This $80,000 Chevy Explorer Conversion Van Is A Private Jet For The Road (Makes Escalade Feel Cheap)

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Buster Hoodstar
Buster Hoodstar Prije 7 sati
Van conversions are about as played out as bell bottom pants and Ford Pintos.
Jimmy P
Jimmy P Prije 14 sati
You cant park in some garages with the van. Its good for the country
Bertalan Bacsó
Bertalan Bacsó Prije 21 sat
Looks like a horrible choice
Mike Prije 22 sati
Q- Bert
Q- Bert Prije 23 sati
Sell the house. Live in a van
Jeff Prije dan
Work with a guy that bought a new conversion 2018, that thing was really nice. Alot for the $
John Paul Garzaniti
John Paul Garzaniti Prije dan
absurdly expensive
pfslik Prije dan
If I was a smarter man, back in the day, I should have bought a conversion van instead of a Chevelle for all the ladies ;)
Murray Mackenzie
Murray Mackenzie Prije dan
Kaden Kastberg
Kaden Kastberg Prije 2 dana
yeah it might technically be better but try convincing that to the rich white mom that needs the Escalade to take her kids to school lmao
Daniel Steele
Daniel Steele Prije 2 dana
Can I Buy your 91?
igostupidfast3 Prije 2 dana
I remember conversation vans being common as a kid until gas prices hit $2 a gallon in the early to mid 2000s
Lee Galecio
Lee Galecio Prije 2 dana
Add super cruise, hid headlights, and all around reverse camera and that thing would be cherry!
Albaro Pineda
Albaro Pineda Prije 3 dana
when do you plan on selling your conversion van we love it
pwnedlifexx Prije 3 dana
0:34 nice moves hahaha
Kevin Prije 3 dana
How many people know that this is Jeff Goldblum’s child?
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly Prije 3 dana
Some americans say roof wierd
Scottie2Good Reynolds
Scottie2Good Reynolds Prije 3 dana
Is this Jeff Goldblooms brother?
Damn I could take that to a lot of snake shows!!!! Wouldnt even need a hotel to stay in lol!
Don M Jr.
Don M Jr. Prije 4 dana
Someone wasted $80k
dethray1000 Prije 4 dana
no 4wdrive
Joe Hollyrock
Joe Hollyrock Prije 5 dana
Is he trying out for a Jeff Goldblum part ?
Big Lemon
Big Lemon Prije 5 dana
I didn't know Jeff Goldblum had a HRpost channel about vans...
Bill Mahan
Bill Mahan Prije 5 dana
How much (MSRP and real world) for the similar components in a 7-passenger model of this vehicle? Can't seem to find a place to show me a fair price for one. Thanks.
Cosmo Kramer
Cosmo Kramer Prije 5 dana
I saw one of these with an Escalade front grill, light, back lights, rims and was actually nice
רפי פנחסי
רפי פנחסי Prije 5 dana
Made in USA 👍
Christopher Robinson
Christopher Robinson Prije 5 dana
This dude sounds like Bill Nye and Jim Carrey but acts like he was raised by Doug DeMuro
Patriot 777
Patriot 777 Prije 6 dana
Do they make a Ford Version?!?!
Mr Markus79
Mr Markus79 Prije 6 dana
Man I absolutely love Van's. I'll take one over any SUV any day. I've owned 4 in my life. 3 high tops and one low.
Jose Acosta
Jose Acosta Prije 6 dana
very...VERY, really... REALLY(screams intensely)
Steve Sosebee
Steve Sosebee Prije 7 dana
I used to sell these new at the Chevy store I worked at for 18 years !
Reb Prije 7 dana
This dude is the reason we wear masks, I saw numerous wads of spit fly from his mouth 😂
Sydney Drums
Sydney Drums Prije 7 dana
Rear van Interior starts at 8:00
Jose Paoli
Jose Paoli Prije 7 dana
Everything looks from a cheap materials, the only thing that looks real in the video is his leather jacket 😂
Jordan Wedzinga
Jordan Wedzinga Prije 7 dana
That’s kinda funny but doesn’t really matter but I have the same switches for my subs lol they’re like a dime a dozen those ones lol
Pleb Failsworth
Pleb Failsworth Prije 7 dana
many years ago 6 of my friends and I took one of these to an outdoor festival. it was cold and raining so we hung out in the van and closed all the window shades. we partied in the back of that thing for 12 hours and had a great time.
pat brooks
pat brooks Prije 7 dana
You should’ve test drove the one with the 6.6 duramax.
