I Bought The Cheapest Mercedes G55 AMG In The USA (With 222,000 Miles!)

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Davie Jay
Davie Jay Prije 5 dana
Can tell the age of a guy by the environmental disaster he comments about when he sees a major oil leak Exxon Belize seems to be common among us 30,40 somethings
Adam Miler
Adam Miler Prije 7 dana
Anyone catch how many miles it has on it??
Matthew Stephens
Matthew Stephens Prije 18 dana
When you're a bit 'meh' over 350 bhp, you're getting spoiled! :)
Slim Times .L.L.C
Slim Times .L.L.C Prije 22 dana
Happy holidays hoovie your growing the series Car trek is dope.....✌🏾
Thatkidkadri Prije mjesec
Can I have it for my 17 birthday
Computer Nostalgia
Computer Nostalgia Prije mjesec
12:30 stop. You’re actually making me jealous
Joes Golden Garage
Joes Golden Garage Prije mjesec
Bought mama a crib and a brand new WAGEN, now she’s at the grocery shop lookin lavish
NostalgiaKarl K.F.
NostalgiaKarl K.F. Prije mjesec
Doug: You should not _like_ this car. Tyler: Sorry, can't hear you over the exhaust!
alphatrion100 Prije mjesec
"Only 22000 dollars" "only 35000 dollars" "only 10 thousand dollars" Its gettin annoying
Has Adeek • 420 years ago
Has Adeek • 420 years ago Prije mjesec
Maybe do some research before you make a video. AMG is still 1 Man 1 Motor that's why they put the Builder Plaque on them and that's why people wait so long one custom ordered cars. But that's for the funny video I'll post it on the AMG Private Lounge and tag you so people and AMG of Germany can have a good laugh.
RODley Pumpkins
RODley Pumpkins Prije mjesec
Stop saying hooptie.
Amir Arya
Amir Arya Prije mjesec
Everytime his voice cracks take a shot Jk love ya hoovie
Marlowe Cole
Marlowe Cole Prije mjesec
I love looking at your collection of different cars you have but I wish you could sell me the 1997 bmw for $1000. I live in Illinois so I could come and get it.
nataly roman
nataly roman Prije mjesec
Man hoovie is the man! Always finds himself a gem love the car! And awesome channel I watch every video! You got me into cars honestly! Thanks again!!
David Prije mjesec
What do you mean with back in the day? Still all V8 Engines and also the 45 4 Zylinder Engines are one man one Engine Made in Afalterbach Germany.... And also wrong is AMG at the back for Sport editions. You can get a AMG Line like an M-Line at BMW. But if you geht AMG on the back it means the engine, so its a real AMG... or the Badge is selfemade, you can get the Original AMG Letters for 75€ in the mercedes onlineshop 😂😂 But if you buy it like This as a new car its a Real amg and if you get a AMG 45 (2 liter 4zyliner), 43 (6zylinder) 63 (4 Liter V8) and the 65 (V12) all of them are one man one engine. Only the AMG 35 is just a Modified Mercedes Engine. And the S-Class Shifter is the E-Class shifter from the mid 90s
Anony Mous
Anony Mous Prije mjesec
Probably also needs maintenance the cost of a used Camry.
Andy D
Andy D Prije 2 mjeseci
Хорошая цена за G55 amg
ultramaximus Prije 2 mjeseci
I was wondering why the thing was wet.. then saw the snow on the top of it
Ilija Bosnjak
Ilija Bosnjak Prije 2 mjeseci
Oyyyy boy what a collection of used old cars that barely work..I would rather have Camry anytime,but G wagen,, that's a money pit as Scotty would say...But I guess it makes some money flipping the junk to make profit,but do I need G wagen,,,? NO,,no need..
Benjamin Wolf
Benjamin Wolf Prije 2 mjeseci
Do you like the LX470 more or the G55?
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Prije 2 mjeseci
16:19 Who observed Hoovie's wife's Cadillac Escalade on the driver side!!
Gediminas Prije 2 mjeseci
Not to break your balls (which you don't have) or anything, but that's a GMC.
paulg Prije 2 mjeseci
miko foin
miko foin Prije 2 mjeseci
The French G wagon was called the Peugeot P4, used still to this day by the military !
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Prije 2 mjeseci
The French G wagon was called the Peugeot P4, used still to this day by the military !
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Prije 2 mjeseci
Def go for portal axels and 4x4 look !
