My Cheap Volvo Wagon Is Now An Art Car: Turbo Brick with Bricks on Bricks

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Hoovies Garage

Prije 10 mjeseci

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 10 mjeseci
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F OFF Prije 10 mjeseci
@Aaryesh G. And that sir is why you will never get laid...EVER
Aaryesh G.
Aaryesh G. Prije 10 mjeseci
Can't stop looking at the pair of Sega Outrun arcade machines back there 😎.
F OFF Prije 10 mjeseci
"VULVA" not "volvo"
Joe Montgomery
Joe Montgomery Prije 10 mjeseci
William R
William R Prije 10 mjeseci
Come and live in London... You get to play games like this everyday for free (and for real), every time you walk down the street. :0) Prije 5 dana
3000 bucks for a bearing!!! Thats rediculous. Take out the bearing read the number from it and look for that bearing... a bearing for my scooter was £27, but the actual bearing from a bearing specialist was £2.20 delivered. Prije 5 dana
Why do I get the urge to play tetris when I look at that Volvo? lol
Mark tibbetts
Mark tibbetts Prije 7 dana
I dig it.
Dogo memes
Dogo memes Prije 28 dana
sell it to me when you sell it i have been looking for one and they are super cool
David Prije mjesec
Paint the wheels matte black!
David Prije mjesec
Also, I would exchange the orange bulbs in the front for leds, so that there is no orangey shade inside the indicators, and the front grille would benefit from a matte black respray (like the mk1 Golf GTI) too
Jes Muse
Jes Muse Prije mjesec
How much did it sell for? I have a Mondrian 240 and have always wondered what the market value might be.
Blackpill Overdose
Blackpill Overdose Prije 2 mjeseci
Absolutely hideous, might as well just set the damn thing on fire if you're gonna ruin it like that.
Patrick Iredale
Patrick Iredale Prije 3 mjeseci
I had a Volvo 740 GLE for ten years and a Volvo 960 GLE (3 litre 24 valve) for eight years, so I’m a huge Volvo fan. Neither of those felt like I was driving a brick, especially the 960, which was deceptively fast! Love your ‘Mondrian’ Art Volvo! 😎
Joey Moursalian
Joey Moursalian Prije 4 mjeseci
This looks so cool. I would totally do that if I had a Volvo wagon too.
gary ba ba booey
gary ba ba booey Prije 4 mjeseci
I love the car and your channel❤👏
Volvo Man
Volvo Man Prije 4 mjeseci
Does anyone know where I can buy this wrap? Having a hard time finding it.
Volvo Man
Volvo Man Prije 8 dana
@Rave Master Thanks!
Rave Master
Rave Master Prije 8 dana
Go to a vinyl wrap shop they will make it for you.
G Man
G Man Prije 4 mjeseci
Im not an art guy but i ever get to own an old bmw it would be cool to have the paint job of one of the bmw art cars even though it might look a bit too over the top
45 th Parallel
45 th Parallel Prije 4 mjeseci
A window tint would be nice.
jdore8 Prije 5 mjeseci
Just a hunch, check all of the connectors on the Lambo's transmission. Otherwise you may be cutting a hole in trans tunnel.
Meton12765 Prije 5 mjeseci
So, now it's the Lego Volvo. Kinda appropriate.
Jon Blondell
Jon Blondell Prije 5 mjeseci
I really like this wrap!
Silwer Agentum
Silwer Agentum Prije 6 mjeseci
They destroyed THE car sitt Rhode shitty stuff in it. But i guess its a sponsor thing. LEGO by THE way is Danish. THE Delorian vad THE same PRV V6 that Volvo 760 could come sitt by THE way. But nobody want that anyway. THE 960 got THE newer Volvo engines from 850 but sitt One cylinder mord and straight minuter BWD.