Rod Williams
Rod Williams Prije 7 dana
No where near to a jet believe me .
Ben Ferguson
Ben Ferguson Prije 7 dana
A comfy van sounds nice for long road trips.
Bart Amg
Bart Amg Prije 7 dana
Piece of crap
angel figueroa
angel figueroa Prije 8 dana
I borrowed my buddies explorer once for a road trip . I f n loved it .
dragorocky Prije 8 dana
You crack me up w the Pretty Woman reference!!☠️☠️☠️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ellis Bermudez
Ellis Bermudez Prije 8 dana
V6 no thanks the van too big to heavy
miniair Prije 8 dana
Where do they do everything?
Bassing Basics
Bassing Basics Prije 8 dana
This is absolutely sick!!
TheMudgod Prije 8 dana
Is it for sale?
bob gromit
bob gromit Prije 9 dana
What a van.....
Brady Rideout
Brady Rideout Prije 9 dana
I dont blame you this thing is sweet i would love one lol
Crystal Pony
Crystal Pony Prije 9 dana
And here I am with a Chevy uplander
zfilmmaker Prije 9 dana
Back when these vans were popular, aftermarket manufacturers like Ducks Unlimited and Centurion made these. I had a Ford Excursion Centurion Executive. Today nobody would buy one when you can buy a long wheel base sprinter van with twice as much room, double ceiling height and width with 4WD.
Linda H
Linda H Prije 9 dana
I had a 2000 Chevy Astro conversion van. I loved it. The 4.3 just died on me. I had to let it go.
sftwr314r8 Prije 9 dana
Note to self: buy big ass van, clean it up, get four wheel alignment, sell to dumbass.
Austin Patterson
Austin Patterson Prije 9 dana
80,000.... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha .......
Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist
Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist Prije 9 dana
drop a nice LS motor in there maybe a vet one then she'll roll just like a jet.
salt pepper
salt pepper Prije 9 dana
is this a timeshare pitch?
salt pepper
salt pepper Prije 9 dana
i still like my 89 turbo plymouth voyager with wood grain
Get Probed
Get Probed Prije 10 dana
is it available in awd?
Bradly Miller
Bradly Miller Prije 10 dana
Damn I wish I had that in high school. Party on wheels plus a place to rock in the back lol
Thomas Krul
Thomas Krul Prije 10 dana
Holy shit, my dad had a burgundy-on-burgundy one exactly like your 1990 and his newer one is... well identical to your new one.
Russian Rayne
Russian Rayne Prije 10 dana
I never heard a year,this is a 2019/20??? Wtf. I mean yeah whole lot of vehicle but Id think theyd upgrade the infotainment,headlights at least...
E Marbury
E Marbury Prije 10 dana
And that’s all a suv really ever was. A van.
TheAnonymous One
TheAnonymous One Prije 11 dana
Dude are you kidding me? It still has halogen headlights and tail lights lol. The Escalade has rear view mirror images in the control display
Noah Trejbal
Noah Trejbal Prije 11 dana
But what’s the Doug score?
BeeseChurger Prije 11 dana
2 words Cadillac st6
anil rehmatullah
anil rehmatullah Prije 11 dana
we jusr finished a transmission on one at the shop, i have to go get the mileage for the warranty. Crazy how this video was recommended at the same time i should be working. Now i have to open a back door just for a peak.
DarkK Prije 11 dana
We want more videos with that van:D Interior looks very good.
Ricardo Sanchez
Ricardo Sanchez Prije 11 dana
I got to ride around in one of these bad boys my entire childhood (a family friend owned it) and watched so many movies in complete comfort in the back. These things are the definition of bang for your buck
Joshua Glover
Joshua Glover Prije 11 dana
Pressure Bro, a parent's dream vehicle.
Nelson Perez
Nelson Perez Prije 12 dana
Lift the van !
Steve Crossland
Steve Crossland Prije 12 dana
That new 3L diesel of GM's and all wheel you'd have something!
Steve Crossland
Steve Crossland Prije 12 dana
Can you get all wheel drive?
Inbox9Five Prije 12 dana
Yeah. . . Rockford Tweaters. . . the cheapest ones. lol.
EntropyFan Prije 13 dana
My uncle had a 6 wheel custom chevy van in the 80's; all eyes on us when getting dropped off at the skating rink. Great times all around.