Terence Jones
Terence Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
$22,000 dollars for a 2004 Merg AMG G Wagen these cars are WWWAAYYY overpriced. In the UK you can't get a G Wagen for less than £19,000 and that's $25,500 and that's for a 1990 reg!! Try and get a 2004 or 2005 and that price goes up to £36,000 which is about $50,000!!! albeit with less than 80,000 miles!!. I am furious as a few years ago they were much cheaper and i was going to buy one about 5 years ago instead i bought a 3 year old C Class with 25,000 miles on it for £15,500 and sold it 3 months ago for £7,900 with 70,000 miles. Had i paid £16,000 for the 5 yr old G Wagen i saw with 60,000 miles on it at the time i could have sold that for £28,000 today!! ARGGGGHHHH. Ironically you can get the mechanically similar but less solid M Series for a fraction of the price of a G Wagen
miko foin
miko foin Prije 2 mjeseci
Def go for portal axels and 4x4 look !
J Lelouch
J Lelouch Prije 2 mjeseci
To be honest, In China, they can convert it to new model like 2020 G.. they can convert exterior and interior.
J Lelouch
J Lelouch Prije 2 mjeseci
@abbsnn cose IPHONE USER WARNING????
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Prije 2 mjeseci
@5:34 - headphone users warning!!!
pida siouy
pida siouy Prije 2 mjeseci
Actually they are not Made in Germany, they are Made in Austria (Graz) 🇦🇹
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Prije 2 mjeseci
2021 “I bought the cheapest Boeing 747 in the world!”
Esketit lmao
Esketit lmao Prije 2 mjeseci
The G-Wagen was never built in Germany or France, it has been built by Magna Steyr in Graz Austria since the 70s.
maximusfuscus Prije 2 mjeseci
Mmm...they were actually made in Austria.
Debo Da Don
Debo Da Don Prije 2 mjeseci
M113 n M112 is one of the best engines ever
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Prije 2 mjeseci
Actually they are not Made in Germany, they are Made in Austria (Graz) 🇦🇹
pida siouy
pida siouy Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes! Do portal axles!
Nelson Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovies garage is looking like an episode of cribs
Roni92pl Prije 2 mjeseci
3:55 something is dripping from cars fender 😂😂👌
Titanium Mechanism
Titanium Mechanism Prije 2 mjeseci
I'd rather buy a used G63 or G55 than a new G63. I just don't like what Mercedes has done to modern AMGs and the 6.2 liter V8 is still one of my favorite Mercedes engines of all time. Also it I buy a G Wagon, it better be one that can still go offroad, I need sidewall baby!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Prije 2 mjeseci
Man hasn’t got a clue ...
Rocker Pro
Rocker Pro Prije 2 mjeseci
This is the most dumbest and most expensive content Chanel🤣😂😂😂 but my favourite 👍
John Stramiello
John Stramiello Prije 2 mjeseci
Yea sorry that is NOT the cheapest AMG G wagon. That thing looks like it’s in great shape.
Alphonse Maltoro Lyon
Alphonse Maltoro Lyon Prije 2 mjeseci
You got a fun channel, Hoov, keep up the great content!
Alphonse Maltoro Lyon
Alphonse Maltoro Lyon Prije 2 mjeseci
Sergei Fuhrer? Interesting. I'd buy that just for the name! lol!
Vince Dibona
Vince Dibona Prije 2 mjeseci
@5:34 - headphone users warning!!!
Mihail Hasikovs
Mihail Hasikovs Prije 2 mjeseci
Def go for portal axels and 4x4 look !
Paul-Ivo B.
Paul-Ivo B. Prije 2 mjeseci
The engine is tilted and you wonder about a vibration? 🤔
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Prije 2 mjeseci
2021 “I bought the cheapest Boeing 747 in the world!”
Robbie Searles
Robbie Searles Prije 2 mjeseci
Keep the stock body styling but possibly put the supercharger on it. Keep it classy. All of the older gwagons that have been facelifted make them less classy in my opinion
Ahren Scholz
Ahren Scholz Prije 2 mjeseci
If a small car like a wrx or a evo can be a rally car , I think this thing will be fine with side exhausts lol , there's more to off-roading than rock crawling
NurbekProductions Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes! Do portal axles!
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Prije 2 mjeseci
Alejandra Prije 2 mjeseci
My dream car
Jeff Yglesias
Jeff Yglesias Prije 2 mjeseci
lift it.
