Another Reason BMW V8 Engines Are JUNK! Timing Chain Guides On A 2001 740i Sport

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fred cherry
fred cherry Prije 7 sati
Stoyan Georgiev
Stoyan Georgiev Prije 18 sati
E38 body undoubtedly is my favorite BMW 7 series sedan and one of the best looking 4 door executive cars period! This era of cars together with E39 - 5 series, E36 and E46 - 3 Series generations are the last decent cars from BMW that still have the quality of the materials from the 90's and even 80's. And yes, they have their problems too, but Nothing like the Era of the plastic BMW's starting with E60, E65 and the following cars with the Turbo- JUNK motors. ( E90 an E92 M3 with a S65 engine excluded). It is a real shame that "The Ultimate Driving Machine" is turning to be a company producing way too many and pointless X- drive and ugly SUV's and Crossovers with awful design and poor reliability. Not to mention the absolutely terrible resale value. I wish the executives in Munich wake up soon and look at carefully the Iconic Real Bimmers like E24, E28, E30 M3, E36 M3, E39 M5 ....
Paul Hayward
Paul Hayward Prije 3 dana
water cooled alternator. Who in their right mind would invent that.
Paul Hayward
Paul Hayward Prije 3 dana
The Snap-on guy is the happiest guy in town when he visits Johnny.
Andy & Amys Arizona Adventures
Andy & Amys Arizona Adventures Prije 5 dana
BMW the Buick of European cars? 🤣
Ghost Prije 8 dana
I did this same timing chain job on my 01 540i in my garage. My impact didn't have enough clearance to get the main crank bolt off. Used a floor jack shaft as a 5 ft cheater bar and cranked on that bad boy for hours before I got it to lose. But I was lucky the pulley just came off. Watching you do this job gives me flashbacks. I wish they just used 4 timing chains like the previous v8 instead of a really long chain with crucial plastic that would be jealous of a legos durability. In a different life if I wasn't in the career I'm in I would love to be an apprentice to Car Ninja, madd Respect.
Alexander Van Heugten
Alexander Van Heugten Prije 8 dana
Get yourself a pre 1982 inline 4 or 6 cylinder, those will never let you down. However, the 3.3 needs to be avoided.
Derek Holmberg
Derek Holmberg Prije 9 dana
Man I have always considered that exact year and model 740il sport one of my all time favorite cars, considering buying one many time BUT now will never buy one. Thanks for sharing.
Trevor Dean-Peckenpaugh
Trevor Dean-Peckenpaugh Prije 9 dana
And they don't break that easy!
Trevor Dean-Peckenpaugh
Trevor Dean-Peckenpaugh Prije 9 dana
Also that horse shoe looks good really I have seen them destroyed!
Trevor Dean-Peckenpaugh
Trevor Dean-Peckenpaugh Prije 9 dana
Get a hat alternator in Oregon it's cheaper lol
Trevor Dean-Peckenpaugh
Trevor Dean-Peckenpaugh Prije 9 dana
Lol! I have done a few of those timing kits! Lol yeah that cost is correct it sucks don't forget Rangerover has that motor too!
krishna carub
krishna carub Prije 10 dana
mans only put that snap on ratchet to purposefully break it haha lifetime warranty abuse
tolif jenseen
tolif jenseen Prije 12 dana
Go with 1 inch drive...not half.
Tom Allen
Tom Allen Prije 12 dana
Drama queen you are.
Jaroslaw P.
Jaroslaw P. Prije 13 dana
He buys the worst, abused, cheapest cars and formulates harmful opinions about BMW. The engine has valve seals problem, but I bought a car which has it fixed already :)
Valerian Pantsulia
Valerian Pantsulia Prije 14 dana
Goddammit BMW what are fun people, ashamed to say how much money they spend and lost on this goddamn BMW? this company should bankruptcy E39 BMW have a hundred more issues it's made it deliberately BAD quality just to suck the money from the customer, Goddammit BMW company & BMW engineers
Charles Foster
Charles Foster Prije 19 dana
Gettin content but Very thoughtful to help out...although depends on the mechanic I guess
Chris Lax
Chris Lax Prije 19 dana
U pay 15,000 for an E38? U must be the junk 😂
Hans Zarkov
Hans Zarkov Prije 20 dana
plastic guides can last hundreds of thousands of miles if you use synthetic oil, change it every 5K to 10K miles and also replace the timing chain tensioner once in a while
Grzegorz Durda
Grzegorz Durda Prije 21 dan
Should have used the Milwaukee first instead of last each time.
