Finally Fixing My Cheap Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, BUT IT BROKE EVEN WORSE

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Tu Papi 69
Tu Papi 69 Prije 21 sat
Best car team on youtube. It's like Batman and Robin🥰🥰🥰
TerribleFire Prije 8 dana
3:04 the dude on the right is Ed Bolian... for sure.
Bruce Gilbert
Bruce Gilbert Prije 10 dana
I remember when George Jefferson said' " How big is that, Weezy!"
Mi Vi
Mi Vi Prije 15 dana
Fixing a Lamborghini with a ferrari shirt🤣🤣
Ken Harty
Ken Harty Prije 18 dana
Just use 2nd gear and up then? Its a hooptie. Lol
George Tsiros
George Tsiros Prije mjesec
is the image spazzing out or is it my computer... ?
George Tsiros
George Tsiros Prije mjesec
... FUCK electronics...
SeanCoinery Prije 2 mjeseci
"Horrible investment. Better than the stock market, I guess" - Hoovie at the lows Guessing he didn't buy the dip. BIG SAD
Throttle Response
Throttle Response Prije 2 mjeseci
A Ferrari t shirt with mustang logo more weird that the Lamborghini transmission
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
better than stock market.... nice one specially today at October 2020...
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller Prije 3 mjeseci
Better than the stock market? My portfolio never needs an oil change nor do I need to change my portfolios transmission. 🤷‍♂️
Charles Herring
Charles Herring Prije 3 mjeseci
On the old Bently turbo im sure im late but that description is a vacuum leak a light miss under load partial throttle. Idle no issue, high rpm its fighting for air.
Dave Crupel
Dave Crupel Prije 4 mjeseci
4:09 "proper mechanicing" It's called *troubleshooting.* And as an aircraft mechanic, i will take troubleshooting over an inaccurate computer (which tends to break as well) any time. Especially when manufacturers want you to go to the dealerships to diagnose and fix anything. And also the less computer and electronics a car has, the simpler it is to fix. Case and point: why the hell do you need to program, or reprogram, a *manual transmission?*
photondebuger45 Prije 5 mjeseci
I like how sometimes he calls the wizard weeeeezard lol
Jason Mefford
Jason Mefford Prije 5 mjeseci
Obd 1 reader= paperclip...
cj92345 Prije 5 mjeseci
Yep, just plug in and fix
Harrison Edwards
Harrison Edwards Prije 5 mjeseci
Imagine hanging out with someone who just talks to a camera the entire time
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Prije 5 mjeseci
Buy a Corvette. All those cars are junk
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Prije 6 mjeseci
A seven thousand dollar computer to diagnosis a problem with the engine/transmission. Zee Germans don't make it easy.
C Wheeler
C Wheeler Prije 6 mjeseci
“Better than the stock market”?!?! Comment didn’t age well
Michael R
Michael R Prije 6 mjeseci
You guy are doing great. Love the videos, so lucky to have the wizard for a mech. Can’t wait for the finished video , beautiful orange color. 👍👍
Curtis Stapleton
Curtis Stapleton Prije 6 mjeseci
As a elevator mech .we get the same " well it was working b4 you got here" syndrome
Laura S Rockwell
Laura S Rockwell Prije 6 mjeseci
So... lambo makes poorly designed unreliable cars. So they are scammers.
Amir Gladstone
Amir Gladstone Prije 6 mjeseci
Mapping sensor maybe
Avery Wellsand
Avery Wellsand Prije 6 mjeseci
I've seen people tap in to the obd1 info. Southmainauto did a video on a 90s corvette I think
Zerbin Auto
Zerbin Auto Prije 7 mjeseci
You have great hair. Do you use keeps?
MakeSh00t Prije 7 mjeseci
car is made that is not cheap for repair to not drive everyperson.