Auto body repair Clear coot
Auto body repair Clear coot Prije 2 mjeseci
Swap Sprinter V6 diesel And use it as a Towing Rig
PunjabiKudiUK Prije 2 mjeseci
Man hasn’t got a clue ...
oscar salazar
oscar salazar Prije 2 mjeseci
I know he's getting paid for this, but as soon as came time to talk about Omaze bit, I'm skipping forward 2 mins right away. 🤖
Brad Zingone
Brad Zingone Prije 2 mjeseci
Love ya, but some of what you are saying regarding AMG badging is dead wrong! A AMG appearance package DOES NOT include badging. Yes. The AMG 43s are not hand built, but all of the 63s are still hand built..... for now!
Aaron Whitesell
Aaron Whitesell Prije 2 mjeseci
All the luxury brands are watering down their performance groups. BMW, Audi, Merc and Volvo. I own an '04 Volvo S60R. A real R not an R-design trim package like the newer ones have.
Red Zed
Red Zed Prije 2 mjeseci
The engine in my clk 55 is also a Handmade by sergei fuhr 😂
Duke Duke
Duke Duke Prije 2 mjeseci
2021 “I bought the cheapest Boeing 747 in the world!”
Duke Duke
Duke Duke Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovies garage looking more and more like the late stage game Midnight Club 3 for PS2
Vinzenz Geske
Vinzenz Geske Prije 2 mjeseci
The M113 is such a weird engine: Twin spark plugs and 3 valves per cylinder? Why?? That being said: I love it to bits. I bought a ML500 (W163 facelift, even though Mercedes calls them "MoPf") a few months ago. I wanted something with a high towing capability as my parents and my sister have a house and it happened more and more that we needed to tow stuff... Mind you: I live in Germany so pick-up trucks are way less common than in the US and quite expensive. So when I thought about what to buy I remembered Hoovie's videos about his ML55 and I also remembered that my friend lent me his ML230 (which is the base 4-cyl version of the W163 with a heart-pumping 150hp and a manul 5-gear) for a few weeks and really loved that car - apart from the engine and the manual transmission. And then I was suprised to find that the W163 is relatively cheap. I bought an early 2002 model, fully equipped and with 160k miles for around 5000$ (4500€). Yes, it has rust on the hood and the trunk lid and on some of the doors. But since it has a ladder frame - who cares? I enjoy it enough that, by now, I do care. So I will fix the few bad spots in the coming months. It's also way to good to be used only for towing. So I take it out from time to time for road trips aso.
Jessie B.
Jessie B. Prije 2 mjeseci
Is that a Fisker Karma I see in the corner?
David Linyama
David Linyama Prije 2 mjeseci
That exhaust note is epic 😀
Amanda Robert
Amanda Robert Prije 2 mjeseci
My life has changed since I came across Mr Gregory through a friend, am really grateful for this, people don't really know that he's a genius in Bitcoin Investments. God bless him💟💟
Amanda Robert
Amanda Robert Prije 2 mjeseci
+ 1 4 0 2 2 6 2 4 9 1 7 Do well to tell him I referred you his strategies are top notch. His is the best broker I know..
Dravyn H
Dravyn H Prije 2 mjeseci
superfurball89onyoutube Prije 2 mjeseci
My advice hoovie, make this g wagon into a g off roader
Greg Jarman
Greg Jarman Prije 2 mjeseci
Gosh diddly dang it Tyler, your wallet can only take so many beatings, this is an abusive relationship at this point. Nice car though
Keith's Garage
Keith's Garage Prije 2 mjeseci
As Hoovie's family grows, suv's will appear more often!
Bram Greenway
Bram Greenway Prije 2 mjeseci
Not built in France but in Austria by Steyr-Daimler-Puch...
Jonathan M
Jonathan M Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s Lil Hooptie !!
Anders Hesvik
Anders Hesvik Prije 2 mjeseci
Vibration might be the steering damper
Ricky M.
Ricky M. Prije 2 mjeseci
Put a snow plow on it, like some other well known interesting HRpostr
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovies!!! Hi!!! You have a CL65?! Which one? I love those. The big, well, HUGE 2 door coupe or convertible (I prefer coupe for looks and rigidity, but the drop top... the drop tops are gorgeous and would be a lot to fun!) If there’s a video on it, I apologize. I can be very lazy at times! And I just want you to respond to me. That’d be super cool too 😎 🤙🏼
Anton Prije 2 mjeseci
8:28 That door close sounds so good
Henrik Andreasen
Henrik Andreasen Prije 2 mjeseci
Edvard Munch ”The Scream” not Van Gogh
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
Anyone remember when he rented one of these in Colorado?! I think it was a 2004 as well! Hooptie! Was that a 2004 you rented on that trip to CO?!