Alexander Addai Boateng
Alexander Addai Boateng Prije 22 dana
Bmw age better than any American car you can think of. I have 1996 m5 which my dad bought since 96 and it's running good even today. I recently bought a new Chevrolet cruze and it's a crap. It fails all the time
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan Prije 23 dana
I have a question why BMW 1999 7 series have double or single chain in engine plz explain thankx
Dominik Heidrich
Dominik Heidrich Prije 24 dana
I have multiple co workers with BMWs, from e46 3 Series, e64 6 Series to F10 5 Series and none of them run without minor to major failures. Oil burning engines, water leaking doors - and none was happy with regular BMW shop' s Repair success. I think you're really lucky to have someone like the ninja going proper ways instead of factory warranty backed solutions that keep failing repeatedly.
Teerapote Chatmonmat
Teerapote Chatmonmat Prije 28 dana
Johny's hot!
KJ Schrauber
KJ Schrauber Prije 29 dana
Just Not that intelligent his BMW videos
Augie Mattheiss
Augie Mattheiss Prije 29 dana
I know I am very immature at 67 but I love the video recordings where the prices are ridiculous, very funny, very entertaining...... reminds me of a joke: what is the difference between a man and a municipal bond?....... a municipal bond will eventually mature!
Formatique arschloch
Formatique arschloch Prije mjesec
I have never seen a bmw that crap in Europe. Never.
anthony aguilar
anthony aguilar Prije mjesec
"This is another reason why BMW engines are Junk" Mate, the entire vehicles are junk, everything dissolves. Just time to take it to the scrap yard, why bother!
Henrich Muller
Henrich Muller Prije mjesec
The 4litre M60 non vanos ,are fine big double row chain,its only 4.4 double vanos that turned to crap with the chain guides...
serge933 Prije mjesec
This mechanic needs to know how to work on these, the crank pulley bolt must be removed with at least a 3/4 inch breaker bar as it will break almost every 1/2 inch one. 2 breaker bars and 1 ratchet should have told him that, also you are not to hold the crank in place with the locking mechanism in the rear by the flywheel. It needs to be held with a crank holding tool bolted to the pulley and let it rest on the frame.
Bogdan Radulescu
Bogdan Radulescu Prije mjesec
Where is ninja Johnny from?
Mohanad Alkhashtee
Mohanad Alkhashtee Prije mjesec
I am sorry to give this comment, but the way he treated the engine, shaking it used pry bars against the timing chain cover was so stupid. A big shop like that, and charge tons of money treat BMW that way? So sad
Rune Karlsen
Rune Karlsen Prije mjesec
Just put the "breaker bar" into the sub frame and turn it on the starter for 0,3 sec.
Christopher S
Christopher S Prije mjesec
*if you cant afford 2 BMWs, then you cant afford 1 BMW*
Soravia Prije mjesec
Just drop the whole sub frame and engine along with transmission. NEVER use the OE gaskets made by Elring, use some other brands.
Ameen Khalid
Ameen Khalid Prije mjesec
The m6 as horrible as it is as beautiful as it is
Drake S
Drake S Prije mjesec
My advice for crankshaft pulley bolts: put a weighted socket on your impact, if you haven't already.
Zach Hart
Zach Hart Prije mjesec
Why would you add water cooling to an that really necessary?
Ricardo R Dorantes
Ricardo R Dorantes Prije 2 mjeseci
Jonny seems like a very boring guy 🙋🏻‍♂️😂
MoodIndigoNL Prije 2 mjeseci
I am amazed Johnny doesn't charge you extra for bringing mechanically (let's say) disappointing BMW's all the time. To me, each episode featuring a BMW does surprise me. My own experiences and mutual BMW drivers are less "eventfull". So it is find those BMWs time over time...although a good V8 would be less fun to feature in your Garage ;).
Dan Turcas
Dan Turcas Prije 2 mjeseci
Where is Johnny from? He’s really cool.
Vikturus22 Prije 2 mjeseci
and this is why I sold my E39 540i Msport last week. Mine had not been done and it was at 120k miles.
wayne galvin
wayne galvin Prije 2 mjeseci
Awesome, I have been cured of wanting to purchase any Used German luxury vehicles!
Maxwell Maxwell
Maxwell Maxwell Prije 2 mjeseci
Bought same exact car for 150 same problem and sold it within a month didn’t want to work on it had to many other projects coming in to the shop and my boss didn’t want it sitting there forever since we had so much work coming into the shop
John Pick
John Pick Prije 3 mjeseci
Tyler and his Hooptie Fleet are the bane of Mechanics everywhere ! Lol
nik t
nik t Prije 3 mjeseci
Γιάννη γειά σου είσαι ωραίος , δείξε τους λίγο πως τα φτιάχνεις
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
Its not a mistake, its on purpose . built in obsolescence by design. it is design to fail so you junk the car and buy a new one. this is how German automobile industry work.
