My Lamborghini Countach Is A Terrible Car That Everybody Dreams To Own (And For A GOOD Reason)

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Tweekend27 Prije 33 minuta
Does it sound like he wants to sound like Jeff Goldblum?
Lyndon Barry
Lyndon Barry Prije sat
Maybe change the tires and then film the drive... lame
unions100 Prije sat
I actually love everything about it❤️
Tony D
Tony D Prije sat
This guy has too much free time and not a car guy. Doesn't know shit about cars. Just wants us to know he has more money than us.
A Guy
A Guy Prije 2 sati
The problem with putting a wing on a Honda Civic is it's a frigen Honda Civic. A shit box...He might want to buy a Civic he can't keep the Lambo on his side of the road.
GeminiBlount Prije 2 sati
You know what? You're absolutely right about it being a terrible car! I'll take it off your hands and ease your frustration. ;)
A Guy
A Guy Prije 2 sati
Nobody buys a Lambo for the winter I'd say you have enough money for a new 4x4 truck.
TheBozzler Prije 2 sati
Jeff Goldblum looks different
pattygq Prije 2 sati
WTF does this guy do for a living?
Lil Matt Monday’s
Lil Matt Monday’s Prije 3 sati
Show us the “quirks and features”
Cyborg Soda
Cyborg Soda Prije 3 sati
That interior is amazingly 80s.
R M Prije 3 sati
Some years ago, I have found a Countach at 40,000$ CAD. Nobody wanted the car. This is always a Lamborghini with parts for a 400,000$ CAD car.
Echo Chambers
Echo Chambers Prije 4 sati
You have to have money to sink into all the Sh*t that is going to happen owning a 30 yr old Super Car.I have a 2015 Vantage I bought 2 years ago and I can’t even imagine what changing a thermostat or simple tune up is on the Lambo.
resident rump
resident rump Prije 4 sati
My favorite transformer, Sunstreaker, turns into a Lamborghini Countach. I don't have one of those either.....T-T
Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts Prije 4 sati
So how much ur over a million
Bose Blue
Bose Blue Prije 4 sati
It's a death trap if you're ever in a car wreck with it. You might not have any legs left or any lungs.
Corey Fellows
Corey Fellows Prije 4 sati
I guess im waiting on having that dream
Dustin Hart
Dustin Hart Prije 5 sati
i still want one
Jason Achilles
Jason Achilles Prije 5 sati
13:08 >1,000,000 views...soooo...???
clarence Prije 5 sati
Guns r the answer
Guns r the answer Prije 6 sati
You got passed by an ADT van and a work pick-up, that car isn't even fast.
Behring Co.
Behring Co. Prije 6 sati
Those are some clean Lambos, Sir.
SJ Prije 6 sati
I'm creeped out.. just watched The Wolf Of Wall Street on tv and this shows up on my recommended
Juan Pablo Velásquez
Juan Pablo Velásquez Prije 6 sati
I love this Nonsense
Vic Damone Jr.
Vic Damone Jr. Prije 7 sati
Well now I can’t get that car and reenact the wolf of Wall Street scene and put it on youtube
Meticulous Se7en
Meticulous Se7en Prije 7 sati
Once you see the blinking clock, you can't unsee it.
Ryan McI
Ryan McI Prije 7 sati
The synonymous wilderness particularly wrestle because flock unfortunately carve pace a amazing temperature. round, truthful heron
Lemont D'Ettinge
Lemont D'Ettinge Prije 7 sati
Love the clip. Pro tip from a speech pathologist to the presenter: deeper breaths, slower speech, less inhalation between words. Your rhetoric will sound less stressed. Hooray for unsolicited advice
James Weaver
James Weaver Prije 7 sati
The Lambo is my dream car, I am 5' 9" and that cockpit would fit me nicely.
user name
user name Prije 8 sati
Ehhh, my 76' Ferrari F108A had radio shack toggle switches, and punch tape labels stuck on the flat piece of aluminum sheet that was the instrument cluster.
Jason Webb
Jason Webb Prije 8 sati
How tall is he??? I'm 6ft 7 and 275lbs. When I was no older than 5yrs old and the reason I know this, my dad left when I was 6.. My dad bought 3 remote control cars. I'm 44yrs old now and looking back, I remember that I wasn't allowed to touch anyone of them. Back then batteries were not cheap and I still don't know how much those remote control Lamborghini Countaches cost.. He bought 2 of them for my older brothers that were 5 and 11urs older than me and my dad bought 1 for him. Anyway, that was the first time I saw a any kind of car that looked like that and from then own that had been my dream car. One of my brother n laws friends had a 25th anniversary with only 2,500 miles on the dash. He kept that car from the day they came out and he would pull it out of the garage every Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather. Well I was 30yrs old and the poor guy had a very ugly divorce and was forced to sell it. I ran over to his house and had cash in hand to buy it. I had to pass. I felt like one of those russian bears riding on a mo-pad. I wear a size 22 shoe and on foot pretty much covered all 3 pedals.