Sean Porter
Sean Porter Prije 6 mjeseci
Hey Tyler, lets see you do a video on a V70 or XC70 of the 19 year old era. I want to see if you treat it like a BMW LOL
Clint buzybert
Clint buzybert Prije 6 mjeseci
Put a manual boost controller on it turn it to 14 pounds and solves your boost lag instantly.
Matt Foushee
Matt Foushee Prije 6 mjeseci
I saw this car in Estes Park CO this weekend
Mr.Ridington Prije 6 mjeseci
Get a SAAB 900 Turbo from the 80s
CAYMAN987 Prije 6 mjeseci
Is this thing sold allready ?
imam Baybars
imam Baybars Prije 7 mjeseci
that paint job is horrible, peel it off and leave it as it was
Pontus Häggström
Pontus Häggström Prije 7 mjeseci
You just ruined a great car, zero respect >:(
Hogg Mann
Hogg Mann Prije 7 mjeseci
Mondrian's blocky art is based on symmetry, the idea being that normally when you look at a painting there is some type of symmetry (the focal points tend to be in a circle in some area, or a triangle across the canvas, etc) and an area your eye normally gravitates towards. The blocks in his art were supposed to create an image that had no symmetry or focal point. This car is the antithesis of Mondrian's work, in that it is the focal point, but that's rad AF.
Skawagon Prije 7 mjeseci
Piet Mondrian called. He wanted his company car back.
Neiko Garcia
Neiko Garcia Prije 7 mjeseci
In love with that Volvo, my 1990 240 sure does wish it were a wagon. Trade? 😂
Curtis Wilson
Curtis Wilson Prije 7 mjeseci
Had a grey 2005 S60R... loved that car. like the volvos in grey.
John Smith
John Smith Prije 7 mjeseci
Volvos mostly behave, I couldn't kill my pink (faded red) 940. 15k miles without oil change or refill, and then some. But I will never ever get rid of my 240 turbo, it never breaks and runs as a dream.
N Tag
N Tag Prije 7 mjeseci
I like that body style of Volvo, squarish with lots of glass area. Visibility for the driver looks good. Rims look good too. Body wrap is ok.
Pandalorian Prije 8 mjeseci
Isn't it time for an update on this volvo? Where is it and what happened to it? Are you still driving it?
james James
james James Prije 8 mjeseci
Great basic fundamentals in car design, thus the reason this car could be restored so easily. Swedish Volvo we kiss you. Made cars with one thing in mind, longevity, and easy maintanence. Those were the days, when your average car buyer mattered.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Oggeking Prije 8 mjeseci
I recomend you to Google ”kapad Volvo 760 A-traktor” if you want to see some really cool cars
RussianThunderrr Prije 8 mjeseci
How does that brick smoke wheels and drift?
MR TINKY Prije 8 mjeseci
when im done fixing up my turbo 740 im gonna wrap it just like this one, thank you hoovie.
darrenmuse Prije 8 mjeseci
"I want to get more hands-on and work on my cars more." Driving his DeLorean while saying this. Oh, don't will!
lautoka63 Prije 8 mjeseci
Darn, for a moment there I thought it was an 850R or V70R. Used to have an 850 wagon and loved it.
Fubuki Kai
Fubuki Kai Prije 8 mjeseci
This is soooooo ugly lol.
Julio Manalo
Julio Manalo Prije 8 mjeseci
Le Corbusier art
Davide Madera
Davide Madera Prije 8 mjeseci
"30" to Mars, huh?! Barbie's Jeep, still, huh?!" 🗨😑♨️🌌
Nakkisampyla Prije 9 mjeseci
Greetings Hoovie! Have you thought of purchasing a Saab 900 1979-1993 models. Those are very specials vehicles and there were plenty of turbo models in USA back in the 80s
Joe Ott Soulbikes
Joe Ott Soulbikes Prije 9 mjeseci
I really like that you and the Wizard work together. We get your video on the purchase, drive quality and fun facts. We get the Wizards video on the engine, repair and facts about the mechanical aspect. Nice!
