My Ferrari Almost Caught Fire Again, and Other Broken Hoopties

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ari rizaj
ari rizaj Prije 2 dana
Is Johnny Albanian ?
Mladen Bradač
Mladen Bradač Prije 11 dana
The seats are hideous now :P.
Run E36
Run E36 Prije 26 dana
I CAN FELL MY BRAIN TRAYING TO ESCAPE MY SCHULL.! What did you do to the seats.!!!!! Why? Lol like a drunk murdere😲
john edwards
john edwards Prije mjesec
Mr wizard is the top and you are his bottom . 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Michael Alvarado
Michael Alvarado Prije mjesec
I love you seats
codeslavemanila Prije 2 mjeseci
i. cant. stop. watching. 4am now. had planned to get a lot of work done. argggghhhh.
Royal Ramble
Royal Ramble Prije 2 mjeseci
"You want to hit that uhhundred huh?"
phantommaggotxxx Prije 3 mjeseci
Probably cost more to fix that Corrado in the background LOL
Weareallbeingwatched Prije 3 mjeseci
Please no more with this horrible synth theme tune. Can't you find an audio ident that sounds like a starter motor dying, or something.
Jim Peppers
Jim Peppers Prije 3 mjeseci
Those seats remind me of the carpets in Harrahs casino in Vegas back in 2005
John Pick
John Pick Prije 3 mjeseci
The other night I fell asleep while I was playing Hoovies Garage and that lively and driving Hoovies Garage theme music played the rest of the night in my head loud and clear in an unending loop Thank you Tyler.
Ted Ned
Ted Ned Prije 3 mjeseci
My dodge pickup has the bus interior seat pattern as well🤣🤣🤣🤣
Austin Haley
Austin Haley Prije 4 mjeseci
Absolutely love the seats
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Prije 4 mjeseci
The seats fabric/ Thanks, I hate it..
Paperbag1124 Prije 4 mjeseci
Isnt that the pattern on subway seats?
rgg2.0 Prije 4 mjeseci
I love these 2 cars but they are so expensive to buy n maintain 🤯😢
Donald Williams
Donald Williams Prije 5 mjeseci
Thiose seats are horrible!!!!!
RealVILLin Cash city cartel
RealVILLin Cash city cartel Prije 5 mjeseci
Wtf were y’all thinking with them seats!!! Ya just ruined a nice set of sparcos
Z06Doc Prije 5 mjeseci
This channel just reinforces my decision to avoid “exotic foreign “ cars and stick with my Corvettes and Shelby Mustangs. 😂🤣😂🤣
Florian Ditzel
Florian Ditzel Prije 5 mjeseci
The seats look like the seats in a bus. Seriously, when I went to school, the buses had seats that looked like that.
r7blue Prije 6 mjeseci
saved by the bell seats
John Allen
John Allen Prije 6 mjeseci
You should just go with the "public transportation" theme on this ferrari.
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Prije 7 mjeseci
This Bimmer is nothing but problems. And it wasn't striking either like it's predecessor or successor.
Sebinghton Prije 7 mjeseci
man the wizard is hella *T H I C C*
WhataburgerBoy Prije 7 mjeseci
Those seats are dope af
Jesse T
Jesse T Prije 8 mjeseci
Those seats look like a city bus decor 🤣
Timothy Lowe
Timothy Lowe Prije 8 mjeseci
Bus fabric?
vteckid82 Prije 8 mjeseci
DAFUQ am I paying for no ads, if they still manage to sneak them in!?