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
What a garbage BMW is. No wonder the Wizard doesn't want to fix them. he knows better...
WizRumburak Prije 3 mjeseci
9:32 Wrong. He always does first thing wrong, to find out later that he didn't use the right tool! So silly... :) Are you sure you, to trust him to put that engine back together??
WizRumburak Prije 3 mjeseci
..Useless morons.. ..Your "mechanic" is so stupid not to realize at 5:20, he could not use any tool like that! Did you ever hear about an impact driver?? Something like 1000Nm? Well, is made by germans as well, and DOES unscrew properly thigh screw. It is meant to be like that! Idiots.. Couple of minutes later, voila! You don't deserve german cars!
bcubed72 Prije 3 mjeseci
"Timing chain guides?" THIS is why DOHC doesn't belong on V engines. Don't get me wrong...I love a high revving DOHC engine, but they are a poor match for a cross plane V8.
Johnny needs a breaker bar that heavy diesel mechanics use for dozers lol Water cool alternator why...because Germans lol
Des M
Des M Prije 3 mjeseci
BMw engines are not junk it depends on who owns it and looks after it
Rune Karlsen
Rune Karlsen Prije mjesec
Sure they build great quality engines. You just need to know what engine to stay away from. Like 80 percent of them. N47 recall here in Europe. Why not use quality parts in the first place instead of losing millions on recalls where the whole engine needs to come out.
2605155 Prije 3 mjeseci
0:14 to 0:20 is why we watch Tyler. The ninja is awesome. Spend what ever you have to, to keep one of the two greatest BMW's alive (and the E39 M5 manual).
James Piddington
James Piddington Prije 3 mjeseci
Too many ads in this video hence my thumbs down. If this keeps up I'm gonna unsubscribe from this channel!
peter gouldbourn
peter gouldbourn Prije 3 mjeseci
I think you and your channel are brilliant. Pete 🇬🇧
Paul Prije 3 mjeseci
I’m wondering if BMW and other car manufacturers engineers have dialogs with people like Johnny who deal with the real world Engine design or are they just Paper and computer idiots
Air Legal & Promotion
Air Legal & Promotion Prije 3 mjeseci
It looks like BMW has been systemically exploiting a weakness that they knew or ought to have known existed on all timing chain driven engines with plastic guides and or defective hydraulic tensioners, and tensior blade. This isn't what engineering is about. This is exactly how you do not engineer anything of the kind of critical function these parts are intended to perform. Doesn't this show perfectly the myth. Even BMW diesel engines have no life that one is entitled to expect from a diesel engine because they have built in the weakness and even mandated that the weak part does not require service for the life of the vehicle. I suppose that means the kind of 129,000 mile life for a diesel engine because it was designed to throw its chain when the twee weak parts break. Let's say the argument is that that is not what BMW are doing? Then we must ask ourselves why they did not design a fail-safe system that does not sacrifice the engine in such catastrophic way when these timing parts fail. BMW treated the N47 engine owners terribly, putting them through hoops to have their smashed engine diagnosed when it will not even turn. Why are owners forced down that dead-end road? The dealer seems to be able to take a lot of money to diagnose these catastrophic failures; that should not be the onus of an owner, when these parts are not madated for any service.
Air Legal & Promotion
Air Legal & Promotion Prije 3 mjeseci
Very interesting and entertaining. However, it comes to mind that if you edited this to cover only the problem issues on the 740! and perhaps talk more about the cam chain failures and the abysmal way BMW treated those owners, that would be quite a good cause of a stir. That's the only way to deal with some companies. Its' when people understand that BMW quality is really just a myth.
MisterHughes Prije 3 mjeseci
I was thinking of buying a 540 a few years back, looks like I saved myself a lot of trouble.
Maanav Khurana
Maanav Khurana Prije 3 mjeseci
Scotty Kilmer must be on cloud nine watching this
tyson vance
tyson vance Prije 3 mjeseci
The BMTROUBLEU....... biggest POS in the history of vehicles.....
Dominique Garcia
Dominique Garcia Prije 3 mjeseci
Bro the car is 19 years old of course it’s gonna need some TLC.
Connar Comstock
Connar Comstock Prije 3 mjeseci
Shoulda turbo LS swapped it. F in Chat.
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm pretty sure BMW is German for POS.
duerandaggi Prije 4 mjeseci
The best Toyota (or Honda) commercial ever.
Fil Mart
Fil Mart Prije 4 mjeseci
Maybe some universal joints, extension and impact gun to remove the crank bolt?.....he used an impact gun.
Victor Vargas
Victor Vargas Prije 4 mjeseci
dragalia lost
Utooob76 Prije 4 mjeseci
rule #1 ..Dont buy a bmw
Peter Warden
Peter Warden Prije 4 mjeseci
Interesting video. But every 5 mins 2 ads I can't skip. With start and end 10 ads in 15 min video? Sorry mates, I watch something else next time ........