Jeremy Georgia
Jeremy Georgia Prije 9 mjeseci
Partridge Family fan?
David Kelm
David Kelm Prije 9 mjeseci
William Smith
William Smith Prije 9 mjeseci
I worked in a Volvo dealer Service and Parts department 1975, 1976. Prices for parts at the dealer was insane.
charbel moussa
charbel moussa Prije 9 mjeseci
One of the only good cars he actually has 😂 i love old volvos
casey pease
casey pease Prije 9 mjeseci
Dude when I'm in your state I really want stop by to give you a wedgie. Much love.
Colonel Superior
Colonel Superior Prije 9 mjeseci
The Alante, "it's a car." hah
The Anthonys
The Anthonys Prije 9 mjeseci
Mmmmm ? Ok
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Prije 9 mjeseci
A gentlemans club is classy its a place u sit and read the papers in wood panneled rooms with buttler service in silence, your thinking of a strip club that adopted the name Tyler lol
sync232 Prije 10 mjeseci
Dailydriver Prije 10 mjeseci
@ 10:38 that’s the same face every tech made when a client was like hey it’s doing it don’t you hear it and nothing is happening. Me as an advisor uhhh idk what to tell you it didn’t do anything
paulg Prije 10 mjeseci
Low milage as in the LS motor you put in the Porsche? I saw the guy who got it from you and pulled the engine apart. Either it wss never maintained or it had 180,000 miles on it. You pick. Or both.
paulg Prije 10 mjeseci
When Hoover praises a car like this, it usually means he is selling it soon.
Curlyjo Robbie
Curlyjo Robbie Prije 10 mjeseci
At 5:25 Hoovie gives us the answer as to how he ends up with more cars each time he's determined not to by all the might of his 'Will Power' LTD. Did anyone else catch how Hoovie counts cars? His friend has 50 to 100 cars. Hoovie counts in 50's!
Blaine Reid
Blaine Reid Prije 10 mjeseci
I've always wanted a Volvo 740...hell even a wagon. What are your future plans for the Brick? If the deal was right, i'd buy it... I live in Canada... :)
Martin Tovar
Martin Tovar Prije 10 mjeseci
you rewarded that poor wagon.... man. you have a sick understanding of the reward concept. i hope you don't have any kids. any who... i enjoy the videos, great job!!!!!
TheTransporter1461 Prije 10 mjeseci
Why doesn't wizard put his seat belt on? :O
Dennis Audino
Dennis Audino Prije 10 mjeseci
I think you need more commercials
Mikael Prije 10 mjeseci
Please buy a Saab! A 900 OG Aero or a 9-3 Viggen or 9-5 Aero. As a Swede i would love to se that!
Skipjack Prije 10 mjeseci
lego volvo
Jonas Oblouk
Jonas Oblouk Prije 10 mjeseci
I used to have a Supercharged 5.0 V8 Volvo 240 Wagon. Wish I still had it.
Miles Dzineku
Miles Dzineku Prije 10 mjeseci
I am the proud owner of the worlds cheapest 2018 VW Atlas (13k)
Pieter Damsteegt
Pieter Damsteegt Prije 10 mjeseci
is that your million subscriber giveaway car?
Roy Titus
Roy Titus Prije 10 mjeseci
Hoovie! Wtf are you?
Jonathan Neethling
Jonathan Neethling Prije 10 mjeseci
Jonathan Neethling
Jonathan Neethling Prije 10 mjeseci
Derrick Farrar well that’s inconvenient. What about me and my needs !!! LOL!! Exciting times....
Derrick Farrar
Derrick Farrar Prije 10 mjeseci
Is it possible his wife had their baby ?
G J Prije 10 mjeseci
Enjoyed your videos when it was hoopties and the high line hoopties but you're losing it for me now! Too gimmicky now with this too silly stuff.
Anthony Lawson
Anthony Lawson Prije 10 mjeseci
Why wasn't Wizard wearing his seat belt?!?!
