I Bought the Cheapest Plymouth Prowler In the USA

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Hoovies Garage

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 7 mjeseci
So, what can you find on Autotempest that I should buy next? Search away! www.autotempest.com/results?make=plymouth&model=prowler&
Douglas Franklin
Douglas Franklin Prije 7 mjeseci
1994 to 96 Chevy impala ss
Richard Mahoney
Richard Mahoney Prije 7 mjeseci
Auto Stick engaged 😂😂😂😂
snek Prije 7 mjeseci
Well of course I think you should buy this .... www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/807356156/overview/?aff=atempest&AutoTempest&TRP& But largely cause it's a lot like mine a 2014 Chrysler 300 John Varvatos AWD Hemi. Actually rather rare, only 163 John Varvatos Luxury Edition cars were made with the AWD and Hemi. Of those only 31 in this color.
ABHISHEK B R Prije 7 mjeseci
I am new to the United States, still a student. I need a car.
Dream Big
Dream Big Prije 7 mjeseci
@Hoovies Garage remove the ugly bumper upgrade the wheels tires and brakes and stick a supercharger on it 👌🏼...
Matthew Harding
Matthew Harding Prije 3 mjeseci
God that typifies American car crap design. Goofy is not the word. Calling it a prowler you should be worried or arrested.
Molitoth Prije 3 mjeseci
I've always hated this car design, but I understand it. First thing I would do is remove the front bumper.
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Prije 5 mjeseci
It's puuuuurpllllle!!!!!
hendo337 Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovie...I have an LS1 shortblock ready for a rebuild with your name on it for that car. Just get a C5/C6 transaxle and have a torque tube fabbed up...GOLDEN Prowler.
hendo337 Prije 5 mjeseci
The favorite car of the rockband KISS.
hendo337 Prije 5 mjeseci
I always thought this car deserved a V8, nobody took it seriously because of the crap v6 and automatic.
69 Dodge Charger
69 Dodge Charger Prije 6 mjeseci
Great 👍🏻
Alsharif Games 99
Alsharif Games 99 Prije 6 mjeseci
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito Prije 6 mjeseci
The Straight Pipes joined the chat
Bobby v 916
Bobby v 916 Prije 6 mjeseci
Feral Evan
Feral Evan Prije 7 mjeseci
By a fiero
CalebL71 Prije 7 mjeseci
Marc B.
Marc B. Prije 7 mjeseci
I love the Prowler and wanted that purple color. But can you feel that cheap plastic from a mini-van and the parts bin power button switches right through the computer monitor? Kind of strange that Chrysler built a Ford 'tribute car. Never knew that, just always liked he looks, but man, cheap on top, 'advanced' underneath,....so to speak.
LegacyMuse Prije 7 mjeseci
"Dodge Neon Expresso" Plymouth made the Expresso, which wasn't all that crazy. You want to talk about impressive 1990s Neons, look at the Dodge Neon ACR.
Tom Aiger
Tom Aiger Prije 7 mjeseci
thumbs down for advertisment...
Sebastian Rogers
Sebastian Rogers Prije 7 mjeseci
I found one for 12,000$
sube tube
sube tube Prije 7 mjeseci
Theres a shelby csx for sale for like 3500 on my local craigslist and DAMN do I wish I had money. The csx is second on my list, first being the Mercedes cosworth 2.3-16
Random Stuff In Oregon
Random Stuff In Oregon Prije 7 mjeseci
I'll admit, first time I saw one of these was just in a photo and I thought it was a detailed picture of a Hotwheels car.
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones Prije 7 mjeseci
Tyler went full boomer.
based_will Prije 7 mjeseci
4:27 ...um, you feeling alright? Should I call the cops?
based_will Prije 7 mjeseci
Nice, Hoovie's actually buying hoopties again. Time to resubscribe!
Jaap Aap
Jaap Aap Prije 7 mjeseci
15k for that hunk o' junk? wow.
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams Prije 7 mjeseci
These are the biggest POS cars ever made!
Sean Thornton
Sean Thornton Prije 7 mjeseci
usually when i read comments like this. I'm confident the author is clueless.
77 Zrod
77 Zrod Prije 7 mjeseci
LMFAO!!!!! I read the first comment about being conservative and thought, its an older clip. Until I read it was posted A WEEK AGO... WTF BRO GET WITH THE TIMES!!!!! Sell all your carp and get into DDE or Savage Garage cars. Even Tavarish has a Mclearan ish. What a waste....
NightPredator Prije 7 mjeseci
Cadillac XLR
Sinister Zlayer
Sinister Zlayer Prije 7 mjeseci
U need to pop those orange reflectors off n replace em with turbos it would look so good
F-4A Phantom II
F-4A Phantom II Prije 7 mjeseci
Hoovie should buy a former Military Humvee!
william klein
william klein Prije 7 mjeseci
Stop saying it is a '32 Ford tribute car. If anything it is a '37 Ford tribute car.