Carlyle Khan
Carlyle Khan Prije 9 mjeseci
Hi Seats like out of a bus May I ask about the vehicle lift that you have for the 6 car lift
takumi nightcore
takumi nightcore Prije 9 mjeseci
Fantasy I'm the luckiest person I found a car cheap Reality I repair it every 1-2 months
Swampster70 Prije 9 mjeseci
You do realise that Sparco provided carbon fiber seats to Ferrari and Lamborghini, right? They are one of the premier racing seat companies in the world and I would much rather have a Sparco seat in a Ferrari I was running in a track day than the original Ferrari seat. I see in other videos you have that you have a red Miata. Years ago I raced a Miata when I was an SCCA member and got a regional championship winner jacket for my efforts. My seat: a trusty Sparco. Minimalist, fitted like a glove, FIA approved and lightweight. Enzo would approve. Snobish folks that care more about style than speed (which is opposite of what Enzo would think) would argue otherwise. The Lotus God Colin Chapman introduced Sparco seats to F1 in 1981. Since then they have supplied many F1 manufacturers in addition to road going companies like Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren, Koeniggsegg, Bugatti and even at almost Mach 1: Airbus. The coverings the have on the seats are to maximize grip and minimize slippage. Good job on stitching on a 'Australians nightmare mural design" and ruining that. Back to that fashion thing again. It would have been better to get a grey Sharpie and go over the Sparco lettering... Quicker too. Think Enzo. If it is lighter, fits better, allows you to drive faster and is generally better then it's right. If you buy it because it looks better but doesn't work better, try sleeping at night thinking about Enzo turning in his grave. OMP were king back in the day when Schumacher raced but Sparco have taken that crown now and their suits and seats have been used by F1 drivers like Hakkinen, Montoya and Villeneuve. Schummy used Sparco gloves... Just saying. Fast before The Fast and the Flatulent.
snek Prije 9 mjeseci
What's the thing on the sway bar?
Mario Marques
Mario Marques Prije 9 mjeseci
Hey man, if you don´t like the 348 you don´t have to pimp your ride messing around with the seats, just send it down to me in Portugal, I swear I will take care of it properly, I will even pay for the import tax hehehe
Cesar Toledo
Cesar Toledo Prije 9 mjeseci
I have a new name for your show... “ Silver Spoons” , blueblood !!!
Millions 90
Millions 90 Prije 9 mjeseci
Why do people destroy cars with dumb stuff like those seats
gary gerard
gary gerard Prije 9 mjeseci
'mechanic seems like a good, knowledgeable guy the owner - 'naive & hollywood it's a shame I have to tolerate all that to get a little incite into this type of car Wait a Minute, I have an idea ...........
C. Hart
C. Hart Prije 9 mjeseci
A Jeff Goldblum speech academy graduate..
C. Hart
C. Hart Prije 9 mjeseci
A Jeff Goldblum speech academy graduate..
Dede Raditya
Dede Raditya Prije 9 mjeseci
Your video style looks like old comedy film xD
bmw75901 Prije 9 mjeseci
Where did you get the fabric for the seat?
Seats out a TATO NANO, I've seen worse. .
Seven7een Prije 9 mjeseci
got DAMN my boy wizzy G be T H I C C
GenBloodLust Prije 9 mjeseci
love it, this is how i assume (unnamed 80s comic) would upholster his car to match his sweaters
Stooby Prije 9 mjeseci
Did you get some cloth from London Underground train seats?
Soldier1287 Prije 10 mjeseci
beems are total ass
Casey Hurd
Casey Hurd Prije 10 mjeseci
The Ferrari is so far from original as it is it doesn’t really matter. I think they’re funky and pretty damn cool.
LAYLAZEZO Prije 10 mjeseci
No hair will never going back bro
tim beard
tim beard Prije 10 mjeseci
London double decker bus seats 😂 genius
drevnykot Prije 10 mjeseci
8:38 that's a cold start engine just for broll isn't it? Love your commitment
DesRoin Prije 10 mjeseci
So your Ferrari now has seats that look like the ones in my moms old Peugeot 106 "Palm Beach" back in the days. I'm loving it
Dani Prije 10 mjeseci
Why are these German high end brands all so notoriously unreliable.. It must be because they try to develop to fast. Come up with new stuff before they even made the old stuff work properly..