Jonathan Youtz
Jonathan Youtz Prije 10 mjeseci
Next Hooptie purchase: 1995-1999 Nissan Maxima SE 5-spd
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers Prije 10 mjeseci
Love the wrap on the Volvo.
b33nz Prije 10 mjeseci
hoovie went bankrupt and had to sell his camera equipment and his house no more videos
Garage Play Time
Garage Play Time Prije 10 mjeseci
I need a daily driver like this too :-)
joshua kerslake
joshua kerslake Prije 10 mjeseci
why no videos
ApocalypseGZ Prije 10 mjeseci
I'm In Hutchinson, Awesome Collection!
Leo Merida
Leo Merida Prije 10 mjeseci
Hoovie buy a 1991-1994 Oldsmobile bravada it’s the luxury version of your typhooooon and maybe as rare as it too
Daniel S
Daniel S Prije 10 mjeseci
🧐 Is he purposefully acting quirky because he wants to copy Doug DeMuro’s success model
Hi Lot
Hi Lot Prije 10 mjeseci
The brick paint job.... devalued the auto in my eyes.
painttheshit3 Prije 10 mjeseci
I dont think he play that game
Youtuber Radical Rick
Youtuber Radical Rick Prije 10 mjeseci
Look at you shilling CrystalBorne - well hey I guess at least it isn't RAID Shadow Legends.
Zaku7032 studios
Zaku7032 studios Prije 10 mjeseci
James Price
James Price Prije 10 mjeseci
These cars are awesome...
Bobs World Entertainment Podcast Ltd
Bobs World Entertainment Podcast Ltd Prije 10 mjeseci
He’s a good actor.
Bobs World Entertainment Podcast Ltd
Bobs World Entertainment Podcast Ltd Prije 10 mjeseci
Looks like partridge family bus
Mr Sevnie
Mr Sevnie Prije 10 mjeseci
Buy BMW E39
SPEKTRI Plus Prije 10 mjeseci
Dude better be posting a video soon cuz I’m gona unsubscribe him
Short Vidz motivational songs
Short Vidz motivational songs Prije 10 mjeseci
That's the ugliest wrap of all time
Thor Mcgee
Thor Mcgee Prije 10 mjeseci
Those who reflect on the past are destined to be obsolete. Those who pave the way are destined to be ridiculed. Those who sit back and watch videos are destined to be amused.
Enlagrei Prije 10 mjeseci
i wanna give u a challange.. Find a non bronken BMW 1-series E87 (04-07)
Michael T. Douglass
Michael T. Douglass Prije 10 mjeseci
For the love of god slam this thing and put some wheels on it
Dayne Philip
Dayne Philip Prije 10 mjeseci
Where is video?!!!
John Kruze
John Kruze Prije 10 mjeseci
sell the excursion yet?
lendl kaiser
lendl kaiser Prije 10 mjeseci
Hoovie spends so much at Wizards shop,Wizard has a life ins on Hoovies life!
Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz Prije 10 mjeseci
The most amazing collection you have ever seen? Didn't you go to Jay Leno's garage?
flightpath22 Prije 10 mjeseci
Bricks on bricks on bricks on br.... Just call it Inception, the automobile.
tom martin
tom martin Prije 10 mjeseci
That same artwork would look great on the seats.
Daniel Parrish
Daniel Parrish Prije 10 mjeseci
In hoovies fashion, he'll trade it soon because it is too good.
The Uncivil Servant
The Uncivil Servant Prije 10 mjeseci
these old bricks are getting scarce so for those who see value, they can only appreciate in value...just acquired 93 940 with 69k miles from an can take from my dead cold hands
David Kleven
David Kleven Prije 10 mjeseci
Sell me the wheels off the b7 for my wagon
Dave S.
Dave S. Prije 10 mjeseci
Cagney and Lacy. Wizard and Hoovie. So, So Awesome.
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