David Bean
David Bean Prije 8 sati
I spy an old Alpine stereo. Ah, I used to love those.
Hawaiian Balls
Hawaiian Balls Prije 8 sati
Nothing as exotic as Italian super cars in bum-fck Wichitits.
DelDelincuentes Prije 8 sati
You sure have to install a rear camera for reverse and parking ocations. That rear windshield is like looking through a rifle long scope but backwards.
Jason Webb
Jason Webb Prije 8 sati
Man you might have just taught me something,....... I remember reading the spec’s on both, the countach and Diablo. It was the 25th anniversary for the Countach. So that would be the 89 as you said. The one thing that I can remember was that the Countach was said it could get to 201mph or 204mph. Now the Diablo was said to be able to get to 215mph, snitch made it the fastest production car ever made at that time
Ryan McI
Ryan McI Prije 8 sati
The succinct february meteorologically attach because format spontaneously camp between a unknown whip. regular, true battle
DelDelincuentes Prije 8 sati
That spoiler sure spoils the car. Car would look better without it. Even if the car is bad, we can't deny it look awesome.
Derek Jackson
Derek Jackson Prije 8 sati
1.1 million views so i take it you're keeping them!!
Creepyslacker boy
Creepyslacker boy Prije 9 sati
This exemplifies Enzo Ferrari's opinion of aerodynamics
Glenn Berger
Glenn Berger Prije 9 sati
This has been my fantasy car. As I'm 45 years old. But I'm 6'8. So I guess no way Huh?
Tim Ewa
Tim Ewa Prije 9 sati
Hoovie's one of those quirky bad/lovable characters from Miami Vice now. I'll miss him. Gonna be sad day when Crockett has to plunk him with his Detonics .45ACP.
Dean Durant
Dean Durant Prije 9 sati
Was expecting some documentation of like what it's like to pass somebody or something. Realistically speaking like from a merge onto an interstate like if it's if there's not a lot of traffic or if it's like not too hard till like change lanes when you get on the interstate how quick can you get from merging speed up to say 80 because let's not kid ourselves most people on the interstate drive that or faster. Although in this you're just a sitting Target for Mister P
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas Prije 9 sati
Does anyone else think he sounds like Jeff Goldblum lol
Jason Webb
Jason Webb Prije 9 sati
I know that 1 lone subscriber doesn't mean mush in the big picture but I just ran across this channel on this video. I have never been caught off guard on a video like this in the first 30 seconds before. Wolf on Wall Street is one of my favorite movies and the scene of him rolling down the stairs and trying to crawl to the car. Then trying to get the door open to get in the car. Yeah this was one awesome scene for any movie person. I always wanted a lamborghini countach so bad. Well until I tried to drive one. Lol. I am 6ft 7 and 275lbs. Yeah I'm not fitting in the car. One foot covers all 3 pedals it felt like and I just said that my entire childhood was a lie. Anyway I have to watch the rest of this video, thank you for making me laugh. I really needed that today.
Ze mata
Ze mata Prije 9 sati
Is he like an off brand Doug ?
ChadillacTV Prije 10 sati
Is this the same exact car that was in Daddy Doug’s video?!?!?
John V
John V Prije 10 sati
channeling Jeff Goldblum?
J7JoYoPro Studios
J7JoYoPro Studios Prije 10 sati
Nothing better than a rich guy talking about his cars.
william Metz
william Metz Prije 10 sati
Hoovie I thought back when that car was new it was tailored to fit the driver. So now you are the new owner you have to get it tailored to fit you.
anonymous Prije 10 sati
this is what millennials do with money
WVVRY SLAVIN Prije 11 sati
He should be able to keep it the views are going up and his cpm is probably higher than most channels
Marzel parcel
Marzel parcel Prije 11 sati
If its an awful car I'll take it...
AwkwardYet Prije 11 sati
instant scoliosis 🤣
Vauxhall Astra
Vauxhall Astra Prije 11 sati
tbf am not to fond of mine myself
BX0207 Prije 11 sati
Is he trying to sound like a robot or like William Shatner. FFS..How annoying..
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Prije 10 sati
The older models of Lamborghini are 🤤🤤🤤
PontiacBandit Prije 11 sati
Can barely hear what he's saying...
sij 80
sij 80 Prije 11 sati
0:00 - 0:24 now we know why Leonardo Di Caprio gets paid the big bucks😂. Nice try though
Devin Shea Productions
Devin Shea Productions Prije 12 sati
Nice video, but unfortunately you gave me flashbacks of when I lived in pancake land. Flat..
onlythewise1 Prije 12 sati
red interior no way
james rogers
james rogers Prije 13 sati
dude you just got passed by an astro mini-van!!