justsomeguytoyou Prije 10 mjeseci
Tyler does a promo for a hair loss company, even though he has a full head of hair lol
Yung Alarm Clock
Yung Alarm Clock Prije 10 mjeseci
The ferrari has Chuck E. Cheese flooring for seats lol
Stan Curry
Stan Curry Prije 10 mjeseci
Man I would love to do what you do..LOVE cheap older luxury cars. But boy do I not have the temperament for it 😡 like you seem to
Rob Prije 10 mjeseci
Seat occupancy sensor replacement should have been covered under BMW GoodWill.
BIG JON Prije 11 mjeseci
Honestly the wizard makes this channel
Jarrod Evans
Jarrod Evans Prije 11 mjeseci
They look like public train seats
91lifetime23 Prije 11 mjeseci
you should had kept the seats the car had
BlueMoonPanther Prije 11 mjeseci
The re-upholstering is disastrous
Robert Thomson
Robert Thomson Prije 11 mjeseci
Is this porn? Did Wiz' sexually assault that F-bomb? ok, well then why am I turned on?
Trristenn Prije 11 mjeseci
lol i’m a tech at carmax i have the same uniforms as johnny
88Keys🎹 Prije 11 mjeseci
This guy sort of reminds me of, Mat Pat from, Film Theory/Game Theory.
De ViceCrimsin
De ViceCrimsin Prije 11 mjeseci
You know you found a keeper when you're mechanic likes working on your car so much he doesn't even charge you
Adam Sandburg
Adam Sandburg Prije 11 mjeseci
“woah cool, i wish my car had a bathroom”
Nakke144 Prije 11 mjeseci
Basic german premium car ownership right there with that BMW :D
Carstuff111 Prije 11 mjeseci
Screw all the haters, it is a nearly 100,000 mile Ferrari, that cost you surprisingly little to make right..... you plan to use the car as intended, to DRIVE it, so... I dig the seats! It is ironically fitting to the era even! Hell if I had the money, when you are done with it, I would absolutely buy it with those seats, and drive it pretty much constantly! It isn't like you are faking the funk, its a real car, not a tarted up Pontiac Fiero. And, those V8 engines sound AMAZING! So, it isn't the fastest thing on the planet, it is still a proper driver's car, and it was built to be enjoyed :)
mark hood
mark hood Prije 11 mjeseci
hoovie essentially keeps a full mechanics garage afloat! hahaha
MC4D Prije 11 mjeseci
The seats kinda remind me of the Recaro Raptors. I like them 👍
Alex T
Alex T Prije 11 mjeseci
Hahaha the sponsor seems out of place or is the audience majority old most likely fat, bald dudes? Lol
SKY LINER Prije 11 mjeseci
And remember with Keeps old men that buy hooptie cars wont get any more hair loss call right now and get the big one plus a free little one but wait the first 5 persons to call will get a free shampoo LOL
Black Cloud Productions
Black Cloud Productions Prije 11 mjeseci
I kinda get wat look you were trying to go for with the seats in the Ferrari. However, with that being said, where you failed in the style/type of seat itself. Period correct Recaro seats would have really pulled that 'Rad' pattern off. Perhaps the kind with the netting in the headrests?!?! I'm sorry to say the fast&furious/Mitsubishi Eclipse Sparco's just don't do the fabric all. Peace.
EE DESIGN Prije 11 mjeseci
Thanks for the Keeps advertisement. I have waited so long to find magic cure for my heroin loss.
Nick Triplett
Nick Triplett Prije 11 mjeseci
Are any HRpostrs plan on buying the hentai I8 Lot # 26905960
Magnus Maciejewski
Magnus Maciejewski Prije 11 mjeseci
Honestly i love the seats something about the greyhound bus seat patterns just looks so cool
Andrew Peterson
Andrew Peterson Prije 11 mjeseci
The wizard should get a topside creeper
Three Drops of Sunshine
Three Drops of Sunshine Prije 11 mjeseci
The red Miata has been ignored and unloved for too long. Please send to P.O. Box 1332....
boogie7778 Prije 11 mjeseci
For the love of God please replace those horrendous seats..just can't even..