Eric Pippen
Eric Pippen Prije 7 mjeseci
The Wizard is an amazing mechanic
Chip Pong
Chip Pong Prije 7 mjeseci
At this point mr wizard could retire and live happily with all that money he has made from mr hoovies
C R A Z E D Prije 7 mjeseci
Wearing a ferrari shirt in a Lamborghini
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith Prije 7 mjeseci
Hey hoovie I gotta ask has the car wizzard looked at the timing of the bentley on the cams, as I was watching a classic car workshop channel on here, guy was working on a vintage 246 dino and had to adjust these little cam inserts that adjusted the play between the lobes that you actually stick in to adjust the timing, and he found that one or two of them was out of spec and too small, and he said that with those cars like that that it being out of time doesnt really effect the upper end that much, but it will the lower end. and you said its a lower end stutter, like have him check the timing and see if its out of spec or if a tensioners gone or on the way out. videos on Tyrells classic car workshop here on youtube FYI, and you did say it might as well be a car from 1976 with how old school its tech is, which isnt too far off of that dino.
Don Moore
Don Moore Prije 7 mjeseci
OMG $7K for a very used diagnostic system. A rarefied endeavor for sure.
Nico Nesta
Nico Nesta Prije 7 mjeseci
Programne the new clutch. Okay, I will keep buying 20th century cars till I die.
Lloyd Daly
Lloyd Daly Prije 7 mjeseci
Hoovie please give more respect to Wizard, and Johnny
Russell Denton
Russell Denton Prije 8 mjeseci
This car has gone to shit after 17k miles huh? They seem very well made vehicles...😄
darrenmuse Prije 8 mjeseci
Hoovie could have parted that Lambo out and used the proceeds to buy a new one!
Keith Zimmerman
Keith Zimmerman Prije 8 mjeseci
You got a HUGE pair of tips!
Off_mah_lawn Prije 8 mjeseci
Thanks Hoovie for fixing all these old cars instead of destroying them!!
richard power
richard power Prije 8 mjeseci
The best car to drive....the worst car to work on.
Alexander0125 Prije 8 mjeseci
Windows XP.
alexanderalexandrou Prije 8 mjeseci
And here I am with my 97' Honda Civic daily beater, which only needs spark plugs and an oil change every year (basically). :P Is it fun to drive? Nope. Will it just keep going? Yeap.
cathode follower
cathode follower Prije 8 mjeseci
17,000 miles and all that wrong with it? The previous owner must have been an asshole.
Kardash Auto repair
Kardash Auto repair Prije 8 mjeseci
Is this the only guy that works in this shop? If so I don’t understand why he starts and gets halfway through a project then leaves it on the bench and starts another car.
Raxis Prije 8 mjeseci
to all the idiots fighting against the right to repair bills, this video has a prime example of why it needs to exist, there is nothing particularly special about that computer, and the software is basic as hell, yet they make it purposely hard and expensive to get that software/the computer they(the company) have needlessly locked it to. let companies keep going without a right to repair bill they will own your tv and build adverts into it, your tablets phones and computers will start arriving with 30 second unskipable adverts you can't remove, and your car/truck/machine will have to be replaced even if nothing is wrong at the 10 year mark because its "end of life" according to its maker(all of these examples have already happened before)
Andy Peek
Andy Peek Prije 8 mjeseci
The only thing that goes cheep is a Budgie or Canary. Love the old Bentley, at least it had Bosch PI not bloody Lucas. That brings back good memories, working on Rolls Royce and Bentley Air Conditioning systems, like all of those cars a complete bitch to work on, but it had to go out for a test drive, the look on peoples faces one day when I drove one to my local pub, it was awesome. Got a free pint for my nerve. I think you have a damn good technician with you, he really knows his stuff. Im lucky to have one like him here in NZ. Good video mate, keep the laughs coming.
mrsparex Prije 8 mjeseci
Almost as bad as the new Wranglers (but not quite)
Zen Juice
Zen Juice Prije 8 mjeseci
Stovokor Prije 8 mjeseci
Lol, "It didnt do that before i brought it to your shop. Reminds me of when i work on a roof and the customer calls back 2 years later with a leak. "Well it didnt leak before." And it turns out to be rotted wood from them not painting the house since they owned it.
A.J. W.
