Here's Why A Project Car Is Never Finished (Sad Lamborghini, Bentley, and BMW Update)

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Glauber Frasson
Glauber Frasson Prije 3 dana
Try change yours mechanics
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Prije 16 dana
If the Bentley Turbo R were mine I'd exorcise a few demons with a LSA and 8 speed 8Lsomething transplant. It'd lose the originality but gain reliability...
double-you Prije 21 dan
that VCR is fucked! lol
Steve Cloud
Steve Cloud Prije 21 dan
Why keep buying Bentley after Bentley? Cool to look at, but junk.
Peter Barclay
Peter Barclay Prije 24 dana
They are going to break again. They're hoopties.
Phil Prije 28 dana
Hoovie's Infinity War Money Pit Channel - where all the money goes to die
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson Prije 28 dana
Hey I know you always have a hard time with this car but this is my dream car I always wanted one but never chould afford one PLEASE DONT KICK IT NO MORE!! LOL your very blessed to own this turbo R Whould you consider selling as is? Mabey this chould be a great Christmas pressent for me!!!
Jon D
Jon D Prije 29 dana
Oh my gosh hoovie, useless can't even hang christmas lights. You're not completely useless you do make me laugh. AND you make the Wizard laugh too. Thanks hoovie
west boundbadger
west boundbadger Prije mjesec
The great part about having so many cars at various shops is you never need an Uber,...
Nick Haddad
Nick Haddad Prije mjesec
This is why I hate European cars. No reliability, consistent breakdowns, and over engineering for no reason. I dont get the appeal. Nevertheless I love hoovies channel. I also understand his channel would be boring if he didnt buy European because there wouldn't be any content and wizard would be losing money. Lol That's why I drive american or asian cars.
Roger Staum
Roger Staum Prije mjesec
You are awesome. May all your problems be small ones.
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin Prije mjesec
This just happened to my '05 GTO. The computer shit the bed. Had a blast finding another one.
Fazer 779
Fazer 779 Prije mjesec
Lambos bumper looks like a different colour
sam finkelstein
sam finkelstein Prije mjesec
Omg the end was hillarious!
Laurie Ann Rodriguez
Laurie Ann Rodriguez Prije mjesec
What is your mission?
Dailydriver Prije mjesec
Sell parts off it and crush it lol. So pretty but such a pile
Dailydriver Prije mjesec
HOOVIE makes me wanna keep me 11 corolla forever and just watch others enjoy fun things
Emmanuel Thermitus
Emmanuel Thermitus Prije mjesec
that outro music caught me!
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor Prije mjesec
That's one way to always ensure they've got a courtesy car you like.! 😜
AdamG1983 Prije mjesec
>Most of the Hooptie Fleet broken >VCR fixed Tyler: "I consider this an absolute win!"
AdamG1983 Prije mjesec
Hoovie should just buy a towing company. Save him money in the long run.
AdamG1983 Prije mjesec
The "B" in Bentley is for "Broken"
AdamG1983 Prije mjesec
This, my friends, is why Toyotas and Hondas sell so well
jee lee
jee lee Prije mjesec
that xjs is pretty RAD
Toño M
Toño M Prije mjesec
That CL is absolutely gorgeous. Sell the Bentley man, it's a wallet-eater.
John Perry
John Perry Prije mjesec
Drive more gently mate ...
mustpaike Prije mjesec
Maybe it is time for the Turbo R to become a Turbo LS, and for that hydraulic suspension to become a set of Monroe run of the mill set up.
m gray
m gray Prije mjesec
I want to thank you sir! It has been a month or two that I have actually smiled and enjoyed much! My parents had one of those conv. vans they had done themselves and we took several ski trips in the early 80's that were so fun and, stress free! So thanks again and I enjoy your stuff! So keep it up and by all means buy more!!
mlite2go Prije mjesec
Keep buying shit cars. Keep spending money. I know you don't care because it's just getting you more views and in turn more money. The wizard loves that you buy complete shit cars. Youre going to put his kids through college and pay for that big house and boat.
F. Chris
F. Chris Prije mjesec
Hooptie Life > Thug Life !
4Runner4life98 Prije mjesec
10:11 lambo broken bently broken AMG broken , extremely excited about working VCR in old shit van. Just when you thought Tylers was too far removed from hoopties, we see that his priority’s are still in check.
cpgixxer Prije mjesec
Intermittent brake pedal = master cylinder
Would you spare me anything from your collection 🥺 I drive a Jeep 94 xj that drains my money and always has a new problem
Peter Bustin
Peter Bustin Prije mjesec
7:15 Alright boys !! Biden's won - calm down !!