Vince Vassallo
Vince Vassallo Prije 11 mjeseci
You should be beaten with a mouse belt for the seat sacrilege. As for injectors, get 4-hole replacements from Oside Tiger on eBay; they are better than stock and way less expensive. You may not like the Capristo exhaust screech, but exhaust note is a personal choice. Swap out the cats while you're at it for better flow and performance. And get rid of those seats, you barbarian.
wekker090 Prije 11 mjeseci
Old BWM are Junk...
Martin White
Martin White Prije 11 mjeseci
Sorry mate...very cheap trick to put bus seat covers in your car to simply get viewers...keep it real...otherwise you will be tomorrows news.
Element Prije 11 mjeseci
Damn wizard thicc
Drew Bynum
Drew Bynum Prije 11 mjeseci
Did he replace the targa seal too?
7ViewerLogic Prije 11 mjeseci
Good job Wizard.
M R A Prije 11 mjeseci
I believe there is a recall for BMW seat occupancy sensors. Might cost you a lot less!
1ManManyCars Prije 11 mjeseci
As soon as he said alternator bracket gasket i gasped. Last 7 series BMW we did cost the guy 5k, not just because it takes like 10 hrs to get to it, but that everything you touched either leaked or disentegrated trying to get to it.
A Y Prije 11 mjeseci
I don't understand those garbage Ferraris. they are an endless money pits, compared to this 30 plus year old model, a new Civic Type R is faster, more sportive, and you can get it brand new for 35K$ and it also comes with bullet proof Japanese quality. why so many idiots keeps buying those stupid grandpa Ferraris .... why...
Wayne Drew
Wayne Drew Prije 11 mjeseci
Business=Friend. No Business=No Friend
michaelarnold4 Prije 11 mjeseci
finish out the rest of the interior with the same fabric as the seats.
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart Prije 11 mjeseci
Too many ads, I'm out, thank you for your earlier stuff though
Jackson Widaman
Jackson Widaman Prije 11 mjeseci
If you hate them so much just skip them
Jeremia Jackson Sr.
Jeremia Jackson Sr. Prije 11 mjeseci
Ryan: Yo Ish, what you gona do with the Interior of the Ferrari? Ish: So, Alfred is a Bus Driver. Why not put a nice Bus Pattern on the Seats, so he will feel like home? Ryan: Thats great. Do it.
Jeremia Jackson Sr.
Jeremia Jackson Sr. Prije 11 mjeseci
My fleecy toilet seat cover looks nicer than the seats in your Ferrari. 😂
Tom Parkinson
Tom Parkinson Prije 11 mjeseci
those seats remind me of a bygone london tube underground uplostery maybe 1970s northern line hehe
Simon Esik
Simon Esik Prije 11 mjeseci
TYLER!! Get a V10 TDI Touareg! You can get one around $10,000! Try something new!
BeauBeau Kitty
BeauBeau Kitty Prije 11 mjeseci
Ferrari translates to English as - 5 times more flamable than Char Cloth
BelayaIvanka1 Prije 11 mjeseci
Wasn't that a relaxing work environment 😅
Paradox Brothers
Paradox Brothers Prije 11 mjeseci
That 2nd mechanic is cool dude,is he from Germany?
kakakourada Prije godine
Ferraris shit cars even the paint on them sucks
Les Sharp
Les Sharp Prije godine
I like the seats. Do the door cards and some other trim parts to tie it all together!
Leor Feder
Leor Feder Prije godine
BMW”s suck so hard... once the warranty is expired you have to ditch them
The fly life
The fly life Prije godine
Ah those cant buy taste..😳
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