A.J. W. Prije 8 mjeseci
So cool to see this coming apart and just how much detail goes into these cars. Hope the family is well! Finally getting caught up on all the videos.
spuppy21 Prije 8 mjeseci
Want a MasterTech or Tech1a for those OBD1 cars, I’ve can make some deals. With Ford, GM, Chrysler and some Asian Import carts. :)
Julian Alcock
Julian Alcock Prije 8 mjeseci
Note to self: never ever buy a top end car
Los M
Los M Prije 8 mjeseci
Entertaining and informative videos, but man the music is just hard to listen to.
Darren Robinson
Darren Robinson Prije 8 mjeseci
Also putting a mic on the mech would improve the viewer experience.
pspdudue23 Prije 8 mjeseci
They paid $7,000 for an old hard drive that had this Lambo Diagnostic software? There was seriously no place on the internet they could have pirated this?
feebeejeebees Prije 8 mjeseci
When I was a kid, I dreamed of owning a Lamborghini. Nowadays, I wouldn't touch one with a bargepole. They just look like trouble - big, expensive trouble.
Kirit Prije 8 mjeseci
to be honest. italian products are crap just like their washing machines and anything else they make. german has to be way to go
ReCycle Spinning
ReCycle Spinning Prije 8 mjeseci
Hahahaha, yeah germans, by a car for 100k, then a fortune to fix it and worth 10k if you can sell it less than 5 years later. Oh and they have that diesel "clean burn technology" . Yeah they cheated the emission testing machine hahaha
FU EU Prije 8 mjeseci
HeHe "I can stand in the car now" . Don't just you just love this dude.
ErnestJ Prije 8 mjeseci
Change old fuel intake hoses and so on so it not spray the combustible liquid. Its audi r8 - wolksvagen parts so should match :D
Cars of Pennsylvania
Cars of Pennsylvania Prije 8 mjeseci
Do you think the $7000 computer ended up saving you money? Or would it have just been cheaper to send off to Lamborghini?
kaljuhyypio Prije 8 mjeseci
"Ferari" ;D
Marc S
Marc S Prije 8 mjeseci
This is why you should take these cars to an authorized repair shop....
Johnny Cicero
Johnny Cicero Prije 8 mjeseci
Wow that dash is ugly! You would think lambo interior would be nicer
Midnight Speedpainter
Midnight Speedpainter Prije 8 mjeseci
I love that transition from the balding advertisement to the bald beard guy.
Andrew Ward
Andrew Ward Prije 8 mjeseci
What happened to this Lamborghini? It just vanished from his fleet...!!
Bigfishpokepoll Prije 8 mjeseci
About the leak it was most likely was because dude reved the motor so high increasing water pressure without letting the engine warm up and grow tightening all connections.
Mirko Lazar
Mirko Lazar Prije 8 mjeseci
What is this guy a billionaire buying and trying to fix these piece of junk super cars
Vladimir Branapolskiy
Vladimir Branapolskiy Prije 8 mjeseci
Wizard biggest rip off never go to his shop
Vladimir Branapolskiy
Vladimir Branapolskiy Prije 8 mjeseci
Lamborghini piece of junk never buy one
Jonathon G
Jonathon G Prije 8 mjeseci
Ooo boy did some idiot shred that transmission. That's like maniacal, pathological levels of foot abuse.
Aaron Savant
Aaron Savant Prije 8 mjeseci
Love you guys! Keep them coming!
goopah Prije 8 mjeseci
13:00 And this is why I'm not a mechanic. Right about here is the point at which I would realize that, "OMG I already don't remember how to put this back together. I'm so screwed." Mad props to The Wizard and all of the mechanics like him who do these projects for us. Sure they charge a lot, but they work hard, are smart in so many ways that I'm not, and totally earn their money. I love older cars, but gave them up years ago when I finally figured out that they were going to break me. Instead, I get the same experience vicariously, and watch Hoovie suffer the pain. The one big thing that these videos can't replace is the truly awesome feeling of actually driving them.
goopah Prije 8 mjeseci
5:00 The Wizard also repairs washing machines and dryers.
Dwayne Chaulk
Dwayne Chaulk Prije 8 mjeseci
Do wizard have his own HRpost channel, I would like to watch some of his videos .
Numb halo
Numb halo Prije 8 mjeseci
Dwayne Chaulk carwizard
Jay T
Jay T Prije 8 mjeseci
Is it just my TV or does your camera have the jitters?
alexkg1 Prije 8 mjeseci
It would defeat the point, but that Lambo is definitely a money maker if someone stripped it for parts rather than tried to fix it.
Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw Prije 8 mjeseci
They don’t put marble tops on cheap furniture!
Dan Bennetto
Dan Bennetto Prije 8 mjeseci
Does the wizard even have other customers? haha!
james kpokou
james kpokou Prije 8 mjeseci
He needs to just cut his losses and sell to someone whose got the money to fix it properly
Iloathe Yootoob
Iloathe Yootoob Prije 8 mjeseci
Give me a day with that laptop and ill get you as many clones as you want. Just in case that HDD ever fails on you.
American Made!
American Made! Prije 8 mjeseci
Looking forward to watching the transmission rebuild. please show a lot of that.
Doug Sinden
Doug Sinden Prije 8 mjeseci
Hoovie.. The wizard is praying to every God known to man you don't die of Covid 19. So let's count. Corvette. Merc. Bentley. Lambo. Anything else
Andrew Shutty
Andrew Shutty Prije 8 mjeseci
"Limone", Is what the call it in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy, A LEMON. A. very high dollar orange lemon, Compratore stai atteno, e buona fortuna!
Michael Hrisafis
Michael Hrisafis Prije 8 mjeseci
Must have bought the t-shirt in Bali 😂
j freed
j freed Prije 8 mjeseci
That thing sounds beeeeeeeeeautiful.
Mack Brown
Mack Brown Prije 8 mjeseci
Hoovie peddling those wares after dealing with this broke Lambo lol.
Todd Udell
Todd Udell Prije 8 mjeseci
that tech guy is very knowledgeable. one of the best I have seen. you dont see people like that very often. most techs rely to much on the computer to find the problem, and if that was not there, I feel they would not know what to do.
Dwight Frost
Dwight Frost Prije 8 mjeseci
Watched a lot of these channel's videos and I don't think I've seen a new car bought.
Paul Bouchard
Paul Bouchard Prije 8 mjeseci
Love thst sound,,,,,,,
TheAsylum100 Prije 8 mjeseci
7k computer ? surely you just needed the software ?
Phil Prije 8 mjeseci
Whaaaaa?????Teslas imaginary fleet of battery powered semi trucks don't deliver their cars????😆
TheTruth76 Prije 8 mjeseci
POS car
Nicolas Habash
Nicolas Habash Prije 8 mjeseci
Cars can break anytime and anywhere
Ted Malley
Ted Malley Prije 8 mjeseci
Rediculous that you have to take half the car apart just to fix a relatively simple problem.
Dave Eslava
Dave Eslava Prije 8 mjeseci
Thank you for making me appreciate my Honda Fit. I would burn my car if this happened to me.
CAfakmykak Prije 8 mjeseci
I find it hilarious that people buy "Hair Loss Prevention" or "Get my hair back" products. They do not work lmfao. There are literally millionaires and billionaires who are going bald and have more money than you could ever dream of, they can afford all the crazy treatments. Yet they are still going bald, for example Lebron. That itself should tell you that hair loss is all up to your genetics, and taking vitamins cannot change genetics.
Paul Palermo
Paul Palermo Prije 8 mjeseci
Would you really spend that much money to fix these old expensive junkers?
Paul Palermo
Paul Palermo Prije 8 mjeseci
Hey Hoovie ".............RENT DON’T BUY! "...............
Matthew Jaggard
Matthew Jaggard Prije 8 mjeseci
For the Bentley - have you tried taking the injectors out. They may give a good spray and physically look ok but if the knock off pressures are slightly out then it will give you a misfire under load. Pain is you will have get them all reconditioned which is a bit painful in that 6.75L V12 (and you wont know until they come back and you try them)
Joshua A
Joshua A Prije 8 mjeseci
Italian engineering. Stay away
MadMarq Prije 8 mjeseci
Just buy you an f150 and you can tow that Euro trash around and save several thousand in the process LMAO!
LtFransky Prije 8 mjeseci
I want to see more of that Lotus they were walking around. SCAM! Part 2, Testing Chinese Body Armor...
23:46 SCAM! Part 2, Testing Chinese Body Armor...
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