ThePatUltra Prije mjesec
"Took a turn real hard and then this happened" Condensation inside the module sloshed around hitting two exposed contacts on a capacitor causing a short and blowing it. This is why Chrysler used to fill their computers with epoxy back in the early '90s. Their cars briefly (and I mean very briefly; like three years, tops) became so reliable that it attracted the attention of Mercedes-Benz. Then post buy-out; later on someone in the accounting department of Benz decided it wasn't necessary to do the epoxy trick, and in the early 2000's Chrysler had the biggest run of engine computer failures in the history of evar. Big mistake. There's a reason Nippondenso sprays a non-conductive glossy sealer on every circuit board they make. With Bosch; that sealer is optional....
chuckhpnwx Prije mjesec
You should buy my 1993 Mercedes 300D 2.5 turbo. She would fit right!
Robert Moss
Robert Moss Prije mjesec
Hey Dork, don’t kick a Bentley you fool. Kick anything else you own, after all they are your cars. But a Bentley does not deserve you.
Will Harris
Will Harris Prije mjesec
hey hoovie does you or wizard have any bmw's you want to donate or sell for 5 bucks?
Michael N
Michael N Prije mjesec
How exactly do you afford all these hoopties and all the repairs that go with them? cannot figure that out
Charles Putt
Charles Putt Prije mjesec
Who else was low-key expecting a porno tape?
JD Prije mjesec
How do you afford all these cars and car repairs? Are you a doctor? Great content.
Cory Prije mjesec
TYLER!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ end all future vids with hardcore rap songs and a montage of wizzard breaking cars and things lol 😆
Gerry Freeman
Gerry Freeman Prije mjesec
learn H0W T0 REM0VE BULBS ' easy d0es it
reinplat Prije mjesec
10:40 Isn't this the movie about this girl called Dolly or something who goes to some Texan city, could be Houston, to do some stuff or so?
Ali Haider
Ali Haider Prije mjesec
He sold the reliable low mile Lamborghini & kept the high mile one People think he's stupid but that's how he earns from HRpost people like to watch his purchase which they think is a bold step & a stupid purchase but they make a lot of views
Yama Man
Yama Man Prije mjesec
You can adjust the heads on the VCR and that might improve the picture quality. Cut your losses and sell the Bentley, it's literally a bottomless money pit.
Decay of Alberta
Decay of Alberta Prije mjesec
You have one of the best car HRpost channels. Saving one bad car at a time. Or go broke trying lol.
Knight Industries
Knight Industries Prije mjesec
This channel is a GREAT advertisement to NEVER buy Euopean cars, especially used, especially something fancy!
Jeff Lachut
Jeff Lachut Prije mjesec
Most people get upset when they have car issues... Tyler over here just gets more views.
Rick Prije mjesec
You know why they like warm beer in the UK? Because Lucas made refrigerators too. Gotta love those English electrical systems.
NicholasTranscends Prije mjesec
I still love that car... It's gorgeous.
Kyle Marsh
Kyle Marsh Prije mjesec
lol... WOT 30secsonds after starting the g wagon
Kyle Marsh
Kyle Marsh Prije mjesec
I think the lesson is NEVER buy a used bentley/rolls
Mason Ditto
Mason Ditto Prije mjesec
I’m sorry In my opinion you can’t call something your project cars if you never work on them yourself
jesus saves cars s
jesus saves cars s Prije mjesec
Might as well buy a trailer park also to park all your trash😂
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Prije mjesec
Sprinkle Comet on your oil stain and just leave it, it'll bleach it out but eventually the weather will even out the color of your driveway.
mescko Prije mjesec
Nice Starion/Conquest back there. Rather have that than that stupid Lambo.
Official iGamer
Official iGamer Prije mjesec
I see 232 Bentley Purists who can't believe they kicked the Turbo R
Tanner Prije mjesec
Get rid of that Bentley turbo R it’s not even worth it at all.
Adam Faulkner
Adam Faulkner Prije mjesec
Love the song at the end 👌🏼❤
Alex Chana
Alex Chana Prije mjesec
you need to take the car to a speciliast
Lorenz Brundar
Lorenz Brundar Prije mjesec
Nice your video made my day thanks
Amin Ababneh
Amin Ababneh Prije mjesec
Why isn't this guy a mechanic yet? Go work for the wizard already.
Large Larry
Large Larry Prije mjesec
You need to find a shop with someone called the FIXER not the WIZARD.
Daniel Ogg
Daniel Ogg Prije mjesec
I love the office space style ending. lol comedy gold.
Pengajim Prije mjesec
Give Ed the Bentley
JD Slagill
JD Slagill Prije mjesec
You need a toyota
tabturn Prije mjesec
"Can I get a few licks?" Love it.
artoodiitoo Prije mjesec
11:28 That tractor kinda looks like the Wizard :D
artoodiitoo Prije mjesec
The middle part looks so sad without the gated shifter that should go there :(
Kuldeep Giri
Kuldeep Giri Prije mjesec
why didnt you go manual on mercilago it is manual at heart anyway
Mannard Mann
Mannard Mann Prije mjesec
Ah yes, the BRITISH!
sumatoborukiSaru Prije mjesec
Wizard, Wizard, Wizard! You reminded me when you mentioned a battery in the module. When you remove the security module, remove the seat control computer as well. It also has a battery inside and it absolutely TRASHES the PCB and microcontroller chip (which is obsolete) when it leaks.
fat bastard
fat bastard Prije mjesec
why is there a BMW flag in the shop if wizard would rather do a fear factor eating challenge then work on one?