Dennis Prije 7 mjeseci
If the Prowler had had the Viper engine it'd've have been quite the beast.
bulldog839 Prije 7 mjeseci
Wear a mask hoovies
George F
George F Prije 7 mjeseci
Take off front bumpers it’s a must
7ViewerLogic Prije 7 mjeseci
Sounds pretty good!
7ViewerLogic Prije 7 mjeseci
Hoovie rules.
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Prije 7 mjeseci
Well I haven't seen a Chevy SSR yet on your channel
Ditchesforriches Prije 7 mjeseci
You can now make your own Big Tymers music video.
Aaron Gerhardt
Aaron Gerhardt Prije 7 mjeseci
I can smell the oil burning through my speakers.
Samuel Khanov
Samuel Khanov Prije 7 mjeseci
I picked one up today with 19k miles for 14k
Lemiron Starling
Lemiron Starling Prije 7 mjeseci
HAHAHA "Figure out the next Crossover"
Matt Perry
Matt Perry Prije 7 mjeseci
Got the car from Louisiana? Brake tag looks like it is
blurpleVTX Prije 7 mjeseci
Ever go to the I-70 auto auction west of Topeka?
Brad White
Brad White Prije 7 mjeseci
As much as anyone says, I like the Plymouth Prowler, one of the last cars made with the Plymouth badge on it before it converted to Chrysler, still miss Plymouth tbh, imagine if they are still around, we would get a Hellcat or Demon of the Baracuda, Roadrunner and the Prowler, so yeah
David Prije 7 mjeseci
I know I'm probably alone but I always hated those things.
Daniel Raith
Daniel Raith Prije 7 mjeseci
How about one of these, an 06 S 65 AMG: www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/807266536/overview/?aff=atempest&AutoTempest&TRP&
Vishtu Prije 7 mjeseci
Had a chance to get one cheap right out of high school but I'm over 6' with long legs and I didn't fit in the car unfortunately
Uber Versace
Uber Versace Prije 7 mjeseci
War has changed
Malik Manson
Malik Manson Prije 7 mjeseci
Congrats on 1million!!
theplayernkc Prije 7 mjeseci
What the fuck 1932 Ford did Chrysler design the after?
Defender Tom
Defender Tom Prije 7 mjeseci
You need to address the echo in your massive garage...distracting.
Brian Stevenson
Brian Stevenson Prije 7 mjeseci
I had a 300c from that era. Same engine. I liked it.
Yuvraj Asht
Yuvraj Asht Prije 7 mjeseci
Get a Pontiac grand prix gt
Andy Brunelli
Andy Brunelli Prije 7 mjeseci
Just checked out AutoTempest.com. Really great website. It’s going to make finding my wife a new car a lot easier.
BrotherMan Nick
BrotherMan Nick Prije 7 mjeseci
Someone just beat you on the cheapest prowler in the US. Barn find for $1,500!!
J Mo
J Mo Prije 7 mjeseci
@hooviesgarage is there any vehicle that you brought home that your wife said, "you should keep it, it's interesting", I mean other than the long land rover? Or even that the Wizard said, "you should keep it"?? This prowler seems in that category.
billyrayvette Prije 7 mjeseci
Quick question? Is this a car you could take on a 300 mile road trip or would it be too harsh, cramped etc..? Thanks.
METALMAN4Wii Prije 7 mjeseci
Omg 15k I thought you maybe paid $2,500 tops must be nice to have money to piss away I save my pennies now.
dpedd12 Prije 7 mjeseci
Prowler drift car?
eustace2c2 Prije 7 mjeseci
68,000 miles on a 1999 is not a daily driver miles. Not by a long shot.
Martin DeNiro
Martin DeNiro Prije 7 mjeseci
Funny because 60k miles on an Intrepid would be crazy low and I would not expect CELs on it.
Wojciech Sawicki
Wojciech Sawicki Prije 7 mjeseci
Autotempest is great if you live in the US, I find their support for Canada extremely lackluster... They only show hits from Ebay, completely ignoring Autotrader.ca and Kijiji where 99% of our listings are... :(
AutoTempest.com Prije 7 mjeseci
We don't ignore autotrader.ca; we have a comparison link for it. We would love to show their results right on their page, but that's not something they've been interested in so far. Agreed that Kijiji needs to be added though, and we are planning to do that, at least as links.
the_dozak Prije 7 mjeseci
Changing the battery is a pain in the butt. Unless you have small enough hands to get to the Battery clamps.Or have a magnetized socket. You didn't even mention how the front and rear wheels are of different sizes. 21's in the rear with 18's in the front.
House on Pleasant Street
House on Pleasant Street Prije 7 mjeseci
15000???? Really
folop86 Prije 7 mjeseci
Impressive intro.
sky driver
sky driver Prije 7 mjeseci
is that the same one Doug reviewed?
