech Rescue
Mikes Tech Rescue Prije 4 mjeseci
that laptop the wizard bought is 12 years old. It's worth $50. He better back up those manuals before it dies.
Ian Townsend
Ian Townsend Prije 4 mjeseci
Is that a Triumph TR7 drop head (maybe called something else in the US) in the background!? 🧐
Gustavo Herrera
Gustavo Herrera Prije 4 mjeseci
Congratulation Tyler. Your channel is going really well. God bless
Lotus Esprit de corps
Lotus Esprit de corps Prije 4 mjeseci
Exceedingly practical! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Camdensworld05 Prije 4 mjeseci
These are getting tough to watch with all the advertising
JDub 44
JDub 44 Prije 4 mjeseci
Hoovie you have my dream cars. SLS , Lambos, Azure, and Rapide
Takeo Mack
Takeo Mack Prije 4 mjeseci
Bro all the other videos tonight sucked....until I found this! Thank you both of you guy for making my night!! 👍
Samuel Jason
Samuel Jason Prije 4 mjeseci
An E.K.G. monitor is the size of a credit card these days. the Hardware with app is 99$ U.S.. Funny how these mechanics are still nickel and dimeing Us! This bearded guy seems O.K. though!
wes Prije 4 mjeseci
They do that because then you could build a RR for 1/4 the cost to purchase one new
Sizzler Prije 4 mjeseci
Is that a TR7 next to the Porsche?
Richard Hammer
Richard Hammer Prije 4 mjeseci
11:10 - picked up a cushion to hide behind...
B A Prije 4 mjeseci
So . . . Every eight thousand miles, you have to drop another eight grand for the top!? What a P.O.S. car.
Traxtar928 Prije 4 mjeseci
Porsche 928 in the background!
Ryan Fales
Ryan Fales Prije 4 mjeseci
Sound Familiar Hoovie
Project EETFUK
Project EETFUK Prije 4 mjeseci
0.02 hahahha
Aditya Saraff
Aditya Saraff Prije 4 mjeseci
Does anyone know how many cars he has in total rn?
The Real Mccoy
The Real Mccoy Prije 4 mjeseci
I was like who is "Jean Claude van Tamm"??? And than ooooh he means Jean Claude van Damme!
Rick Sterling
Rick Sterling Prije 4 mjeseci
Do an episode on that GL550 Mercedes!
Doc Tyler
Doc Tyler Prije 4 mjeseci
Tyler...I passed on the 750IL and bought a 1984 Corvette w/ 18k. ($4500) It has some decorative issues but it barely broken in. Whats your opinion on vettes? It has the crossfire fuel injection 205 HP. Thanks, Doc
acalthu Prije 4 mjeseci
The Wizard prancing in the background. Priceless.
Zero Res
Zero Res Prije 4 mjeseci
The Wizard is a pretty smart guy!!!
bal 910
bal 910 Prije 4 mjeseci
Where’s the bmw e38
Jorge Lastra
Jorge Lastra Prije 4 mjeseci
George Costanza bought a Lebaron previously owned by Jon Voight.
bowedfloor Prije 4 mjeseci
that bumper would have fit perfectly in the expedition
Bills Abub
Bills Abub Prije 4 mjeseci
When is Car Trek series 2 coming out?
Ray G
Ray G Prije 4 mjeseci
I love channels like these. You see every car on here that needs to be fixes but Toyotas. I'm buying Toyotas.
Viiking 01
Viiking 01 Prije 4 mjeseci
Those companies don't care about the customers wallet. They just dropped $400k on a vehicle that apparently has a 2-3 times mark up. People are paying for the experience of owning a vehicle that costs $400k and not looking to buy $400k worth of car. Kind of like Apple that sells fewer devices in years past compared to most companies but makes more profit than most companies on good years. It's the experience rather than bang for your buck. If you have the cash then theres nothing wrong with spending it. There are no ATMs in a coffin.
Cjmitt Prije 4 mjeseci
“I can handle some big repairs” famous last words
N G Prije 4 mjeseci
It's horrible but I would take it if you want to😉
Marty McFly
Marty McFly Prije 4 mjeseci
You have all these cars and nothing at the same time since you have to keep selling them all and buying new crap to keep the channel running. It was not wise to sell the blue lambo at all
Eric Steele
Eric Steele Prije 4 mjeseci
That was too easy! Your next car should be a challenge. How about the world's cheapest 40th Anniversary Edition Corvette with some major body damage?! Just 73k miles on the LT1-maybe another Porsche engine swap?!
EJ'S GARAGE Prije 4 mjeseci
$25k is cheap for the Bentley. That is amazing! Congrats. Can you use Autel 880 to clear the seatbelt code?
Poovaneswaran Supramaniam
Poovaneswaran Supramaniam Prije 4 mjeseci
Congrats on getting your azure back on its feet..
MrDan557 Prije 4 mjeseci
Hoovie is just a rich dork wasting his money on useless old luxury cars.
Flawless Fatality
Flawless Fatality Prije 4 mjeseci
Screw the stupid ass bentlys, what’s about that prelude?
Antony Pye
Antony Pye Prije 4 mjeseci
I see a Triumph TR7 in the background!! I love the #Wizard garage more everytime your in it.
john bernier
john bernier Prije 4 mjeseci
you guys make good videos together keep it up
Robert Rios
Robert Rios Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey that’s one nice looking Yamaha Roadliner, next to the 928. That’s one beast of a cruiser!
gizmo Prije 4 mjeseci
Stop with the goofy dancing intros
AcousticTheory Prije 4 mjeseci
It's the Concours d' Hooptie.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Prije 4 mjeseci
So, the Bentley you’ll have to continuously throw money at for it to sit in the shop, but the rolls Royce, you might throw a little more money at it but get to drive it more?
T Prime
T Prime Prije 4 mjeseci
good on you hoovie!!! deserve a break on the basket cases!
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