CarlJohan Wennborg
CarlJohan Wennborg Prije mjesec
Hey! Tyler you need to buy one or at least show me more of that Mitsubishi Starion (Chrysler Conquest) at 6:37
Tomas Bilbao
Tomas Bilbao Prije mjesec
best ending ever
EB Motorsport
EB Motorsport Prije mjesec
Lol the outro was the best part. Sell that pos Bentley!
Terence Stukes
Terence Stukes Prije mjesec
How much for the cl55 ?
Terrall Putnam
Terrall Putnam Prije mjesec
Bentley = Boat Anchor! Security Immobilizer HA hA HA! Assuming A. A Bentley like this needs anything that immobilizes it, and B. Like any sane person would steal this Rolling Dung Heap! LOL
Austin Jr
Austin Jr Prije mjesec
Damn why this video gotta end.. I was jamming
Bronco Billy
Bronco Billy Prije mjesec
We want more rap vignettes!
Famous Name
Famous Name Prije mjesec
"That's 'hooptie life'. I don't know why anybody would want to live like this...but I do." I laughed out loud and cried at the same time!
Randy Bryant
Randy Bryant Prije mjesec
You ok in my book a lot of you tubers forget to pay it forward thank you so much for being a good person
Glenn McEnroe
Glenn McEnroe Prije mjesec
I think your cars are suffering from the so far poorly characterized Hoovie virus. I hope that the car wizard can succeed in finding a cure.
neuman356 Prije mjesec
Sorry but VCRs weren't that bad back in the day, maybe the TV has had it also?
Gilord Maier
Gilord Maier Prije mjesec
Your car collection needs something spicy! A tank! You need a tank or an armoured vehicle. I can help you, If You pay me for my service, to get a T34, or a T72, or a BTR, a BMP If You want. Shock your fans and contact me:
Andrew Harpin
Andrew Harpin Prije mjesec
At 30 secs in, my bet was either starter relay or immobilizer
Thor Mcgee
Thor Mcgee Prije mjesec
Sounds like you can use a competent mechanic.
Jeffrey Salzman
Jeffrey Salzman Prije mjesec
The hooptie life!
HereIgoAgain Prije mjesec
LoL! It is a safety feature on Bentley: it saves you from the dangers of driving it.
Jeremy Graham
Jeremy Graham Prije mjesec
Honestly how do you keep that rug clean that you park cars, that is a big awesome rug
Drew Anthony Lighthouse
Drew Anthony Lighthouse Prije mjesec
I love that a car dork like me is doing so well with his channel. Screw all those "cool" guys. Us dorks, WE RULE!!! (And you can eat my exhaust in my crazy fast C5.) Hoovie! Sell a few of those hoopies and get urself a proper car in the form of a 2001-2003 C5 Corvette six speed. I'll race you in your Lambo to the Wizards and I bet I will win. If you account for the cost per mile..... well then I'm totally dope. Supercar performance at Cavalier prices. What's not to like? GET A C5, bro!!!
CrapTrapSlap Prije mjesec
Where the SLS ?
CrapTrapSlap Prije mjesec
Where’s *
Princess Solace
Princess Solace Prije mjesec
Just sprinkle gred A cocaine on the Azure's dash, it'll be ok🤞
Payman Mohamadi
Payman Mohamadi Prije mjesec
The ending of the video was fucking hilarious and great!😂😂
Hell Camino
Hell Camino Prije mjesec
Why do you keep trying to revive junk cars? LOL!. I'm pretty sure you have bought every high mileage old sports car in Wichita so far.
skippys vr4
skippys vr4 Prije mjesec
My 600 whp dsm is more reliable than any car you've owed. And definitely faster too. Lol
Nick Nocturnal
Nick Nocturnal Prije mjesec
Snap! The “alarm module” on my 1997 Bentley Turbo R LWB has also decided to quit. Unfortunately I left the car for the last 2 years without starting as didn’t have a clue what was wrong with it, and now have quite a project ahead to get it back on the road.. Planned as follows: 1). Once I remove the dashboard to extract the faulty alarm module and send it off to get repaired, I must also 2). Do a pre-engine crank service: - change the engine oil & filter - syphon out the old fuel and refuel with fresh fuel - change spark plugs - top up hydraulic mineral oil - change the battery - (pump the tyres) 3) After 2-6 weeks, once I get the repaired “Alarm module” posted back, arrange to get it installed 4). Fingers crossed it starts... if so I will take it on a long run to an MOT garage where it will then be MOT’d , possibly taking it first to another mechanic en route to check the transmission oil (might change), and to “wax oil” any significant rust Then done ✅
tenmillionvolts Prije mjesec
Meanwhile, Scotty Kilmer turns the key in the Toyota and cruises faultlessly down to the shops :-)
Eric Martin
Eric Martin Prije mjesec
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