Uncle Ham
Uncle Ham Prije 13 sati
this dude sounds like Jeff Goldblum. awesome
Paul Sayce
Paul Sayce Prije 13 sati
Is this guy related to Jeff Goldblum??? 🤔
bendingspring Prije 13 sati
This prick knows the cost of everything, but the value of nothing!
carlos johnson
carlos johnson Prije 13 sati
You need the front spoiler to keep it down.
FRANK Prije 14 sati
Who cares? Well I would like to have one but I had a 1982 Chevy Z28 Camaro, all black 8 cyl with Ttops and The girls loved it.
Eric S
Eric S Prije 14 sati
Besides hating your kids enough to deprive them of free college.... Why WHY DID YOU BUY THIS ? as You actually hate it.
Jeff Bowling
Jeff Bowling Prije 14 sati
zero shocker. just aesthetic
Xeno Morph
Xeno Morph Prije 14 sati
The older models of Lamborghini are 🤤🤤🤤
Garett Anderson
Garett Anderson Prije 14 sati
If you have that much money whey live that close to people?
RoboKorean Prije 14 sati
That's a nice car. I see it around alot. What do you do? For work bro, what do you do?
Dr Franks
Dr Franks Prije 14 sati
that intro, "dumbest"... fitting. and painful to watch
Charles Henry
Charles Henry Prije 15 sati
yikes, i wouldn't do 40 in 20 year old tires.... c'mon man!
Mark Guliano
Mark Guliano Prije 15 sati
At first I was like ok a rich guy trying to be funny but failing then he was doing donuts in the snow in a Countach. Yea that was cool put a smile on my face.
Charles Henry
Charles Henry Prije 15 sati
6:45 doesn't blow anything... should be a lot with this car! windy!
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson Prije 15 sati
The aberrant valley sequently jump because aftershave concurringly stay including a massive show. lying, wise helium
Dalton Webb
Dalton Webb Prije 15 sati
Damn i want your job bro lls!!
Marek Kołodziejak
Marek Kołodziejak Prije 15 sati
Also my dream car! It's so beautifuuuuulllll!! Good that it is so reliable. Bad - another example of discrimination of tall people ;p
scott bowling
scott bowling Prije 16 sati
Nick Prije 15 sati
Or a miata
Brian281000 Prije 16 sati
T his guy is doing his video voice, in Doug Demuro style speech pattern and he puts emphasis on nearly the same syllables. Doug do be inspiring I guess lol
RIcky Rick
RIcky Rick Prije 16 sati
you sound like a cross between captain kirk and jeff goldblum, only with much less money.
Jason Grisafi
Jason Grisafi Prije 16 sati
Well if it's such a horrible car then it only makes sense you get rid of it and give it to me so you can make room for something else right ? Seriously can I have it ? I'll even give you a hundred bucks. Please ?
CH MC Prije 17 sati
Sounds like the car is almost as horrible as this guys hyperventilating speech pattern.
Marty McLeod
Marty McLeod Prije 17 sati
Notice the Alpine stereo in the dash? I remember this car being on an old Alpine promotional poster for car stereo dealers from the 80s. My boss still had it on the wall when I worked there in the 90s in my hometown. :)
Beretta 98
Beretta 98 Prije 17 sati
Alexander Prije 17 sati
So how much was the car?
Tom Ban
Tom Ban Prije 18 sati
Buy a Pick up, dude! 😎
Smartzenegger Prije 18 sati
This guy talks just like Jeff Goldblum.
Lima Bravo
Lima Bravo Prije 18 sati
I remember Jeremy Clarkson saying that the Countach’s carburetors would spit some extra fuel to increase downshifting cracks and pops
David Barker
David Barker Prije 18 sati
You sound like a quadrophonic version of jeff goldblum and Carl Sagan with a minimal hint of jeremy Clarkson ...
Andreas Wehrmann
Andreas Wehrmann Prije 18 sati
9:11 What's happening there with the pop-up headlights? Up, down, leftside only up again... Is this some kind of calibration cycle?
Tom M
Tom M Prije 18 sati
Sometimes when you speak I hear Jeff Goldblum
lo1lawl Prije 19 sati
Watching you drive that car made me feel Claustrophobic
quantumphaser Prije 19 sati
Wolf of Wall Street intro had me on the floor....🤣😂
James Glenn
James Glenn Prije 19 sati
Is that an old Alpine deck in there? 😁 That's funny.
DSP Prije 19 sati
Sure it has been said How much each or for the two?? Ty
Thomas Burkhart
Thomas Burkhart Prije 20 sati
what do you do for a living?
Daniel Lobato
Daniel Lobato Prije 20 sati
Do your neighbors hate you or do you talk to all of them prior?
Poul Winther Knudsen
Poul Winther Knudsen Prije 20 sati
So where is the reveal? It's way past 1M views now.
JETJOOBOY Prije 20 sati
Rear View hasn't been a problem for about 10 years is it? Camera(s)?
JETJOOBOY Prije 21 sat
No good for a tall person... but short people can't operate the clutch..... You would need 4 foot long legs and really long arms and no neck and a short trunk... or no head...?
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