Greg Sanchez
Greg Sanchez Prije 13 dana
I Doubt That's A V6, But Okay Whatever🤸🏾
ELMO WILSON Prije 13 dana
For 80,000? So expensive Chevy Van at that price
ELMO WILSON Prije 13 dana
Good question to answer when comparing a Chevy Express Conversion and a Caddy Escalade in matter of luxury
Alan Stenberg
Alan Stenberg Prije 14 dana
Mom had 3 when I was growing up. It was so cool having my N64 plugged in and able to have my own space on road trips.
Bert’s Channel
Bert’s Channel Prije 14 dana
Hoovie can I have this van?!
DJ HYPE Prije 14 dana
The Toyota Sienna has some of the most comfortable seats I ever sat in.
Clapmando Prije 14 dana
An apartment that size in L.A. would cost 40,000 a year to rent.
Koomafloo Prije 14 dana
Kitchen cabinet fittings and hardware store parts. I'll pass, it's no Cadillac.
Orlando El Bajista
Orlando El Bajista Prije 15 dana
This is a ... oh wrong channel
yung marcell
yung marcell Prije 15 dana
Those should have 6 wheels
John Smith
John Smith Prije 15 dana
Fake ass review. " if your like me, and you you are not worried about the technology " " oh the bose speakers" " 30 inch tv"🤣🤣
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith Prije 15 dana
Your video is on the Explorer Conversion Vans home page.
Lords of the Road
Lords of the Road Prije 15 dana
Nice review, love these vans too. BTW you sound a lot like Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park. You even said the word dinosaur.
frank zola
frank zola Prije 15 dana
If you ever do a giveaway on this van I'd love to have first dibs lol I'm Inlove!
what_alovlyday Prije 15 dana
Am I the only one who sees the resemblance in the way him and Jeff Goldblum act and talk? 👀😅
Faheem H
Faheem H Prije 15 dana
Limo tint the back windows and do a bit lighter than limo tint on the front
ITZRULZ Prije 15 dana
My family is HUGE not many people but we are all tall and is there any with 5 or 6 seats? (For space long legs?)
Jeremy Prije 15 dana
I can't stand how almost every sentence sounds orgasmic.
Jerry Restrepo
Jerry Restrepo Prije 15 dana
I have a 2019 GMC 2500, it has been in the shop for: 1) new heavy duty tires 2) blown Body Control Module #5 (4 times) 3) Vista Roof window leak, headliner replacement 4) front end grill alignment 5) rear quarter panel window replacement 6) HDMI input not working (x2) 7) charging pad replacement/hardwired 8) front door inner panels missing clear coat 9) rear sensors replacement/reinstall and new rear bumper 10) center latch door replacement 11) passenger seat recliner not functioning 12) drivers seat heat warmer not working 13) rear A/C vent cap broke 14) Front A/C vent cover replacement 15) rear cargo door panel window not properly installed 16) rear cargo door panel clip not properly installed 17) replacement under mirror flood light 18) replace metal seat buckle x3 19) replace squeaking rear seat catch x2 20) replace defective 1/4 panel clearance light (causing 2nd blown Body Cintrol Module) 21) replace defective Blu-day player 22) now being told by Explorer that I have an eléctrica draw somewhere causing my. Artery to drain while GMC is telling me I need a new battery 23) and now flickering overhead light... So disappointed with my first conversion van, but EVERYTHING has been taken care of under Explorer warranty (thanks Deb). Wife is tired of it, but I told I refuse to get an overpriced Tahoe/Suburban!!!
Barry Prije 15 dana
I had the exact same van has the wine rack in the back doors??? Two coolers above the wheel well
Peter Brown
Peter Brown Prije 16 dana
I could afford this but then I'd have to live out of it.
Jacob Padilla
Jacob Padilla Prije 16 dana
It don’t even look nice
Ryan Faust
Ryan Faust Prije 16 dana
Nope still don't want no ugly ass van
CD'S Automotive Garage
CD'S Automotive Garage Prije 16 dana
I like it that's really nice an awesome an the roof an that stuff an all that wood grain stuff just drawls me in lol . Butt I love the older van that was beside it that he didn't show i was hoping he show that van too but he didn't . My neighbor has one of these of the older van that he did no show it's like a 88 or 90s Gmc an loaded an I thought about asking if he sell it.
Victoria Conners
Victoria Conners Prije 16 dana
These car prices are nucking futz.
Arcade Geek
Arcade Geek Prije 16 dana
Is this guy the love child of Carl Sagan and Jeff Goldblum?
Adam Grosvenor
Adam Grosvenor Prije 16 dana
The position of the front wheel within the wheel arch is making me anxious. I'm no mechanic, but i would assume that should be central within the arch?
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