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
22k for a 2004. That is SO crazy!!
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
And with 222k miles 🤦🏻 If these weren’t morphed into status symbols, they wouldn’t be that expensive... right?! The tech and parts used and it’s design are amazing and top of the line, but 22k for 17 year old tech???
Marcus The STARLORD Prije 2 mjeseci
Fix it but dont mod it
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
He RARELY mods his cars. Only with project cars does he modify them!
Scotty B
Scotty B Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie's garage is looking more and more like a really bad used Mercedes car lot
Hvy ChvyG20
Hvy ChvyG20 Prije 2 mjeseci
"Cheaper than a mid-level Camry" Is it really though? lol
BStard Prije 2 mjeseci
2200$ is fair price, yes
Shuban Prije 2 mjeseci
*I'm watching a Mercedes Video and an BMW ad popped up*.🙂
Infiniti Driver
Infiniti Driver Prije 2 mjeseci
Cubin wagan
David B
David B Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie Trump 2020!
Thomas Hillier
Thomas Hillier Prije 2 mjeseci
It was not built in Germany. Nor was it designed by Mercedes. It was designed and manufactured by Magna Steyr (formerly Steyr-Daimler-Puch) in Austria, Algeria and Greece and mainly marketed and sold by Mercedes-Benz but also sold as the Puch G. It was never intended to be car-like. It was built to be utilitarian although later in its life cycle Mercedes did realise, and exploited, its potential. The Peugeot P4 version was built in France.
Frenchy S
Frenchy S Prije 2 mjeseci
Definitely a custom exhaust. Stock pipes were oval. So someone replaced the exhaust. Sounds good though. 👍
ScPrepper Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow I love it
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle Prije 2 mjeseci
how does he never get bad interiors? i was looking for normal cars and found half had wretched interiors and didn't have this many miles or this old.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Prije 2 mjeseci
Magna. AND the European Version of the Jeep Cherokee XJ was also built there with a Renault Diesel Engine. Also a great car.
biro24 Prije 2 mjeseci
ML Mercedes 🤢🤮
Aiden D
Aiden D Prije 2 mjeseci
My friend’s family had two and sold one this summer for under 20k I believe
TheCamilodiecast Prije 2 mjeseci
did you really ? haha
Stephen Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol that doug picture 😂
DJ Prije 2 mjeseci
Ugliest SUV ever
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe Prije 2 mjeseci
15:24 *floors the gas* *says theres a driveline vibration*
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 2 mjeseci
When you drive the newer turbocharged stuff you won't miss the old big-bore stuff, the torque is moved from down low to the middle where it belongs. They can either be whisper quiet or loud with fireballs depending on your tuning preference, and if you thought a 6.3L v8 was handmade, wait til you see a 4.0L with two turbos in the intake valley with almost no plumbing working in perfect unison with the engine at all RPM's. The gas mileage is appreciated so you don't have to haul large amounts of fuel everywhere. You're hardly ever out of boost with the new engines. Watch a CLA tearing through a street, not the track stuff and you'll see that it's fairly liveable, with big tuning potential (if you care about that stuff), great efficiency, loads of power, and its better for the environment. I think those engines when the debuted were 10+ years ahead of their time, just like the direct injected 5.5L which manages a whopping 18MPG combined for me, with a 7-speed smooth as butter transmission and of course, the terrible rubber mounted drivetrain.
benz500r Prije 2 mjeseci
Dude, you're the coolest.
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 2 mjeseci
I see once Tyler realized all Merc's are the same drivetrains plus a different chassis, he's gone absolutely nuts and decided he can take on the entire range. G55 is a quality vehicle, represented by their obscene ability to hold value. You can actually MAKE money on some of their special editions after factoring equity and resale value.
benz500r Prije 2 mjeseci
Fuhrer still makes cars?
Jimbo Jak
Jimbo Jak Prije 2 mjeseci
Take it off road! I’d like to see if it lives up to the name!
KRT LYFE Prije 2 mjeseci
7:41 that is the way the engine sits on W463s of this vintage. The M113k is one of the best motors ever made period!
MAN_ON_WHEELZ Prije 2 mjeseci
Shit... I wish I could spend $22,000 on a Mercedes and call it a "winter beater"
Johnny Lee
Johnny Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
Nikolaj NL
Nikolaj NL Prije 2 mjeseci
Drove them in the army. Always hatet how they look. A design hardly gets any more squar😂
Pavel Vasilev
Pavel Vasilev Prije 2 mjeseci
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