314 Jeeps N' Mopars
314 Jeeps N' Mopars Prije 7 mjeseci
Thats the same steering wheel out of my 98 Grand Cherokee. Lol
J.P. Craven
J.P. Craven Prije 7 mjeseci
Actually the Prowler was a neat concept and Chrysler kind of stepped out on the engineering on this roadster. Of course the design is outrageous, but they really did some thinking when constructing this car. But let's say Chrysler's problems didn't come over night. I hope Fiat - building quite good cars these days - helps Chrysler to up the quality.
pablo rages
pablo rages Prije 7 mjeseci
They are cool looking cars ..i was surprised they made them
OMGWTFLOL Prije 7 mjeseci
I always thought they were kinda cool, but never wanted one. I'd actually be embarrassed to drive a cookie cutter "hotrod" with a V6. Nice color though. Reminds me of my 2001 PT Cruiser that was painted Dark Cranberry, but everyone called purple.
Ari Riyadh
Ari Riyadh Prije 7 mjeseci
Kewlzter TC
Kewlzter TC Prije 7 mjeseci
Electrify it!
Robert Craighead
Robert Craighead Prije 7 mjeseci
You bought another Chrysler product. You have got to be out of your ever loven mind. Do you like pain or something?
Rigardo Prije 7 mjeseci
Cheapest Audi A8L W12
MrSponge1985 Prije 7 mjeseci
Did he get rid of the DeLorean?
Gavin Frost
Gavin Frost Prije 7 mjeseci
3k gt in background?
Patrick94GSR Prije 7 mjeseci
The first production car to have 20” wheels as standard.
Jun K
Jun K Prije 7 mjeseci
I wanted that car badly
BFVgnr Prije 7 mjeseci
Imagine how awesome the Prowler would have been with a real engine?
Divine Drift
Divine Drift Prije 7 mjeseci
3:15 how can you be more wrong. Dodge making lame boring shit? Demon, red eye, track hawk, trail hawk, hellcat, scatpack, srt-10, awd chargers...800-900 hp stock cars are boring i guess..
Divine Drift
Divine Drift Prije 7 mjeseci
Did I hear that right? $15,000?
Water Toast
Water Toast Prije 7 mjeseci
I remember the last time Tyler did a drift
Wil Ketchin
Wil Ketchin Prije 7 mjeseci
Stereo mic on the burnout in the beginning is upside down
Dad Swagg
Dad Swagg Prije 7 mjeseci
So good to see you making financial mistakes again 😂😂
575forza Prije 7 mjeseci
I had a Neon briefly in high school. That radio is definitely available in the Neon haha.
James Fiegel
James Fiegel Prije 7 mjeseci
The app sucks!
James Fiegel
James Fiegel Prije 7 mjeseci
Eat the Rich😡
Scott Link
Scott Link Prije 7 mjeseci
Hellcat swap it.
Adam Satchwell
Adam Satchwell Prije 7 mjeseci
Buy a bmw 125i auto convertible in black :-)
FAST & LOUD Prije 7 mjeseci
Maybe I was weird as a kid but I thought that car was so cool and I still do! 🙃
John Doe
John Doe Prije 7 mjeseci
perfect color for that car 😃👍
Acme Prije 7 mjeseci
Such a shit car. But cool too. Lol
Michael Doucet
Michael Doucet Prije 7 mjeseci
U got it from Louisiana that's where I live. Was it the New Orleans area?
alexander breschi
alexander breschi Prije 7 mjeseci
Fits his personality perfectly
Gerard Montgomery
Gerard Montgomery Prije 7 mjeseci
As a Brit I always thought this was a weird car. It looked like a mixture of old school hotrod and more modern European roadsters, hell the V6 fell between totquey V8s and the revvy 4 pots in most sportsters. The automatic gearbox however made no sense to me. To my British/Euro tastes you don't put an auto in a driver's car. Did they want a sports car or a cruiser? Twenty odd years later and I still don't know. Still look at it, damn it looks cool. American car design doesn't always translate well over this side of the pond but this, the viper and all 8 generations of Vette are head turner's.
FLADAY 392 Prije 7 mjeseci
Too bad they didn’t put a HEMI in it🤓
biteme Prije 7 mjeseci
Autotempest needs a dang app
Panda Guzman
Panda Guzman Prije 7 mjeseci
A j series engine would look nice in there
George Loren
George Loren Prije 7 mjeseci
such a cool car
Marathon Man_65
Marathon Man_65 Prije 7 mjeseci
Excellent video and commentary, thanks!
Ted Prije 7 mjeseci
And if you want more power, there were turbo and NOS kits for those things.
jackieandleon Prije 7 mjeseci
If only the motor from the Stealt RT twin turbo made it to this car.
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