A Moone
A Moone Prije 4 mjeseci
I guess you just have an issue with BMW ' S.
Jared Schwager
Jared Schwager Prije 4 mjeseci
Hahaha you’re not alone. Just had to do this on the 4.6 2v in my ‘01 Mustang. Thankfully less parts to remove than a BMW!
Adam Mat
Adam Mat Prije 4 mjeseci
This is why I will never buy a BMW.......never ever and never ever will
Robin Scott 2
Robin Scott 2 Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey that dude has to be the best BMW mechanic ever, he just keeps in rolling with the punch’s, got to love his attitude and can do spirit. :) Right On!
hvcool Prije 4 mjeseci
i want that 740 sport with beige interior - either dark blue or stratus grey exterior
Dewah 77
Dewah 77 Prije 4 mjeseci
BMWs never fail to fail
French20cent Prije 4 mjeseci
10:30 : that infamous : "Come off. Please do come off. You should have listened. YOU'RE GONNA COME OFF. ... Can't be tight if it's a liquid."
Jett C
Jett C Prije 4 mjeseci
I just got a 2000 740IL with about 150k. Guides were done presumably around 80k. So far I love the car.
phillip mulligan
phillip mulligan Prije 4 mjeseci
NOTE: don't buy a Bavarian car that was made during Oktoberfest
Brent Walton
Brent Walton Prije 4 mjeseci
It looks like Johnny was ready to deck the car and then deck Tyler. Lol
Trash bag
Trash bag Prije 4 mjeseci
I love this sort of more in depth content. Rather than some 10 minute review with some guy just yelling about reliability issues and other vague crap. I like this much more when a dive-in gets done to find the exact problem.
Eldin Grajçevci
Eldin Grajçevci Prije 4 mjeseci
How to fix this? Buy a 730d. Bmw diesels are so amazing. My uncle has one for 12 years and never had any issues. He only changed the suspension in 2018. Highly recommend a diesel BMW
Chris.B. L
Chris.B. L Prije 4 mjeseci
can you believe it? "plastic guides" Yes ! Only Bmw use it?????....I better get a Corvette!! much more sofisticated and much more quality for my money...(Welcome to America)?
acalthu Prije 4 mjeseci
So this issue inherent to the 8 cylinder engines, or do the 6s have them as well?
armando nika
armando nika Prije 4 mjeseci
Where is johnny from?
loonattica Prije 4 mjeseci
koopaGG Prije 4 mjeseci
JR: "I'm from the land of running BMW's" That aged poorly.
gas-powered-crusader Prije 4 mjeseci
Bash all you want, I still love BMW and I never had any big issues with them. Try maintaining them properly next time.
Kevin Lopes
Kevin Lopes Prije 4 mjeseci
OK I have a 2003 540i wit the same motor. Once the guides are done and valley pan is done, car is amazing!!!
Gobbersmack Prije 4 mjeseci
Good lord, stick an LS in that thing.
adamrimsky Prije 4 mjeseci
It is about maintenance. Buy well sorted car and cheapest junk and you are fine. But then you won`t have content...
Sneaker Freak 92
Sneaker Freak 92 Prije 4 mjeseci
Sterling Norman
Sterling Norman Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey there Mr. Hoovies. I was wondering if you might be interested in 2 1994 Mercedes benz s500. Both needs a little work but both starts. Selling both together for $2500. One has Amg monoblock rims in great condition. I would love for these cars to make a appearance on your channel. Hint! Hint! I would love to see you put a chevy small block with a 700r transmission stick shift in one. Fingers crossed you respond back.
JOELETHAL CRUZ Prije 4 mjeseci
He speaks like he is hosting the price is right.
JadeRabbit Prije 4 mjeseci
@ 14:29 he casually threw it into the engine bay LOOOOOOOOL
Rich Hauxwell
Rich Hauxwell Prije 4 mjeseci
BMW is a very expensive disposal piece of transportation.
fipz AV
fipz AV Prije 4 mjeseci
What is the make and model of the impact driver used on the crank bolt? Gotta get myself one after watching this
A. M.
A. M. Prije 5 mjeseci
Car manufacturers were taking the piss. They kept making their cars more and more complicated instead of trying to find a simper solution like electric cars. Sure they have their issues, but the engine is way, way, way more simpler and have far fewer parts. No water pump, no radiator, no radiator fan, no many parts that are no longer needed. Car manufacturers should have gone for that at least 20 years ago. Their internal combustion engines have reached such level of complexity that the only way to improve them any further is to get rid of them.
Lol Prije 5 mjeseci
I did the exact same shit on my 545i. What an awful car.
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